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About a hundred feet or more of the trunk is usually branchless, but its massive simplicity is relieved by the bark furrows, which instead of making an irregular network run evenly parallel, like the fluting of an architectural column, and to some extent by tufts of slender sprays that wave lightly in the winds and cast flecks of shade, seeming to have been pinned on here and there for the sake of beauty only.

" Above the black-bombazine basque, so pleasantly relieved at the throat by a V of fresh white net, a wave of color moved up Mrs. Kaufman's face into her architectural coiffure, the very black and very coarse skein of her hair wound into a large loose mound directly atop her head and pierced there with a ball-topped comb of another decade.

The Author is, however, responsible for the architectural opinions and descriptions, which are mainly the outcome of a lifelong acquaintance with the city and its buildings, fortified by several weeks of study and investigation recently undertaken.

On the chief architectural merit of the new Belfry, Ch. Ch.

On the other architectural merits of the new Belfry, Ch. Ch.

The Belfry has no other architectural merits.

It also was an attack on architectural changes in Christ Church; the general style was a parody of the "Compleat Angler."

You can go round it in your boat; or, on foot, you can tread its narrow beach, resting, at times, beneath the lofty walls of stone, richly wooded, which rise from it in various architectural forms.

Emerging from the narrow and winding street, one takes in et a glance the Baptistery, the Campo Santo, the noble Cathedral and the Leaning Towerforming altogether a view rarely surpassed in Europe for architectural effect.

Here, and here only, the architectural problem of the epochhow to bring the art of the ancients back to life and use againwas solved according to the spirit and the letter of the past.

Moreover, the principles of taste that governed Europe in the seventeenth century were such as found fitter architectural expression in this style than in the more genial and capricious manner of the earlier periods.

For his architectural designs see his Life, by Manetti, book ii., in Muratori, vol.

Besides the great work of Bonanni, Templi Vaticani Historia, I may refer my readers to the atlas volume of Illustrations, Architectural and Pictorial, of the Genius of Michael Angelo Buonarroti, compiled by Mr. Harford (Colnaghi, 1857).

It would be difficult to find elsewhere even separate works of greater force and beauty belonging to this, the first or architectural, period of Italian sculpture; and nowhere has the whole body of Christian belief been set forth with method more earnest and with vigour more sustained.

The subordination of sculpture to architectural effect is noticeable; and the Giottesque influence appears even more strongly here than in the gate of Andrea Pisano.

The façade of Orvieto was the final achievement of the first or architectural period of Italian sculpture.

Benedetto, indeed, may be said to illustrate the working of Ghiberti's influence by his liberal use of landscape and architectural backgrounds; but the style is rather Ghirlandajo's than Ghiberti's.

In his style, both architectural and sculptural, the neo-pagan sensuality of Italy expanded all its bloom.

The first may be called architectural, the second pictorial, the third neo-pagan.

While under the influence of his genius, we are sincerely glad that the requisite science for clever imitation of landscape and architectural backgrounds was not forthcoming in his age.

The seated, kneeling, standing, and flying figures are admirably grouped together; their draperies are dignified and massive; and the architectural accessories help the composition by dividing it into three balanced sections.

His compositions are rich in architectural details, not always chosen with pure taste, but painted with an almost infantine delight in the magnificence of buildings.

His orderly composition, in the distribution of figures and the use of architectural accessories, is worthy of all praise; his portraiture is dignified and powerful; his choice of form and treatment of drapery, noble.

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748 examples of  architectural  in sentences