425 examples of arcadias in sentences

How miserable, in comparison, is the present sapless age, with its prudery and its pedantry, and its periwigs and its painted coaches, and its urban Arcadias and the florid impotence and ostentatious inanity of what it calls its art!

There, if anywhere, one would have expected to find Arcadia among fertility, loveliness, industry, and wealth.

and all the quaint, and lovable beings of this wonderful Arcadia of mine.

For, if her answer be 'No,'what recourse have I,what is there left me but to go wandering forth again, following the wind, and with the gates of Arcadia shut upon me for ever?

1635Besides these the second book of the first part of the English Arcadia is said to be wrote by him, in so much that he may be accounted, says Langbaine, "if not Unus in omnibus, at least a benefactor to the public, by those works he left behind him, which without doubt perpetuate his memory."

Arcadia, B. ii.

These were extremely popular in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and their influence is seen later in Sidney's Arcadia, which is the best of this type in English.

In Sidney's Arcadia (1580), a romance of chivalry, the pastoral setting at least is generally true to nature; our credulity is not taxed, as in the old romances, by the continual appearance of magic or miracles; and the characters, though idealized till they become tiresome, occasionally give the impression of being real men and women.

Selections from Nashe's The Unfortunate Traveller are given in Craik, I., 573-576, and selections from Sidney's Arcadia in the same volume, pp.

Our selfes and all Arcadia shall be your guard and wher Love passes and recides he shall be allwayes Armd and attended by a band of lovers, Such faithfull ones as if that ugly Danger Were Lucifer himselfe, they should defend you.

Afterwards follows a dull play (leaves 293-316), Loves Changlelings Changed, founded on Sidney's Arcadia.

In Sidney's Arcadia.

In his "Foure Letters," (1592,) he says, "If I never deserve anye better remembraunce, let mee rather be Epitaphed, the Inventour of the English Hexameter, whome learned M. Stanihurst imitated in his Virgill, and excellent Sir Phillip Sidney disdained not to follow in his Arcadia and elsewhere."

So the world lies before him like another Eden; and this is the Arcadia in which we are all born.

[4220]who, seeing it to purge his goats when they raved, practised it upon Elige and Calene, King Praetus' daughters, that ruled in Arcadia, near the fountain Clitorius, and restored them to their former health.

As the peasantry of Tuscany enjoy a greater share of aisance than falls to the lot of those of any other country, and as the females dress with taste and take great pains to appear smart on all occasions, they resemble rather the shepherdesses on the Opera stage or those of the fabled Arcadia than anything in real life.

It is often said that in books like these we paint arcadias that never did and never could exist on earth.

SIR P. SIDNEY'S Arcadia.

In a sunny land in Greece called Arcadia there lived a king and a queen who had no children.

They wanted very much to have a son who might live to rule over Arcadia when the king was dead, and so, as the years went by, they prayed to great Jupiter on the mountain top that he would send them a son.

She meant him to understand that Vagabondia was notthat their week in Arcadia had never been.

The Colossus of Arcadia.

Footloose in Arcadia.

Footloose in Arcadia.

" "The face of England is so beautiful," says Horace Walpole, "that I do not believe that Tempe or Arcadia was half so rural; for both lying in hot climates must have wanted the moss of our gardens."

425 examples of  arcadias  in sentences