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748 examples of  architectural  in sentences

748 examples of architectural in sentences

Dalton paused midway in the secret passage, and through a loop or narrow window concealed by architectural ornaments, and which overlooked the great drawing-rooms, made a reconnaissance of the field.

On the night of February 3 the beautiful Gothic structure which housed the Canadian Parliament at Ottawathe architectural pride of the Dominionwas wrecked by a fire which started in a reading room adjacent to the chamber of the House of Commons.

No less than five little steeples, towers, or belfries, for neither word is exactly suitable to the architectural prodigies we wish to describe, rose above the roofs, denoting the sites of the same number of places of worship; an American village usually exhibiting as many of these proofs of liberty of conscience caprices of conscience would perhaps be a better termas dollars and cents will by any process render attainable.

" "Say, rather, sir, a set of castors; for a stronger resemblance to vinegar-cruets and mustard-pots, than is borne by these architectural prodigies, eye never beheld.

He had, moreover, removed the "firstly" of the edifice, and supplied its place with a more suitable addition that contained some of the offices, while it did not disfigure the building, a rare circumstance in an architectural after-thought.

The latter edifice stands on the quay, also, and though less lofty and spacious, in point of architectural beauty it is the superior structure, though the quaintness and unusual style of the palace are most apt to attract attention.

To drive among them is like turning over a book of architectural drawings,so great is their variety, and so marked the taste which prevails.

Although no one was officially engaged to map out the place, a good deal of learned architectural gas was disengaged in its design and construction.

One or two of the amateur designers having a finger in the architectural pie had serious notions as to the importance of air space.

Smoky workshops, old buildings, with the windows awfully smashed in, houses given up to "lodgings for travellers here," densely packed dingy cottages, and the tower of a wind mill, which for years nobody has been willing to either mend or pull down, are its architectural concomitants.

Its exterior design is good; and if the stone of its facade had been of a better qualityhad contained fewer flaws and been more closely jointedit would have merited one of our best architectural bows.

It reveals a wonderful skill in masonry and great architectural strength; it shows the wealth and resources of rulers who must have had the treasures of the world at their command; it shows the restless passions of the people for excitement, and the necessity on the part of government of yielding to this taste.

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Cause and effect, sirphilosophy and poetry unite to render this edifice the paragon and brag of architectural magnificence.

Its capacious interior soon disclosed to me numerous architectural peculiarities, such as are characteristic of the English parish churches or of cathedrals in general; and which render old Trinity quite conspicuous among her American sisters.

Several splendid boulevards lined with fine cafes and large edifices adorned with innumerable balconies, reminded me of Paris and its architectural scenery.

At Rome his time was fully occupied in painting the "Last Judgment" in the Sixtine Chapel, and in various architectural works.

The house contains more collateral curiosities, as they might be called, than those in the direct line; but there are architectural drawings from the wonderful hand, colour drawings of a Madonna, a few studies, and two early pieces of sculpturethe battle of the Lapithae and Centaurs, a relief marked by tremendous vigour and full of movement, and a Madonna and Child, also in relief, with many marks of greatness upon it.

Their identity remains a puzzle, although the symmetry of the buildings, their architectural idiosyncrasies such as niches, stone roof-pegs, bar-holds, and eye-bonders, indicate an Inca origin.

When Arteaga learned that we were interested in the architectural remains of the Incas, he said there were some very good ruins in this vicinityin fact, some excellent ones on top of the opposite mountain, called Huayna Picchu, and also on a ridge called Machu Picchu.

Its Social and Architectural Features.

Its architectural effect is stupendous; but the human figures, the squalling contorted little antics that are playing at being frightend, like children at a sham ghost who half know it to be a mask, are detestable.

Indeed the pomp and magnificence, the architectural grandeur, the vast learning, wealth and influence of this institution appeal to the imagination of both ignorant and cultured alike.

At the end of this street stands the Imperial Palace, a commonplace, large building, exactly resembling a private house, without the least pretensions to taste or architectural beauty.

In the Academy of Fine Arts is something of everything, and not much of anythinga few figures and busts, most in plaster, a few architectural plans and pencil drawings, and a collection of very old oil paintings.

The palace is small, and is distinguished neither for taste nor architectural beauty: its sole charm is its situation.

The buildings most remarkable for their architectural beauty are the Town-hall, whose saloon has no equal, the English Church, the Governor's Palace, and the Mint.

With such a scene beneath their eyes, the inhabitants of the house could hardly feel its lack of architectural interest.

With regard to the immense fortifications that are the most picturesque and noticeable architectural features of Morocco, the first thing to strike the traveller is the difficulty of discerning any difference in the probable date of their construction until certain structural peculiarities are examined, or the ornamental details of the great gateways are noted.

Since that far-away period before the War, my architectural nerve has become sadly debilitated; so when a card (bearing the name of Carruthers) was brought to me the other morning I felt quite unmanned.

I have been an architect, my dear sir, man and boy for over forty years, and have always followed the architectural fashions.

Little is now left of the conventual building; but the church contains architectural details of much interest, and the tombs of those irreconcilable enemies of the English, Bertrand de Cardaillac, Bishop of Cahors, and the Marquis de Cardaillacthe most famous warrior of this bellicose and illustrious family.

The most striking architectural feature of the town is a high Gothic belfry of octagonal form, with a massive square tower for its base.

Having crossed the river, I went in search of the chief architectural curiosity in or near Espalionthat known as the Church of Pers, or the Chapel of St. Hilarion.

The town mansions of our nobility are generally beneath all architectural criticism; and it has been pertinently observed that "an educated foreigner is quite astonished when shown the residences of our higher nobility and gentry in the British capital.

" These observations were made about three years ago, since which period, the spirit of architectural improvement has been fast extending from public buildings to individual mansions.

The other embellishments of Cornwall Terrace are in correspondent taste, and the whole presents a facade of great architectural beauty and elegance.

The principal streets display lofty arcades, and the churches, which are very numerous, confer upon the city a highly architectural character.

The price and pretensions would not allow costly engravings; and, with the exception of a beautiful architectural frontispiece, by Mr. Britton, F.S.A. the embellishments are but meagre.

This plate is accompanied by a brief paper on Christian Architecture, at the close of which Mr. Britton says, "The frontispiece has been composed from the architectural members of the west front of York Minster; and it shows that the monastic artist who designed that magnificent facade, gave to it a decided, unequivocal Christian character.

In this building, somewhat devoid of architectural merit, much of Cuba's history, for the last three-quarters of a century, has been written.

They are of the same general architectural type, but because of the wider streets, more air and sunshine gets into them.

The architectural type is generally retained, and it is rather a pity that there should be even what variation there is.

Each number contains about forty large quarto pages, equal to about two hundred ordinary book pages, forming, practically, a large and splendid MAGAZINE OF ARCHITECTURE, richly adorned with elegant plates in colors and with fine engravings; illustrating the most interesting examples of modern Architectural Construction and allied subjects.

The fullness, richness, cheapness, and convenience of this work have won for it the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF any Architectural publication in the world.

You can go round it in your boat; or, on foot, you can tread its narrow beach, resting, at times, beneath the lofty walls of stone, richly wooded, which rise from it in various architectural forms.

The roof of the former, like that of the latter, is supported by pillars of various lengths, which give it the appearance of a Gothic cathedral, with naves and aisles, though it lacks the architectural regularity of a religious edifice.

Corfu Cornhill Magazine, Stillman contributes article to, on architectural restorations in Florence.

Few parishes in the environs of London are so rich in architectural antiquities as the "considerable village" of Islington.

In the fourth chapter the reader is told that, For the next ten years Sir Christopher was occupied with the architectural metamorphosis of his old family mansion, thus anticipating through the prompting of his individual taste that general re-action from the insipid imitation of the Palladian style towards a restoration of the Gothic, which marked the close of the eighteenth century.

But I, who have seen Cheverel Manor as he bequeathed it to his heirs, rather attribute that unswerving architectural purpose of his, conceived and carried out through long years of systematic personal exertion, to something of the fervor of genius.

The Capitol was the citadel, built magnificently upon the Capitoline Hill, and surrounded by temples, and other sacred and civil edifices, which made the spot the architectural wonder of the world.

The commercial bourgeoisie had covered these lands with an architectural efflorescence, legitimate daughter of their dreams.

Their synagogue was one of the architectural glories of the city.

The sweetness of the evening was in her blood and brain, and the architectural beauty of the landscapethe elliptical arches of the hillsswam before her.

Architectural forms of different ages.20 figures.

This system finds favor in engineering construction, and also in very simple forms of architectural work, but with very complicated work the waste in casings is very great.

It is found that the most convenient height for the rectangular slab (Fig. 1) is 12 inches and the breadth 18 inches, as the parts of a structure built with slabs of these dimensions more often correspond with architectural measurements.

The architectural survey of the great temple and palace of Medinet Habu.

Architectural graphic standards for architects, engineers, decorators, builders and draftsmen, by Charles George Ramsey and Harold Reeve Sleeper.

Architectural graphic standards for architects, engineers, decorators, builders and draftsmen.

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The early architectural history of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Epigraphic & Architectural Survey.

Random reflections, architectural, literary, on ice-breaking, political.

Epigraphic & Architectural Survey.

Architectural graphic standards for architects, engineers, decorators, builders and draftsmen, by Charles George Ramsey and Harold Reeve Sleeper.

Architectural graphic standards for architects, engineers, decorators, builders and draftsmen.

Architectural heritage of the Piscataqua.

Architectural heritage of the Piscataqua.

WALKER, NATHAN. Architectural graphic standards.

With all its grandeur and architectural merit, it appeared to us like an arrogant intrusion, and, passing by it, we entered a simple, unostentatious portal, opening into the interior of the Moorish palace.

This influence of the laity has become, in course of time, of great importance to Indian art, and India is indebted to it for a number of its most beautiful architectural monuments, such as the splendid temples of ร‚bu, Girnรขr and ['S]atruรฑjaya in Gujarรขt.

Edward IV.; but very few can be traced higher; and such has been the effect of time, still more through the advance or decline of families, and the progress of architectural improvement, than the natural decay of these buildings, that I should conceive it difficult to name a house in England, still inhabited by a gentleman, and not belonging to the order of castles, the principal apartments of which are older than the reign of Henry VII.

The interests of education are well looked after in the half-dozen public school buildings; and the religious element has abundant spiritual food dispensed from the full score of costly and well-ordered church edifices, some of which contribute much to the architectural grace and ornament of the town.

There the disciples joined to the indulgence in their speculative and secret opinions as to the unity of God and the immortality of the soul, which were common to all the Mysteries, the practice of an operative and architectural art, and occupied themselves as well in the construction of temples and public buildings as in the pursuit of divine truth.

Hardly anything of artistic or architectural interest was created under his patronage.

When you walked through the old Place Stanislaus, so expressive of the architectural taste bred for centuries in the French, you understand the glow in the hearts of this very French population which made them unconscious of danger while their flag was flying over this very French city.

They are assisted, when special needs require, by experts in Agricultural and Architectural Science, and also in every branch of professional and commercial enterprise.

Her taste for architectural motives was strengthened by travel in Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Its proper Place in architectural Decoration.

Of the pictures in our galleries, public or private,of the architectural adornments of those majestic edifices which sprung up in the middle ages (where they have not been despoiled or desecrated by a zeal as fervent as that which reared them), the largest and most beautiful portion have reference to the Madonna,her character, her person, her history.

Without any claims to be regarded as an architectural gem, it has sufficient merit to adorn its situation.

The red stone blocks lie, strata on strata, forming fortifications with embrasures, projecting wings and round towers; but shaken, split and fallen in ruinsit is an architectural fantastic freak of nature.

Norman Forbes called it an architectural foot.

We, moreover, had just come from the desolate moss tundras and wild, lonely forests of arctic Asia and were in a state of mind to be impressed by anything that had architectural beauty, or indicated culture, luxury, and wealth.

MABUSA, JAN, real name Gossaert, Flemish artist, born at Mabuse, lived and died at Antwerp; his work is not great but careful, his figures catch the stiffness of his favourite architectural backgrounds; his early period is strongly national, but a visit to Italy with Philip of Burgundy brought him under southern influences and contributed to intensify his colour (1470-1532).

Of the architectural ruins found in Central America M. de Bourbourg says: "Among the edifices forgotten by Time in the forests of Mexico and Central America are found architectural characteristics so different from one another, that it is as impossible to attribute their construction to one and the same people, as it is to suppose that they were built at the same epoch....

Of the architectural ruins found in Central America M. de Bourbourg says: "Among the edifices forgotten by Time in the forests of Mexico and Central America are found architectural characteristics so different from one another, that it is as impossible to attribute their construction to one and the same people, as it is to suppose that they were built at the same epoch....

Architectural designs of all kinds; mosaics; art work in glass, earthen ware, leather, metal; artistic book binding and etc., etc., etc., and I might spread these out into volumes.

My guides, who were full of feeling for the architectural perfection, knew well the story of the builders and the interesting events with which through the centuries a masterpiece had been associated.