628 examples of auntie in sentences

"It's all right, Auntie.

" "Auntie, don't you think she ought to do something about these headaches?" "I don't know, Esther.

"Don't you think we might have tea in here, Auntie?

"That it was poor Auntie's engagement ring and that, although she can't remember anything about it, she knows it means something more than life to her.

Why, you are our good angel, Auntie.

" "That is all that is written here, Auntie.

"Berries all ready, Auntie," said Esther cheerfully.

Go on, Auntie" "Jane, be quiet!

Auntie dear, sit down.

Then, in a change of tone as they left Aunt Amy resting in the hammock, "Esther, why is Auntie so afraid of mother lately?

"Auntie's more my mother, Esther, and so are you.

I am perfectly well, Auntie.

"Auntie," said Esther, "you remember the little package I gave you that night when mother was so ill?

"Let me help you, Auntie, you walk so slow," said she.

" "My feet are not wet, Auntie, only a little cold.

" "Auntie," said little Cornelia, "have my little banty's eggs hatched yet?"

"Yes, my dear; but you must give them back, and not keep Auntie waiting in the cold.

But can't you go home now and let auntie give you tea and FEJEVARY: (sharply) Madeline, have you no intelligence?

MADELINE: I love auntie.

Auntie and Celia Jane and Miki, by Maud and Miska Petersham.

Auntie and Celia Jane and Miki.

However, the 8 p.m. appointment is hereby cancelled.' 'Cancel yer Auntie Kate!'

That had him, Wullie!ye'll be a corporal afore yer auntie!

It's righting the wrong that will be the tough job, but we have done it a little teenty, weenty bit for Jonesy, don't you think, auntie?

"What does that mean, auntie?"

628 examples of  auntie  in sentences