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372 example sentences with  articulations

372 example sentences with articulations

The poor relation in black bombazine, who looked and moved as if all her articulations were elbow- joints, had gone off to her chamber, after waiting with a look of soul- subduing decorum at the foot of the stairs until one of the male sort had passed her and ascended into the upper regions.

CURE FOR STAMMERING.Where there is no malformation of the organs of articulation, stammering may be remedied by reading aloud with the teeth closed.

"The spine of Turkey," as German writers are fond of calling it, distorts the natural articulation of Western Asia.

The various bones of the skeleton are connected together at different parts of their surfaces by joints, or articulations.

It agitates and tears him, and perhaps almost bereaves him of the power of articulation.

He first made muscular articulations, indicated the veins, and gave natural folds to drapery.

He acknowledged the superiority of the white men to the red; and said that he was persuaded that the Great Spirit who dwelt above and all around, (whose immensity he endeavored to express by throwing abroad his hands, and prolonging his articulations as he spoke,) had sent the English thither for the good of the natives; and, therefore, they were welcome to all the land which the Creeks did not use themselves.

Thought, imagination, will, the conflicting passions, language, and even articulation, claim their first impulse from the nervous centre.

So it stands, you perceive; the labial muscles, that swelled with Vehement evolution of yesterday Marseillaises, Articulations sublime of defiance and scorning, to-day col- Lapse and languidly mumble, while men and women and papers Scream and re-scream to each other the chorus of Victory.

"I heard," he said, "'To be or not to be ... there's the rub,' through an electric wire; but, scorning monosyllables, the electric articulation rose to higher flights, and gave me passages from the New York newspapers.

This sort of distinction, as a writer nobody is likely to have read, can hardly counteract an indistinctness in my articulation, which the best-intentioned loudness will not remedy.

(Baedeker.) "Toledo, on its hillside, with the tawny half-circle of the Tagus at its feet, has the color, the roughness, the haughty poverty of the sierra on which it is built, and whose strong articulations from the very first produce an impression of energy and passion."

I have so far recovered my vocal powers, as to repeat the Lord's prayer, with no very imperfect articulation.

The marine glow-worm is composed of eleven articulations, or rings; upon these rings, and near the belly of the insect, are placed fins, which appear to be the chief instruments of its motion.

He found articulation somewhat difficult.

Small blame to bashful, clumsy John Briggs, if he did not know his own children; and could not recognise his own stammered and fragmentary fancies, when they were re-echoed to him the next minute, in the prettiest shape, and with the most delicate articulation, from lips which (like those in the fairy tale) never opened without dropping pearls and diamonds.

Her sweet, low tones and distinct articulation tortured him while they fascinated him; they seemed to set her so apart.

Her tones were low, but clear, and her articulation so perfect that no syllable was lost; she could have been distinctly heard in a room twice as large as this.

At first I took it for a rumbling in my earssuch as a man sometimes experiences when getting very drunkbut upon second thought, I considered the sound as more nearly resembling that which proceeds from an empty barrel beaten with a big stick; and, in fact, this I should have concluded it to be, but for the articulation of the syllables and words.

Capua's hat was in his hand at once, and bows and curtsies and articulations and gesticulations followed with such confusing rapidity, that, when the mutually pleased pair turned in company toward the kitchens, a scrap of white paper, that had fluttered down in the disorder, was suffered to remain unnoticed on the floor.

The reason for it I cannot assign,did not pretend to investigate; but the fact I had ascertained: x, y, z, so touched, squirm, contract, and expand their articulations, and exude from their pores a certain slimy sweat, of agony it may be,anyhow, a slimy exudation comes from them, and, simultaneously, and just as much in kind, degree, quality, everything, snails a, b, c repeat the process.

Ligaments of the First and Second Interphalangeal Articulations (Lateral View).

Ligaments of the First and Second Interphalangeal Articulations (viewed from Behind).



The foot is carried forward with all the phalangeal articulations flexed, and in many cases the limb is unable to take weight at all.

In either case, of course, the limb is advanced; but while some hold that the phalangeal articulations are flexed and the heel slightly raised, in order to relieve the pressure of the perforans tendon on the affected area, and so obtain ease, there are others who hold that the heel is pressed firmly to the ground in order to deaden the pain.

With the foot thus trimmed so as to most suitably adjust the angles of the articulations, it should next be thoroughly pared and rasped in its posterior half, so as to render the horn of the sole and the frog and the horn of the quarters as thin as possible.

To them she speaks through vague and indeterminate impressions: for him she has a voice of the most delicate articulation; all her images to him are clear and definite, and he translates them for us into that language of suggestion, emphasis, and refined analogy which links the manifold to the simple and the infinite to the finite.

In many a man the effect of this teaching is to fix him for life in a hard, narrow, and exclusive school of religious thought and feeling, in which he lives and dies profoundly satisfied with himself and his co-religionists, and quite hopeless of salvation for any beyond the immediate pale in which his own Shibboleth is pronounced with the exactest nicety of articulation.

The right hand and foot were severed at the articulation, by a single blow of a large axe; the stumps were immediately immersed in a vessel of boiling pitch; and in this miserable condition he was turned about his business.

In the convention which Browning established in it, all kinds of people are endowed with a miraculous articulation, a new gift of tongues; they explain themselves, their motives, the springs of those motives (for in Browning's view every thought and act of a man's life is part of an interdependent whole), and their author's peculiar and robust philosophy of life.

Only side by side with it there has grown up a new literary drama, and gradually the main stream of artistic endeavour which for nearly a century has preoccupied itself with the novel almost to the exclusion of other forms of art, has turned back to the stage as its channel to articulation and an audience.

There were sounds of mirth and music coming from within; and so plastic is the mind when under a deep and engrossing feeling, that she found no difficulty in concentrating and modifying these sounds into joyful articulations from the very mouths of Walter Grierson and Agnes Ainslie themselves.

The tongue moves with difficulty, and loses the power of distinct articulation; the limbs become enfeebled and unsteady; the mind is deranged, being either worked up into fury, or reduced to ridiculous puerility, and if the stimulus be pushed farther than this, absolute insensibility ensues.

But it has been asserted that while a large percentage (practically all) of the deaf can, by a great amount of painstaking and practice, become speech readers in some small degree, a relative degree of facility in articulation is not nearly so attainable.

In articulation and speech-reading instruction, the power to assist a class without distracting the attention of the eye from the vocal organs of the teacher.

All the usual devices had failed; every kind of sudden surprise to startle him into articulation had been attempted; electricity had been passed through the muscles of the tongue and larynx; doctors had discussed him with a volubility only equalled by his own silence.

"Calypso ne pouvait se consoler," over and over and over again, her rosy lips moving slowly in order to give distinctness to every articulation, and her blue eyes fairly dancing with repressed laughter at my awkward imitation.

He desired to make for himself a lay-figure, and for the articulations had conceived a new form of universal joint, which he desired my father to put into shape.

One of the most marked features of this period was the progress in the art of design, due to bronze modelling and bas-relief; for the painters, labouring in the workshops of the goldsmiths and the stone-carvers, learned how to study the articulation of the human body, to imitate the nude, and to aim by means of graduated light and dark at rendering the effect of roundness in their drawing.

It would seem as though Botticelli intended every articulation of the body to express some meaning, and this, though it enhances the value of his work for sympathetic students, often leads him to the verge of affectation.

The best medical aid being at hand, he was speedily relieved from the fit, and under the skilful management of Sir Samuel Garth, gradually regained his strength; but from the usual effects of such a stroke he never wholly recovered, neither his articulation nor his memory being restored to their original tone.

Dr. Webster supposes w to be always "a vowel, a simple sound;" but admits that, "At the beginning of words, y is called an articulation or consonant, and with some propriety perhaps, as it brings the root of the tongue in close contact with the lower part of the palate, and nearly in the position to which the close g brings it.

But the sounds of the language are much fewer than ours; for the characters represent, not simple tones and articulations, but syllabic sounds, and this number is said to be sufficient to denote them all.

Teachers, too, whose business it is to aid the articulation of the young, and, by a patient inculcation of elementary principles, to lay the foundation of an accurate pronunciation, may derive some assistance from any notation of these principles, which will help their memory, or that of the learner.

And it seems highly probable, if it has not been fully proved, that children may at first be taught to read more readily, and with better articulation, from phonetic print, or phonotypy, as it has been called, than from books that exhibit words in their current or established orthography.

"That some inferior animals should be able to mimic human articulation, will not seem wonderful.

Webster says, "A is also an abbreviation of the Saxon an or ane, one, used before words beginning with an articulation; as, a table, instead of an table, or one table.

This is a modern change; for, in Saxon, an was used before articulations as well as vowels; as, an tid, a time, an gear, a year.

The following is an other example which I conceive to be wrong; because, with an adverb for its antecedent, as is made a nominative: "They ought therefore to be uttered as quickly as is consistent with distinct articulation.

Say rather, "They ought therefore to be uttered with as much rapidity as is consistent with distinct articulation."

" Children ought to be accustomed to speak loud, and to pronounce all possible sounds and articulations, even those of such foreign languages as they will be obliged to learn; for almost every language has its particular sounds which we pronounce with difficulty, if we have not been early accustomed to them.

Accordingly, nations who have the greatest number of sounds in their speech, learn the most easily to pronounce foreign languages, since they know their articulations by having met with similar sounds in their own language.

She had one tooth that got into her articulations and she held her two long wrinkled hands nervously together.

The growing period requires care to avoid injuring the articulations; yet it is the most favorable time to spread the shoulders and deepen the chest.

It was not my own, it was thin, the articulation was slurred, the resonance of my facial bones was different.

The resultant thinness is startling when compared with the thickness and articulation of such a universe as Fechner paints.

"Williams and Wildney," said Dr. Rowlands in a solemn voice, of which every articulation thrilled to the heart of every hearer, "you have been detected in a sin most disgraceful and most dangerous.

Among Crustacea, the Genera of Shrimps vary in the form of the claws, in the structure of the parts of the mouth, in the articulations of their feelers, etc.

The articulations unfold successively and harmoniously.

Grace is closely united to gesture; the manifold play of the articulations which constitutes strength, also constitutes grace.

Every vehement movement must affect the vertical position, because obliquity deprives the movement of force, by taking from it the possibility of showing the play of the articulations.

Inflection is the life of speech; the mind lies in the articulative values, in the distribution of these articulations and their progressions.

The reverberative agent in its special activities engenders Emissions, Articulations, Vowels.

Prolations are laryngeal articulations.

Great care must be taken not to substitute pectoral articulations for them.

* * * * * Dynamic wealth depends upon the number of articulations brought into play; the fewer articulations an actor uses, the more closely he approaches the puppet.

* * * * * Dynamic wealth depends upon the number of articulations brought into play; the fewer articulations an actor uses, the more closely he approaches the puppet.

* * * * * One cannot be too careful of his articulation.

She found it somewhat difficult to understand Mary Ann's speech, for it was more like the chattering of a monkey than human articulation, and being very weary she did not encourage her to talk.

His lip quivered, so as almost to prevent the articulation of his words.

Polyzoary divided into distinct internodes by flexible articulations.

In the opening of the mouth, and the external short spine, it is a Cellaria; and in the colour and want of distinct articulation, it approaches Acamarchis; whilst in the form of the cell, and their mode of mutual connection, it is a Bicellaria: it differs from all other species of that genus, however, in the absence of any long spines, and in general habit.

Yet, partly no doubt by dint of an exertion which her kindness prompted, but in great measure from the perfection of her dainty articulation, I was able to hear her more perfectly than I generally hear anybody.

And the "palatal" consonants of several Indigenous Australian languages are also sometimes judged closer to alveolo-palatal in their articulation.

Joe Schechter 98 EMBA worked as a Friday night-owl mentor and reviewed four groups 30-second problem-statement videos to critique for articulation and problem validation.

Small articulations of appreciation and adoration are the key to this love language.

The maneuverings are deepening in thoughtful articulations and firm, deliberate commitment.

This Superman Unchained figure is an incredibly detailed 7-inch scale figure with about 22 points of articulation for full range of posing and play!

With the Marvel Legends Series, fan-favorite Marvel Comic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe characters are designed with premium detail and articulation for poseable and displayable collections.

Brazilian hate FIFA and understand the modus operandi of their global articulations.

Consider some additional volumetric articulation of the podium on Bay Street to improve views up the street.

Each book features a specially designed piano accompaniment that can be easily played by a teacher or intermediate piano student, and a carefully crafted removable part, complete with bowings, articulations, and keys well suited for the Level 2-3 player.

Finally, you can join our course conversation to share with us your articulation of your own approach to teaching online.

I could go on in further articulation, trying to explain to the member opposite, but I'm trying to encourage him in a very respectful and constructive manner.

In the imitative passages, matching of note lengths, articulations, and phrase contours requires much attention to detail.

An in-depth analysis of several selections for school instrumental ensembles reveals a discernable pattern of increasing complexity in instrumentation, range, dynamics, articulations, melody, articulations, melody, rhythm, harmony and form.

An in-depth analysis of several selections for school instrumental ensembles reveals a discernable pattern of increasing complexity in instrumentation, range, dynamics, articulations, melody, articulations, melody, rhythm, harmony and form.

Pedagogical Value: This suite provides opportunities to study repetition and contrast (repetition of melodic and rhythmic material; contrasting styles from one movement to the next; contrasting articulations within and between movements).

Remember, it is not essential that Dawson have an articulation agreement with the school/program to which you wish to apply.

Articulations vary according to the style of each variation, and consequently performers must be proficient in a variety of staccato, marcato, legato, and detached styles.

As articulations of reality, are also articulations of Hosshin and endowed with an ontological value.

As articulations of reality, are also articulations of Hosshin and endowed with an ontological value.

As I have already indicated, Burrow's piece is one, thanks to its cogency and its measured articulation of the problem of method in the study of allusions.

The new primary program in British Columbia: The need for a clear articulation of the concept of autonomous learning, Contact Canadian Review for French Teachers, Simon Fraser University, 9(3), 7–19.

The scapholunate (SL) ligament is one of the most commonly injured intercarpal articulations resulting in a cascade of degenerative changes included cartilage wear and altered joint kinematics.

Though theatre training is not a requirement of business, spending time onstage helps with public speaking, articulation and improvisation.

Upon completion of this program graduates may choose to further their education by completing a bachelor degree in technology or engineering at one of several institutions that have articulation agreements with College of the North Atlantic.

While no mineral deposit failed to capture his interest, Hutchinson is best known for his concise articulation of the key attributes of the syngenetic model for volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits.