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628 examples of  auntie  in sentences

628 examples of auntie in sentences

By the way, auntie, I want to return that check you sent me.

"'Tain't everyone as'd want to come into this wilderness, but my auntie's cousin, Alethea-Belle Buchanan, is willin' to take the job.

But Auntie had experience in such things.

But Ritz looked so miserable that Auntie felt great pity for him.

Not that Auntie formed the sentences, no indeed, she was not going to cheat the teacher; but she knew well what was needed to form a sentence and she pushed and spurred Ritz and brought so many things before him, and reminded him how they looked, that he had his three sentences and his nine qualities together in no time.

Now there came a feeling to Ritz that he had not acted right, when he said that an aunt must not always be reminding people, and when now Auntie asked: "Ritz, why had you to write the sentences?"

" "Yes, I can imagine that," said Auntie.

When now the two were well tucked in their beds, Ritz said: "Edi, was it a sin that I said Auntie must not always remind?"

"Do come a little quicker so that you can tell something, else we will have to go to bed, for Auntie has already looked twice at her watch.

Mother and Auntie were mending stockings; Father was reading a large church paper.

" "Which the inquisitive Sally fetched in the kitchen for the purpose of carrying out her plan, that is clear," remarked Auntie.

While Auntie was pushing and shaking the sleepy Ritz, Edi had tried several times to get near her, but she had always escaped him.

Ritz and Edi were shoved into their room, the light put on the table, the door was closed, and away went Auntie.

And the mother came as she did every evening, and she promised to make everything clear to Auntie, so he could be pacified and find the sleep which Ritz long since had found again.

"It's all right, Auntie.

" "Auntie, don't you think she ought to do something about these headaches?" "I don't know, Esther.

"Don't you think we might have tea in here, Auntie?

"That it was poor Auntie's engagement ring and that, although she can't remember anything about it, she knows it means something more than life to her.

Why, you are our good angel, Auntie.

"I know I am late, Auntie.

" "That is all that is written here, Auntie.

"Berries all ready, Auntie," said Esther cheerfully.

Go on, Auntie" "Jane, be quiet!

Auntie dear, sit down.

Then, in a change of tone as they left Aunt Amy resting in the hammock, "Esther, why is Auntie so afraid of mother lately?

"Auntie's more my mother, Esther, and so are you.

I am perfectly well, Auntie.

"Auntie," said Esther, "you remember the little package I gave you that night when mother was so ill?

"Let me help you, Auntie, you walk so slow," said she.

" "My feet are not wet, Auntie, only a little cold.

" "Auntie," said little Cornelia, "have my little banty's eggs hatched yet?"

"Yes, my dear; but you must give them back, and not keep Auntie waiting in the cold.

"Auntie wouldn't let me come down before.


Bobby, you are jolly and wholesome, and auntie likes you, and I'll take youhold hard,' she said, as I moved up'I'll take you, if you'll give me the turquoise cup.'

But can't you go home now and let auntie give you tea and FEJEVARY: (sharply) Madeline, have you no intelligence?

MADELINE: I love auntie.

"Auntie must see us look our prettiest," she said.

When Anne saw the light coming she shut her eyes and burrowed under the blankets, she knew it was Auntie Adeline trying to be a mother to her.

(You called them Auntie Adeline and Uncle Robert to please them, though they weren't relations.)

"Anne," he said, "don't you think you can love Auntie Adeline?" Anne straightened herself.

But I want to think by myself, and Auntie Adeline keeps on getting in the way.

"Do you love Auntie Adeline, Daddy?"

"Lucky Auntie," Arthur said.

But when you see your grandma or great-auntie wearing a lovely old-fashioned breastpin, bound around with gold, and holding a pink stone, shining like crystal, with a white carved head or other figure standing out from the lower stone, you may know it is a very valuable ornament, and was probably made from one of the finest shells found in the sea.

Imitations are made from porcelain, but very likely grandma's or great-auntie's will be the real conch-shell.

My auntie seen somebody go in the gin one night but didn't think bout them settin' it on fire.

It's the auntie that lives to New York.

Auntie said you might sleep with Dotty and me to-night, right in the middle.

" "I don't spect that thing knows what time it is," said Fly, gazing at the clock doubtfully, "and my eyes are all opened out; but if you want me to, auntie, I will!"

" "Why, how did that kitty get in here?" said auntie, as a loud mewing was heard.

"O, here is the kittyI've found her," said auntie, suddenly seizing Fly by the shoulders, and stopping her mocking-bird mouth.

"Shut her up, auntie," said Dotty Dimple; "she's a kitty.

"Pretty soon, if you can catch mice as well as you can mew," laughed auntie; "but look you, my dear; are you going to bed to-night?

or shall I shut you down cellar?" "Don't shut me down cellow, auntie," cried the mocking-bird, crowing like a chicken; "shut me in the barn with the banties.

" Next moment it occurred to the child that this style of behavior was not very "speckerful;" so she hastily dropped on her knees before her auntie, and began to say her prayers.

But when the "three abed" had been tucked in and kissed, Fly called her auntie back to ask, "How can Flipperty grow up a goody girl athout she says her prayers?" There was such a mixture of play and earnestness in the child's eyes, that auntie had to turn away her face before she could answer seriously.

But when the "three abed" had been tucked in and kissed, Fly called her auntie back to ask, "How can Flipperty grow up a goody girl athout she says her prayers?" There was such a mixture of play and earnestness in the child's eyes, that auntie had to turn away her face before she could answer seriously.

"How would you all like to go out by and by, and take the air?" "We'd like it, auntie; and I'll tell you what would be prime," remarked Horace, from his uncle's place at the head of the table; "and that is, to take Fly to Stewart's, and have her go up in an elevator.

" "Will you, auntie?

" "But, auntie, isn't it wicked to wear paint on your cheeks?

"Auntie, is it wicked to wear jewels, if your grandma's a Quaker?" "I think not; that is, if somebody should give you a pair; but I hope somebody never will.

" "O, you darling auntie!" cried the little Parlins, in a breath.

A little snip like you mustn't have money," answered Horace, carelessly; "auntie gave it to me.

"Why, that stone building on Tenth Street, with blue curtains, where we left auntie.

Prudy and I came to New York: our auntie sent for usI know the place when I see it; side of a church with ivy; but O, dear!

"There isn't any house along here that looks like auntie's," said she, anxiously; "only they all look like it some.

"No, no," cried she, running down again, as fast as the mouse ran down the clock; "my auntie don't keep onions in her bay window, I hope!

"Well, any way, here's that beautiful church, with ivy round it; it's ever so near auntie's; so I'll keep walking.

Suppose we both go up stairs a few minutes?" "There, auntie's going to reason with me," thought Dotty, winding slowly up the staircase; "I didn't suppose she was one of that kind.

"Auntie gave me that skipt.

"I hope auntie won't give Hollis nuffin to eat, 'cause he's took away my skipt; nuffin to eat but meat and vertato, athout any pie.

"And I've got some beau-fler flowers to my auntie's house.

" "Her auntie!

"What's your auntie's name?" "Aunt Madge.

"I see itI see it; my auntie's house.

" "Very well, Marmaduke: there is no use now in blaming Auntie or excusing yourself.

He whooped grandma and auntie and cut grandma's long hair off with his pocket-knife.

"Oh, auntie, you wouldn't!" "Why not?

"I reckon maybe if she's your auntie she'd want white aprons.

"No'm, she's not my auntie.

'Auntie, I want some of that ash cake and some of that good sweet milk.'

" "Not she," interposed auntie.

After this auntie and I were to have our three months' holiday in Sydney, where, with Everard Grey in the capacity of showman, we were to see everything from Manly to Parramatta, the Cyclorama to the Zoo, the theatres to the churches, the restaurants to the jails, and from Anthony Hordern's to Paddy's Market.

That's all poor auntie can see in the world for a woman!"

Auntie and Celia Jane and Miki, by Maud and Miska Petersham.

Auntie and Celia Jane and Miki.

You have entered the college fully determined to take a complete course, and you surely would not like a discouraging or disapproving letter from your auntie.

Why, Auntie dear, My glove!

Please, auntie, you twist up my hair in a flat knotno matter how.

However, the 8 p.m. appointment is hereby cancelled.' 'Cancel yer Auntie Kate!'

That had him, Wullie!ye'll be a corporal afore yer auntie!

It's righting the wrong that will be the tough job, but we have done it a little teenty, weenty bit for Jonesy, don't you think, auntie?

"What does that mean, auntie?"

"Bless my soul!" cried Auntie, "a person in my state of health does not go to places all over promenades and tennis courts.

"Poor auntie," replied Helen, "would hold herself quite above the manuscripts.

"What, Tommy, in the jam again, and you whipped for it only an hour ago!" "Yes'm, but I heard you tell Auntie that you thought you whipped me too hard, so I thought I'd just even up.

LISPING "Have you lost another tooth, Bethesda?" asked auntie, who noticed an unusual lisp.

Just one moment, Auntie, dear; do look and see what No. 295 is!

See if it isn't, Auntie.