63 examples of auchinleck in sentences

We shall see that island fully, and then visit some more of the Hebrides; after which we are to land in Argyleshire, proceed by Glasgow to Auchinleck, repose there a competent time, and then return to Edinburgh, from whence the Rambler will depart for old England again, as soon as he finds it convenient.

Think what enthusiastick happiness I shall have to see Mr. Samuel Johnson walking among the romantick rocks and woods of my ancestors at Auchinleck!

The duke was so attentive to his respectable guest, that on the same day, he wrote him an answer, which was received at Auchinleck: 'TO DR.


He is, however, mistaken in thinking that the Celtick name, Auchinleck, has no relation to the natural appearance of it.

Auchinleck does not signify a stony field, as he has said, but a field of flag stones; and this place has a number of rocks, which abound in strata of that kind.

It grieves me to think that the remains of sanctity here, which were considerable, were dragged away, and employed in building a part of the house of Auchinleck, of the middle age; which was the family residence, till my father erected that 'elegant modern mansion,' of which Dr. Johnson speaks so handsomely.

As I wandered with my reverend friend in the groves of Auchinleck, I told him, that, if I survived him, it was my intention to erect a monument to him here, among scenes which, in my mind, were all classical; for in my youth I had appropriated to them many of the descriptions of the Roman poets.

On the front of the house of Auchinleck is this inscription: 'Quod petis, hic est; Est Ulubris; animus si te non deficit aequus[1035].'

It is an object which, having been pointed out to me as a splendid edifice, from my earliest years, in travelling between Auchinleck and Edinburgh, has still great grandeur in my imagination.

the estate of Auchinleck.

Malone says that 'Lord Auchinleck told his son one day that it would cost him more trouble to hide his ignorance in the Scotch and English law than to show his knowledge.

Thence they proceeded by Inverary and Loch Lomond to Glasgow; and after paying a visit to Boswell's paternal mansion at Auchinleck in Ayrshire, returned to Edinburgh in November.

At Auchinleck he was less fortunate.

" The great man was actually putting the family sentiment of a brewer in the same category with the sentiments of the heir of Auchinleck.

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63 examples of  auchinleck  in sentences