564 examples of astonished at in sentences

When he had finished several dishes and as many flagons of wine, he paused, and Isfendiyár and the assembled chiefs were astonished at the quantity he had devoured.

exclaimed Roswell, astonished at this proof of sagacity and enterprise, even in men who are renowned for scenting dollars from pole to pole.

She was astonished at the darkness of the room.

And Jones, being elderly, and still a little astonished at having won the affection of such a divinity, has not the courage to say "No." To the people afflicted with these loose spending habits I would commend the lesson of a little incident I saw in a tram on the Embankment the other evening.

" The old man, astonished at the turn of events, came forward hesitatingly to Langdon.

The Mountain himself is astonished at such a display."

"Yes," gasped Bennington, astonished at so much feminine knowledge of firearms.

But in proportion as she felt astonished at her shame, as she saw into what a corner she had been driven, as she dreaded the man's scorn, for whom she had fallen so low, did she feel her love grow greater.

" The man was rather astonished at my unwonted energy, but of course made no objection.

Were they to be taken from me it would be the most unhappy event of their lives,' This conversation induced me to view more attentively the faces of the adult slaves; and I was astonished at the free, easy, sober, intelligent and thoughtful impression which such an economy as Mr. Mickle's had indelibly made on their countenances.

Why, I can't tell how I felt; even after God had answered my simple prayers, and honored my faith so many times, I was astonished at this.

I may well be astonished at what I have seen.

The men of literature, starting as it were from a dream, began to heap commemorations, panegyrics, and elegies: the great were as much astonished at their own neglect of such an object of bounty, as if the same had never been practised before; and expressed as much compunction, as it were never to occur again.

Mrs. Lewisham stood arrested with her dress skirt in her hand, astonished at the astonishment on his face.

That is because you do not know our Church," replied Kitty, who was a little astonished at this sudden outburst.

For my part I was astonished at bearing so well so many fatigues and privations.

The ekkas had come up from Pindi, and the sahib who had lured them to Baramula seemed astonished at my method of taking them over.

Foy whirled over; he rose on one hand and knee, gun drawn, visibly annoyed; also considerably astonished at the unexpected advent of Mr. Pringle.

" When the good man began to play upon his favorite instrument he was astonished at the sound that came from it.

And everywhere, what majesty of curve!" The lion was a good deal astonished at the conduct of the young man; and he soon began to suppose that this was not the person he was to fight, but probably a keeper, who was examining into his condition.

" I told him the startling news, and as the story of poor Rowena slowly made its way into his mind, I was startled and astonished at its effect on him; for he has always been to me a man who would be calm in a tornado, and who would meet shipwreck or earthquake without a tremor.

I read it once; my mind, astonished at receiving no sensation, cried out like a child at a milkless breast.

I am so astonished at my discovery, that I remain for full two minutes staring blankly at the object of it, while he also looks stealthily at me; then, recollecting my manners, I burrow my face into my chair-bottom, and so remain until mother's gentle Amen, and a noise of shuffling and scrambling to their feet on the part of the congregation, tell me that the end has come.

Finally, heaven-bestowed wealth never fails, but the intentions of the possessor must [at the same time] be just; moreover, how much soever is spent [out of this providential wealth] so much also is the increase: to be astonished at the power of God, is not right in any religion."

At the same time, I cannot help being astonished at the furious and ungoverned execration which all reference to the possibility of a fusion of the races draws down upon those who suggest it; because nobody pretends to deny that, throughout the South, a large proportion of the population is the offspring of white men and coloured women.

564 examples of  astonished at  in sentences