4620 examples of audience in sentences

Taking a small key from his pocket, he unlocked it and drew forth before the astonished eyes of his audience the handkerchief intact.

There was a roar of laughter from the audience, and Ben looked rather confused, especially when Rose turned to him and, laughing, said: "You've been robbing Mr. Crawford, I am afraid, Ben."

But here is something else," and the magician produced a small kitten, who regarded the audience with startled eyes and uttered a timid moan.

Mike more than justified the confidence, and not only pleased him, but succeeded in individualising himself with the audience.

He had only played it for a week, when one Saturday evening the audience, after calling the manager himself three times, set up a cry for "Laflin."

The Spanish nymph, a wit and beauty too, With all her charms, bore but a single show: 10 But let a monster Muscovite appear, He draws a crowded audience round the year.

"I am yet heere, and have the States of Holland ingaged in a more than ordnary maner, to procure me audience of the States Generall.

At eleven o'clock, unobserved but by this official audience, down the Boulevard Waterloo came the advance-guard of the German army.

His eloquence was not of the Websterian sort, massive and logical, but rather of that magnetic kind which wins and sways an audience at will, sometimes to smiles and then to tears, but always with definite persuasion.

To- morrow nicht's audience is in the making to-nicht.

Your audience will have no swank frae yeno side.

He hardly pretends to carry the mixed popular audience whom he addresses into any real inquiry into the grounds on which he has satisfied himself that the received account of Christianity is not the true one.

But the intense, rather painful, feeling which had swept over the audience was instantly removed by a comic monologue, and I need not tell you that these monologues,intended to amuse the men from the trenches and give them a hearty laugh,are usually very La Scalathat is to sayrosse.

Au sortir de son audience je fus conduite à celle de la duchesse, grande et belle femme, fille de l'empereur, et par lui héritière du royaume de Hongrie et de Bohème, et des autres seigneuries qui en dépendent.

He gave his audience charcoal sketches of everyday life rather than argument.

The hall was warm, and the church bell having announced my arrival, a large audience was assembled.

I had a good audience at the opera house that evening, and was introduced to many agreeable people, who declared themselves converted to woman suffrage by my ministrations.

on the very day the trains were changed, and so I could not make connections to meet my engagements at Saginaw and Marshall, and just saved myself at Toledo by going directly from the cars before the audience, with the dust of twenty-four hours' travel on my garments.

" While in Ann Arbor I gave my lecture on "Our Girls" in the new Methodist churcha large building, well lighted, and filled with a brilliant audience.

Here, too, I had a fine audience and gave my lecture entitled "Open the Door.

" At Coldwater, in spite of its name, I found a warm, appreciative audience.

A splendid audience greeted me in the Opera House, and I gave "Our Girls," bringing many male sinners to repentance, and stirring up some lethargic femmes coverts to a state of rebellion against the existing order of things.

Supposing none but women were present, as all were dressed in feminine costume, the audience were quite free in their questions, and I equally so in my answers.

Those of my audience who wished to stay were offered seats at half price; those who did not, slipped out, and the crowd rushed in, soon packing the house to its utmost capacity.

Your pardon for this queer audience of dismissal.

4620 examples of  audience  in sentences