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1404 example sentences with  ashton

1404 example sentences with ashton

"I hope we get to Ashton on time," remarked Tom Rover.

So it was arranged that the three girls should go to Hope Seminary, located several miles from the town of Ashton, in one of the Central States.

"It is near the town of Ashton, about two miles from Hope Seminary, the school Dora Stanhope and the Laning girls are going to attend.

The college was to open two weeks before the seminary, so that to journey to Ashton together would be out of the question.

"And how far is it to Ashton?" asked Dick.

"If you go up the tracks for a quarter of a mile you'll come to a country road that will take you right into Ashton, and the distance from there isn't more than seven or eight miles."

"We can hire a carriage to take us to Ashton and to the college.

"Can we hire somebody to drive us to Ashton?

"Can we hire a carriage to take us to Ashton?" "How did it happenthat accident?"

"I don't know that I want to walk all the way to Ashton with this dress-suit case."

"If they belong anywhere near Ashton we'll have to look out for them."

and we were in a hurry to get to Ashton, so we got off and walked up this road, thinking we could hire somebody to drive us to Brill College."

Now Cromwell in his despatch says "The governor, Sir Arthur Ashton, and divers considerable officers, being there (on the Mill-Mount), our men, getting up to them, were ordered by me to put them all to the sword."

ASHTON ALEXANDER, M.D., Consulting Physician.

MAY, M.D., N.W. WORTHINGTON, M.D., J.C. HALL, M.D., ASHTON ALEXANDER, M.D., Consulting Physicians.

Two of the men, named Mulcay and Ashton desired, under the plea of sickness, to be left behind, and resisted every attempt to turn them from their purpose.

Lucy Ashton, being attacked by a wild bull, is saved by Edgar, who shoots it; and the two falling in love with each other, plight their mutual troth, and exchange love-tokens at the "Mermaid's Fountain."

While Edgar is absent in France on State affairs, Sir William Ashton, being deprived of his office as lord keeper, is induced to promise his daughter Lucy in marriage to Frank Hayston, laird of Bucklaw, and they are married; but next morning, Bucklaw is found wounded and the bride hidden in the chimney-corner insane.

[Lucy Ashton].

LEVER, Sir Ashton, iv. 335.

A background for Caroline, by Helen Ashton, pseud.

Helen Ashton (A); 30Apr57; R191197. JORDAN, JESSIE KNIGHT.

SEE Ashton-Wolfe, Harry.

COLLINS, ASHTON B. Reddy made magic.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 25May73; R552370.

Andrew Saint James & E. B. Ashton.

Andrew Saint James & E. B. Ashton (A); 21Mar74; R573052.

Horace Walpole's Correspondence with Thomas Gray, Richard West, and Thomas Ashton; the Yale edition of Horace Walpole's correspondence.

Fine screens are to be found at Dunster, Norton Fitzwarren, Long Ashton, Bishop's Lydeard, Long Sutton, Halse, Minehead, Banwell, Croscombe, Kingsbury.

Ashton, Long, is a straggling village, noteworthy for its court and church.

Ashton Court, the seat of Sir J.H. Greville Smyth, was erected by Inigo Jones in 1634, and is surrounded by a beautifully-wooded park.

Long Ashton church contains a fine screen, gilded and painted (the old colours being reproduced), and a 15th cent.

"Ashton," say I, with an attempt at an easy and unembarrassed smile, "will you dance this quadrille with me?" "Thank you, my lady."

Off he goes in search of one, and Ashton and I remain tรชte-ร -tรชte.

Must Ashton and I gallopade too?

But Ashton-Kirk was paying little attention to the things that appalled Pendleton.

Ashton-Kirk carefully gathered them up and spread them upon the table.

"General Anthony Wayne," said Ashton-Kirk, softly.

But Ashton-Kirk shook his head.

"The meaning that I find," replied Ashton-Kirk, "lies in the fact that the pictures violently used were those of General Wayne only.

But why?" Ashton-Kirk smiled.

They repassed through the other rooms; with his hand upon the frame of the door leading to the show room, Ashton-Kirk paused.

" Ashton-Kirk was bending over the body; suddenly he raised himself.

Ashton-Kirk drew aside the breast of the dead man's coat and his companion caught sight of a bronze hilt.

"If the purpose was robbery," said Ashton-Kirk, "the criminal evidently knew where to look for the most portable and valuable articles.

"Gambetta and John Bright have been spared," said Ashton-Kirk, pointing at the book, "but," and he gathered up the fragments of the mishandled prints, "upon Mad Anthony they laid violent hands four separate times."

"Not only what did the fellow mean who did this, but what did he mean," pointing at the dead man, "by having so many portraits of General Wayne?" "I think something might be found to point the way if we could only look for it," said Ashton-Kirk, his face alight with eagerness.

"Any signs of the people from the coroner's office?" asked Ashton-Kirk of the policeman who stood there.

Ashton-Kirk was about to go down when there came a tramping on the stairs.

With a large gesture Osborne laid his hand upon Ashton-Kirk's shoulder.

"Mr. Stillman," said he to the nervous looking young man, "this is Mr. Ashton-Kirk.

"I trust," said Stillman, "that you have disturbed nothing." "Except for gathering up a few scattered pictures in the bedroom, we have done nothing but look," assured Ashton-Kirk.

Osborne bent his head toward Ashton-Kirk.

"Too much earnestness may have its drawbacks," said Ashton-Kirk, "but it is to be preferred to the perfunctory methods of the accustomed official, for all.

Stillman turned to Ashton-Kirk.

"That sounds reasonable enough, eh?" "Very much so," replied Ashton-Kirk.

Ashton-Kirk took a twisted walking stick from a rack, and with the end of it, raised the slashed canvas so that its subject could be seen.

While the others were trying to get it into place once more, Ashton-Kirk whispered to Pendleton: "Say nothing.

"If I should not be intruding," said Ashton-Kirk, "I should like to be present."

" CHAPTER V STILLMAN ASKS QUESTIONS It wanted a few minutes of three o'clock when Ashton-Kirk, still accompanied by the curious Pendleton, walked into the outer room of the coroner's suite.

As he and Pendleton sat down, Ashton-Kirk looked at the persons referred to.

he asked of Ashton-Kirk and Pendleton.

"I perhaps take more trouble than is customary in these cases," he said to Ashton-Kirk.

Ashton-Kirk smilingly nodded his entire assent to this.

Its back was turned toward Ashton-Kirk and he noted that it was a work on anatomy such as first-year medical students use.

Stillman looked at Ashton-Kirk, with surprise upon his face.

Indeed, I think if anybody had offered to buy, he would have come to blows with him." Ashton-Kirk bent forward.

Ashton-Kirk leaned back in his chair with a faint breath of triumph.

Pendleton, much impressed, looked at Ashton-Kirk.

"In view of the fact that the building was entered by way of the scuttle," said he to Ashton-Kirk, "I consider that a most interesting piece of information."

Ashton-Kirk, glancing at Pendleton, saw him start.

Pendleton gazed fixedly at Ashton-Kirk.

Ashton-Kirk looked at him inquiringly; there was expectancy in the investigator's eyes, but he said nothing.

"If Hume called after the person who left," said Stillman, acutely, to Ashton-Kirk, "that eliminates one of the callers.

" CHAPTER VI ASHTON-KIRK LOOKS ABOUT Berg was standing in the corridor waiting for the elevator when Ashton-Kirk and Pendleton came out.

" CHAPTER VI ASHTON-KIRK LOOKS ABOUT Berg was standing in the corridor waiting for the elevator when Ashton-Kirk and Pendleton came out.

The big German mopped his face with a handkerchief, and said apologetically: "A man can only tell what he knows, ain't it?" Ashton-Kirk looked at him questioningly, but said nothing.

"Well," said Ashton-Kirk, "sometimes a good, pointed guess is of great service, Mr. Berg.

"McCausland's gambling house, perhaps," suggested Ashton-Kirk.

Maybe when I goes away home der driver he sees what happened at Hume's afterwards, eh?" "Excellent!" said Ashton-Kirk, his eyes alight.

"That cab," said Ashton-Kirk, "is sure to be a night-hawk; and more than likely it is put up at Partridge's.

For Graham Ashton it is the day every Chief Commissioner dreads โ€“ death on duty.

In June, the actor Ashton Kutcher, who has invested in Robinhood, attended one of the companyโ€™s weekly staff meetings on Zoom and celebrated its success by comparing it to gambling websites, said three people who were on the call.

It is sentiments like this that make some on the left suspicious of the 40-year-old MP for Ashton-under-Lyne.

โ€œIt is still quite early in the investigation to describe exactly the movements of that vehicle,โ€ Ashton said.

It is unclear yet whether it was Ashtonโ€™s records being sought, but is one of a number of requests made for records in the past few days to shed light on who made the decision to use security guards for the botched program.

Logan Hutsko got the puck in front of the net before it ricocheted off Alex Vlasic and past Ashton Abel.

Natarajan dismissed batsman Marnus Labuschagne to pick his maiden wicket in Indian colors, followed by Ashton Agar.

That is the last thing you say to a patient who is worried,โ€ Ashton said.

Their new neighbours reportedly include chat show queens Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres along with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

This is no joke: Chance the Rapper is set to host a new edition of โ€œPunkโ€™d,โ€ the classic MTV prank series made famous by Ashton Kutcher, on Quibi, the upcoming mobile-only streaming service.

Australia spin all-rounder Ashton Agar says the experience of outthinking batsmen on โ€œreally good wicketsโ€ during the recent Sheffield Shield games would help him when he competes against India in the upcoming series.

When he wasnโ€™t at football practice, Ashton Price was studying for his business management degree with aspirations of a career as a stockbroker.

After snapping a few pictures of a sleeping Barred Owl in my yard near Ashton, I got โ€œthe lookโ€.

"Committee members carefully considered the input received, and would like to thank the many individuals and organizations that took the time to participate in this important process," added deputy chair, Dan Ashton.

Mr. Ashton tabled a transcript in which the Premier was quoted as saying: "When the votes are taken, we have 29, they have 28. You'll continue to see this happen and I don't see it as being a lot different from other years."

Mr. Ashton, to ask the last question.

Mr. Ashton uses an inordinate long time to ask questions or put comments on the record so I would ask Mr. Wiens to proceed with your response to the question.

So I pack up my books again and I head over to the next committee room where we've got the Estimates process for the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs (Mr. Ashton).

As well as looking at alternative power sources, the member for Thompson (Mr. Ashton) mentioned hydrogen.