725 examples of astronomies in sentences

But the shoemaker cared for other things besides shoemaking, and after a while he happened to make a remark which led to the following question from Willie: "Do you understand astronomy, Hector?" "No.

" "Whose business is astronomy then?" "Well," answered Hector, a little puzzled, "I don't see how it can well be anybody's business but God's, for I'm sure no one else can lay a hand to it.

But I told you I don't understand about astronomy, because it's not my business.

The first is one of the nine Muses, the Muse of Astronomy: the second is Aphrodite (Venus).

But why, out of the nine sisters, should the Muse of Astronomy be selected?

Keats never wrote about astronomy, and had no qualifications and no faintest inclination for writing about it: this science, and every other exact or speculative science, were highly alien from his disposition and turn of mind.

Thus, from one point of viewI cannot see any otherKeats might be regarded as inspired by, or a son of, the Muse of Astronomy.

During the first hour and a half there were four recitationshistory, astronomy, chemistry, and English literature.

He believes in witches and apparitions, as well as in judicial astronomy.'

" "What's the need of worryin' yer brains out over Latin, Greek and astronomy, when there's my amount of fun to be had?

His lordship, Kildee, having imbibed rather freely himself, kept him company, and for a few seconds they remained at the bottom of the flight, dividing their time between studying astronomy and the laws of gravitation.

A work of Art must of course indirectly appeal to the Intellect, and a work of Science will also indirectly appeal to the Feelings; nevertheless a poem on the stars and a treatise on astronomy have distinct aims and distinct methods.

" It seems pretty hard, at first sight, to bring into a sermon all the Circles of the Globe and all the frightful terms of Astronomy; but I will assure you, Sir, it is to be done!

The doctor, of course, could not be left out of the company,a man who knew the cause of every malady, versed in magic as well as physic, and grounded also in astronomy; who held that gold is the best of cordials, and knew how to keep what he gained; not luxurious in his diet, but careful what he ate and drank.

Take the mythic cosmogonies of ancient Greece, Scandinavia, and India, and the geologies and astronomies of the present day, and compare their pages, changing things personal into things impersonal.

Here he proposed to instruct his pupils in the complete science of philosophy in the short space of three years, and, for that purpose, drew up a great number of books upon logic, rhetoric, ethics, politics, physics, metaphysics, geography, astronomy, &c. &c., till, as it is said, literally worn out with scholastic drudgery, he died at the early age of 38.]

All the new astronomies accept it.

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And whatever Joseph's astronomy might have previously taught him to the contrary, he knew by his senses that the earth thereupon turned entirely over three times in two seconds.

You might as well say that the speculations and experiments of the old alchemists prove that there is no truth in chemistry; or that the guesses of the astrologers throw doubt on the science of astronomy.

725 examples of  astronomies  in sentences