Do we say assume or infer

assume 2660 occurrences

Had he shown any disposition to head toward that particular corner Frank was ready to assume an attitude of indifference and appear to be engaged in some boyish game with his jack knife, tossing it up in the air, and causing the point of the long blade to stick upright in the ground.

When Don Juan had closed the door of the banquet hall and walked down the long corridor, which was both cold and dark, he compelled himself to assume a mask, for, in thinking of his rôle of son, he had cast off his merriment as he threw down his napkin.

We see, then, as a result of this imperfect and insincere innovation in penal legislation this flagrant contradiction, that the magistrates assume the existence of a free will, while the legislator has decided that it shall not be assumed.

This illustration is convincing, for in cases of other crimes one may always assume that the criminal acted without thinking of the future, even when he was not in a transport of passion.

This is the anthropological factor, which may assume a pathological form, in which case articles 46 and 47 of the penal code remember that there is such a thing as the personality of the criminal.

So far, his history shows nothing that can give him the right to assume so high and mighty a tone in speaking of his political opponents.

There is an amusing passage in which Mr. Choate would seem to assume to himself and those who agree with him the honors of martyrdom.

The most confidential ministers dared not assume any familiarity with the President.

In the case of almost every one of these diseases we have discovered the specific germ and are able to demonstrate its presence, either by its microscopical appearance, by its behavior on contact with certain stains, or by the forms that cultures of it assume.

Lastly, the establishment of State or municipal workshops for the "unemployed" has no economic connection with the "socialist" policy, by which the State or municipality should assume control and management of railways, mines, gas-works, tramways, and other works into which the element of monopoly enters.

Scarcely one out of ten has ever dared assume the responsibility of matrimony.

For to kill a man in a fair fight, is to prove that you are superior to him in strength or skill; and to justify the deed, you must assume that the right of the stronger is really a right.

"One who delights in the labour of the distaff, and beguiles the hours of labour with a song: her duties assume an air of virtuous beauty when she is busied at the wheel and the spindle with her maids.

To know God as God ([Greek: tòn Zaena], the living God) we must assume his personality: otherwise what were it but an ether, a gravitation?

but to assume his personality, we must begin with his humanity, and this is impossible but in history; for man is an historicalnot an eternal being.

At length, after the constant labour of twenty days, the fort began to assume a formidable appearance, and received the name of Fortaleza de San Jorge da Mina, or Fort St George at Mina.

"M. Sazonof hoped that the British Government would assume the direction of these discussions.

This threat was viewed by M. Sazonof as an additional reason for taking all precautions; 'since we cannot accede to Germany's desire, the only course open to us is to accelerate our own preparations and to assume that war is probably inevitable.'

Preliminaries relative to the time when I can assume my connection with you must be the subject of future communications.

A gentleman who had recently lost his wife wanted a house-keeper and governess for his two little girls,the offices to be united in the person of "a lady by birth, education, and associations"; to such a liberal salary would be given; and in case she should be in straitened circumstances, a reasonable advance would be made, "to enable the lady to assume at once the position of a respected member of his family."

[Footnote: The comitia curiata, or assemblies of the curiae, alone had the power of conferring military command; no magistrate, therefore, could assume the command without the previous order of their assembly.

Johnson errs in supposing that his logical tests are at all adequate; but it is, I think, a still greater error to assume that poetry has no connexion, because it has not this kind of connexion, with philosophy.

The act would be entirely pacific, as the object would be to ascertain factsmuch more pacific than the survey, without notice, of the St. Andrews and Quebec Railroad through our territory, not for the purpose of ascertaining a boundary, but to assume jurisdiction.

Matilde had risen, however, and had moved a step forward to meet the visitor, speaking at the same time, as though to direct him to herself, with the somewhat maternal air which even young women sometimes assume in greeting old men.

"There are plenty of recurring symbols, so I assume it's a language like our own, with letters and words.

infer 765 occurrences

It would not however be safe to infer that Shelley, at the precise time when he wrote Adonais, was really in a more definite frame of mind on this theme than at other periods of his life, or of a radically different conviction.

If there be anything in it approaching to tumidity (which I meant not to infer; by "elaborate" I meant simply "labored"), it is the gigantic hyperbole by which you describe the evils of existing society: "snakes, lions, hyenas, and behemoths," is carrying your resentment beyond bounds.

I shall not represent this conversation to Mr. Effingham in a manner to create any unnecessary prejudices against you; and while I thank you, as every woman should, for an offer that must infer some portion, at least, of your good opinion, you will permit me again to wish you all lawful success in your western enterprises.

And, againHollis was cautious in the extremeif she did not belong to Morris, she might infer that he was caring with a grown up feeling, which he was not at all sure was truehe was not sure about himself in anything just then; and, after he became a Christian, he saw all things in a new light, and felt that a "flirtation" was not becoming a disciple of Christ.

Because they themselves have conscription, and have to fight or be shot, they infer that every German is a noble warrior.

We must not, however, infer that the whole of Germany has been infected with this virus.

If it could be maintained that the seizure of territory during war, or even its retention after it, is evidence that the territory was the object of the war, it would be legitimate also to infer that the British Empire has gone to war to annex German colonies, a conclusion which Englishmen would probably reject with indignation.

They are the same that have influenced all great Powers; and if Germany was influenced by them we need not infer any specially sinister intentions on her part.

But I do not infer that therefore Germany was all the time working up to an aggressive war.

That she had discovered how lamentably his resources had been reduced by freight tolls on her furniture I could only infer.

This suggestion, which outruns all reason and discretion, is founded on the simple fact of a brig seen lying at anchor in a place of common anchorage, suggesting no suspicious appearance, but as to which you are asked to infer that these seventy-six slaves were to be transported into her, and carried to Cuba or elsewhere for sale.

We look from the window, see the dripping leaves and the wet ground, and infer that rain has fallen.

It would be perceived as a fact, if we were in a proper position and endowed with the requisite means of following the planet in its course; but not having this power, we are reduced to infer the unapparent points in its course from the points which are apparent.

"By observing a man's virtues one may infer what his faults are.

That a man at sixty should yet have to learn that the honest, and fair-dealing, and plain-dealing, and affluentfor captain Willoughby was affluent in the eyes of those around himthat such a man should imagine he was without enemies, was to infer that the Spirit of Darkness had ceased to exercise his functions among men.

" "From which I infer you think him right, in the cause he has espoused?" "Bless your honour, sir, I think nothing about it, and care nothing about it.

The first account we have of Chettle in connection with the stage is under date of April 1599, when, according to Henslowe, he was engaged with Dekker in writing a play called "Troilus and Cressida;" but there is good reason to infer, that if in 1603 he were "young almost thirty years ago," he had written for the theatre before 1599.

Hence we have a right to infer that Art can flourish under Pagan as well as Christian influences.

" We infer that Solomon reigned for several years in justice and equity, without striking faults,a wise and benevolent prince, who feared God and sought from him wisdom, which was bestowed in such a remarkable degree that princes came from remote countries to see him, including the famous Queen of Sheba, who was both dazzled and enchanted.

We infer that he was allied with the royal family of David; he certainly held a high position in the courts of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah.

As these poems were entered in the Stationers' Registers on the 19th of November, 1594, we may infer that they cover a period of time extending from the end of 1592 to the summer of 1594.

His father, an educated gentleman, had his property confiscated and was himself thrown into prison by Queen Mary; so we infer the family was of some prominence.

Now, as far as we can go back in history, we find episcopacy established: whence it is fair to infer that episcopacy was the form established by the apostles.

From the fact that "every man" was commanded to kill either a lamb or a kid, one year old, for the Passover, before the people left Egypt, we infer that even the poorest of the Israelites owned a flock either of sheep or goats.

That avenging the death of the servant, was neither imprisonment, nor stripes, nor a fine but that it was taking the master's life we infer, 1.

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