72 examples of assertive in sentences

But the individual output of reading and sums of a sneaking and cowardly, or assertive and selfish child, is as good probably as that of a child that has the makings of a hero in him.

The horsefly is larger and more poignantly assertive than the insect which we know by that name.

But on this particular evening the day's activities appeared to have made his social instincts vividly assertive, and to arouse him to unusual, and almost unnatural animation.

In his childhood, among his brothers and sisters, Ambroise had always been the boldest, most captivating and self-assertive.

The friend, weak and willing, committing a crime on behalf of his cowardly, yet more assertive friend who had tempted him to evil.

He is probably not more assertive or more vain than the general run of us, but we can keep those defects dark, so to speak.

The 'true' poet is, first of all, a gentleman, usually modest, never arrogant, and only assertive when pushed.

She would encourage him to be assertive and then she would pull him back, reminding him of his place with a glance or a small smile, a good natured cat and mouse game.

It will be whispered to him that he has really conquered those countries when indeed it is highly probable he has only spent his substance in setting up new assertive alien allies.

When they were convinced that a Spanish ship had been at Tautira twice since they had departed, and that the builders of the cross had earned the respect and affection of the natives, the Britons, in their old way of fair and assertive dealing, left the cross standing after carving on the reverse in good Latin as a claim of prediscovery: George III King 1767, 1769, 1773, 1774, 1777.

A pint at lunchtime can help be a bit more assertive and searching when the proud owner of the new enterprise slips into pompous conceit.

" He laid his hand on the strap at which she was already fingering, his manner coolly assertive.

And, when it acts the part of an assertive name, depending on a relative, it may have after it a word in the subjective case.

I say,"as Mr. Blendershin entered smoking an assertive cigar"one-and-twenty, no degree, no games, two years' experience as juniorwants a headmastership of an endowed school!"

There was the dark dry look of some inner consuming, and the trembling mouth was lined and assertive where formerly it was unnoticed in the general cheer.

The man was so assertive and coarse, and the child was so far from gentle that it seemed impossible that she could be of their own blood.

Life is stronger when more assertive of itself.

Its courageous, assertive spirit is very different from that of the other writings of the Chronicler.

Georgia had no self-assertive communities of her own children on her western border, as Virginia and North Carolina had, in Kentucky and Franklin.

" To a woman of my temperament, filled with passionate desire for the bettering of the world, the elevation of humanity, a lofty system of ethics was of even more importance than a logical, intellectual conception of the universe; and the total loss of all faith in a righteous God only made me more strenuously assertive of the binding nature of duty and the overwhelming importance of conduct.

I fear not; I was still too much dazzled by the triumphs of Western Science, too self-assertive, too fond of combat, too much at the mercy of my own emotions, too sensitive to praise and blame.

But the sense of self-preservation was on me, self-assertive enough, and I obliged him, stumbling in at the door under the pressure of his strong arm and of the revolver, and beginning to boggle at the first stepsold and much worn ones, which were deeply hollowed in the middle.

This ought not to be, of course; and if one was not thorny, self-assertive, stupid, it would not be so; and every companion added makes me worse, because the strain of accommodation growsI become vulgar and rough and boisterous in a large circle.

There was a tall thin young man, rather bald, with a short black moustache; he was nervous and self-assertive, and he had a high, shrill voice.

In his narratives he is like a brilliant talker in a sympathetic circle, skimming swiftly from point to point, taking for granted the intelligence of his audience, not afraid here and there to throw out a vague 'etc.' when the rest of the sentence is too obvious to state; always plain of speech, never self-assertive, and taking care above all things never to force the note.

72 examples of  assertive  in sentences