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2994 examples of  as follow  in sentences

2994 examples of as follow in sentences

"No, you haven't, an' we know without bein' told that when sich devils as follow Joe Brant get a prisoner in their clutches, they never kill him without torture.

" In the middle and during the last half of the ninth century, a chief of the Northmen, named Hastenc or Hastings, appeared several times over on the coasts and in the rivers of France, with numerous vessels and a following.

In a few years he had a following of two hundred thousand armed men, and after a series of battles he drove Ziyadat-Allah, the last Aglabite prince, out of the country in 908.

With full sails, and a following southern breeze, the Norman armada left the French shores and steered for England.

He'll have a following, too, just because he does believe in himself.

He has such a following of dumb animals now, that he says he can't move them any farther away from Boston than this, and he doesn't know what he will do with them, unless he sets up a menagerie.

His son is hardly that; he has a following, but new powers were established with his father's death, and they remain stronger than he.

They are as follow: "All good people pray heartily to God for these poor sinners, who now are going to their deaths; for whom this great bell doth toll.

J.R.P., take notice!= It was jaunty enough, but Potts had unquestionably gained a following.

So Nick never spoke, but he held up his finger, and made a sign for me to follow, as follow I did; and we just crept through the palisade, and a mhighty phratty walk we had of it, alang the meadies, and t'rough the lanes, the rest of the way.

Mr. Lovelace has sent me, by Dorcas, his proposals, as follow: 'To spare a delicacy so extreme, and to obey you, I write: and the rather that you may communicate this paper to Miss Howe, who may consult any of her friends you shall think proper to have intrusted on this occasion.

IIThe Bennet Girls and their Lovers Despite its rather unpromising commencement the course of a few days placed the acquaintance of the Bennets with the Bingleys on a footing approaching friendship; and soon matters began to stand somewhat as follow.

Perhaps there never lived a man so worshipped by posterity who had so slight a following by the men of his own time,unless we liken him to that greatest of all Prophets, who, being despised and rejected, is, and is to be, the "headstone of the corner" in the rebuilding of humanity.

And always, and always, there must be a following bold enough to prick the pretensions of the leaders and keep them in their places!

His works according to Winstanley are as follow: The Siege of Leith.

The works of this author which are printed in the Mirror of Magistrates, are as follow; The Fall of Robert Tresilian, Chief Justice of England, for misconstruing the laws, and expounding them to serve the prince's affections.

Mr. Daniel's poetical works, consisting of dramatic and other pieces, are as follow; 1.

The plays of our authors are as follow, 1.

Thus it was in the company of Prince Gregory, and with a following of half a dozen negro porters, that Tartarin set off early next morning for the Shereef Plain; but they very soon had trouble, both with the porters and with the provisions Tartarin had brought for his great journey.

The contiguous vowels may belong to a single word (see A); or they may be the final vowel or vowels of one word and the initial vowel or vowels of a following word or words (see B).

[b] These lines are a version of three sentences that are said, in the manuscript, to be "On the monument of John of Doncaster;" and which are as follow: What I gave, that I have; What I spent, that I had; What I left, that I lost.

Whenever his administration is alluded to in Parliament a shudder runs through the House ... at the very thought that one so sordid, so interested, so schemingly selfish, should have attained to the position of Prime Minister, and have commanded a following.

When they came to the foot-hills and the rider dismounted and led the way, with a following muzzle at times poking the small of his back, up the tortuous path, rounding pinnacles and skimming the edge of abysses, his leg muscles answered with the readiness of familiarity with climbing.

Some of the points of variation in their doctrine are as follow:They believe in no separate purgatory; but that almost all men go to hell at their death, and that from time to time, the Archangel Michael descends into that place of torment, in order to deliver men's souls, and to introduce them to paradise, sometimes for the sake of the prayers and meritorious works of their relatives and their priests.

But this I shall make the Subject of a following Paper C. [Footnote 1: [all great]]

To the right, fragments of signs, as follow: 22 PAT CO BR PR What can this be but 229, Patent Combs and Brushes, PROUT?

There were rumours from time to time of their escaping from Macellum, and Scuda knew, the emperor's fear lest these possible claimants for the throne should gain a following among the soldiers of the people.

The dimensions of the church at large are as follow:In length four hundred and ninety feet, in breadth two hundred and ninety-eight, in interior elevation under the dome two hundred and fifty-eight, and four hundred in exterior, that is to the summit of the tower.

I replied, "The doctrines of the church, which is meant by the New Jerusalem, are as follow: I. That there is one God, in whom there is a divine trinity; and that he is the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The reasons why those who had lived in love truly conjugial, after the death of their married partners are unwilling to marry again, are as follow.

The lady's mental accomplishments and qualifications are as follow:She sings divinely, plays on the harp (and piano too in modern days)

We doubt whether the comparison is refined enough for the fair authoresses; but our fancy has led us to class their contributions to the present feast as follow: HockChampagne, (Still and Sparkling.) L.E.L. Hood. Bucellas.

The leading features of difference from our own "Common Prayer" are as follow:They appoint proper Second Lessons for the Sunday, instead of leaving them, to the chance of the Calendarthey place the Nicene and Apostles' Creed side by side, and leave the minister to select which he prefers, and to use, if he think proper, the word "Hades" instead of Hell.

The official Regulations are as follow: 1.

He was at war with the new rulers in the northern empire, and his own army, which was not very large, melted away; above all, he proceeded with excessive harshness against the helpers who had gained access for him to the Liang, and thereafter he failed to secure a following from among the leading cliques at court.

The astrological aspects at this ingress are as follow:Saturn is located in the third house; Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the fifth, the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are in the sixth, while Herschel occupies the ninth.

Vegetables and fruit, which are all of the finest quality, and fresh from the gardens of the adjacent villages, are as follow:asparagus, at the rate of 8d.

The number of varieties are eight, and are as follow:

But in the a of ale, he hears =a'-ee; in that of an, ~a'-~e; (that is, the short a followed by something of the sound of e in err;) in that of art, ah'~-e; in that of all, awe'-~e; in the i of isle, =i'-ee; in the o of old, =o'-oo; in the proper diphthong ou, ou'-oo; in the oy of boy, he knows not what.

10.In some examples, it seems questionable whether as ought to be reckoned a pronoun, or ought rather to be parsed as a conjunction after which a nominative is understood; as, "He then read the conditions as follow.

""The conditions are as follow.

"The principal evidences on which this assertion is grounded, are as follow.

"The Quiescent verbs are as follow.

"The most eminent of the kennel are bloodhounds, which lead the van, and are as follow.

"His words are as follow."Spect., No. 62.

"The words are as follow.

"The objections that are raised against it as a tragedy, are as follow.

"The particulars are as follow.

"The principal interjections in English are as follow.

In all these instances, one may suppose the final clause to mean, "as they here follow;"or, supposing as to be a pronoun, one may conceive it to mean, "such as follow."

For this reason, analogy as well as usage favour [say favours] this mode of expression, 'The conditions of the agreement were as follows;' and not 'as follow.'

Murray was so much puzzled with Tooke's notion of as, and Campbell's doctrine of the impersonal verb, that he has expressly left his pupils to hesitate and doubt, like himself, whether one ought to say "as follows" or "as follow," when the preceding noun is plural; orto furnish an alternative, (if they choose it,) he shows them at last how they may dodge the question, by adopting some other phraseology.

For, "as follows," refers to what the arguments were,to the things themselves, considered plurally, and immediately to be exhibited; wherefore the expression ought rather to have been, "as follow," or, "as they here follow."

Nay, we are told that, "A few late writers have adopted this form, 'The conditions were as follow,' inconsiderately;" and, to prove this charge of inconsiderateness, the following sentence is brought forward: 'I shall consider his censure [censures is the word used by Campbell and by Murray] so far only as concern my friend's conduct.' which should be, it is added, 'as concerns, and not as concern.'

Several grammarians and critics have approved this phraseology: I am inclined, however, to concur with those who prefer 'as follow.

What questions are raised among grammarians, about the construction of as follow or as follows, and other similar phrases?

There are also several other marks, which are occasionally used for various purposes, as follow: I.

As follow, as follows, &c., construction of; MURR., himself perplexed by TOOKE and CAMPB.,

Not Anne Whitfield herself exhibits more explicitly the urgency of the life force, the will to wed. Mr. OWEN NARES, who has a following more than sufficient to justify his recent assumption of management, gave a very attractive and indeed, within the limits imposed by the piece, a distinguished performance as the proud and hungry poet.

They are as follow: During a gale the Astrolabe drove on the reef, but was afterwards got off by the exertion of the natives; some of the men deserting from the ship, the chiefs were accused of enticing them away, and on the men not being given up the ship fired on the village; the natives barricaded themselves on the beach by throwing up sand heaps, and afterwards retired into the woods.

Now I tell you truly, I believe in man as man, and I disbelieve in all distinctions except such as follow the natural lines of cleavage in a society which has crystallized according to its own true laws.

The questions, then, that I seek to examine will be as follow: 1.

The dimensions of the specimen in the Museum are as follow: length from tip of nose to root of tail, 5-1/2 inches; ditto tail, 1-1/4 in.

The spirits, without the help of voices, converse, and the more particular discoveries of converse of the spirits, seem to me as follow: to wit, dreams, voices, noises, impulses, hints, apprehensions, involuntary sadness, &c. Dreams of old were the ways by which God himself was pleased to warn men what services to perform, and what to shun.

Much profitable amusement is to be gained by such exercises as follow.

They are as follow: "1.

In the middle and during the last half of the ninth century, a chief of the Northmen, named Hastenc or Hastings, appeared several times over on the coasts and in the rivers of France, with numerous vessels and a following.

When Philip was crowned at Rheims, Louis de Nevers, Count of Flanders, repaired thither with a following of eighty-six knights, and he it was to whom the right belonged of carrying the sword of the kingdom.

He went, but with so large a following that the count was not at the time at all in a position to resist him.

in London, and the Prince of Wales at Bordeaux, could not see, without serious disquietude, the most famous warrior amongst the French crossing the Pyrenees with a following for the most part French, and setting upon the throne of Castile a prince necessarily allied to the King of France.

Some great lords, certain bishops, the Constable de Montmorency, two marshals of France, the privy councillors, the knights of the order, the secretaries of state and finance, Chancellor de l'Hospital and Coligny, took part in it; the King of Navarre and the Prince of Conde did not respond to the summons they received; the constable rode up with a following of six hundred horse.

The two last stanza's are as follow, Heedless of custom, and the vulgar breath, I toil for glory in a path untrod, Or where but few have dared to combat death, And few unstaggering carry virtue's load.

I shall take the same Liberty in a following Paper, of giving my Opinion upon the Subject of Musick, which I shall lay down only in a problematical Manner to be considered by those who are Masters in the Art.

His Words are as follow: 'Segrais has distinguished the Readers of Poetry, according to their Capacity of judging, into three Classes.

Whether or no they are real Husbands or personated ones I cannot tell, but the Books they recommend are as follow.

The Methods I shall propose to them are as follow.

He will, I hope, suppose I know it only from the Letters of Correspondents, two of which you shall have as follow.

But this I shall make the Subject of a following Paper C. [Footnote 1: [all great]]

His Words are as follow.

Her Comrades are as follow.

It is, undoubtedly, the most singular and novel form in Captain King's collection, and forms a new genus, of which the characters are as follow.

" This extract shows how easy it then was for any man of determination to acquire a following, especially if he could dispose of a few rifles.

Some require a following word or words: [William struck John (object complement, or object).

At once the spokesmen and the guardians of popular rights, they had each a following of hundreds and thousands of souls who proffered in the same fashion that samurai did to daimio, the willing service of "limb and life, of body, chattels and earthly honor."

The results stand as follow: Mr. Maclear and Captain Wauchope: 11.5 seconds South.

The observations were made on this point, and the results were as follow: latitude 12 degrees 37 minutes 30 seconds South, longitude 11 degrees 16 3/4 minutes East of Port Essington.

Many People make no Distinction between the Parade and Opposition of the Hand, tho' there is a very great Difference, the Parade being made only against the Adversary's Thrust, and the Opposition to prevent a following Thrust after having parryed with the Sword, which is very necessary in most Thrusts, especially in the Risposts which may be made to your Thrust in Seconde.

" Other cattle came up and joined in the race, until Bill had quite a following; and when he was gasping for breath and losing hope of seeing another day, he came upon a live oak, whose branches started almost from the roots and inclined upward so gently that even a fat man who has lost his breath need not hesitate over the climbing.

The facts are as follow.

The particulars, as they have been imperfectly reported to me, are as follow: By one of the bills, the bishops have power to oblige the country clergy, to build a mansion-house upon whatever part of their glebes their lordships shall command; and if the living be above ยฃ50 a-year, the minister is bound to build, after three years, a house that shall cost one year and a half's rent of his income.

Cry to him, that he would draw and determine their souls to a closing with him by faith alone, to a hearing of his voice, to an obeying of his call, to a following of his direction, to a giving up of themselves to him, leaning to him, and waiting for all from him alone: in a word, to take him for their life in all points, and to lean to him for life, and to expect it from him, through faith in the promises of the gospel.

The communications from Paul on this subject are as follow: "To Christopher Columbus, Paul the Physician wisheth health.

The admirals ship was commanded in person by Cortes, and the others as follow:

HUTCHINSON, JOHN, a theological faddist, born in Yorkshire; in his "Thoughts concerning Religion," derived all religion and philosophy from the Bible, but directly, as he insisted, from the original Hebrew, in which view he had a following of a few intelligent people (1674-1737).

NAYLER, JAMES, a fanatical Quaker in the time of the Commonwealth, with a following as fanatical as himself, who escorted him through Bristol on his release from prison after the manner of Christ's entry into Jerusalem; was very cruelly punished for blasphemy in fancying or seeming to fancy himself a new incarnation of Christ.

The varieties of the garden-beans are as follow: The early Mazagan and Longpod are planted in November.

I longed for a following of which I should be the leader, my name acclaimed under the heavens like a new clarion call.

"No, Buck, if he'd a followed all the way he would have caught you in spite of your relay.

The anecdotes are as follow:An aged minister of the old school, Mr. Patrick Stewart, one Sunday took to the pulpit a sermon without observing that the first leaf or two were so worn and eaten away that he couldn't decipher or announce the text.

The verb consentir takes either de or ร , before a following infinitive, although in modern French the latter is the more common.