59 examples of astonish by in sentences

" I looked at him, still more astonished by his singular behavior.

He was utterly astonished by Mrs. Marlow's coolness.

she demanded sharply; and she was astonished by her awkwardness and her sharpness.

The Duke was astonished by the machinery.

The same thing may be seen in the account given by Gellius of one Lucius Veratius, who had the audacity to give some Roman citizens whom he met on the road a box on the ear, without any provocation whatever; but to avoid any ulterior consequences, he told a slave to bring a bag of small money, and on the spot paid the trivial legal penalty to the men whom he had astonished by his conduct.

He was to be astonished by the answer Ralston gave.

She felt astonished by her loneliness, by her rashness, by the dreadful lack in her life of all the usual protections.

She was sweating slightly, and he was astonished by her sweet rich smell.

For a moment Ted was too much astonished by this fish-wife exhibition of temper even to be angry with himself.

I find that both connoisseurs and ignoramuses, both women of the world and little children, yes, and even animals, are pleased and astonished by the way in which this sublime work renders every effect in nature.

" She was astonished by this revelation of depths behind that well-remembered clear gaze of admiration, and dismayed by such unnatural accuracy of observation.

Wearied by the old stereotyped form of drama, the critics had been astonished by a novelty of subject, more apparent than real, and by certain surface qualities in the execution; they had hailed the work as being original both in form and in matter, whereas all that was good in the play had been borrowed from France and Scandinavia.

She engaged an Irish girl as nurse-maid in her family; and, a short time after her arrival, was astonished by an urgent request from this damsel, to permit her to charm little miss from ever having the hooping-cough, (then prevailing in Dublin).

The young Prince had, however, been so astonished by the fearless address of the Duc de Guise that he had entirely lost his self-possession, and merely said with great coldness: "Since the affair is decided, it was unnecessary to ask our advice.

" The following morning, while Toni was in his cabin adjusting the accounts of the crew, astonished by the munificence of their paying-off, Uncle Caragol came into the saloon, asking to speak to Ferragut.

'We are not to be stunned and astonished by him,' iv.

They were much astonished by his sudden disappearance; but when they found that Ratnavati was gone also, they readily believed the story told by the old woman, that he had fallen in love with his own wife; but was ashamed to acknowledge this after having so long neglected her, and was therefore gone to live in another place, where he was not known.

The forester was astonished by my skill, and delighted at the acquisition of so much food; and it occurred to me that I might get some information from him.

The worthy dignitary had been prepared by public fame for much that was dazzling and eccentric; but it must be confessed he was not a little astonished by a great deal to which he listened.

Being naturally endowed with superior parts, a penetrating intellect and rare firmness of character, he schooled himself to look Fortune in the face without being intoxicated by her smiles or troubled at her frowns, to be astonished by nothing that happened, and to make up his mind in any danger.

" When the bell rang for this last-named meal Giles rose with the rest, and was preparing to walk with them down the well-known stairs, when he was astonished by receiving an invitation to tea with no less a person than the matron herself.

" Tilda had time in her distress to be astonished by his voice.

Artists to whom I have shown them have been astonished by the spirited impressionism of these sketches.

At the most, a tale by Charles Cros, La science de l'amour, printed long ago in the Revue du Monde-Nouveau, could astonish by reason of its chemical whims, by its affected humor and by its coldly facetious observations.

But when she and Eugénie next met, Eugénie was astonished by her gaiety and good temperher air of smiling mystery.

59 examples of  astonish by  in sentences