103 examples of argonaut in sentences

Apollonius, Argonaut.

[Illustration: The Argonaut, or Paper Nautilus.]

Built of wood, fourteen feet long and five feet deep, fitted with three wheels, Argonaut Junior looked not unlike a large go-cart such as boys make out of a soap-box and a set of wooden wheels.

Argonaut Junior, having served its purpose, was abandoned, and now lies neglected on one of the beaches of New York Bay.

The Argonaut, Mr. Lake's second vessel, had the regular submarine look, except that she was equipped with two great, rough tread-wheels forward, and to the underside of her rudder was pivoted another.

The Argonaut was built to run on the surface or on the bottom; she was not designed to navigate half-way between.

When the Argonaut rolls along the bottom, round openings protected with heavy glass permit the lookout to follow the beam of light thrown by the searchlight and see dimly any sizable obstruction.

Although the Argonaut travelled over 2,000 miles under water and on the surface, propelled by her own power, her inventor was not satisfied with her.

It was off Bridgeport, Connecticut, that the new Argonaut did her first practical wrecking.

The Argonaut, however, with the aid of a device called the "wreck-detector," also invented by Mr. Lake, speedily found it, sank near it, and also submerged a new kind of freight-boat built for the purpose by the inventor.

A diver quickly explored the hulk, opened the hatches of the freight-boat, which was cigar-shaped like the Argonaut and supplied with wheels so it could be drawn over the bottom, and placed the suction-tube in position.

Francisco Argonaut.

Bret Harte, Argonaut and exile.


DOANE, PENN M. Argonaut.


Argonaut manuscript limited ed.

Argonaut manuscript ed.

The Argonaut manuscript limited edition of Frank Norris's works, vol.6.

Argonaut manuscript limited ed.

Argonaut manuscript limited ed.

Argonaut manuscript limited ed.


" "Glad to make your acquaintance," said Gowdy; "and may I crave the acquaintance of our young Argonaut here?" "Let me present Mr." said Doctor Bliven, "Mr.Mr." "Vandemark," said I. "Let me present Mr. Vandemark," said the doctor, "a very obliging young man to whom I am already under many obligations, many obligations.

Lit. 2.50 4.00 Argonaut, San Fran'co (F.P. 1.00) .......

103 examples of  argonaut  in sentences