287 examples of ass. in sentences

When the fairy king saw the clown sleeping in the arms of his queen, he advanced within her sight, and reproached her with having lavished her favours upon an ass.

140 Had you with judgment weighed the case, Their genius thus had fixed their place: The swan had learnt the sailor's art; The cock had played the soldier's part; The spider in the weaver's trade With credit had a fortune made; But for the fool, in every class The blockhead had appeared an ass.'

As we had all seen the paper's hiding-place I found it a little difficult to be impressed by the elaborate efforts, unconscionably long drawn out, of the departed spirit to disclose the matter to Helen and Hugh; while the masterly inactivity of Stephen, who was trying to find his document by pure reason (mere looking for it would not occur to his Napoleonic brain), confirmed the opinion I had earlier formed of that solemn ass.

You are like Buridan's ass.

|S. & R. |35 |4 |21 | |43 |West Virginia |" |S. & D. |24 |4 |21 | |44 |Wisconsin |" |S. & Ass. |33 |4 |21 | |45 |Wyoming |" |S. & R. |16 |4 |25 | |46 |Territories |" |Leg. C. & R. |12 |2 |21 | +====+================+==============+==============+=======+===+====+ COMPARATIVE LEGISLATIVE TABLE OF THE STATES.

You don't see these things unless you're on the lookout for them, and you're not on the lookout unless you're a conceited ass.

Afterward, when I had done so, however, and handled it a little, this feeling passed away and my Reason (and also, I expect, the daylight) made me feel that I had been a little bit of an ass.

Detective's an ass.

[Greek: |from an Apo- | | palaiporoi eisin | cryphal book, | | oi dipsuchoi | Ass.

Like Balaam's ass.

The only other being of Cherokee Sal's sex and maternal condition in the settlement, was an ass.

The supercilious ass.

[A Woodcutter enters with a laden ass.]

He'd pinch BALAAM'S ass.

The echo answers with the last syllable "Esel!" which is the German for ass.

"Because he happened to be minus a collar and had a red skinI was an ass; an egregious, blundering ass.

I do not say that it would give one pleasure to be called an ass.

Behold thy king will come to thee; Vindicated and victorious is he, Humble, and riding upon an ass.

Upon the foal of an ass.

The golden ass.

And I am glad of it, for Magnus was a conceited little ass.

Instead of a sumptuous palace, a mean and lowly dwelling; in place of a monarch surrounded by his guards and ministers and all the terrors of his state, an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid upon his mother's knee, between the ox and the ass.

Joseph kneels at her side, and behind her are two Arcadian shepherds, with the ox and the ass.

380 Across the deep and quiet spot Is Peter driving through the grass And now has reached the skirting trees; When, turning round his head, he sees A solitary Ass.

Chagford Acc'ts in Devon Ass. (etc.), 74.

287 examples of  ass.  in sentences