4620 examples of audiences in sentences

But if you would really know what kind of theatre it was that sprang up with the Stuarts and what the audiences looked like and how they behaved, you must read Pepys.

My surprise and gratification increased on the occasion of each lecture, as the audiences grew in numbers and distinction.

And, in spite of the desperation of the time, you might have seen a dozen such audiences in Berlin, that nightand yet tourists generally speak of Berlin, compared with some of the German provincial cities, as a rather graceless, new sort of place, full of bad sculpture and Prussian arrogance.

Would Percival, in looking for his attentive audiences, have preferred a congregation of blind men?

You feel so superior to managers and audiences that you never offer them.

Everywhere my audiences showed me that that great and wonderful reception that had been given to me on the day we landed had been only an earnest of what was to come.

I addressed the Rotary Clubs, and great audiences turned out to listen to me.

I thought, and there were those who agreed with me, that I could, it might be, reach audiences another speaker, better trained than I, no doubt, in this sort of work, would not touch.

I had to appear daily before my audiences, and laugh and sing, that I might make them laugh, and so be better able to do their part.

Many and many a time audiences have been good to me.

I have sung before many strange audiences, in all parts of the world, or nearly all.

But these audiences that I was to face here in France gave me more thought than any of them.

This was one of the most enthusiastic audiences I had had yet, for nearly every man there, it turned out, had been what Americans would call a Harry Lauder fan in the old days.

On my last visit to that place in May, 1884, large and enthusiastic audiences attended the lectures, and not a sign of hostility was to be seen outside the hall.

This was Clara Wieck, who was already electrifying the most serious critics and captivating the most cultured audiences by the maturity of her art, already winning an encore with a Bach fugue,an unheard-of miracle.

Many a time as the shadows lightened and the dim, misty dawn came stealing through the forest, would the small boy step outside the rude sugar-house and repeat in that musical, resonant voice that has since held audiences enthralled, Milton's glorious "Invocation to the Light."

Their original intention was to confine their public labors to audiences of their own sex, but they finally addressed promiscuous assemblies.

They met with considerable opposition from colonizationists, and also from a portion of the New England clergy, on the ground of the impropriety of their publicly addressing mixed audiences.

Foolhardy people walk out to the edge of it and make their bow to imaginary audiences over three thousand feet below.

Old Woollen, the unfortunate, detailed his woes to more and more appreciative audiences.

But of course you cannot be he, for I remember that Sidney Ormond is now lecturing in England to tremendous audiences all over the country.

They tell about the ovations accorded them by foreign audiences.

It is in vain they tell their audiences and Horatio:

He was one of the most powerful and popular preachers of his time, and his extraordinary force of character and wonderful enthusiasm attracted vast audiences.

Lincoln's addresses not only brought him large and appreciative audiences, but they obtained an unprecedented circulation in print.

4620 examples of  audiences  in sentences