2798 examples of arnold in sentences

Benedict Arnold, the third invader, came from Connecticut.

Then Arnold turned up with his colonel's commission, but without the four hundred men it authorized him to raise.

Arnold claimed the command by virtue of his Massachusetts commission.

But the Green Mountain Boys declared they would follow no colonels but their own; and so Arnold, after being threatened with arrest, was appointed something like chief of the staff, on the understanding that he would make himself generally useful with the boats.

Then Arnold had his own turn, in command of an expedition against the sergeant's guard, cannon, stores, fort, and sloop at St Johns on the Richelieu, all of which he captured in the same absurdly simple way.

But Arnold was to join him at Quebec after advancing across country from the Kennebec to the Chaudiere with a flying column of Virginians and New Englanders.

And later on, when Arnold's men came up the Kennebec, it was satisfactorily explained to most of the habitants that it was no good resisting dead-shot riflemen who were bullet-proof themselves.

He knew nothing of Arnold's force till it actually reached Quebec in November.

So Arnold found himself with less than seven hundred effectives against the eleven hundred British who were now behind the walls.

Arnold's mortars pitched shells all over the town; while his storming-party advanced towards the Sault-au-Matelot barricade.

Arnold grew dissatisfied and finally went to Montreal; while Wooster, the new general, who arrived on the 1st of April, was himself succeeded by Thomas, an ex-apothecary, on the 1st of May.

The American army retreated to Sorel and up the Richelieu to St Johns, where it was joined by Arnold, who had just evacuated Montreal.

Arnold's flanks rested on the island and the mainland.

The great Arnold, who had, one might almost say, created Rugby School, and who certainly had done more for it than all his predecessors put together, had gone to his rest, and for four years the reins of government had been in the firm hands of Dr. Tait, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury.


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In the trio from "William Tell," after the words, "has cut an old man's thread of life," Arnold feels that Gessler has had his father murdered.

He was horror-stricken at the news he was to hear, but uncertainty was intolerable; and when, after these touching preparations, Arnold himself tore away the last shred of doubt, when he uttered the cry: "My father!"

2798 examples of  arnold  in sentences
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