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1054 example sentences with  attest

1054 example sentences with attest

Their black-tailed coats and glossy shirts attest a rare occasion.

And now, if you will tip back your head like a paper-hangerwhose Adam's apple would seem to attest a life of sidereal contemplationyou will see in the center of the murk above you a single point of light.

Every rocket or Roman candle that shot into the air seemed to attest the final triumph of the Birchites over the Philistines, and was cheered accordingly.

It needs no compilation of fact nor any dogmatic assertion on the part of the Editor of the GUIDE to attest that fact.

And this is how it came about: Patricia Vartrey (a second cousin once removed of Colonel Rudolph Musgrave's), as the older inhabitants of Lichfield will volubly attest, was always a person who did peculiar things.

This bride to her new home repairs; Her household will attest her rule.

The wish to express, and announce how I long For my mother my care to attest.

Here, writes Mr. Hunt, "many a man, and woman too, now quietly sleeping in the churchyard of St. Levan, would, had they the power, attest to have seen the witches flying into the Castle Peak on moonlight nights, mounted on the stems of the ragwort."

He returned to London; and obtaining a grant of land in a part of the King's market of Smithfield, which was a filthy marsh where the common gallows stood, there erected the priory, whose Norman arches as satisfactorily attest its date as Henry's charter.

But, though concealed, to every purer eye Th' informing author in his works appears: Chief, lovely Spring, in thee, and thy soft scenes, The smiling God is seen; while water, earth, And air attest his bounty; which exalts

But free-born minds inspired with noble flame, Attest their origin, and scorn the claim.

Then the symbolic confession of faith, by which the brethren attest and proclaim their confidence in the universal all-pervading rule of the Giver of life and in the permanence of His gift, was chanted.

Though at the very last, as his stiff fingers dropped the cross, A gleam as from some distant city swept his face across, The clay lips settled into calmthus did the monk attest, A look of one who through much peril enters into rest.

For though his looks his rank attest, he has the mind Of dervishes.

Through tract of years in mute oblivion lost, This slender tomb of turf hath Irus reared, Cheap monument of no ungrudging hand, And with short verse inscribed it, to attest,

In long and lasting union to attest, The virtues of the Beggar and his Dog.

It is now communicated to you whose leisure and knowledge admits of reading and reason: Your Judgment now this Posthumus assures himself will well attest his predecessors endevours to give content to men of the ablest quality, such as intelligent readers are here conceived to be.

If the lives of Christian Scientists attest their fidelity to Truth, I predict that in the twentieth century, every Christian church in our land, and a few in far-off lands, will approximate the understanding of Christian Science sufficiently to heal the sick in His name.

It is astonishing how the new doctrines spread,from India to China, from China to Japan and Ceylon, until Eastern Asia was filled with pagodas, temples, and monasteries to attest his influence; some eighty-five thousand existed in China alone.

Their skill as smiths and armorers was noted; the strength of their cities attest their strength as builders, and their idols and golden mice and emerods show their respect for the arts of peace."

It is thought even that the Pyramids, by the position of their sides toward the cardinal points, attest Egyptian acquaintance with a meridional line.

The mosaics, the signet rings, cameos, bracelets, bronzes, vases, couches, banqueting-tables, lamps, colored glass, potteries, all attest great elegance and beauty.

The excavations of Pompeii attest great luxury and elegance of life.

At the Roman table the birds, the squirrels, the fish, which appear of uncommon size, are contemplated with curious attention, and notaries are summoned to attest, by authentic record, their real weight.

Now I don't say these were accomplices to a certain astrological Squire, and that one BICKERSTAFF might be sauntering thereabouts; because I will assert nothing here but what I dare attest, and plain matter of fact.

Though I print Almanacks, and publish Advertisements; although I produce certificates under the Minister's and Churchwardens' hands, that I am alive: and attest the same, on oath, at Quarter Sessions: out comes A full and true Relation of the death and interment of JOHN PARTRIDGE.

He made Susa his chief capital, and also built Persepolis, the ruins of which attest its ancient magnificence.

The fame of Marcus Aurelius rests, as it has been said, on his philosophical reflections, as his "Meditations" attest.

One of the most striking facts which attest his goodness was his generous and affectionate treatment of Saint Augustine, at that time an unconverted teacher of rhetoric.

Whence, now, this veneration for woman which arose in the Middle Ages,a veneration, which all historians attest, such as never existed in the ancient civilization?

No poet was ever more honored in his life or lamented in his death, as his beautiful monument in Westminster Abbey would seem to attest.

you saw the fight, And must attest my power and right.

They ne'er the grossest praise mistrust, Their sycophants seem hardly just; 40 For these, in part alone, attest

Till conscious of the recent stains, his heart Beats quick; his snuffling nose, his active tail Attest his joy; then with deep opening mouth That makes the welkin tremble, he proclaims

160 And now distressed, no sheltering covert near, Into the hen-roost creeps, whose walls with gore Distained attest his guilt.

Henry the Third, a prince of epical fancies as Corffe, Conway, Beaumaris and many other fine poems in stone attest, not only spent much of his money in adding to its beauty and strength, ... but was his own chief clerk of the works.

Tho the church of the Early English abbey is roofless and the central tower gone, the noble structure, with its many graceful arches, seems to attest to the spirit of religious fervor and devotion so intimately associated with the history of its gray and lichen-covered walls.

There many an auncient trophee was addrest*, And many a spoyle, and many a goodly show, Which that brave races greatnes did attest, That whilome from the Troyan blood did flow.

'Tis new and all these Gentlemen attest Under their hands 'tis Right, and of the Best; Thirty foure Witnesses (without my taske) Y'have just so many Playes (besides a Maske) All good (I'me told) as have been Read or Playd,

More than forty works, including farces, comedies of sentiment, and serious dramas of English life, attest his zeal as a dramatist.

Among those who opposed ratification we find the names of Henry, Mason, Grayson, and Monroe, names which sufficiently attest that the opposition was one, not of mere faction or obstruction, but of principle and patriotic feeling.

But I had not even the good fortune to share in the Alexandrian or African war; and though these were partly communicated to me by Caesar himself, in conversation, yet we listen with a different degree of attention to those things which strike us with admiration by their novelty, and those which we design to attest to posterity.

CV.When Caesar arrived in Asia, he found that Titus Ampius had attempted to remove the money from the temple of Diana at Ephesus; and for this purpose had convened all the senators in the province that he might have them to attest the sum, but was interrupted by Caesar's arrival, and had made his escape.

A letter, addressed to the prosecutor's counsel, who, in Smollett's opinion, by the intemperance of his invective had abused the freedom of speech allowed on such occasions, remains to attest the irritability and vehemence of his own temper.

bear witness &c n.; give evidence &c n.; testify, depose, witness, vouch for; sign, seal, undersign^, set one's hand and seal, sign and seal, deliver as one's act and deed, certify, attest; acknowledge &c (assent) 488.

adduce, attest, cite, quote; refer to, appeal to; call, call to witness; bring forward, bring into court; allege, plead; produce witnesses, confront witnesses.

announce &c (information) 527; acknowledge &c (assent) 488; attest &c (evidence) 467; adjure &c (put to one's oath) 768.

Recent agitation on the subject of prevention of cruelty to children, free dinners for school-children, adoption of children, child insurance, attest the growing strength of this feeling.

There was also an identity certificate, whereon some clergyman, magistrate or policeman must attest that I was alive when I brought it to him, and a form of receipt for all the papers in the batch.

Yet other glories won they, by Parnassos' brow, and at Argos how many and at Thebes, and such as nigh the Arcadians[10] the lordly altar of Zeus Lykaios shall attest, and Pallene, and Sikyon, and Megara, and the well-fenced grove of the Aiakidai, and Eleusis, and lusty Marathon, and the fair rich cities beneath Aetna's towering crest, and Euboea.

J.H.T., C.O.C., Judges Attest: R.G., Clerk.

Under such banners militant, the soul Seeks for no trophies, struggles for no spoils 610 That may attest her prowess, blest in thoughts That are their own perfection and reward, Strong in herself and in beatitude That hides her, like the mighty flood of Nile Poured from his fount of Abyssinian clouds 615 To fertilise the whole Egyptian plain.

In arguments of civil polity, Abruptly, and indeed before my time: I had approached, like other youths, the shield Of human nature from the golden side, 80 And would have fought, even to the death, to attest

Four were erst patrician keels (Names attest what families be), The Kensington, and Richmond too, Leonidas, and Lee:

There is no village in this State which will not attest to this fact.

What facts could better attest not merely a singular harmony of character, but an admirable conformity of virtues?

Frequent stories attest the horrors of Roman slavery felt by conquered nations.

These accusations were three in number, and they brought forward ten witnesses to attest the truth of each.

MY DEAR SIR, By a letter from Blackwood to-day, I have the disagreeable intelligence that circumstances have occurred which I fear will deprive me of you as a publisherI hope never as a friend; for I here attest, though I have heard some bitter things against you, that I never met with any man whatever who, on so slight an acquaintance, has behaved to me so much like a gentleman.

From Capua to Naples is twenty miles; a little beyond Capua are the remains of a large Amphitheatre and this is all that exists to attest the splendour of ancient Capua.

Instead of assuming with Hume that because some experiences seemed to attest the presence of distinct objects, all connections were illusory and all experience must ultimately consist of psychical atoms, James had merely to maintain that this separation was secondary and artificial, and that experience was initially a continuum.

Even to the present day Declan's name is borne as their praenomen by hundreds of Waterford men, and, before introduction of the modern practice of christening with foolish foreign names, its use was far more common, as the ancient baptismal registers of Ardmore, Old Parish, and Clashmore attest.

peerless flower, the Heavens alone exhale Thy fragrance, while the glittering stars attest, And incense wafted by the midnight gale, Untainted rises from thy spotless breast.

Attest it many a deathless age!

But forty-five works remained after his death to attest his prodigious industry.

Attest WILLIAM JACKSON Secretary] done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In Witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names, GEORGE WASHINGTONPresidt.

Attest: SAM. A. OTIS, Secretary.

This custom is called "boarding," and is so frequent, as I myself can attest from personal observation, as to attract but little attention from the commonalty, and nothing like a mob.

I was born to no fortune, and therefore had only my mind and body to devote to knowledge, and the gratitude of posterity will attest, that neither mind nor body have been spared.

But, none the less, I shall have overthrown my present conqueror, and I shall have brought low the love which terror and death did not affright, and which the laws of earth could not control; and I, whom some call Béda, and others Kruchina, will very terribly attest that the ghost of outlived and conquered misery is common-sense."

How very influential they are to-day every one knows who is familiar with the articles and editorial work appearing in newspapers and magazines; and that women are very zealous reporters many people can attest with considerable vigour.

In the four States where women voteWyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Idahothere is no more divorce than in other States; and any one who has travelled in these communities can attest that no domestic unhappiness results from the suffrage.

But, by way of striking contrast, at the same time that the works of Rabelais attest the irregularity of men's lives and minds, they also reveal the great travail that is going on and the great progress that has already been made in the intellectual condition of his day, in the influence of natural and legitimate feelings, and in the appreciation of men's mutual rights and duties.

England has had its revolutions; but the names of Henry the Fifth and Elizabeth were still revered: and the regal monuments, which still exist, after all the vicissitudes of our political principles, attest the mildness of the English republicans.

The journals of the time attest that the scenes I describe occur almost in every debate.

This grossness of behavior has long existed under the palliating description of "la franchise Picarde," ["Picardy frankness."] and the floors and stairs of many houses will attest their preeminence in filth to be of a date much anterior to the revolution.

I, and every inhabitant of Amiens, can attest that this revolt, which was declared in the Assembly to have been instigated by the partizans of the Jacobins, was, as far as it had any decided political character, an effervescence of royalism.

Their Number furnishes us with a sufficient Cloud of Witnesses that attest the Truth of the Old Bible.

These seem to have derived their Custom from an Eastern Nation which Herodotus speaks of, among whom it was a Law, that whenever any Cure was performed, both the Method of the Cure, and an Account of the Distemper, should be fixed in some Publick Place; but as Customs will corrupt, these our Moderns provide themselves of Persons to attest the Cure, before they publish or make an Experiment of the Prescription.

My country's fun'ral flame And Troy's cold ashes I attest, and call To witness for myself, that in their fall No foes, no death, nor danger I declin'd, 420 Did, and deserv'd no less, my fate to find.

Let the volcano and the earthquake attest the immensity of her power.

Attest, THOMAS W. PHILLIPS, Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Boston.

The copy taken of the above mentioned confession by the subscriber, was sent to the Rev. T.R. Witsil, Albany, N.Y. THOMAS F. NORRIS, President of the Protestant Methodist Conference, Mass. Attest, JAMES D. YATES.

Attest, EBENEZER BACON, Register.

But as Camilla Franks, of Camilla, will attest, timing is everything.

But nothing lasts forever, as the residents of Babylon can attest.

“Chief David Lyon insists that those who know him and have interacted with him can attest to the indisputable fact that he is a peace-loving person.

“Her jersey is on display at the FIFA Museum next to the other top female players in the world, which attest to the calibre of player and individual that she is.

In the research segment of the reports, all the 170 universities that reported in 2017 and 2018 attest to the grant from TETFund being the lever for most of their success stories in research in addressing a number of national and regional challenges.

Jason Boardman can attest to the necessity of that directive.

Reached in Iran via WhatsApp, she said the sanctions don't target medicines, but she can attest to their scarcity.

By submitting this nomination, you attest that the information provided above is, to the best of your knowledge, factual and correct.

Clients who have used the service for their VIPs, however, will attest to it being worth the cost to see that their passengers are well taken care of.

Everyone living in the Gatineau Hills can attest to the natural beauty of this corner of Canada.

Having taught classes of 29 and 30, I can attest to the fact that there are already too many little ones in a room, even with two teachers.

One after another, the chapters in Countering Displacements work to describe this alchemy, and to attest to the strength of those who practice it within their political and cultural struggles."

Our fosters can attest to the fact that there’s nothing more rewarding than caring for a foster and watching their dreams of a ‘Forever Home’ come true.

Such quotations attest to formal and informal communication use: “usually I communicate with friends outside the country and I email the assignments that I have been given at school” (Participant from Ramokgonami).

The increasing concern on the part of the citizens of Manitoba and the amount of time dedicated to justice issues in the Assembly even today attest to the importance of community safety.

Their distinctive designs and methods offer historical clues into the innovative processes underlying the development of ikat practices, and attest to the significance of this resist-dye technique in the continuum of textile traditions.