287 examples of ass. in sentences

what new design? Come, now a tear or two to second that, And I am soft again, a very Ass.

Be silent, ass. FAU.

Postilion, stay, thou drugg'st on like an ass.

Let me yet have some room for mine ass.

[Exit TENACITY, and goeth to the inn for his ass. SCENE IV.

Every hair on me changed into a bristle; my hands turned into hoofed forefeet; a tail grew out of my backbone; my face lengthened; and I found, to my horror, that I had become an ass.

If I did not know that he was a first-class man I should set him down as a colossal ass.

Vitrum glass, spica grass, tu es asinus, you are an ass.

She had not gone far when she met an old man who seemed to be a hermit, but was in reality a magician, coming along upon an ass.

You are like Buridan's ass.

When he was a captain he made all the furniture of his horse, from the bit to the crupper, in beaten poetry, every verse being fitted to the proportion of the thing, with a moral allusion of the sense to the thing; as the bridle of moderation, the saddle of content, and the crupper of constancy; so that the same thing was both epigram and emblem, even as a mule is both horse and ass.

" Some listeners incautious in their epithets would have called Hinze an "ass."

But he isn't an ass.

And this thought points the way out of another contradictious puzzle, that which confronts my argument from the ears of an ass.

The only other being of Cherokee Sal's sex and maternal condition in the settlement, was an ass.

He'd pinch BALAAM'S ass.

Also, he had the ears of an ass.

"He had some reason, but he's such a tactless ass.

The golden ass.

It is enjoined upon every living creature able to mount a horse, a mule, or any quadruped whatever, to visit Gavarnie; in default of other beasts, he should, putting aside all shame, bestride an ass.

In a composition by Tiarini, we see Joseph holding the Infant, while Mary, leaning one hand on his shoulder, is about to mount the ass.

Chagford Acc'ts in Devon Ass. (etc.), 74.

And now I'm the most awful ass.

The Rector had better have the unabbreviated assistant in choir, particularly if he be already short of choristers; unless the Rector should be also Vicar of Bray, in which case the "ass.

I should always have done as much; besides, I was crippled everywhere, not merely by want of power as a priest, but by having made myself such a shallow, thoughtless ass.

287 examples of  ass.  in sentences