59 examples of artistry in sentences

He looked up as he spoke, and his face was for the moment as pure as the face of a childDonnegan, the thief, the beggar, the liar by gift, and the man-killer by trade and artistry.

And I told him in detail the story of the Boule cabinet; I repeated Vantine's theory of its first ownership; I named the price which he was ready to pay for it; I described the difference between an original and a counterpart, and dwelt upon Vantine's assertion that this was an original of unique and unquestionable artistry.

Look up!" Obeying the mighty behest, I beheld, and an ovaline picture, painted in the artistry of heaven, let down from the crystalline walls, that I might not see, and held fast by a cord of gold, safe in an angel's keeping, God had sent for me to look upon.

In degree, Nora's husband fixed the vice of finesse in her nature, for when even a "good" woman is accused she parries by the use of trickery and wins her point by the artistry of the bagnio.

" Accepting this counsel with suitable expressions, they returned to the charge, addressed the proprietor of Number 37 by his official title and delivered the most gratifying opinions regarding his artistry.

Indeed the artistry of most of the verses discussed is, as any reader will notice, more on the plane of the later work than of the Ciris, written about 47-3 B.C.

Critics have always expressed their admiration for the comprehensive scope of the Aeneid, its depth of learning, its finished artistry, and its wide range of observation.

Not all the tales reach the level of "The House of Terror"; but in every one there is enough artistry to occupy any spare half-hour you may have for such purposes, without letting you feel afterwards that it was wasted.

For he had seen something he had not expected to seea real play, with real magic to it, such magic as all his cunning stage artifice, all the studied artistry of his fearfully and wonderfully salaried stellar attachments somehow missed achieving.

In the first place he is the earliest novelist to practise a conscious artistry of plot.

Andand he was killed that day!" Dusty Miller halted there with the inborn artistry that left his climax to speak for itself.

Perhaps that story, scraped to bedrock, shorn of all floral features, may gain in force what it loses in artistry.

And by the supreme artistry of Chance it fell to the lot of that tragic and unhappy gentleman, Mr. Bruce Ismay, to be aboard and to be caught by the urgent vacancy in the boat and the snare of the moment.

There was a way to prove her artistry....

All verse, all music; artistry Of cunning hand and feeling heart, All loveliness, whate'er it be, Is but the hint and broken part Of that vast beauty and delight Which man shall know when he is free; When in his soul the alien night Folds up like darkness from the sea.

The bird gradually grew intoxicated with the sound of his own trilling, cadenced, voice; one could almost see him up there in the thick darkness, panting, ardent, in the spasm of his musical inspiration, utterly engrossed in his own beautiful little world of song, overwhelmed by the charm of his own artistry.

Road to piano artistry; a collection of classic and romantic compositions with interpretative and technical comment, compiled & graded in nine volumes.

Road to piano artistry; a collection of classic and romantic compositions. Vol.4.

Road to piano artistry; a collection of classic and romantic compositions with interpretative and technical comment, compiled & graded in nine volumes.

She was almost creative in the artistry she brought to these transmutations.

Mr. McKay gives evidence that he has passed beyond the danger which threatens many of the new Negro poetsthe danger of allowing the purely polemical phases of the race problem to choke their sense of artistry.

These pleasant and peaceful paths through park, and pasture, meandering through the beautiful and sweet-breathing artistry of English agriculture, are guaranteed to future generations by an authority which no legislation can annul.

And when they are gone, they will be missed more than the amateurs of agricultural artistry imagine at the present moment.

This man,and it is to be hoped he carries some devout and grateful thoughts to his worksets Nature new lessons daily in artistry, and she works out the new ideals of his taste to their joint and equal admiration.

To be called perhaps an alien, and certainly no monumental German character, Heine nevertheless made use, with consummate artistry, of the fulness of German culture at a time when many of the after-born staggered under the weight of a heritage greater than they could bear.

59 examples of  artistry  in sentences