307 examples of asparagus in sentences

Their dinner consisted of several dishes of vegetables, variously served up; of roots, stalks, seeds, flowers, and fruits, some of which resembled the productions of the earth; and in particular, I saw a dish of what I at first took to be very fine asparagus, but supposed I was mistaken, when I saw them eat the coarse fibrous part alone.

On tasting it, however, in the ordinary way, I found it to be genuine, good asparagus; but I perceived that the family looked extremely shocked at my taste.

19.English Creamed Asparagus.

Cut tough ends from the asparagus; scrape and boil in salted water until tender.

The sauce must be rather thick and poured hot over the asparagus.

You may make asparagus-soop the same way, only add tops of asparagus, instead of whole pease.

When your lamb is boil'd lay it in the dish, and pour upon it a little parsley, butter and green gooseberries coddled, then lay your fried lamb round it; take some small asparagus and cut it small like peas, and boil it green; when it is boil'd drain it in a cullender, and lay it round your lamb in spoonfuls.

To keep Asparagus or Green Pease a Year.

When there are no pease to be had, you may put in the heads of asparagus, and if there be neither of these to be had, you may shred in a green savoy cabbage.

At the Top roast Chickens and Asparagus.

4. Asparagus.

another Way Ale Orange to make + bad into strong Beer Posset, to make Asparagus, or Green Pease to keep.

But at what a cost! "Do you wish for some asparagus, sir?" said, a waiter.

This is a rolling country of grain fields, orchards, masses of black-currant bushes, vegetable plots,it is a great sugar-beet country,and asparagus beds; for the Department of the Seine et

Well, they have taken away the foundation, made the shaft start sheer from the dirt like a spear of asparagus, and, instead of an acute angle, by which I hoped to show the work was done and lead off the eye, they have made an obtuse one, producing the broken-chimney-like effect which your eye will not fail to condemn in No. II.

He succeeded in loading his raft, however, and was just about to sail for home again, when it occurred to him that possibly the seeds and roots of the asparagus he had put into a corner of the deposit might have come to something.

This was an important discovery, asparagus being a vegetable of which Mark was exceedingly fond, and one easily cultivated.

His food was more than half vegetable, several plants having come forward even in the winter; and the asparagus, in particular, yielding at a rate that would have made the fortune of a London gardener.

We had an excellent dinner: tomato soup, penguin breast stewed as an entrée, roast beef, plum-pudding, and mince pies, asparagus, champagne, port and liqueursa festive menu.

3. Of nouns in us, a few have no plural; as, asparagus, calamus, mucus.

She planted one-half potatoes, as they paid thirty pounds per acre, and on the rest put in hundreds of currant bushes, set a strawberry bed and an asparagus bed, on the principle that luxuries of that kind fetch a high price and occupy no more space than cabbages.

The potatoes failed, and did not pay for the digging; the currant bushes were blighted; the strawberries were eaten by snails, and, of course, no asparagus could be cut for three years; a little item, this last, quite overlooked.

He succeeded in buying his lettuce, however, and a bottle of salad oil, and, remembering a can of asparagus tips on his own shelves, congratulated himself upon the attainment of his salad.

And the garden was fair with humble flowerspinks, sweet-williams, crimson nasturtiums, double daisies, lilies, and tulips; but flower beds shared the garden with friendly cabbages, potatoes, onions, carrots, and asparagus.

Poisonous ptomaine lurked in every one of them, which was a shame, since he had to discard half a can of preserved peaches, half a can of roast beef, half a can of asparagus tips, a can of chicken soup scarcely touched and two thirds of a can of sweet potatoes.

307 examples of  asparagus  in sentences