688 examples of attest in sentences

Though at the very last, as his stiff fingers dropped the cross, A gleam as from some distant city swept his face across, The clay lips settled into calmthus did the monk attest, A look of one who through much peril enters into rest.

It is now communicated to you whose leisure and knowledge admits of reading and reason: Your Judgment now this Posthumus assures himself will well attest his predecessors endevours to give content to men of the ablest quality, such as intelligent readers are here conceived to be.

It is astonishing how the new doctrines spread,from India to China, from China to Japan and Ceylon, until Eastern Asia was filled with pagodas, temples, and monasteries to attest his influence; some eighty-five thousand existed in China alone.

It is thought even that the Pyramids, by the position of their sides toward the cardinal points, attest Egyptian acquaintance with a meridional line.

Among those who opposed ratification we find the names of Henry, Mason, Grayson, and Monroe, names which sufficiently attest that the opposition was one, not of mere faction or obstruction, but of principle and patriotic feeling.

A letter, addressed to the prosecutor's counsel, who, in Smollett's opinion, by the intemperance of his invective had abused the freedom of speech allowed on such occasions, remains to attest the irritability and vehemence of his own temper.

rest upon, depend upon; repose on. bear witness &c n.; give evidence &c n.; testify, depose, witness, vouch for; sign, seal, undersign^, set one's hand and seal, sign and seal, deliver as one's act and deed, certify, attest; acknowledge &c (assent) 488.

[add further evidence] indorse, countersign, corroborate, support, ratify, bear out, uphold, warrant. adduce, attest, cite, quote; refer to, appeal to; call, call to witness; bring forward, bring into court; allege, plead; produce witnesses, confront witnesses.

swear by &c (believe) 484; insist upon, take one's stand upon; emphasize, lay stress on; assert roundly, assert positively; lay down, lay down the law; raise one's voice, dogmatize, have the last word; rap out; repeat; reassert, reaffirm. announce &c (information) 527; acknowledge &c (assent) 488; attest &c (evidence) 467; adjure &c (put to one's oath) 768.

mark &c (indicate) 550; sign &c (attest) 467. enter, book; post, post up, insert, make an entry of; mark off, tick off; register, enroll, inscroll^; file &c (store) 636. burn into memory; carve in stone.

V. write, pen; copy, engross; write out, write out fair; transcribe; scribble, scrawl, scrabble, scratch; interline; stain paper; write down &c (record) 551; sign &c (attest) 467; enface^. compose, indite, draw up, draft, formulate; dictate; inscribe, throw on paper, dash off; manifold. take up the pen, take pen in hand; shed ink, spill ink, dip one's pen in ink.

Attest: O.J., County Auditor. II.

J.H.T., C.O.C., Judges Attest: R.G., Clerk. OFFICIAL OATH.

The Baptist needed no miracle to attest his right of calling sinners to repentance.

tesoro, m., treasure, wealth. testificar, to attest. testigo, m., witness; poner por s, to call to witness; to call upon to witness.

Frequent stories attest the horrors of Roman slavery felt by conquered nations.

Putting the question to himself why he did not attempt to attest this by experiment, he replied that there were two reasons, which, if I recollect rightly, were, first, that he had a strong natural repugnance to anything like cruelty to animals, and, secondly, that he had observed that as soon as a man got the notion into his head that he had discovered a cure for snake-bite, he began to show symptoms of insanity.

I have for many years been collecting from the Indian lodges a species of oral fictitious legends, which attest in the race no little power of imagination; and certainly exhibit them in a different light from any in which they have been heretofore viewed.

Even to the present day Declan's name is borne as their praenomen by hundreds of Waterford men, and, before introduction of the modern practice of christening with foolish foreign names, its use was far more common, as the ancient baptismal registers of Ardmore, Old Parish, and Clashmore attest.

The gods attest the worth of this bold youth.

that exist attest that she could have been only the translator: and if the translation in the Harleian MS.

An advantageous treaty of commerce with the young but rising republic of Monte Video, rewarded his first exertions, and is there to attest also the zealous co-operation of his able and accomplished colleague, Lord Aberdeen.

Attest, THOMAS W. PHILLIPS, Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Boston.

The copy taken of the above mentioned confession by the subscriber, was sent to the Rev. T.R. Witsil, Albany, N.Y. THOMAS F. NORRIS, President of the Protestant Methodist Conference, Mass. Attest, JAMES D. YATES.

Attest, EBENEZER BACON, Register.

688 examples of  attest  in sentences
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