390 examples of armchairs in sentences

I insisted upon having a tea-table, which was a novelty in those days, but it broke the stiff semicircle of red and gold armchairs carefully arranged at one end of the room.

Here she maintains that only the children of the comparatively poor ride upon their fathers' walking-sticks or construct coaches of chairs, that this "is not a proof of imagination but of an unsatisfied desire," and that rich children who own ponies and who drive out in motor-cars "would be astonished to see the delight of children who imagine themselves to be drawn along by stationary armchairs.

In the middle of the floor, with their backs to the door at which Mary and her companion stood, were set two small armchairs of plain and cheap make.

He led her in, pulling the door to after him, and placed her and himself in front of the two small armchairs opposite Mr. Saffron's throne.

They found no servant in the antechamber, and even the dim drawing-room, where the blinds of embroidered muslin were lowered, while the armchairs were arranged in a circle, as on reception days, when numerous visitors were expected, at first seemed to them to be empty.

Blood on the carpet, blood on the armchairs and antimacassars, even a little blood spurtled on to the wall, and what was worse, Mrs. Tebrick tearing and growling over a piece of the skin and the legs, for she had eaten up all the rest of it.

isthat marvellous stage, the auditorium all in dark green satin, the seats like armchairs, the dressing rooms like boudoirsthe wonderful spaciousness of it!

Against the rear wall a sofa, in front of the sofa a round table and six armchairs, three on each side; in the left corner a door

Furniture: sofas, armchairs, and tables, all very expensive and crowded together.

Two armchairs in brocaded velvet and a centre table were additions to the customary articles.

The Baronne seated on the large sofa with Jean; Godmamma and the mother of the young man in two of the armchairs; while Victorine fumbled with some music on the piano with the dame de compagnie, whom Héloise calls "le Remorqueur," because she looks like a teeny tug pulling along a coal barge (Victorine).

Think of always having to shout across the table, day after day, and never to be able to do anything except by rules and regulations; and the stuffy rooms and the eight armchairs!

It was furnished with an old couch, a coffee table, and two armchairs drawn up by a stone fireplace.

The common room was large and airy, overlooking the courtyard, and a few rugs and armchairs made it a very comfortable place when the work of the day was done.

But Mrs. Wayne was aware of nothing but Adelaide's great beauty as she sank into one of the armchairs with hardly a hint of exhaustion.

She produced drinks and pushed the armchairs up.

Three armchairs, an old divan, a table littered with papers, toilet articles and eatables, and a rather narrow couch in one of the corners, were all the conveniences of this new establishment.

Why, even the downs are easy, yes, easy as one of the upholsterer's armchairs of the villa residences.

Mrs. Parker, Mr. Downey, Mr. Bruce, myself, and Miss La Neige sat in that order in the very narrow and uncomfortable little armchairs used by the students during lectures.

In the broad hall of the house stood two armchairs, which the children called "beggars' chairs," because they were in constant use for all sorts of people, "waiting to see the missus."

There were sweet old curtains, and a long sofa in front of the fireplace instead of the traditional armchairs.

They say that an invisible force holds us in our own armchairs while the earth hurtles like a boomerang; and men still go back to dusty records to prove the mercy of God.

It had a writing-table, a bookcase, two armchairs of leather, a fine fireplace with marble pillars, and an old painting let into the panelling above it.

On the right was the bed, and on the left, on the same side as the window, a sofa, chairs, armchairs, table, wardrobe.

And presently they were both seated in mammoth armchairs in the cozy library.

390 examples of  armchairs  in sentences