748 examples of architectural in sentences

No less than five little steeples, towers, or belfries, for neither word is exactly suitable to the architectural prodigies we wish to describe, rose above the roofs, denoting the sites of the same number of places of worship; an American village usually exhibiting as many of these proofs of liberty of conscience caprices of conscience would perhaps be a better termas dollars and cents will by any process render attainable.

" "Say, rather, sir, a set of castors; for a stronger resemblance to vinegar-cruets and mustard-pots, than is borne by these architectural prodigies, eye never beheld.

He had, moreover, removed the "firstly" of the edifice, and supplied its place with a more suitable addition that contained some of the offices, while it did not disfigure the building, a rare circumstance in an architectural after-thought.

Cause and effect, sirphilosophy and poetry unite to render this edifice the paragon and brag of architectural magnificence.

Its capacious interior soon disclosed to me numerous architectural peculiarities, such as are characteristic of the English parish churches or of cathedrals in general; and which render old Trinity quite conspicuous among her American sisters.

Several splendid boulevards lined with fine cafes and large edifices adorned with innumerable balconies, reminded me of Paris and its architectural scenery.

At Rome his time was fully occupied in painting the "Last Judgment" in the Sixtine Chapel, and in various architectural works.

Their identity remains a puzzle, although the symmetry of the buildings, their architectural idiosyncrasies such as niches, stone roof-pegs, bar-holds, and eye-bonders, indicate an Inca origin.

When Arteaga learned that we were interested in the architectural remains of the Incas, he said there were some very good ruins in this vicinityin fact, some excellent ones on top of the opposite mountain, called Huayna Picchu, and also on a ridge called Machu Picchu.

Its Social and Architectural Features.

Little is now left of the conventual building; but the church contains architectural details of much interest, and the tombs of those irreconcilable enemies of the English, Bertrand de Cardaillac, Bishop of Cahors, and the Marquis de Cardaillacthe most famous warrior of this bellicose and illustrious family.

The most striking architectural feature of the town is a high Gothic belfry of octagonal form, with a massive square tower for its base.

Having crossed the river, I went in search of the chief architectural curiosity in or near Espalionthat known as the Church of Pers, or the Chapel of St. Hilarion.

The principal streets display lofty arcades, and the churches, which are very numerous, confer upon the city a highly architectural character.

The price and pretensions would not allow costly engravings; and, with the exception of a beautiful architectural frontispiece, by Mr. Britton, F.S.A. the embellishments are but meagre.

This plate is accompanied by a brief paper on Christian Architecture, at the close of which Mr. Britton says, "The frontispiece has been composed from the architectural members of the west front of York Minster; and it shows that the monastic artist who designed that magnificent facade, gave to it a decided, unequivocal Christian character.

In this building, somewhat devoid of architectural merit, much of Cuba's history, for the last three-quarters of a century, has been written.

They are of the same general architectural type, but because of the wider streets, more air and sunshine gets into them.

The architectural type is generally retained, and it is rather a pity that there should be even what variation there is.

Each number contains about forty large quarto pages, equal to about two hundred ordinary book pages, forming, practically, a large and splendid MAGAZINE OF ARCHITECTURE, richly adorned with elegant plates in colors and with fine engravings; illustrating the most interesting examples of modern Architectural Construction and allied subjects.

The fullness, richness, cheapness, and convenience of this work have won for it the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF any Architectural publication in the world.

You can go round it in your boat; or, on foot, you can tread its narrow beach, resting, at times, beneath the lofty walls of stone, richly wooded, which rise from it in various architectural forms.

The Capitol was the citadel, built magnificently upon the Capitoline Hill, and surrounded by temples, and other sacred and civil edifices, which made the spot the architectural wonder of the world.

The commercial bourgeoisie had covered these lands with an architectural efflorescence, legitimate daughter of their dreams.

Their synagogue was one of the architectural glories of the city.

748 examples of  architectural  in sentences