93 examples of at the service of in sentences

The methods by which, after Peter the Great, the old Duchy of Muscovy had been transformed into an empire, still lived in the administration; they survive to-day in the Bolshevist organization, which represents less a revolution than a hieratic and brutal form of violence placed at the service of a political organization.

There were the frequenters of a famous box at the Opera, Montg and Sept, placing at the service of an unscrupulous prince the deep side of frivolous men.

They applied to the Minister of the Interior, M. de Lessart, proposing to place the whole of their influence at the service of the Government, on condition of his securing each of them a pension of six thousand francs a month.

Uncultivated land was free, and was at the service of any one willing to make it productive; if, however, it remained untilled for two years, it reverted to the crown.

Incapable of hatred, he never placed his remarkable talent as a writer at the service of political animosities, however certain might have been his gains." [Footnote 1: Ramón Rodriguez Correa, Prólogo, in Obras de Becquer, vol.

Dismounting at the palace, he visited Cardinal Cibo, and expressing his regret at the Duke's sanguinary death, went on to say that like a good son of Florence he had come to place not only his fortunes but his life at the service of his country.

In September he entered the lists against Antony; in December he accepted the support of Octavian who had with astonishing daring for a youth of eighteen collected a strong army of Caesar's veterans and placed himself at the service of Cicero and the Senate in their warfare against Antony.

She could listen with ardour; and if this sympathy was there for comparative strangers, still more was it at the service of those who possessed her affection.

Mr. PRINGLE, whose ample supply of vitriolic invective was always at the service of the PRIME MINISTER, has been left by an ungrateful constituency at the bottom of the poll, and Mr. WATT has shared his fate.

The regiment intended for divisional cavalry would, on mobilization, form itself into six squadrons and place three of them at the service of each division.

"Always at the service of Paul Coquenil," he began.

A certain American corporation doing business in Belgium placed its huge Antwerp plant and the services of its corps of skilled engineers at the service of the Government, though I might add that this fact was kept carefully concealed, being known to only a handful of the higher Belgian officials.

Be it whim or emergency, the modern laboratory is equally at the service of romance, equally ready to gratify mankind with a torpedo or a toy.

Permit me to remark, in passing, that we know little in this country of the desire for full, trustworthy, and accessible statistics, concerning all matters of national interest, which dominates the public mind of America; and as little of the willingness with which American citizens of all classes place the particulars of their private business at the service of the statistician.

It is now going through the press and will soon be at the service of missionaries and native brethren who have eagerly awaited its appearance for many years.

Beasts of draught and of burden, and oars and sails,these, and these only,were at the service of their merchants, as they had been at the service of all merchants from time immemorial.

When he saw the contest so hotly commenced between the Duke of Burgundy and the Swiss, he resolutely put himself at the service of the republican mountaineers, fought for them in their ranks, and powerfully contributed to their victory at Morat.

With more levity, but still in sincerity, her brother-in-law, Louis de Conde, put his ambition and his courage at the service of the same cause.

It has been said above that he placed himself at the service of those whom he counted his teachers.

"A remarkable talent, good Sir Marmaduke," Dame Harrison was saying to her host, as she cast a complacent eye on her nephew, who had just succeeded in overthrowing three nine-pins at one stroke: "Sir Timothy hath every aptitude for outdoor pursuits, and though my Lord Protector deems all such recreations sinful, yet do I think they tend to the development of muscular energy, which later on may be placed at the service of the Commonwealth.

Swift had the greater genius: he was, indeed, in respect of natural endowment, the foremost man of his time; but his nature was undisciplined, his temper uncertain, and his great powers quite as much at the service of his passions as of his principles.

This Irish-Italian youth of twenty-two had mastered the problem which had baffled veteran scientists and was ready to place a new wonder at the service of the world.

By quiet, unassuming, conscientious work he had put another great carrier of messages at the service of the world, and he now reaped the fame and fortune which he so richly deserved.

XVIII THE WIRELESS SERVES THE WORLD Marconi Organized Wireless Telegraphy CommerciallyThe New Wonder at the Service of the WorldMarine Disasters PreventedThe Extension of the Wireless on ShipboardImproved ApparatusThe Wireless in the World WarThe Boy and the Wireless.

No sooner had Marconi placed the wireless telegraph at the service of the world than men of science of all nations began the search for the wireless telephone.

93 examples of  at the service of  in sentences