2994 examples of as follow in sentences

So Nick never spoke, but he held up his finger, and made a sign for me to follow, as follow I did; and we just crept through the palisade, and a mhighty phratty walk we had of it, alang the meadies, and t'rough the lanes, the rest of the way.

IIThe Bennet Girls and their Lovers Despite its rather unpromising commencement the course of a few days placed the acquaintance of the Bennets with the Bingleys on a footing approaching friendship; and soon matters began to stand somewhat as follow.

The plays of our authors are as follow, 1.

[b] These lines are a version of three sentences that are said, in the manuscript, to be "On the monument of John of Doncaster;" and which are as follow: What I gave, that I have; What I spent, that I had; What I left, that I lost.

Some of the points of variation in their doctrine are as follow:They believe in no separate purgatory; but that almost all men go to hell at their death, and that from time to time, the Archangel Michael descends into that place of torment, in order to deliver men's souls, and to introduce them to paradise, sometimes for the sake of the prayers and meritorious works of their relatives and their priests.

The reasons why those who had lived in love truly conjugial, after the death of their married partners are unwilling to marry again, are as follow.

The lady's mental accomplishments and qualifications are as follow:She sings divinely, plays on the harp (and piano too in modern days)

The leading features of difference from our own "Common Prayer" are as follow:They appoint proper Second Lessons for the Sunday, instead of leaving them, to the chance of the Calendarthey place the Nicene and Apostles' Creed side by side, and leave the minister to select which he prefers, and to use, if he think proper, the word "Hades" instead of Hell.

10.In some examples, it seems questionable whether as ought to be reckoned a pronoun, or ought rather to be parsed as a conjunction after which a nominative is understood; as, "He then read the conditions as follow.

"The Quiescent verbs are as follow.

"The most eminent of the kennel are bloodhounds, which lead the van, and are as follow.

"The objections that are raised against it as a tragedy, are as follow.

"The particulars are as follow.

In all these instances, one may suppose the final clause to mean, "as they here follow;"or, supposing as to be a pronoun, one may conceive it to mean, "such as follow."

Several grammarians and critics have approved this phraseology: I am inclined, however, to concur with those who prefer 'as follow.

The questions, then, that I seek to examine will be as follow: 1.

The dimensions of the specimen in the Museum are as follow: length from tip of nose to root of tail, 5-1/2 inches; ditto tail, 1-1/4 in.

The spirits, without the help of voices, converse, and the more particular discoveries of converse of the spirits, seem to me as follow: to wit, dreams, voices, noises, impulses, hints, apprehensions, involuntary sadness, &c. Dreams of old were the ways by which God himself was pleased to warn men what services to perform, and what to shun.

The two last stanza's are as follow, Heedless of custom, and the vulgar breath, I toil for glory in a path untrod, Or where but few have dared to combat death, And few unstaggering carry virtue's load.

His Words are as follow: 'Segrais has distinguished the Readers of Poetry, according to their Capacity of judging, into three Classes.

The Methods I shall propose to them are as follow.

He will, I hope, suppose I know it only from the Letters of Correspondents, two of which you shall have as follow.

His Words are as follow.

The particulars, as they have been imperfectly reported to me, are as follow: By one of the bills, the bishops have power to oblige the country clergy, to build a mansion-house upon whatever part of their glebes their lordships shall command; and if the living be above £50 a-year, the minister is bound to build, after three years, a house that shall cost one year and a half's rent of his income.

The communications from Paul on this subject are as follow: "To Christopher Columbus, Paul the Physician wisheth health.

2994 examples of  as follow  in sentences