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150 examples of  assess  in sentences

150 examples of assess in sentences

He will see several meeting-houses, at least, and, perhaps, that somebody ought to be assessed higher than he is, since he has so handsome a wood-lot.

Further, there was the damage to assess.

At Spa, on April 27, 1921, the proportionate sums assessed for each of the conquering powers were established on a total indemnity notably reduced in comparison with the earlier absurd demands.

More delightful still, as there is nobody authorized to assess taxes, the fortunate inhabitants do not pay any.

It is not by reference to date or country, or grade of material progress, that we assess the value of moral judgments, but by that subjective standard with which our own moral attainments supply us in regard to all that is equal or less, similar or dissimilar.

"This," Herodotus adds, "is the best demonstration I can give of the wealth of the Babylonians: All the lands ruled by the King of Persia are assessed, in addition to their taxes in money, for the maintenance of the King's household and army in kind.

"It is not now possible to assess the consequences of this great consummation.

As soon as he was elected to the presidency he set a committee of competent, accredited engineers to work appraising property values in the different states, and great tracts of hundreds of thousands and millions of acres, previously assessed at half as many thousands as they were worth millions, were revalued and reassessed at their true inherent value.

The opportunities for evasion by concealment of income are reduced to a minimum, partly because the sources of income are, in general, not easily concealed and partly because, to a considerable extent, the persons upon whom the tax is assessed are not interested in avoiding the tax.

Moreover, the progressive principle has recently been applied by imposing a "super-tax" on incomes in excess of ยฃ5,000, which also requires a declaration, the tax being necessarily assessed upon the possessor of the income and not at the source.

Another exception to the general requirement of a complete declaration of income covers the case of the taxpayer whose entire income has been assessed and the tax on it deducted at the source.

It seems probable that where the income is all assessed at the source the taxpayer may obtain the benefit of the minimum exemption without making a declaration of income.

The leading features of the pamphlet were, on the one hand, an argument to show the undesirableness, for Ireland as well as England, of separation between the countries, and on the other, a proposal for settling the land question by giving to the existing tenants a permanent tenure, at a fixed rent, to be assessed after due inquiry by the State.

I was retained to assess compensation for the immense blocks of buildings acquired for the space now occupied by the Law Courts.

The "knights of the shire" were summoned as "recognitors" to give their testimony in all questions of property, public privilege, rights of trade, local liberties, exemption from taxes; if the king demanded an "aid" for the marriage of his daughter or the coming of age of his son, they assessed the amount to be paid; if he wanted to count an estate among the royal Forests, it was they who decided whether the land was his by ancient right.

To be eligible to the first chamber a candidate must be thirty-five years old, own property assessed at $21,000, or pay taxes upon an income of not less than $1,100.

The number of individuals who are in a position to envisage a business opportunity, and to assess with some confidence the chances of success and failure is very limited.

The function of an arbitrator, usually to decide questions of fact and to assess compensation for inconvenience, most commonly the inconvenience occasioned to a private person by some necessary act of the State, also rests upon the consent of the parties, though in this case the consent is usually imposed upon them by the State through some legislative enactment or through the decision of a court.

V. measure, mete; determine, assay; evaluate, value, assess, rate, appraise, estimate, form an estimate, set a value on; appreciate; standardize.

V. bear a price, set a price, fix a price; appraise, assess, doom [U.S.], price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact, run up; distrain; run up a bill &c (debt) 806; have one's price; liquidate.

[estimate value] appraise, evaluate, assess.

If she would not coquette so much with melancholy sailors, and brush her hair so assiduously upon solitary rocks, she would be carried on our books for as honest a reality, as decent a female, as many that are assessed to the poor-rates.]

Supervisors meet and assess road labor, and sign road tax warrants.

The expenses for public improvements, for waterworks, sewers, street-lighting, etc., may take more money than it would be prudent to assess upon the community for immediate payment.

The rate of tax depends upon the amount to be raised and the value of the property on which it is to be assessed.

The state auditor, also, comparing the legislative appropriations with the assessed value of the property of the state, computes the rate of the state tax and reports it to county auditors.

Some reach even as much as $10,000, while the richest family of the whole province is assessed at $40,000.

Tax-lists of the Chinese are kept, in which they are registered and classified; and opposite the name is the amount at which the individual is assessed.

About the year 867 the Danes reached this part of Yorkshire, and we know that they laid waste the abbey, and most probably the town also; but the invaders gradually started new settlements, or 'bys,' and Whitby must certainly have grown into a place of some size by the time of Edward the Confessor, for just previous to the Norman invasion it was assessed for Danegeld to the extent of a sum equivalent to ยฃ3,500 at the present time.

Fifty-six boroughs were wholly disfranchised; those in which the population fell short of a certain number (2000), and where the amount of assessed taxes paid by the inhabitants was correspondingly small.

As, however, this arrangement excluded villeins and strangers, the franchise always belonged to a particular body in every towna body undoubtedly possessed of property, for they bore the charges of their members, and on them were assessed the subsidies and taxes voted by Parliament.

These men get a small gratuity from government, but the villagers also pay them a small sum, which they assess according to individual means.

Men of integrity were elected by the vote of the General Assembly, consisting of the three ordersnamely, of the nobility, the clergy, and the tiers รฉtatto assess the taxation of each individual; and these assessors themselves were taxed by four of their own number.

But if the experience of this and of all other commercial nations has demonstrated that such duties can not be assessed and collected without great frauds upon the revenue, then it is the part of wisdom to resort to specific duties.

I pay as large a tax as many of the men in A.P., and yet cannot say who shall assess my property for a single year.

The taxes upon these trees are very high; the latter are, as in Egypt, numbered and separately assessed.

The first comprised those working under the old, or corvรฉe, system,giving, generally, three days in the week to the tillage of the owner's domain; the second comprised those working under the new, or obrok, system,receiving a payment fixed by the owner and assessed by the community to which the serfs belonged.

Thus there was great danger that, having won the war from the Entente or having stood them off successfully until the fight was declared a draw, Germany would next attack the United States with the idea of collecting from this comparatively defenseless and very rich country the huge indemnity which she had planned to assess upon France and Russia.

In Massachusetts the state and the county make use of the machinery of the town government in order to assess and collect their taxes.

Each year, therefore, the town assessors know that a certain amount of money must be raised from the taxpayers of their town,partly for the town, partly for the county, partly for the state,and for the general convenience they usually assess it upon the taxpayers all at once.

We have now to observe how and upon whom the taxes are assessed.

They are assessed partly upon persons, but chiefly upon property, and property is divisible into real estate and personal estate.

The tax assessed upon persons is called the poll-tax, and cannot exceed the sum of two dollars upon every male citizen over twenty years old.

[Sidenote: When and where taxes are assessed.]

The poll-tax is assessed upon each person in the town or city where he has his legal habitation on that day; and as a general rule the taxes upon his personal property are assessed to him in the same place.

The poll-tax is assessed upon each person in the town or city where he has his legal habitation on that day; and as a general rule the taxes upon his personal property are assessed to him in the same place.

But taxes upon lands or buildings are assessed in the city or town where they are situated, and to the person, wherever he lives, who is the owner of them on the first day of May.

It is very apt to be the case that the rate of taxation is higher in large cities than in villages; and accordingly it often happens that wealthy inhabitants of cities, who own houses in some country town, move into them before the first of May, and otherwise comport themselves as legal residents of the country town, in order that their personal property may be assessed there rather than in the city.

After the assessors have obtained all their returns they can calculate the total value of the taxable property in the town; and knowing the amount of the tax to be raised, it is easy to calculate the rate at which the tax is to be assessed.

Where must the several kinds of taxes be assessed and paid? Illustrate. 20.

Their duties were primarily to take care of the church property, assess the rates, and call the vestry-meetings.

But they have no share in the national government, and are obliged to obey laws which they have no voice in making, and pay taxes assessed upon them without their consent; and accordingly we say with truth that the Russian people do not possess political freedom.

If the whole body of ratepayers had assembled in vestry meeting, to enact by-laws and assess taxes, the course of development would have been like that of the New England town-meeting.

As we have seen that the parish taxesso much for salaries of minister and clerk, so much for care of church buildings, so much for relief of the poor, etc.were computed and assessed by the vestry; so the county taxes, for care of court-house and jail, roads and bridges, coroner's fees, and allowances to the representatives sent to the colonial legislature, were computed and assessed by the county court.

As we have seen that the parish taxesso much for salaries of minister and clerk, so much for care of church buildings, so much for relief of the poor, etc.were computed and assessed by the vestry; so the county taxes, for care of court-house and jail, roads and bridges, coroner's fees, and allowances to the representatives sent to the colonial legislature, were computed and assessed by the county court.

Each hundred used to choose its own assessor of taxes, and every year in the month of November the assessors from all the hundreds used to meet in the county court-house, along with three or more justices of the peace and eight grand jurors, and assess the taxes for the ensuing year.

There are three street commissioners with power to lay out streets and assess damages thereby occasioned.

What school-tax must be assessed, the cost of collecting being 2 per cent., and 6 per cent of the assessed tax being uncollectible? Give operation in full.

What school-tax must be assessed, the cost of collecting being 2 per cent., and 6 per cent of the assessed tax being uncollectible? Give operation in full.

Intellectual exercise gives tone to brain and character, and a really deep comprehension of war and its requirements postulates a certain philosophic mental education and bent, which makes it possible to assess the value of phenomena in their reciprocal relations, and to estimate correctly the imponderabilia.

Nobody cares how or what we suffer until afterward, when there will be polite expressions of regret, which the survivors will assess at a true valuation!

Instead of engaging workmen by contracts or wages, he assessed every county in England to send him a certain number of masons, tilers, and carpenters, as if he had been levying an army.

He had already assessed andgravely ordering it written uppaid his own fine on this occasion without a murmur, as he always did, and he was now quite sober and ready to resume his place on the bench.

I was assessed two sous duty on a tooth-brush.

I had it assessed as unimproved suburban property at so much the lot, but he made a kick to the board of equalization and got it put in as unimproved farm land at fifty dollars an acre."

This privilege was sold by the municipal council to the highest bidder, with the result that taxes were assessed on all animals slaughtered, whether for the market or for private consumption, with a corresponding increase in the price of meat.

Similarly, a nominal municipal tax of 25 per cent was levied on the estimated profits of all industries and commerce, and on the income derived from all professions, manual occupations, or agencies, the collector receiving 6 per cent of all taxes assessed.

The fact that a significant section of the readership skips reading the editorial should make the editors sit up and assess the relevance of the editorials they write, or get written on their behalf.

If she suffered punishment involving loss of civil status under any other law which did not assess the penalty of confiscation, the husband acquired the dowry just as if she were dead.

Not only is this voluminous book a brilliantly written commentary on the opening months of the war, it is also infused with an inner sadness that could well be considered a precursor to the post-war "lost generation" myth, which is yet another indicator at how well Gibbs could gage the feel of the times and assess its impact on future developments in society.

Perhaps, if every one who employed or harboured an author, was assessed a groat a year, it would sufficiently lessen the nuisance without destroying the species.

This he could do according to the usual terms of agreement; but when it came to the point he found that the person called in to assess the damage put it at a much lower figure than he had himself; and who was to decide what was or was not a reasonable head of game?

The committee sympathised with him, but found that they must assess him according to his rent.

These provisions were found insufficient, and it was enacted early in the reign of Elizabeth, that if the parties were insensible to the clerical and episcopal admonitions, they should be bound over by the minister or bishop to the quarter sessions; where they were again to be admonished; and if they remained refractory, the justices and churchwardens were to assess them according to their discretion.

If, in the towns or villages, any one refuse to take the oaths demanded, the collectors shall assess his property according to general opinion, and on the deposition of his neighbors."

When the comptroller-general proposed to the king to abolish privileges, and assess the impost equally, renouncing the twentieths, diminishing the gabel, suppressing custom-houses in the interior and establishing provincial assemblies, Louis XVI. recognized an echo of his illustrious ministers.

A Consort of Musick shall be prepared at Haberdashers-Hall for Wednesday the Second of May, and we will honour the said Entertainment with our own Presence, where each Person shall be assessed but at two Shillings and six Pence.

The wealthy Secessionists of St. Louis were assessed the sum of ten thousand dollars, for the benefit of the Union refugees from Arkansas and other points in the Southwest.

In default of payment of the sums assessed, their superfluous furniture was seized and sold at auction.

Some of the parties assessed declared they would pay nothing on the assessment, but they reconsidered their decisions, and bought their own property at the auction-rooms, without regard to the prices they paid.

If a Protestant lost a ship, when at war with a Catholic powerand at the time there was only one Protestant power in Europe, besides Great Britain; that was Holland: so that the chances were nine to one that, in case of war, Great Britain would be at war with a Catholic powerin such a case, if a Protestant lost a ship, he went home and assessed the value on his Catholic neighbors, and was reimbursed.

Corporal Merritt took Rob's place as orator then, and announced that each boy would be assessed one dollar for the expenses of the camp, the remainder of the money necessary for the providing of tents and the provisioning of the camp having been donated by Rob's father, Mr. Wingate, of the yacht club, and the other representative citizens of Hampton who composed the local scout council.

Among the latter it is a common practice to send so many slaves each day to earn a certain fixed sum by carrying burdens, pulling in boats, or other laborious employment; and those who return at night without the sum thus arbitrarily assessed as the value of their day's work, are severely flogged for their presumed idleness.

Thus when the township or city authorities assess and collect taxes from the individual citizens, they collect at one and the same time three distinct taxesthe State tax, the county tax, and the city or township tax.

Since the value of material wealth is the capitalization of the rentals at the prevailing rate of interest, a general, ad valorem, property tax, so far as it applies to material wealth, and if it were accurately assessed, would take an approximately equal proportion of wealth-incomes.

The usual thought is that if all property could be assessed the plan would be excellent.

Take, for example, a house assessed at $10,000 which is owned free of debt and which has a rental value of $600.

Willingness to under-assess property often becomes thus the chief virtue of an assessor in the eyes of his political constituents.

(b) A more correct assessment, in accordance with the present laws, of lots and lands held for speculative purposes, which in practice are now greatly under-assessed.

The methods and machinery of assessment were (and still are) essentially local and simple, and have proved to be inadequate to reach or justly assess the larger and more complex corporate enterprises when their equipment and business extend beyond town, then county and, finally, state lines.

After the national banking system was started in 1864, attempts to tax both the capital of the banks and the stock in the hands of individuals led to federal court decisions and then to state legislation by which now in many of the states the banks are separately taxed on their real estate and the shares are assessed to the individual holders (by various rules), but the taxes deducted from dividends and paid by the bank.

About a third of the states no longer make the physical plant the basis of taxation, except that in most of them some part or kinds of real estate are taxed locally.[10] Telegraph companies are still locally assessed in most states, but in over a third of the states are taxed either on gross receipts, or on mileage of wire.

[Footnote 1: For example, the constitution of Alabama declares: "All taxes levied on property in this state shall be assessed in exact proportion to the value of such property," etc.

[Footnote 14: The assessment feature of this proposal is exemplified more nearly than anywhere else, tho still imperfectly, in the "Indiana plan," in which, however, the true concept of property is recognized only in so far as the shares of corporations of which all the wealth is taxed are not assessed to the shareholders.]

# All taxes, whether assessed upon the capital value of goods or not, come out of (reduce) the incomes now or later available for individuals.

But those assessed numbered only 38 (p. 13), whereas we see by a list (p. 12) that 43 persons were here assessed for the Queen's subsidy; and subsidy men were the wealthier men of the parishes.

But those assessed numbered only 38 (p. 13), whereas we see by a list (p. 12) that 43 persons were here assessed for the Queen's subsidy; and subsidy men were the wealthier men of the parishes.

Cf. assessment at Lapworth for Barford bridge levied on 26 tenements, cottagers not being assessed.

JURY, a body of citizens set to try a question of fact, or to assess damages; in England and Ireland a jury numbers 12, and its verdict must be unanimous; in Scotland the verdict is by majority, and the jury numbers 12 in civil and 15 in criminal cases.

The country was torn up at that time by a struggle between people and government over constitutional rights, and it had reached a point where a country parish had refused to pay taxes illegally assessed, as they claimed.