805 examples of argosies in sentences

It is no longer in our power to persuade, or to command, as of old; and our canals begin to be encumbered with slimy weeds, instead of well freighted argosies and swift-sailing feluccas.

It makes you dream on autumn days, when the fair sunlight streams upon the sails which waft the argosies of commerce to your warehouse;it almost leads you to believe that stocks are not the one thing to be thought of on this earththat all the hurrying bustle of existence is of doubtful weight, compared with the treasures of that memory which leads us back to boyhood and its innocent illusions.

To Andy that vast sheet of water seemed mysterious, profound, filled with secrets of argosies that were launched on its breast centuries ago, when only the bark canoes of the red men had ever been wedded to its waters.

For a lift in my wagon, a drink at the door, a flying word across my fences, I have taken argosies of minted wealth!

Not that I wanted to give up Little Rivers, but I wanted to go forth to fill the mind with argosies which I could enjoy here at my leisure.

She watched, with lazy fascination, tiny white clouds drifting slowly across the blue, like tiny argosies of the heavens.

Becalmed along the azure sky, The argosies of cloudland lie, Whose shores, with many a shining rift, Far off their pearl-white peaks uplift.

So Life must live, and Soul must sail, And Unseen over Seen prevail, And all God's argosies come to shore, Let ocean smile, or rage and roar.

For when the famine time was fully come, and there were no more argosies drifting Gastonward for the bucaneers to sack and scuttle, it was Jasper G. Bucks who called a conference of his fellow werwolves, set forth his new cast for fortune, and brought the junto, the child of sheer desperation fiercely at bay, into being.

So does Telegraph Hill, whose sides have been scarred to provide rock for the sea wall along which the modern argosies of commerce discharge their cargoes.

He, Tedge, had outwitted the bannered argosies.

By Lee Foster Hartman THE ARGOSIES.

Hull, Alexander, The Argosies (Scribner's, September).

THE ARGOSIES BY ALEXANDER HULL From Scribner's Magazine There may have been some benevolent force watching over Harber.

I wonder, too, how many of those argosies she sent out seeking the golden fleece returned to her?

One of Janet Spencer's argosies, then, its cargo laden, is ready to set sail for the hills of home.

Two of her argosies, each one laden with gold for her, had met in their courses, had sailed for a little together.

Argosies of empire.

Argosies of empire.

The triviality and irrationality of dreams are sufficiently accounted for if the dream state is thought of as the meeting place of two conditions of consciousness: the foam and flotsam "of perilous seas in faëry lands forlorn," whose vastitude, whose hidden life, and rich argosies of experience, can only be inferred from the fret of the tide on their nether shorethe tired brain in sleep.

But Fate, as oft, declined to pour Our cup of grief till it was quite full; You scarce had turned your seventh score When straightway Fritz became less frightful; And argosies came home to port As safe as though some inland lake on, Laden from keel to groaning thwart With tender ham and toothsome bacon.

It sometimes pays to send our argosies across the seas,to make investments with an eye to slow but sure returns.

Oh, softly on these banks of haze Her rosy face the summer lays, Becalmed along the azure sky The argosies of cloudland lie; The holy silence is God's voice We look, and listen, and rejoice.

Overhead fleecy clouds, like white-winged argosies, sail high amid the blue, or, finer spun, like a lady's veil, are drawn, gauzelike, across the sky, through which the stars peep out with twinkling brilliancy.

So very lovely are you, Lake Louise, The stars which crown your lifted peaks at even Mistake you for a little sea in heaven And nightly launch their shining argosies.

805 examples of  argosies  in sentences