688 examples of attest in sentences

Their black-tailed coats and glossy shirts attest a rare occasion.

And now, if you will tip back your head like a paper-hangerwhose Adam's apple would seem to attest a life of sidereal contemplationyou will see in the center of the murk above you a single point of light.

Every rocket or Roman candle that shot into the air seemed to attest the final triumph of the Birchites over the Philistines, and was cheered accordingly.

And this is how it came about: Patricia Vartrey (a second cousin once removed of Colonel Rudolph Musgrave's), as the older inhabitants of Lichfield will volubly attest, was always a person who did peculiar things.

The marked passages in his library still attest his propensity.

The illustrious duke of MARLBOROUGH was of opinion, that the whole force of the French armies consisted in the number of the officers, and that to be always equal to them in the field, it was necessary to form our troops nearly upon the same plan; to this scheme he conformed in his practice of war, and how much his practice confirmed his opinion, let Blenheim and Ramillies attest.

Their skill as smiths and armorers was noted; the strength of their cities attest their strength as builders, and their idols and golden mice and emerods show their respect for the arts of peace."

The mosaics, the signet rings, cameos, bracelets, bronzes, vases, couches, banqueting-tables, lamps, colored glass, potteries, all attest great elegance and beauty.

The excavations of Pompeii attest great luxury and elegance of life.

One of the most striking facts which attest his goodness was his generous and affectionate treatment of Saint Augustine, at that time an unconverted teacher of rhetoric.

On which she answered that there were four priests of the Franks who were present, and could attest the bad usage she had received.

A letter, addressed to the prosecutor's counsel, who, in Smollett's opinion, by the intemperance of his invective had abused the freedom of speech allowed on such occasions, remains to attest the irritability and vehemence of his own temper.

rest upon, depend upon; repose on. bear witness &c n.; give evidence &c n.; testify, depose, witness, vouch for; sign, seal, undersign^, set one's hand and seal, sign and seal, deliver as one's act and deed, certify, attest; acknowledge &c (assent) 488.

Yet other glories won they, by Parnassos' brow, and at Argos how many and at Thebes, and such as nigh the Arcadians[10] the lordly altar of Zeus Lykaios shall attest, and Pallene, and Sikyon, and Megara, and the well-fenced grove of the Aiakidai, and Eleusis, and lusty Marathon, and the fair rich cities beneath Aetna's towering crest, and Euboea.

A stately Cross each sad spot doth attest, Whereat the corpse of Elinor did rest, From Herdby fetch'dher Spouse so honour'd her

The long sanction they have received from the proper authorities and from the people, not less than the unexampled growth and increasing prosperity of so many millions of freemen, attest that no such oppression as would justify, or even palliate, such a resort can be justly imputed either to the present policy or past measures of the Federal Government.

An immense number of Crucifixes on the road attest and command the devotion of the people.

But forty-five works remained after his death to attest his prodigious industry.

Now, the game being over, what is the issue and end of it time must attest.

But, none the less, I shall have overthrown my present conqueror, and I shall have brought low the love which terror and death did not affright, and which the laws of earth could not control; and I, whom some call Béda, and others Kruchina, will very terribly attest that the ghost of outlived and conquered misery is common-sense.

44 did not, however, result as well, and numberless failures throughout the country attest that charring is uncertain and disappointing in its results.

Several historians attest the depravation of morals which existed both among the crusaders, and in the states formed out of their conquests.

But, by way of striking contrast, at the same time that the works of Rabelais attest the irregularity of men's lives and minds, they also reveal the great travail that is going on and the great progress that has already been made in the intellectual condition of his day, in the influence of natural and legitimate feelings, and in the appreciation of men's mutual rights and duties.

Since that time, about sixty thousand yards in various parts of London, being about three-fourths of all the pavement hitherto introduced, attest the public appreciation of the Metropolitan Company's system.

My country's fun'ral flame And Troy's cold ashes I attest, and call To witness for myself, that in their fall No foes, no death, nor danger I declin'd, 420 Did, and deserv'd no less, my fate to find.

688 examples of  attest  in sentences