1239 examples of ashton in sentences

He said, 'He wished Lord Orford's pictures[1036], and Sir Ashton Lever's Museum[1037], might be purchased by the publick, because both the money, and the pictures, and the curiosities, would remain in the country; whereas, if they were sold into another kingdom, the nation would indeed get some money, but would lose the pictures and curiosities, which it would be desirable we should have, for improvement in taste and natural history.

Henry had hardly known what to expect; but certainly he had pictured no one so interesting as Ashton Gerard proved to be.

Tom Provis, a schoolmaster of ill repute, who had married a servant of Sir Hugh Smithes of Ashton Hall, near Bristol, claimed the baronetcy and estates, but was non-suited and condemned to imprisonment for twenty-one years (1853).

THE WAY THINGS HAPPEN, a story in three acts by Clemence Dane [pseud. of Winifred Ashton] © 31May23, D64686.


A background for Caroline, by Helen Ashton, pseud.

Helen Ashton (A); 30Apr57; R191197.

SEE Ashton-Wolfe, Harry.

People in cages, by Helen Ashton, pseud.

Funk & Wagnalls, division of RD Books, Inc. (PWH); 23Sep70; R491110. COLLINS, ASHTON B. Reddy Kilowatt mat service.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 6Jul70; R488061. <pb id='336.png' />

Ashton B. Collins (A); 6Jul70; R488062.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 29Jul70; R488743-488742.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 3Sep70; R490943-490945.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 21Sep70; R491334-491336.

Ashton B. Collins (A); 16Oct70; R492652-492654.

By Helen Ashton, pseud.

E. B. Ashton (Wr); 7Jun76; R634288. R634396.

Horace Walpole's Correspondence with Thomas Gray, Richard West, and Thomas Ashton; the Yale edition of Horace Walpole's correspondence.

Dr. Stanhope, Dr. Godolphin, Dr. Willis, Dr. Gastrel, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Smalridge, Dr. Altham, Dr. Sydel, Archdeacon of Bridcock.

Baron wishes to add that on taking up the Bride of Lammermoor in order to refresh his memory before seeing the new drama, he was struck by a few lines in the description of Lucy Ashton, which, during rehearsals, must have been peculiarly appropriate to her representative at the Lyceum, Miss ELLEN TERRY.

Arrival of Sir William Ashton.

Appearance of one lovely beyond compareELLEN TERRY, otherwise Lucy Ashton; graceful as a Swan.

Lord Keeper Ashton appears.

Young Henry Ashton, the youth GORDON CRAIG, a lad of promise, and performance, has the entire stage to himself for full two minutes, to show what he can do with a speech descriptive of some pictures.

1239 examples of  ashton  in sentences