4710 examples of applications in sentences

The usage belongs only to particular verbs, and to them not in all their applications.

The truly scientific manamong those, we mean, who devote themselves to such studies as are susceptible of important applications to the affairs and pursuits of daily lifethe truly scientific man does not despise the practice of any art, in which he sees the principles he investigates embodied and made useful in promoting the welfare of his fellow-men.

Some voices evenbecoming every day more feeble, however, and recurring at more distant intervalscontinue to be raised against the utility and the applications of science; as if practice with stationary knowledge were omnipotent in developing the resources of nature; as if a man, in a rugged and partially explored country, could have too much light to guide his steps.

Geography and hydrography obtained higher estimation, and harbour-engineering and ship-building were elevated into more important separate arts, chiefly from their applications to his use.

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If at any time I have her Company alone, she is a meer Sermon Popgun, repeating and discharging Texts, Proofs, and Applications so perpetually, that however weary I may go to bed, the Noise in my Head will not let me sleep till towards Morning.

My Correspondents grow so numerous, that I cannot avoid frequently inserting their Applications to me.

4710 examples of  applications  in sentences