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254 examples of aura in sentences

" Anger did not prevent him, however, from noting that his neighbor traveled alone, that she must be an Englishwoman, and yet that she diffused, somehow, an aura of the Far East and of romance.

[Footnote 47: "Vengono e van, come onda al primo margo Quando piacevole aura il mar combatte.

[Air in motion] Wind N. wind, draught, flatus, afflatus, efflation^, eluvium^; air; breath, breath of air; puff, whiff, zephyr; blow, breeze, drift; aura; stream, current, jet stream; undercurrent.

Sensations of Touch N. itching, pruritis [Med.] &c v.; titillation, formication^, aura; stereognosis^. V. itch, tingle, creep, thrill, sting; prick, prickle; tickle, titillate.

Solitus erat oblectare se fidibus, et voce musica canentium; sed hoc omne sublatum Sybillae cujusdam interventu, &c. Inde quicquid erat instrumentorum Symphoniacorum, aura gemmisque egregio opere distinctorum comminuit, et in ignem injecit, &c. 6596.

Bucarest, et termine en disant que le peuple allemand respirera librement quand il aura appris que la situation dans la péninsule Balcanique va enfin s'éclaircir.

Beso del aura, onda de luz, p. 170, XV, l. 5. (d) If an accented strong vowel follows a weak they may or may not form a diphthong.

After having been detained, by storms, many days in Skie, we left it, as we thought, with a fair wind; but a violent gust, which Bos. had a great mind to call a tempest, forced us into Col, an obscure island; on which "nulla campis Arbor aestiva recreatur aura.

It seemed to him that a cold aura shot from it along his arm and chilled the blood running through his heart.

The aura that surrounded Miss Wollaston's remark included, then, the conviction that the drawing-room piano, being a sacred memory, couldn't be out of tune in the first place; that Paula, in the second, ought to have attended to it; and third (this is rather complex

He decided that it was not beauty, in the strictest sense of the word, but a sort of radiance which emanated from her like an aura.

Her gaze was upon the pale rim of light along the hill-top beyond, a gaze which looked and saw nothing beyond the rosy aura of her thoughts.

" Tâchez de trouver une histoire qui aura la même morale que celle-ci.

Le jour venu, il s'y rend avec un corps d'infanterie qui entoure les deux champions; puis il appelle l'exécuteur des hautes-oeuvres, et lui dit: "Ces deux hommes vont se battre; dès qu'il y en aura un de tué, coupe devant moi la tête à l'autre.

For works claimed by Rachel Benet Lewis SEE Benet, Stephen Vincent. LEWIS, RALPH M. Aura spectrum; color graph.

Atoms aura reveals secrets of celestial-white light-nature atoms.

World's aura discovery will benefit your life.

TRUST, JOSEPHINE C. Superet ancient aura symbols.

She was off, Heaven knew where, at the lighting of a star in the thin blue; the movement of a cloud excited her; or she was held enchanted by the pale aura of moonrise along the rampart of Greffington Edge.

And in the Rasika Priya it is once again his courtly aura which determines his new role.

At the same time, a kind of sumptuous luxuriance, a predilection for greens and oranges in brilliant juxtaposition, a delight in natural profusion and the use of recessions, shading and round volumes give each picture a distinctive aura.

Si l'on part du détroit de Gibraltar, on aura, pour arriver à deux petites journées de Jérusalem, 2500 milles à parcourir; si l'on part de Tunis, on en aura 2400.

For even a package of paper sends out its "aura," and invites or repels attention.

The faintest possible aura of light began to loom from the mouth of the passage.

But the musician cannot dwell alone: his art requires that he should cluster, and the orchestra enforces it; therefore he acts and reacts like the vibrations ridged within a Stradivarius, he is kept in his art's atmosphere till it becomes his life, its aura bathes every trivial thing, and existence which might otherwise be meagre is raised and glorified.

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