791 examples of at a loss in sentences

If a strict construction of the words "all Evangelical Christians" be insisted on, we are at a loss to see where the Committee could draw the dividing line between what might be offensive and what allowable.

And thus he's an example made, To make men of their honesty afraid, That for the time to come they may More willingly their friends betray; Tell them the m[en] who placed him here Are sc[anda]ls to the times; But at a loss to find his guilt, They can't commit his crimes.

In his "Letter to Southey" (Vol. I.), which contained Lamb's protest against Southey's strictures, he wrote:"I am at a loss what particular essay you had in view (if my poor ramblings amount to that appellation) when you were in such a hurry to thrust in your objection, like bad news, foremost.

From inability, and ignorance of everything useful, these men are driven to descriptions of countries and caverns, and when they come into a multiplicity of great and momentous affairs, are utterly at a loss.

Amy interrogated, wholly at a loss to understand the import of his words.

'I am altogether at a loss,' the doctor answered, speaking to Margaret as he rose.

Still at a loss, I returned to my room, and there was Jeeves.

The spirit of speculation was pushed too far; and the merchants, who paid enormous prices for India goods, found themselves forced to sell in Europe at a loss.

The committee were now again at a loss how to act, when they were relieved from this doubtful situation by a message from Mr. Pitt, who desired a conference with their chairman.

Two things I have met here in these free and mighty United States, which I am at a loss how to make concord.

You never seem to be at a loss for conversation.

No wonder that Morse was embarrassed and at a loss how to reply to the letter of Smith's enclosing this eulogy and, at the same time, bringing up one of the subjects in dispute: New York, November 13, 1844.

I am at a loss to know what has become of your beautiful hair.

But for many cases this method is unsuitable, and without chloroform we should indeed have been at a loss.

" Certain English writers, looking entirely from a worldly and philosophical standpoint, are utterly at a loss to account for the power which certain Italian women of obscure birth came to exercise in the councils of nations merely by the force of a mystical piety; but the Northern mind of Europe is entirely unfitted to read and appreciate the psychological religious phenomena of Southern races.

Being at a loss to account for it, we inquired of Mr. K. afterwards, who told us that it was occasioned by our expressions of sympathy and regard.

By what means Mr. B. has acquired so much general information, we are at a loss to conjecture.

Being at a loss to account for it, we inquired of Mr. K. afterwards, who told us that it was occasioned by our expressions of sympathy and regard.

"How you could have left Marian in his care even for a moment I am at a loss to conceive.

4.Should it happen to be asked a hundred lustrums hence, what were the names of the letters in "the Augustan age of English literature," or in the days of William the Fourth and Andrew Jackson, I fear the learned of that day will be as much at a loss for an answer, as would most of our college tutors now, were they asked, by what series of names the Roman youth were taught to spell.

The page was at a loss how to excuse himself and, putting his hand into his pocket by chance, to his utter astonishment he there found a purse of ducats.

The dewan was still at a loss to know what had happened, and begged the Raja to explain what had passed between him and the shepherd.

But how either seeing, or hearing, or veracity, in these senses, can be predicated of God, we are at a loss to understand.

The remaining Part of this Dialogue is very obscure: There is something in it that would make us think Socrates hinted at himself, when he spoke of this Divine Teacher who was to come into the World, did not he own that he himself was in this respect as much at a Loss, and in as great Distress as the rest of Mankind.

The big man with the black beard was at a loss to reconcile the story he told me at Konigsberg with the actual facts found on the spot.

791 examples of  at a loss  in sentences
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