869 examples of augments in sentences

Instead of cooling this augments my Fire; No Pain is like defeated new Desire.

And it augments its vocabulary to keep pace, roughly at least, with its expanding ideas.

Ay, but the milder passions show the man; For as the leaf doth beautify the tree, The pleasant flow'rs bedeck the painted spring, Even so in men of greatest reach and power A mild and piteous thought augments renown.

125. 'The window tax, as it stands at present (January 1775)...lays a duty upon every window, which in England augments gradually from twopence, the lowest rate upon houses with not more than seven windows, to two shillings, the highest rate upon houses with twenty-five windows and upwards.'

Had she not thus kept me at arms-length; had she not denied me those innocent liberties which our sex, from step to step, aspire to; could I but have gained access to her in her hours of heedlessness and dishabille, [for full dress creates dignity, augments consciousness, and compels distance;] we had familiarized to each other long ago.

And that which augments the misery; whether he be able or not, it is expected from him, if there comes a Brief to town, for the Minister to cast in his mite will not satisfy!

For the same reason that a general war, managed by the united efforts of the state, commonly augments the power of the crown; those private wars and inroads turned to the advantage of the aldermen and nobles.

No torments affright us which are limited to years: Eternity, eternity, occupies and inflames the heartthis it is that daily augments our sufferings, and multiplies our heart-burnings a hundredfold.

The vast amount of vacant lands, the value of which daily augments, forms an additional resource of great extent and duration.

And I of that, By reason of a late could I have gott, Am at this instant guilty; which this rushinge From a warme bedd in these wild frosty nights Rather augments then helpes; but all necessityes Must bee obeyde.

Speake still, if thou wilt, but not for him; The more thou speak'st the more augments my love, If that thou can'st adde more to infinite; The more thou speakest the more decreaseth his, If thou canst take away ought from nothing; Thinke, Tulley, if Lentulus can love me, So much and more Terentia doth love thee.

Whatever gives us pleasure augments our being, and whatever pains us diminishes it; hence we seek to preserve the causes of pleasurable emotions, and love them, to do away with the causes of painful ones, and hate them.

"It is the province of the science of medicine to preserve to society its feeble and invalid members, which, notwithstanding the war it wages upon the principle of political economists, augments considerably the sum of human life.

'Tis he, they say, Who holds that world together; every day Of wisdom he augments the store!

Our population advances with a celerity which, exceeding the most sanguine calculations, proportionally augments our strength and resources, and guarantees our future security.

Oh, shun this deceiver, his motives are gain, He oftener augments, than alleviates, pain; His boasted attainments are nothing but show, Put him with the rest, they'll just make a row.

Happily, the comet will be in advance of the earth, so that unless our globe augments its pace, or the anticipated visitant retards its journey, there will be no risk of any dangerous proximity, much less of a hostile collision.

The consciousness of having reflected seriously and conclusively on important questions, whether social or spiritual, augments dignity while it does not lessen humility.

In these ways, then, compromise may mean, not acquiescence in an instalment, on the ground that the time is not ripe to yield us more than an instalment, but either the acceptance of the instalment as final, followed by the virtual abandonment of hope and effort; or else it may mean a mistaken reversal of direction, which augments the distance that has ultimately to be traversed.

"In accordance with these counsels she increases the pensions and establishments of the Princes, the nobles, and the old servants of the Crown; she grants new ones; she augments the garrisons of her fortresses, as much to satisfy those who hold them as for the safety of the country, and maintains a greater number of troops than formerly; the increase of these pensions amounting on an average to three millions annually.

She makes numerous presents, and this under advice, without increasing her receipts, as well as reducing them annually two millions five hundred thousand livres by the diminution of the duty on salt; and so augments her expenses that, upon mature consideration, we shall rather be applauded for being in the state we still are after so many necessary outlays, than blamed for having incurred them.

It will be seen that to increase the thickness of the sheet of lead merely augments the duration of the accumulator, without affecting its capacity or its manner of charging and discharging.

As the cold augments, the air bears its moisture in the form of a frozen fog, the icicles of which are so sharp as to be painful to the skin.

During this time she generally augments the income which she gets from her private practice by other part-time paid work, notably by giving lectures in first aid, etc., by school inspection, where part-time officers are appointed, and other such work.

The manufactures of the North and East, therefore, and the grain and provisions of the Western States are likely to find in Texas a demand, increased by whatever augments intercourse between the two countries, and especially by whatever tends to give attraction to the cities of the United States as marts for the sale of her great and principal article of export.

869 examples of  augments  in sentences