869 examples of augment in sentences

The savage monarch then proceeded to ratify and augment the agreement into which he had already catered with Edward Winslow, and promised to guarantee to the English settlers an exclusive trade with his tribe; at the same time entreating them to prevent his powerful enemies, the Narragansetts, from carrying on a commercial intercourse with the French colonists.

Their education served to augment their early friendship, by directing it to the supply of their reciprocal wants.

The literary productions of I.D['Israeli] and others may not augment the profits your trade in any considerable degree; but to get the talents of such writers at your command is a prime object, and others will follow.

From every view which has been taken of the subject it is thought that it will be necessary rather to augment than to diminish our force in that quarter.

I recommend a revision of the existing tariff and its adjustment on a basis which may augment the revenue.

When the honor or the rights of our country require it to assume a hostile attitude, it confidently relies upon the patriotism of its citizens, not ordinarily devoted to the military profession, to augment the Army and the Navy so as to make them fully adequate to the emergency which calls them into action.

Is it wise to augment this excess by encouraging hopes of sudden wealth expected to flow from magnificent schemes dependent upon the action of Congress?

The state of things made known in various letters recently received at the War Department, extracts from a portion of which are herewith inclosed, is calculated to augment the deep solicitude which this matter has for some time past awakened, and which has been earnestly expressed in previous messages and in the annual reports of the Secretary of War.

On the other hand, the construction of five ships of great speed, and sufficiently strong for war purposes, and the services of passed midshipmen on board of them, so as thus to augment the contingent force and the actual efficiency of the Navy, were among the inducements of the Government to enter into the contract.

The hackneyed lines sprang unbidden, as though to augment my punishment; then suddenly I reflected that it was not in my own interest I had begun to practise my deceit; and the thought of Catherine braced me up, perhaps partly because I felt that it should.

Total. 1851 31,688 acres 223,314 acres 255,002 1860 146,320 " 230,677 " 377,003 In Africa, also, the export of cotton is on the increase; and Egypt is erecting new works to retain and direct the overflow of the Nile, which will augment her exports.

[Footnote B: Those who insist that the patriarchs held slaves, and sit with such delight under their shadow, hymning the praises of "those good old slaveholders and patriarchs," might at small cost greatly augment their numbers.

They have other sorts of tombs, as when an Indian is slain in that very place they make a heap of stones (or sticks where stones are not to be found); to this memorial every Indian that passes by adds a stone to augment the heap in respect to the deceased hero.

To augment their woes, the winds began to move, Debate in air, for empty fields above, Till Boreas got the skies, and pour'd amain

As time rolled on, in the first place, the number of the colony had begun to augment by natural means.

He suggested to his mother that she had better lend me some of the "family jewels" to augment my own large store, but fortunately Mrs. Gurrage is of a tenacious disposition and likes to keep her own belongings to herself, so I shall be spared the experience of the park-paling tiara sitting upon my brow.

The professor had been infatuated, and the year or so of married life seemed only to augment such infatuation, and incidentally Jane's ire.

So full of zeal was Major Anderson that the Government should without delay augment its moral and material strength, that in default of soldiers he desired to improvise a garrison for it by sending there a detachment of thirty laborers in charge of an officer, vainly hoping to supply them with arms and instruct them in drill, and hold the work until reënforcements should come.

'Action may augment noise, but it never can enforce argument,' ii. 211.

As the silence continued, and the assembly of all the council, at which the king was about to appear, could not but augment his timidity, the bishop turned to the Regent, and said to him, 'His Majesty will go to the council, but he wants a little time to prepare himself for it.'

Of the West Coast (properly so denominated) which was seen during the Bathurst's voyage, very little can be said in reference to its vegetable productions, and most probably nothing can be here advanced, tending to augment our very scanty knowledge of its Flora, acquired in part long since, through the medium of the celebrated navigator, Dampier, but more especially by the botanists accompanying Captain Baudin's voyage.

We may, if we but knew it, augment or abate them at will.

"I would not abate it one jot; I would augment it in my heart.

The freezing of any free water in the pores of the wood will augment these conditions.

There are deceivers who, under the pretence of religion, inculate this belief among the natives, hoping thereby to increase the number of gifts offered by the latter to the goddess, and thus augment their own profits.

869 examples of  augment  in sentences