275 examples of approached and in sentences

Now one of them approached and nodded pleasantly.

The doctor approached and looked closer at the sleeper; he bent over her for some moments.

Meanwhile the sunny September had approached and everywhere the apples and pears were smiling down from the trees.

" The secretary whom the Doge had designated by a glance had approached and received a rapid order, spoken in an undertone; Marina had fallen, almost fainting, upon her husband's arm, as he reached her after the permission so intolerably delayed, yet he dared not move in that imperious presence without further bidding.

Hardly had he seated himself to smoke, when sleep overcame him, and he knew nothing until morning, when a woman approached and shook him as before, pointing to the path.

For the meeting of the two was not limited merely to conversation; a lofty platform had been erected on which were set images of Nero, and in the presence of crowds of Armenians, Parthians, and Romans Tiridates approached and did them reverence; after sacrificing to them and calling them by laudatory names he took off the diadem from his head and set it upon them.

Two silver-haired executives approached and passed each other in the center of the large room.

"It has been a beautiful day," said Mrs. Lasette, seating herself beside Mrs. Larkins, who always waited to be approached and was ever ready to think that some one was slighting her or ignoring her presence.

I have not the least doubt, if he were respectfully approached and interrogated upon the subject, he would answer with the greatest ease and accuracy the famous question with which Dean Swift posed the theological tailor.

He approached and said to her:"Take this apple."

The carriage containing Porpora and Consuelo had reached the city of Prague, and was on the bridge that spans the Moldau, when a horseman approached and looked in at the window, gazing with a tranquil curiosity.

" Josephine approached and took up in her own hands these evidences of an earlier occupancy of the room.

Even as I wondered one of them approached and laid the bill on my table with a friendly smile and "Tree mark, bleesir.

"She paid no attention whatever to him, but passed across the room and went out by that other door, which opened as she approached and closed after her of itself.

But, at the distance of twenty-five years, I can neither forget nor express the strong emotions which agitated my mind as I first approached and entered the Eternal City.

While, on Friday, July 12th, the sixth day of the insurrection, he was sitting in his judgment-seat, a female masked, or man in woman's habit, approached and whispered, 'Masaniello, we have reached the goal, a crown is prepared, and it is for thy brows.

In a short time, one of his comrades approached and told him that there were only eleven bodies in the grave.

Their distress appeared to excite the compassion of one of the party, a man of mild aspect, who approached and endeavored to soothe them.

" The miller sunk to his knees, and set the candle on the floor; La Vigne approached and mingled night-cap tassels and groans with him.

But it is quite as sure that in the same garden there stood a pear-tree, called the tree of death; and the legend says of it, that whoever approached and plucked its fruit would soon die.

He approached and perceived that the phenomenon came from the Rhizomorphes which threw out these night-lamp gleams while respiring.

Cautiously he approached and peered in.

He approached and listened.

Bismarck had often received threatening letters; now an attempt was made on his life; as he was walking along Unter den Linden a young man approached and fired several shots at him.

" Still, however, she insisted upon remaining where she was; but when two soldiers, at a gesture from Harold, approached and took her gently by the arms, she offered no resistance, and suffered herself to be led quietly out.

275 examples of  approached and  in sentences