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230 examples of  as spoken  in sentences

230 examples of as spoken in sentences

If you'd asked me this morning how we could put a spoke in Allingford's wheel, and pay out him and a lot of those other prigs like Oaks and Rowlands, I couldn't have told you; but now the thing's as easy as pat.

As Spoken By The Oogashik, Egashik, Egegik, Anangashuk And Misremie Tribes Around Sulima River And Neighboring Parts Of The Alaska Peninsula Compiled By Charles A. Lee Oogashik, 1896 *

"Yes, sir; and opened the box, sir; and it's ait's a speaking likeness" This the old man got out in a great hurry, as if afraid that his master would stop him.

[Greek: logos] speech), a speaking of praise.

A glint of understanding passed between the two men, but not a spoken word.

If we pass from Berber we find the Arab tongue as spoken among the Magreb, and will see that the literature is composed of the same elements, particularly in the tales and songs.

" Then gracefully his right hand waving, He with no little vanity Recited gospel, chapter, verse I should be loth to spoil in metre All the good words he did rehearse, As spoken by our Lord to Peter.

They rode a mile with never a spoken word but in a never-broken communion; then it was Gloria who spoke first, saying, as she had said once before: "I love it!" They followed narrow trails through the ceanothus-bushes, riding one behind the other; they climbed steep trails among the pines; then went down steep trails among granite boulders; they rode side by side through little upland valleys and grassy meadows.

Before she was aware her thought had become a spoken thought; in the interval of quiet while her mother was counting the young people in the village she was very much astonished to hear her own timid, bold, little voice inquire: "Is there more than one Evangelist?" "Why, yes, child," her mother answered absently and Evangelist began to tell her about some of the evangelists he was acquainted with.

Those syllables were like a spoken spell to break the power of dark enchantment which had hampered Lanyard's memory ever since first sight of this woman in the Cafรฉ de l'Univers at Nant.

Is not that a spoke in your wheel?" asked the man of few words.

Let us receive it as spoken by one in the foremost ranks of these doubters, men reviled by their brethren who dare not doubt for fear of offending the God to whom they attribute their own jealousy.

She stood poised, one foot on a spoke, the other on the axle.

Amongst these, it was tacitly agreed upon, and understood, that a spoken promise was a pledge, and held to be a very sacred thing, and he who broke faith, committed all the cardinal sins.

I must get out on the trails once more that wind through shadowy haunts and cool, Away from the presence of wall and door, and see myself in a crystal pool; I must get out with the silent things, where neither laughter nor hate is heard, Where malice never the humblest stings and no one is hurt by a spoken word.

For he was not only a personable person in those days, with a suggestion of devil-may-care in his air that measurably lifted the curse of his superficial foppishness, but he was putting a spoke in Prince Victor's wheel.

"After we had consumed all the champagne wine they had in the snare, I tipped them off to a speak-easy, and we decided to ride down there in the machine, and then go for a little tour, as it were.

After a good deal of consideration as to how I can, with least risk of getting this Government into trouble, put a spoke into the Dost's wheel in his progress towards Herat, I have despatched to Sir R. Montgomery the telegram of which I enclose a copy.

[Fr.], spike the guns; take the wind out of one's sails, scotch the snake, put a spoke in one's wheel; break the neck, break the back; unhinge, unfit; put out of gear.

And also, M'seur, we would have killed our own brothers had they as much as spoken a word against them or cast at the mother even as much as a look which was not the purest.

It is simply an expansion of the words which occur in the tragedy -Hectoris Lustra- (the original of which was probably by Sophocles) as spoken by a spectator of the combat between Hephaestus and the Scamander: -Constitit credo Scamander, arbores vento vacant,- and the incident is derived from the Iliad (xxi. 381).

For there is no denying it; I have known him now for thirty years, and in all that time he has never so much as spoken an unkind word to any one.

"I'll put a spoke in his wheel.

"Yes; but I think I shall be able to put a spoke in his wheel.

But it is thine infelicity to be taken, to be made a public example of justice, to be a terror to the rest; yet should every man have his desert, thou wouldst peradventure be a saint in comparison; vexat censura columbas, poor souls are punished; the great ones do twenty thousand times worse, and are not so much as spoken of.

The man nodded to him, whereat, as if he understood a spoken word, the dog dropped back and trotted ahead.

Writing to a friend in a far country is like shouting through a speaking-tube to the moon, and one can't shout very intimate things, can one? Let us be sensible.

he repeated earnestly; and she answered softly, 'Yes.' That one brief syllable was more like a sigh than a spoken word, and it seemed to her as if in the utterance of that syllable the three thousand pounds had been paid.

But just then the boy rode over the forest; and when he had heard the song a couple of times, and marked that the thrush knew no other, he put both hands up to his mouth as a speaking trumpet, and called down: "We've heard all this before.

Whereby Hereward was enabled to put a spoke in Ascelin's wheel.

Parsons, who had just returned to the city from a speaking tour was hurriedly sent for and rushed over with his wife, Lucy Parsons, and their two children, to lend a hand.

Such a communication would need no acknowledgment beyond a spoken word of thanks, which she would bestow upon him the next time they met.

And it is at this moment (when the heart is kindled and bursting with indignation at the revolting abuses of self-constituted power) that Sir Walter stops the press to have a sneer at the people, and to put a spoke (as he thinks) in the wheel of upstart innovation!

But as for Dick, she remembered how no mishap nor annoyance of his own ever irritated him in the slightest degree; how his first consideration always seemed to be her comfort and her happiness; how even in his deep sorrow, deceived, humiliated, cut to the heart, he had never so much as spoken one bitter word.

It was gallantly done and in response came a great rustling from the multitude; there was not a spoken word, but every man was on his feet.

" Besides hearing these University lectures, Cairns read German philosophy and theology for nine or ten hours daily, took lessons in Hebrew from a young Christian Jew named Biesenthal, and in these short winter months acquired such a mastery of German as a spoken language that in the spring he was urged by Professor Tholuck of Halle to remain and qualify as a Privatdocent at a German University.

Dr. Edwards, in his "Observations on the Mukhekanieu," demonstrates that the old Mohecan, as spoken on the Housatonic, was also of this type.

Resolved, That the President of this society be requested to deliver, at such time as shall be convenient to himself, a course of Lectures on the Grammatical construction of the Algonquin language, as spoken by the North-Western Tribes, and to procure, from living and authentic sources, a full and complete Lexicon of that language, for the use of the society.

I find there is a trifling difference between the language here, and as spoken at the Sault.

He was an apt learner of the language, as spoken north of the basin of Lake Superior.

What he did in his best writing was, to use the English as if it were a spoken, and not merely an inkhorn language; as if it were his own to do what he pleased with it, as if it need not be ashamed of itself.

She even came forward to the table and accepted a little fruit; stayed five minutes perhaps, and then, without a spoken word, her movement to go broke up, with unmistakable intent, the party.

How are we to prevent the repetition of this horror?" As Miss Dean asked the question she did not really seem to expect an answer from Faith; it was more like a spoken expression of thoughts that were vexing her, made to one whom she knew was thoroughly sympathetic.

All of which is merely by way of stating that Miss Estella Benton was a young woman who had grown up quite complacently in that station of life in whichto quote the Philistinesit had pleased God to place her, and that Chance had somehow, to her astonished dismay, contrived to thrust a spoke in the smooth-rolling wheels of destiny.

Happily, the wheel was tied, the rudder hard to port, and as the ship moved, she must, therefore, have turned; and I must have been back to untie the wheel in good time, for when my senses came, I was lying there, my head against the under gimbal, one foot on a spoke of the wheel, no land in sight, and morning breaking.

This, however, is to be understood as spoken of the male sex, because it has enticements which actually inflame it; but not of the female sex.

I was struck with the utmost fear and astonishment, and ran to hide myself in the corn, from whence I saw him at the top of the stile, looking back into the next field on the right hand, and heard him call in a voice many degrees louder than a speaking-trumpet; but the noise was so high in the air that at first I certainly thought it was thunder.

The title-page 'promises all the writings of that celebrated author,' but his Pastorals (p.433. &c., first published imperfectly in 4to. 1593) and many other of his most considerable compositions (Odes, the Owle, &c., see the Appendix), are not so much as spoken of.

At the time, with his arm about her, silence had seemed enough; but in separation there is something wonderfully solid and comforting in the memory of a spoken word; it is like a coin in the pocket.

" "Though she knows not, and may never know, anything of this affair which has taken such a hold of you?" said I, rather as a speaking automaton, forced to vocabulate.

" It seems to be true that as a rule the lower animals catch the meaning of but few words; usually the tone of the voice and the gesture that accompanies it interpret a spoken order in a dog's brain.

Their rage and cruelty would not be stayed for a spoken promise.

At this moment a man advanced towards the King's equipage, wrapped in a wide mantle, and carefully picked his way between the trading-booths and the carriage, which he had no sooner reached than, placing one of his feet on a spoke of the wheel, and the other on a doorstep, he plunged a knife into the side of the King, who was at that moment engaged in reading a letter.

I believe the second and third are just as disgusted as we are, and as Allen is a nephew of one of the partners he will put a spoke in their wheel too, when he comes back.

It stands thus: "Person is a distinction which is made in a noun between its representation of its object, either as spoken to, or spoken of.

An elementary sound of the human voice, or an element of speech, is one of the simple sounds which compose a spoken language.

of sentences, in what embraced in the Grammar Least parts of language, as written, as spoken, &c., what constituents so called Legal phraseology, in contrast with that of common life Less, improper use of, for fewer, ("No LESS than three dictionaries," DR.

Nor does you stand for children as spoken of by Ingersoll; but for children of the second person, uttered or implied in the address of his messenger: as, "Children, you must come in.

Here the old Anglian had been corrupted by the Danish settlers, and rapidly threw off its inflections when it became a spoken and no longer a written language, after the Conquest.

Mary Phillips stood full in view on the stern of the oncoming steamer, a speaking-trumpet in her hand.

I had roared my burning words of passion through a speaking-trumpet, and I had told them not to Bertha herself, but to Mary Phillips.

Answering the mythical challenge, of a sudden she sat up free in bed and, as though at a spoken injunction, looked about her fairly.

Warning, pleading, distinct as a spoken admonition, its voice sounded a negative in her ears.

First, then, the province of Comedy is with the follies and foibles or our nature; it is generally, and it ought always to be, a speaking picture of national faults, and should satirize the people of the country where it is represented, by which means a much greater scope is afforded for the improvement of the spectator.

In the former is exercised merely the speculative faculty, or the understanding, strictly so called, or as spoken of in distinction from the will or disposition of the soul.

" The attendant gave a faint sigh, and communicated the order for the fowl and mushrooms through a speaking-tube.

'She was a speaking cat,' iii. 246.

So numerous were these testimonials, that they gradually roused public curiosity to see and read what was so effective as spoken.

This plan ignores the actual relation of missionaries to their home churches, as spoken of above.

Were any of them, the sayings of Saints in ecstasy, I should know they had a good meaning; still I should not repeat them myself; but I am looking at them, not as spoken by the tongues of Angels, but according to that literal sense which they bear in the mouths of English men and English women.

Expand the above into a four-line verse with rhymes, and explain why the language as spoken and written is nearly always in the past tense, and rarely in the present or future.

" Lastly, Speaking and Moving Stones: "Girald Cambrensis gives an account of a speaking-stone at St. David's in Pembrokeshire.

" The words were forgotten by him as soon as spoken; but Grizel sat on with them, for they were like a friendor was it an enemy?who had come to tell her strange things.

He was stung, and replied in words that were regretted as soon as spoken: "I was trying to walk you off.

A parable is only a spoken symbol.

Generally, however, when the writing is thus exhibited, it is in answer to a spoken question, and the reply is written by the Medium in his lap and the slate turned over before it is placed on the table.

That old rip-snorter sure put a spoke in my wheel!

Campbell is more primitive and his phonetics are those of the dialect as spoken by the Negroes of the sea islands off the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia, which to this day remains comparatively close to its African roots, and is strikingly similar to the speech of the uneducated Negroes of the West Indies.

He seem'd at first a little uneasy under the Operation, and was going in all haste to take the Numbers of their Coaches; but at length by the Mediation of the worthy Gentleman in the Coach, his Wrath was asswaged, and he prevail'd upon to pursue his Journey; tho' indeed I thought they had clapt such a Spoke in his Wheel, as had disabled him from being a Coachman for that Day at least: For I am only mistaken, Mr. SPEC.

This was going too far, and he was called to order, but got off well enough, by saying, that he knew it was contrary to rule to name any member, but that he only mentioned it as spoken by an impertinent Frenchman.

The great break-up of 1830 had forced on men the anxious question, "What is the Church as spoken of in England?

The late Dr. P.W. Joyce, in his admirable treatise on English as spoken in Ireland, has illustrated not only the essentially bilingual character of the Anglo-Irish dialect, but the modes of thought which it enshrines.

He it was who organized the Gaelic League, a band of enthusiasts zealous for the revival of the Irish language both as a spoken tongue and as the medium for a national literature, and eager, also, to breed up a race of Celtic scholars.

In a spoken discourse a great number of adjectives are worse than useless.

A written discourse requires many illustrative epithets; in a spoken discourse, the adjectives may be replaced by gesture and inflection.

In a cruise last summer we dropped anchor in a lovely little out-of-the-way harbor of Buzzard's Bay, which proved to be near Pocasset; where, not long ago, a pious man, reading the Hebrew tradition of Abraham and Isaac, as a real command of the Most High, and having this word of the Lord borne in on his mind, as spoken to himself, murdered his child in sacrifice to Godno angel interfering to stay his knife.

The first ten numerals, as spoken by a Hindoo a thousand years before the Christian era, would, with one or two exceptions, be understood by a modern Russian peasant.

A Russian traveller in Kamchatka has said that "the Kamchadal language is spoken half in the mouth and half in the throat"; but it might be more accurately described as spoken half in the throat and half in the stomach.

Somebody threw a life buoy over the side, and at the same instant the second mate's voice came aft, ringing and peremptory: "Hard down your helm!" The man at the wheel never moved a spoke.

He wanted to move a spoke, to move all the spokes, to grind the wheel down, hard down, for his comrade drowning in the sea.

Ah Choon caught a spoke of the wheel, and swung in behind it.

LOW LATIN, Latin as spoken and written in the Middle Ages, being a degeneration of the classical which began as early as the time of Cicero and developed unchecked with the dismemberment of the Roman empire.

RHETORIC, the science or art of persuasive or effective speech, written as well as spoken, and that both in theory and practice was cultivated to great perfection among the ancient Greeks and Romans, and to some extent in the Middle Ages and later, but is much less cultivated either as a science or an art to-day.

The editor of this book has heard him remark that when he could find no one else capable of making odd pieces of ironwork for the machinery in his mills he would take the hammer and make them himself, and has also seen him make and temper the knives for a spoke machine which he used for a time in his bending mill.

The spirit is often enraptured With sweet tokens of love divine, But seldom in language so plain As spoken through music, to mine.

A thick, broad, fair-haired wench, of the sort that Millet drew, flung all her weight on a spoke and brought the cart forward into the street.

This latter information I would indeed have offered him gratuitously had he but known with what immense pleasure I thus put a spoke in that knavish Marquis's wheel of fortune.

If, as indeed I gravely suspected, it was Fernand Rochez who had striven thus to put a spoke in the wheel of my good fortune, he would certainly not have laughed when I drove triumphantly away with my conquered bride by my side.

On January 6th there is a Ragged School meeting"a long and tiresome meeting; the Duke of A speaks well; Guthrie amusing; Fox Maule good; Candlish cleververy.

It was by such a process that the Greek became the first of tongues, as well written as spoken....