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687 examples of  athletic  in sentences

687 examples of athletic in sentences

Jack Vance and Diggory, whose powers of wind and limb had benefited by constant exercise in the football field, were soon at the top; but Mugford, who was not inclined to be athletic, and who had already been pretty nearly pumped in hurrying out of the tunnel; was still slowly dragging himself up the ascent, panting and puffing like a steam-engine, when his comrades reached the summit.

" JOSEPH B. MACCABE, Editor East Boston (Mass.) Argus-Advocate, and ex-President Amateur Athletic Union:"I want to express my gratitude, as a humble follower of manly sport, for the compilation of this historic work.

F. GARCELON, Harvard Athletic Association, Cambridge, Mass.:"I think 'America's National Game' is not only intensely interesting but most valuable, as giving the history of the game.

" GUSTAV T. KIRBY, President of the Amateur Athletic Union:"Not only as a historical sketch of this great national game, but also as a technical dissertation on base ball as it was and is, this book will not only be of interest but of benefit to all of us Americans who are interested in sportand what American is not interested in sport?and being interested in sport, chiefly in base ball.

" EVERETT C. BROWN, Chicago, ex-president of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States:"It is very seldom that any history of any sport or anything pertaining to athletics approaches the interest with which one reads a popular work of fiction, but I can truthfully say that I have read the story of the great national game with as much interest as I have read any recent work of fiction.


Indeed, they have a club in Stockholm and there are more to follow, while the French, who have gradually been awakening to the joys of athletic pastime in which they have hitherto chosen to participate in other ways, hope to have a new league by the expiration of the present summer.

Doubtless this is largely due to the lack of athletic pastime.

Base ball combines running, jumping, throwing and everything that constitutes the athletic events of the Olympian games.

Yes," added Mrs. Pendomer, meditatively, "we derive much the same pleasure from them a cripple does from rearranging the athletic medals he once won, or a starving man from thinking of the many excellent dinners he has eaten; but we can't and we wouldn't part with them, nevertheless.

He waited neither to find his stirrups nor grip the reins firmly, but the same athletic leap which carried him into the saddle set the horse in motion, and from a standing start the animal broke into a headlong gallop.

He was, moreover, a modern product of those seats of athletic exercise.

Here was an out-of-door, athletic youth, who knew how to move in drawing-roomsa big man who did not look much too large for his surroundings.

They represent every type of activitysecretaries, athletic directors, librarians, preachers, lecturers, entertainers, motion picture operators, truck drivers, hotel managers and caterers.

" The commodore, a tail, thin, athletic man of seventy, with a white head, and movements that were quick as those of a boy, had not glanced aside at the approaching boat, until he was thus saluted in the well-known voice of John Effingham.

"Here's the girl who got us here!" said Betty to Bob, when the group of cadets met their bus at the athletic field where several cars were drawn up on the sidelines.

"Did you see that fine athletic field beyond the campus?" returned Sam.

They sustained him to the last with that enduring power which had been begotten by threescore years of unremitting labor, and while his still athletic form was exerted to the utmost there appeared no failing of its energies.

Certainly his expectations had not been very exalted; but there had run through them a hope of something melodramatic, dreams of May-pole dancing and athletic games, somewhat of village-belle rivalry, of the Corin and Sylvia school; or, failing that, a few Touchstones and Audreys, some genial earnest buffo humour here and there.

It seemed to her incredible and impossible, because Stafford's figure was slight and graceful, and he performed the feat with the apparent ease which he had learnt in the 'varsity athletic sports.

The Kafirs are described as strong athletic men with a language of their own, the features and complexions of Europeans, and fond of dancing, hunting, and drinking.

Any boy lacking his sense of athletic precision would have scored a dangerous fall.

He was never guilty of excesses that might undermine his strength or shake his nerves; there was an almost superhuman purity about his worship of athletic powers.

The chief saw the awkwardness of his own position, measured the bony veteran and the athletic foreigner with his eye, and judged that if the two were convinced that they were dealing with madmen they would make a pretty good fight.

The father of athletic sports in Sweden is Lieutenant Colonel Victor Gustaf Balck, who holds a military position in the garrison at Stockholm.

He introduced lawn tennis, cricket, baseball and football, and has established numerous athletic clubs in different parts of the country.

Some of the warriors were fine athletic fellows, of great stature, the lowest I saw being over six feet in height.

He then challenged an acquaintance to a game of quoits, and they closed the day with foot-races and other athletic exercises, at which there was no betting.

This curious thing, which happens frequently in athletic activities, is known as second-wind, and is described, by those who have experienced it, as a time of increased power, when the work is done with greater ease and effectiveness and with a freshness and vigor in great contrast to the staleness that preceded it.

He was not in bathing costume, nor did he look particularly athletic.

His father, Michael Johnson, was a bookseller in that city; a man of large, athletic make, and violent passions; wrong-headed, positive, and, at times, afflicted with a degree of melancholy, little short of madness.

It was here that the Count, who was an athletic man, found that his hardy constitution stood the party in good stead.

" The Senator-elect paused momentarily, gazing at the Congressman, who, dark-visaged, tall, black-haired, broad-shouldered and athletic, was visibly uneasy at having his conversation with Randolph overheard by the father.

The reporter's athletic training proved of ready service.

Mrs. Grosvenor, though somewhat advanced in life, still retains that peculiar freshness of her earlier days; and as she proudly glances upon the young man by her side, calling him "my son," you can hardly recognize in his athletic form the little sailor-boy of other days; yet it is none other, although he has arrived to the dignity of captain, and as Sampson prophesied, a smarter man never sailed the ocean.

An athletic Indian on a fleet horse can do terrible execution with one of these bows, which, even in these days of repeating rifles, is by no means to be despised as a weapon.

"Barbara sent me this as" "Oh, I know," I cried, "but we want fighters now, and Maru is a pretty athletic person.

In November 1840 a tall athletic gentleman in black called upon Mr. Murray offering a MS. for perusal and publication.

During the early part of this period it is unwise and dangerous for girls to take part in such strenuous athletic games as basketball, or for boys to indulge in football.

The rumor ran that one of the prisoners, an athletic Italian mariner had profited by the attention of all the other guardians of the place being occupied by the ceremonies, to knock down the solitary sentinel, and to effect his escape, followed by all the drunkards who were able to run.

He then gave an extended series of athletic games, of the kind described in Vergil's fifth book, including a restoration of the ancient ludus Troiae.

The jutting crags with their athletic goats, the grottoes inviting melodious shepherds to neglect their flocks, the mountain glades and waterfalls of the Eclogues can of course not be Mantuan.

If this, then, be "womanliness," can athletic games injure it?

These requirements must help a woman, and in the possession of the qualities that games bestow athletic girls have a great pull over their sisters.

Dora was pleased to stand and look at him; his movements struck her as athletic and graceful.

Ochipway, a stout, athletic young Indian, having a wife and children.

The name of the slave was Williams; a strong, athletic man, and generally a good workman, but he had unfortunately offended the overseer, for which nothing could appease his wrath but the privilege of flogging him.

Strong and athletic as I was, no hand of mine could be raised in her defence, but at the peril of both our lives;nor could her husband, had he been a witness of the scene, be allowed any thing more than unresisting submission to any cruelty, any indignity which the master saw fit to inflict on his wife, but the other's slave.

Flesh-tints, varying from the strong red tone of Jonah's athletic manhood, through the glowing browns of the seated Genii, to the delicate carnations of Adam and the paler hues of Eve; orange and bronze in draperies, medallions, decorative nudes, russets like the tints of dead leaves; lilacs, cold greens, blue used sparingly; all these colours are dominated and brought into harmony by the greys of the architectural setting.

An athletic circus-rider of mature years, with abnormally developed muscles, might have posed as model for this female votary of Dionysus.

Now, as I observed just now, there are several tall, athletic young men about, and also there are several men who have lost teeth.

But now I saw that this tall and athletic young man had lost exactly two teethone from the lower jaw, just to the left of the center, and another from the upper jaw, farther still toward the left!

Several times he invited me to drink and smoke, but long usage to athletic training has given me a distaste for both practices, and I declined.

To see a venerable old man tied as if to be broken on the wheel, and cut to the bone by the lash of an athletic driverwrithing and yelling under the most exquisite torture, were certainly circumstances sufficiently strong to touch the heart of any one possessed of the smallest degree of common humanity.

Six athletic men were employed in this scene of inhumanity, the names of some of whom I well remember.

The first Grimaldi celebrated on the stage, appeared at Paris about the year 1735, when his athletic force and extraordinary agility procured him the sobriquet of "Jambe de Fer," or iron-leg.

During this moment of suspense, the former had squared his firm-built frame in front of his gigantic opponent, and there were very vehement passings and counter-passings, in the way of gestures from four athletic arms, each of which was knobbed, like a fashionable rattan, with a lump of bones, knuckles, and sinews, that threatened annihilation to any thing that should oppose them.

Mr. Brookes Ormsby, club-man, gentleman of athletic leisure, and inheritor of the Ormsby millions, was pacing back and forth before the handful of fire in the drawing-room grate when she entered.

His learning, his simplicity, his evangelical purity of mind are so admirably mingled with pedantry, absence of mind, and the habit of athletic ... exercise ... that he may be safely termed one of the richest productions of the muse of fiction.

He may be weak in grammar, but he is captain of every athletic team in the school.

Something is needed to make us more free and unconscious, in our out-door lives, than these too wise individuals; and that something is best to be found in athletic sports.

Athletic sports are "boyish," are they?

If athletic amusements did nothing for the body, they would still be medicine for the soul.

In the same way he had cultivated a habit of the muscles which conveyed an impression that he was devoted to athletic sports.

He looked like a gaunt, athletic Spaniard of forty, burned half black in the sun, with a bony, flattened nose.

Everard Grey's coat-tails flew in the breeze he made, and his collar was too high for athletic purposes.

Lord Ampthill, for instance, the athletic ex-governor of Madras, said the other day: 'From an individual struggle, a struggle of families, of communities, and nations, the struggle for existence has now advanced to a struggle of empires.' Times, Jan. 22, 1908.

The young man stood gazing after her through the pines and the cypresses as her proud athletic figure grew smaller in the distance.

"You are much grown," said Mr. Jefferson, thoughtfully, "much taller, but 'tis the same slender, athletic figure, and the eyes and brow and mouth are not changed, thank God!" "Is there no improvement, sir?

Tall, with an athletic trimness of limb, a good breadth of shoulder, and a fine head poised with that natural, unconscious pride of the well-bredhe kept his feet on the unsteady platform of the car with that easy grace which marks only well-conditioned muscles, and is rarely seen save in those whose lives are sanely clean.

The Women's Division, National Amateur Athletic Federation, 1923-1939.

Revision of material in the 1936 ed. of Manual of athletic requirements.

BERTICH, GUY NICHOLAS. Test your flying or athletic ability.

Revision of material in the 1936 ed. of Manual of athletic requirements.

His mission was successful: the good aunt's electuaries rendered him much more athletic than before; and he brought back, in a small vial, an elixir capable of instantly restoring strength at the moment of complete exhaustion.

Being six feet two inches tall, and slender rather than heavily made, he was well fitted for athletic sports.

In the same way he possessed a perfect armoury of athletic and other useful implements.

While the natives of the latter island are "cast in beauty's perfect mould;" the children are so fine and powerfully made, that each might serve as a model for a statue of "the Infant Hercules;" nothing can exceed the graceful and athletic forms of the men, or the rounded limbs of their young women.

Mr. Shaw was a tall young man of thirty or thereabouts, smooth-faced, good-looking and athletic.

The feat would not have been beyond the powers of an athletic tortoise, but the most careful scrutiny failed to reveal any signs of him.

They grew to be strong, sturdy youths, as fond of athletic sports as they were of study, and with a promise of the right sort of success in life.

That giant, athletic, vigorous man, and this bent, worn old woman both had it.

The athletic youth would have covered it in a twinkling.

Had it not been for the strength and flexibility of muscle acquired by rowing and other athletic exercises, such arduous labor would have been impossible.

The natives who thronged the beach were of a light tawny colour, mostly fine, athletic men, with an intelligent expression of countenance.

The other man was quite young, not more than five-and-twenty, and was a fine athletic-looking fellow with a healthy, out-of-door complexion and an intelligent and highly prepossessing face.

In the new poetry which we contemplate, athletic young men will set out sturdily to climb up the face of the sea.

As in practice they invariably, instead of a foot-ball, use a fresh human head, and in a scrimmage leave half their number dead on the field, by having recourse to the 'Kogo' or 'Spine Splitting Stroke,' introduced from a local athletic game, some excitement will no doubt be manifested in sporting circles when they meet the Clapham Rovers, as, I believe, it is arranged they shall do at the Oval, early in November next.

Except for their dress, they could hardly have been distinguished from North American Indiansmany of them being as tall, athletic, and vigorous specimens of savage manhood as I had ever seen.

"Can it be," I asked myself, "that she fancies that good family, six feet of athletic muscle, and no money would be considered sufficient to make matrimonial honors easy on that estate?"

When this thought came to him, he began to hope that he would not be selected; but a man who had made a name as captain of a college football eleven, as a president of an athletic club, as a dog-musher and a stampeder in the Yukon, and, moreover, who possessed such shoulders as he, had no right to avoid the honor.

This spirit spread particularly through the agencies of the student fraternities called "Burschenschaften," and the athletic associations, the "Turners," advocated and fostered by Jahn.

Sir Giles was a little above the middle height, with a well proportioned athletic figure; and his strength and address were such, that there seemed good reason for his boast when he declared, as he often did, "that he feared no man living, in fair fight, no, nor any two men.

The youth had a fine frank countenance, remarkable for manly beauty and intelligence, and a figure perfectly proportioned and athletic.

Our escort consisted of MacGregor, and five or six of the handsomest, best armed, and most athletic mountaineers of his band, and whom he had generally in immediate attendance upon his own person.

I put my head forward quickly to get a glimpse from the cover of the carriage of so famous a personage, and at the roadside was a fine, tall, athletic person with handsome features.

At the last moment, as I crossed the track and stepped upon the other platform, it occurred to me that while I might have some claim upon the attention of Olivia Gladys Armstrong, a wayward school-girl of athletic tastes, I had none whatever upon a person whom it was proper to address as Miss Armstrong,โ€”who was, I felt sure, quite capable of snubbing me if snubbing fell in with her mood.

" Nothing more clearly expresses the sentiments of Harvard men in seasons of athletic rivalry than the time-honored "To hell with Yale!"

He shook his head, like one who had sufficient reasons for his silence; and, relinquishing the tiller, he quite coolly obliged a gaping countryman, in the centre of the boat, to yield his place, where he laid his own athletic form, at full length, folded his arms on his breast, and shut his eyes.

To prove the truth of their assertions, Wat exhibited his skill in athletic sports, while Horant delighted all the ladies by his proficiency in the art of minstrelsy.