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437 example sentences with  armchairs

437 example sentences with armchairs

They never looked pleased to see any one, and each took comfortable little naps in their armchairs after dinnerthe first comers had sometimes rather embarrassing entrances,but I am told they held very much to their receptions.

I insisted upon having a tea-table, which was a novelty in those days, but it broke the stiff semicircle of red and gold armchairs carefully arranged at one end of the room.

We found Madame Grevy with her daughter and one or two ladies, wives, I suppose, of the secretaries, seated in the well-known drawing-room with the beautiful tapestriesMadame Grevy in a large gold armchair at the end of the rooma row of gilt armchairs on each side of hersmademoiselle standing behind her mother.

Once or twice a soeur jardiniere with a big, flat straw hat over her coiffe and veil tending the flowers (there were not many) or weeding the lawn, sometimes convalescents or old ladies seated in armchairs under the trees, but there was never any sound of voices or of life.

Here she maintains that only the children of the comparatively poor ride upon their fathers' walking-sticks or construct coaches of chairs, that this "is not a proof of imagination but of an unsatisfied desire," and that rich children who own ponies and who drive out in motor-cars "would be astonished to see the delight of children who imagine themselves to be drawn along by stationary armchairs."

In the middle of the floor, with their backs to the door at which Mary and her companion stood, were set two small armchairs of plain and cheap make.

He led her in, pulling the door to after him, and placed her and himself in front of the two small armchairs opposite Mr. Saffron's throne.

Gradually the whole knot moved into the house and towards the uncle's armchair.

" Through the open door Mathieu had caught sight of Mademoiselle Herminie, the daughter of the house, ensconced in one of the red velvet armchairs near the window, and dreamily perusing a novel there, while her mother, standing up, extolled her goods in her most dignified way to the old gentleman, who gravely contemplated the procession of nurses and seemed unable to make up his mind.

They found no servant in the antechamber, and even the dim drawing-room, where the blinds of embroidered muslin were lowered, while the armchairs were arranged in a circle, as on reception days, when numerous visitors were expected, at first seemed to them to be empty.

Blood on the carpet, blood on the armchairs and antimacassars, even a little blood spurtled on to the wall, and what was worse, Mrs. Tebrick tearing and growling over a piece of the skin and the legs, for she had eaten up all the rest of it.

You know yourself what a magnificent place it isthat marvellous stage, the auditorium all in dark green satin, the seats like armchairs, the dressing rooms like boudoirsthe wonderful spaciousness of it!

She shut and bolted the door, and taking from her desk the letter which she had that morning received, threw herself into an armchair, and studied the document profoundly.

She dreamed of echoing halls hung with Oriental draperies and lighted by tall bronze candelabra, while two tall footmen in knee-breeches drowsed in great armchairs by reason of the heating stove's oppressive warmth.

Quite honestly, therefore, the American lawyer has come to believe that a sheet of paper soiled with printers' ink and interpreted by half-a-dozen elderly gentlemen snugly dozing in armchairs, has some inherent and marvellous virtue by which it can arrest the march of omnipotent Nature.

While he was pondering over these things, the old man was approached by a servant who said that the sick man wished to speak with him, so he went into the next room, a clean and well-ventilated apartment with a floor of wide boards smoothed and polished, and simply furnished with big, heavy armchairs of ancient design, without varnish or paint.

Against the rear wall a sofa, in front of the sofa a round table and six armchairs, three on each side; in the left corner a door; on each wall a mirror, and under them little tables.

Furniture: sofas, armchairs, and tables, all very expensive and crowded together.

Two armchairs in brocaded velvet and a centre table were additions to the customary articles.

sillรณn, in., armchair.

He said the armchairs were good, the collation good, and the free rides to stockholders pleasant.

The Baronne seated on the large sofa with Jean; Godmamma and the mother of the young man in two of the armchairs; while Victorine fumbled with some music on the piano with the dame de compagnie, whom Hรฉloise calls "le Remorqueur," because she looks like a teeny tug pulling along a coal barge (Victorine).

Think of always having to shout across the table, day after day, and never to be able to do anything except by rules and regulations; and the stuffy rooms and the eight armchairs!

[Sidenote: "Clever Darlings"] Her room is appalling; it is full of Early Victorian furniture, and horrid alabaster statuette things, under glass cases, and then a few modern armchairs covered in gorgeous brocade, but it is all clawed by the cats, and soiled by the dogs' muddy feet, and you are unable to make up your mind where it will be safe to sit.

It was furnished with an old couch, a coffee table, and two armchairs drawn up by a stone fireplace.

And taking their books in hand, and settling comfortably back in the two great cozy armchairs, they were soon busily reading.

Mrs. Spragg and her visitor were enthroned in two heavy gilt armchairs in one of the private drawing-rooms of the Hotel Stentorian.

The breakfast-room furniture fit to outlast the Pyramids, the maroon leather of deep armchairs, the marble clock ticking to half-past nine beneath the bronze figure with the scythe and hourglass, the boots set to warm upon the hearthrug, the crisp bacon sizzling gently beneath its silver cover, the pleasant wife murmuring gently behind the silver urn, the paper set beside the master's plate.

The common room was large and airy, overlooking the courtyard, and a few rugs and armchairs made it a very comfortable place when the work of the day was done.

The two Doctors had taken two armchairs and sat squared off against each other.

On a gaudy modern Rabat carpet stood gilt armchairs of florid design and a table bearing a commercial bronze of the "art goods" variety.

Our host, a handsome white-bearded old man, welcomed us in the doorway, then he led us to a raised oriel window at one end of the room, and seated us in the gilt armchairs face to face with one of the most beautiful views in Morocco.

"Well, William," said Mr. Delamere, as he gave his hand to Miller from the armchair in which he was seated under the broad and stately portico, "I didn't expect to see you out here.

Jay was remembering the "Coos" they used to have in the big armchair in the nursery.

But Mrs. Wayne was aware of nothing but Adelaide's great beauty as she sank into one of the armchairs with hardly a hint of exhaustion.

The room she showed us into was the librarythree walls lined with books, mostly with German titlesa big cupboard in one corner, reaching from floor to ceilinga big desk by the windowthree armchairs and a stool.

That was in the morning after breakfast, and I was shown into the room with the fireplace and the deep armchairs.

So I got into one of the deep armchairs and laughed at him in self- defense, to preserve my own temper from boiling up over the top.

She produced drinks and pushed the armchairs up.

The fire-light shone on the chintz armchairs, and Boxer lay asleep on the black horse-hair rug.

According to the textbooks and the military experts and the armchair tacticians he was perfectly right; I believe that all of the writers on military subjects agree in saying that cavalry charges are obsolete as a form of attack.

The walls were stretched with this colourful cloth, and the armchairs and the couches were to match.

Three armchairs, an old divan, a table littered with papers, toilet articles and eatables, and a rather narrow couch in one of the corners, were all the conveniences of this new establishment.

Why, even the downs are easy, yes, easy as one of the upholsterer's armchairs of the villa residences.

I moved an armchair so that no one sitting in it could fail to see the dampest wall and ordered him to be shown in.

Two wicker-work armchairs and the little round tea-table were set out under the trees.

The two armchairs were always facing now, one on each side of the hearth.

(He sits down on the armchair, his hands resting on his stick)

Martin Douras is sitting at the fire in an armchair.

We were pretty well accommodated at the Hรดtel du Paradis, situated in a narrow street of very high houses, with a hairdresser's shop opposite, exhibiting in one of its windows two full-length waxen ladies, twirling around and around: which so enchanted the hairdresser himself, that he and his family sat in armchairs, and in cool undresses, on the pavement outside, enjoying the gratification of the passers-by, with lazy dignity.

Stone walls and floor, tombstone mantlepieces (mixed Gothic), really good Persian rugs, and the very most carved, brand new gilt Louis Philippe suite of furniture, helped out by mammoth armchairs and sofa, covered in gold brocade.

Mrs. Parker, Mr. Downey, Mr. Bruce, myself, and Miss La Neige sat in that order in the very narrow and uncomfortable little armchairs used by the students during lectures.

Donal and his wife seated in two comfortable armchairs by the parlour fire.

Armchairs and retirement for those whose inclinations run that way; the captain's bridge for those who are fit to command.

It was a room surrounded by large cupboards and shelves of old wood; above these the walls were covered with dusty and torn pictures, copies of Flemish paintings that the canons had relegated to this corner; round the room were placed in line the ancient armchairs of the church, some of Spanish workmanship, austere, with straight lines and ravelled coverings, others of Greek design with curved feet inlaid with ivory.

In the broad hall of the house stood two armchairs, which the children called "beggars' chairs," because they were in constant use for all sorts of people, "waiting to see the missus."

There were sweet old curtains, and a long sofa in front of the fireplace instead of the traditional armchairs.

Trayton Burleigh, still hot, rose from his armchair, and turning out one of the gas-jets, took a cigar from a box on a side-table and resumed his seat again.

Frederick Scott laughed 'imself silly a'most up 'ere one night thinking 'ow surprised a man would be if 'e come 'ome one night and found the tiger sitting in his armchair eating the baby.

he cried, rushing into Chubikoff's room, and falling into an armchair.

We broke a spring, you know," began Chubikoff, entering the sitting room and sinking into an armchair.

Late in the evening the baroness and her brother might have been seen engaged in a tรชte-ร -tรชte, seated in two comfortable armchairs, and anyone who was near enough might have heard the following conversation: "How goes it?"

The baroness suddenly turned as white as a sheet, and with trembling hands caught the back of a heavy armchair.

They say that an invisible force holds us in our own armchairs while the earth hurtles like a boomerang; and men still go back to dusty records to prove the mercy of God.

It had a writing-table, a bookcase, two armchairs of leather, a fine fireplace with marble pillars, and an old painting let into the panelling above it.

Semyonov was sitting in the armchair reading the newspaper, Markovitch was standing behind the chair with the strangest look on his face.

A table and two armchairs on the left of the room.

I saw two chairs, one of which held my valise, two narrow-backed armchairs with smeary upholstery, a table with a piece of green felt set into the top, and an oriental carpet with an arabesque pattern that fairly leaped to the eye.

I fell into one of the armchairs.

On the right was the bed, and on the left, on the same side as the window, a sofa, chairs, armchairs, table, wardrobe.

And presently they were both seated in mammoth armchairs in the cozy library.

bergรจre which stood opposite, and herself took a small armchair at the other side of the fire.

"The Apache," which had not yet found a purchaser, stood on one easel, and from it the traveling rug hung to the other, concealing all unsightly things, and yesterday Mimo had bought from the Tottenham Court Road a cheap basket armchair with bright cretonne cushions.

As for Tristram, he seemed to become a different person to the stern, constrained creature of the past week, and he sat in a corner with Mrs. Harcourt, and bent over her and chaffed and whispered in her ear, and sheZarawas left primly in one of the armchairs, a little aloof.

She sat down in one of the big gilt William-and-Mary armchairs, and clasped her hands tightly, and tried to think.

The guard said we could take any seats we pleased; and when we got in we found there was only two or three people in it, and we chose two nice armchairs, hung up our wraps, and made ourselves comfortable and cosey.

There are plenty of seats there, nice big armchairs that you can turn around and sit any way you like, and look at people or not look at them, just as you please, and there's plenty of room to walk about and

The man who tends to Jone hangs up his watch on a little stand on the edge of the bathtub, and he stays in just so many minutes, and when he's ready to come out he rings a bell, and then he's wrapped up in about fourteen hot towels, and sits in an armchair until he's dry.

I shall not say much about these two places, but I will say that to go into Sir Walter Scott's library and sit in the old armchair he used to sit in, at the desk he used to write on, and see his books and things around me, gave me more a feeling of reverentialism than I have had in any cathedral yet.

In the room there are yellow hangings and fat armchairs, with little underground tunnels that take the students to their sleeping rooms.

The King and Queen sleep in armchairs nearby.

Elsewhere is covered with bookshelves, record players, and comfy armchairs.

Get yourself a cup of something hot and nestle down into your biggest, comfiest armchair for this song.

And while they are proceeding they have to listen to the gripes, moans, armchair quarterbacking and deliberate lies by these cheap shot artists.

Need a bit of armchair travel?

Now weโ€™re standing in front of the โ€œMan Caveโ€, where men recline in a black armchair, view an iPad with porn on it, and produce a sperm specimen.

One common arrangement is to place the sofa facing the TV or fireplace, flanked by side tables, with armchairs on either side, at a right angle or rotated slightly toward the sofa.

Thought marshmallow armchairs and egg-shaped toilets were as elaborate as Mayfair restaurant Sketch could get?

While speaking about The Big Bang Theory at Dax Shepardโ€™s Armchair Expert podcast, Kaley opened up about dating Johnny and said, โ€œWe dated at the beginning of the show for almost two years.

Combine armchairs, loveseats and sofas with matching benches and tables to create the perfect arrangement for your space.

Electric-powered portable lifting seats can be used on most armchairs or sofas.

In the recording of the performance the armchair is shown straight from the front and looks well used and homely.

The challenge for the broader left, then, would not be to denounce such "impurities" from the comfort of its armchairs, but to prevent those far-right elements from establishing a hegemonic position within the movement.

The comfortable couches and armchairs in the sitting room provide ideal surroundings to curl up for a quiet evening with a book or spend some time chatting with your hosts and meeting other guests.

The front was set up with a podium for speakers while the far side was populated with an interesting collection of seating, from a slouchy couch to armchairs, to one particularly ornate-looking chaise lounge.

At Pallucci Furniture, a leather chair โ€“ or even an armchair โ€“ can add whatever it is that your living room is missing.

This uniquely shaped throw rug adds a lot of charm to these armchairs, and works to create a separate space within the living room.

Unique pieces with modern edges, like these armchairs, add a contemporary vibe to the decor, while the deep blues give the space a touch of colour.

Whether youโ€™re looking for the Morgan Arm Chair, other armchairs / single seat sofas by Zuo Modern, or shopping for another room in your home, has you covered.

Whether youโ€™re looking for the Puget Arm Chair, other armchairs / single seat sofas by Zuo Modern, or shopping for another room in your home, has you covered.