2994 examples of as follow in sentences

They are as follow: "All good people pray heartily to God for these poor sinners, who now are going to their deaths; for whom this great bell doth toll.

Mr. Lovelace has sent me, by Dorcas, his proposals, as follow: 'To spare a delicacy so extreme, and to obey you, I write: and the rather that you may communicate this paper to Miss Howe, who may consult any of her friends you shall think proper to have intrusted on this occasion.

His works according to Winstanley are as follow: The Siege of Leith.

Some of the points of variation in their doctrine are as follow:They believe in no separate purgatory; but that almost all men go to hell at their death, and that from time to time, the Archangel Michael descends into that place of torment, in order to deliver men's souls, and to introduce them to paradise, sometimes for the sake of the prayers and meritorious works of their relatives and their priests.

The dimensions of the church at large are as follow:In length four hundred and ninety feet, in breadth two hundred and ninety-eight, in interior elevation under the dome two hundred and fifty-eight, and four hundred in exterior, that is to the summit of the tower.

The leading features of difference from our own "Common Prayer" are as follow:They appoint proper Second Lessons for the Sunday, instead of leaving them, to the chance of the Calendarthey place the Nicene and Apostles' Creed side by side, and leave the minister to select which he prefers, and to use, if he think proper, the word "Hades" instead of Hell.

The astrological aspects at this ingress are as follow:Saturn is located in the third house; Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the fifth, the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are in the sixth, while Herschel occupies the ninth.

The number of varieties are eight, and are as follow:

"The principal evidences on which this assertion is grounded, are as follow.

"The Quiescent verbs are as follow.

"The most eminent of the kennel are bloodhounds, which lead the van, and are as follow.

"The objections that are raised against it as a tragedy, are as follow.

"The principal interjections in English are as follow.

For this reason, analogy as well as usage favour [say favours] this mode of expression, 'The conditions of the agreement were as follows;' and not 'as follow.'

Several grammarians and critics have approved this phraseology: I am inclined, however, to concur with those who prefer 'as follow.

They are as follow: During a gale the Astrolabe drove on the reef, but was afterwards got off by the exertion of the natives; some of the men deserting from the ship, the chiefs were accused of enticing them away, and on the men not being given up the ship fired on the village; the natives barricaded themselves on the beach by throwing up sand heaps, and afterwards retired into the woods.

The questions, then, that I seek to examine will be as follow: 1.

The dimensions of the specimen in the Museum are as follow: length from tip of nose to root of tail, 5-1/2 inches; ditto tail, 1-1/4 in.

His Words are as follow: 'Segrais has distinguished the Readers of Poetry, according to their Capacity of judging, into three Classes.

Whether or no they are real Husbands or personated ones I cannot tell, but the Books they recommend are as follow.

The Methods I shall propose to them are as follow.

He will, I hope, suppose I know it only from the Letters of Correspondents, two of which you shall have as follow.

It is, undoubtedly, the most singular and novel form in Captain King's collection, and forms a new genus, of which the characters are as follow.

The particulars, as they have been imperfectly reported to me, are as follow: By one of the bills, the bishops have power to oblige the country clergy, to build a mansion-house upon whatever part of their glebes their lordships shall command; and if the living be above £50 a-year, the minister is bound to build, after three years, a house that shall cost one year and a half's rent of his income.

The anecdotes are as follow:An aged minister of the old school, Mr. Patrick Stewart, one Sunday took to the pulpit a sermon without observing that the first leaf or two were so worn and eaten away that he couldn't decipher or announce the text.

2994 examples of  as follow  in sentences
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