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254 examples of  aura  in sentences

254 examples of aura in sentences

And Handy Solomon, stretched out, leaning on his elbow, with his red headgear, his snaky hair, his hook nose, his restless eye and his glittering steel clawthe glow wrote across his aura the names of Kid, Morgan, Blackbeard.

About his waist flickered a sort of aura of radiance which was extinguished as he flung himself headforemost into the cold spring.

I hustled so to get the house and the children and myself just so, that I got my aura into a regular snarl.

* Make it your first object in life to cultivate a serene and faith-full heart and aura.

In another line, the poet celebrates Colley Cibber's Musethe Musa Cibberi: 'Multa Cibberum levat aura.'

She became conscious of his nearness as if a palpable aura of vileness emanated from his person.

I left the Council Chamber disheartened, with the feeling that Lord J. Russell's reference to the manhood of Colonies was more likely to be followed by practical consequences than Lamartine's famous 'quand l'heure aura sonné' invocation to oppressed nationalities.

"Nam quis lumina tanta, tanta Posset luminibus suis tueri, Non statim trepidansque, palpitansque, Prae desiderii aestuantis aura?" &c. "For who such eyes with his can see, And not forthwith enamour'd be!"

30. "Vitrea gemmula, fluxaque bullula, candida forma est, Nix, rosa, fumus, ventus et aura, nihil.

Solitus erat oblectare se fidibus, et voce musica canentium; sed hoc omne sublatum Sybillae cujusdam interventu, &c. Inde quicquid erat instrumentorum Symphoniacorum, aura gemmisque egregio opere distinctorum comminuit, et in ignem injecit, &c. 6596.

Bucarest, et termine en disant que le peuple allemand respirera librement quand il aura appris que la situation dans la péninsule Balcanique va enfin s'éclaircir.

Beso del aura, onda de luz, p. 170, XV, l. 5. (d) If an accented strong vowel follows a weak they may or may not form a diphthong.

About the other state of affairswherein the woman's appurtenances of all kinds, as well as the woman herself, are significantis a delicate and subtle aura of the higher refinementthe long refinement of the spirit through many generationswhich, to an eye accustomed to look for gradations of moral beauty, possesses a peach-blow iridescence of its own.

She cooked their breakfast, but he served her with an elaborate gallantry, putting forward all his new and foreign graces, garnishing his speech with imposing polysyllables, casting about their picnic breakfast a radiant aura of grandeur borrowed from the recent days of his fame.

It was "wet," notwithstanding its choking alkali dust; and the deep pool of its wetness lay in Hudson's bar, The Aura.

When Hudson came to New York he looked up his Eastern patrons, and it was one of these who, knowing Arundel's need, encouraged the hotel-keeper in his desire to secure a "jim-dandy picture" for the lobby of The Aura and took him for the purpose to Marcus's studio.

'Pone me pigris ubi nulla campis Arbor æstiva recreatur aura, Dulce ridentem Lalagen amabo, Dulce loquentem.' Hor.

It seemed to him that a cold aura shot from it along his arm and chilled the blood running through his heart.

The aura that surrounded Miss Wollaston's remark included, then, the conviction that the drawing-room piano, being a sacred memory, couldn't be out of tune in the first place; that Paula, in the second, ought to have attended to it; and third (this is rather complex

He replied, that three new comers from the world had been taken up into heaven, and had there seen magnificent things, also maidens and wives of astonishing beauty; and that being let down from heaven they had entered into that palace, and were relating what they had seen; especially that they had beheld such beauties as their eyes had never before seen, or can see, unless illustrated by the light of heavenly aura.

An aura of self-satisfaction enveloping her, Miss Jevne disappeared behind the rose-garlanded portals of the new cream-and-mauve French section.

And there the aura vanished, quivering.

One day, overcome with heat, Cephalus threw himself on the grass, and cried aloud, "Come, gentle Aura, and this heat allay!"

The words were told to his young wife Procris, who, supposing Aura to be some rival, became furiously jealous.

Resolved to discover her rival, she stole next day to a covert, and soon saw her husband come and throw himself on the bank, crying aloud, "Come, gentle Zephyr; come, Aura, come, this heat allay!"

Il aura s'arrêter.

n'y aura pas d'erreur cette fois.

Superet ancient aura symbols.

Superet atom aura chart.

For works claimed by Rachel Benet Lewis SEE Benet, Stephen Vincent. LEWIS, RALPH M. Aura spectrum; color graph.

TRUST, JOSEPHINE C. Superet ancient aura symbols.

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She was off, Heaven knew where, at the lighting of a star in the thin blue; the movement of a cloud excited her; or she was held enchanted by the pale aura of moonrise along the rampart of Greffington Edge.

And in the Rasika Priya it is once again his courtly aura which determines his new role.

At the same time, a kind of sumptuous luxuriance, a predilection for greens and oranges in brilliant juxtaposition, a delight in natural profusion and the use of recessions, shading and round volumes give each picture a distinctive aura.

Si l'on choisit la voie de mer, on aura le choix de s'embarquer, soit à Aigues-Mortes soit à Marseille

Si l'on part du détroit de Gibraltar, on aura, pour arriver à deux petites journées de Jérusalem, 2500 milles à parcourir; si l'on part de Tunis, on en aura 2400.

Si l'on part du détroit de Gibraltar, on aura, pour arriver à deux petites journées de Jérusalem, 2500 milles à parcourir; si l'on part de Tunis, on en aura 2400.

On entremêlera par-ci par- tout ce qu'on aura de gens d'armes, à moins qu'on ne préférât de les placer en dehors pour escarmoucher; mais on se gardera bien de placer ainsi les hommes d'armes.

Si l'on a quelque mauvais pas à passer, on ne manquera pas d'y envoyer des gens d'armes et des gens de trait autant que le lieu permettra d'en recevoir pour combattre, et l'on aura grand soin qu'ils soient constamment en bon ordre de bataille.

Si l'on me demande comment on aura des vivres, je dirai que la Grèce

As he was fainting with Heat, he cried out, Aura veni; Oh charming Air approach.

In 1718; Vaillant,* who rejects the vermicular hypothesis of generation, supposes the influence of the Pollen to consist in an aura, conveyed by the tracheae of the style to the ovula, which it enters, if I rightly understand him, by the funiculus umbilicalis: at the same time he seems to admit the existence of the aperture in the coat.

page 45 et 61 paragraph 118.) Adanson, in 1763,* states the Embryo to exist before fecundation, and that it receives its first excitement from a vapour or aura proceeding from the Pollen, conveyed to it through the tracheae of the style, and entering the Ovulum by the umbilical cord.

Off to the right, over the cliff brow, a faint aura of light was visible.

Off to the north, the faint, ghostly aura dimly silhouetted the trees.

And all at once, by the dim aura of diffused light reflected from the huge beam, the major saw dim figures running, off there to the left, among the buildings of the stockade.

He glanced swiftly round, saw Captain Alden by the dim aura of light reflected from the instrument-board.

As the Master held it up in the sand-lashed dimness, half-gloom and half-light, that formed a kind of aura round the firean aura sheeted through and all about by the aerial avalanches of the sandthe Legionaries got some vague idea of the necklace.

As the Master held it up in the sand-lashed dimness, half-gloom and half-light, that formed a kind of aura round the firean aura sheeted through and all about by the aerial avalanches of the sandthe Legionaries got some vague idea of the necklace.

There is an aura of things hostile, made manifest by messengers too refined for the senses to know; and this aura he felt, but knew not how he felt it.

There is an aura of things hostile, made manifest by messengers too refined for the senses to know; and this aura he felt, but knew not how he felt it.

[Footnote 30: "Si les navires ou marchandises ne sont expédiés à destination d'un port neutre que pour mieux venir en aide à l'ennemi, il y aura contrebande de guerre, et la confiscation sera justifiée."

Charles aura lu cela quelque part ...

elle aura sur vous, je l'espère, plus de pouvoir que moi.

lorsque les chassant du port qui les recèle, L'Aulide aura vomi leur flotte criminelle, Les vents, les mêmes vents, si longtemps accusés, Ne te couvriront pas de ses vaisseaux brisés!

It exhibits to the clairvoyant the aura of plants and animals, and thus in the case of the latter their desires and emotions, and whatever thoughts they may have, are all plainly shown before his eyes.

"He will be able to see the aura as far up as the astral body, and though that leaves all the higher part of a man still hidden from his gaze, he will nevertheless find it possible by careful observation to learn a good deal about the higher part from what is within his reach.

"As he looks at a person he will see him surrounded by the luminous mist of the astral aura, flashing with all sorts of brilliant colors, and constantly changing in hue and brilliancy with every variation of the person's thoughts and feelings.

Not only does the astral aura show him the temporary result of the emotion passing through it at the moment, but it also gives him, by an arrangement and proportion of its colors when in a condition of comparative rest, a clue to the general disposition and character of its owner.

" By simple clairvoyance in a certain stage of development the clairvoyant person is able to sense the presence of the human aura, by means of his astral sight.

The human aura, as all students of occultism know, is that peculiar emanation of astral vibrations that extends from each living human being, surrounding him in an egg-shaped form for a distance of two to three feet on all sides.

The trained clairvoyant vision sees the human aura as a nebulous hazy substance, like a luminous cloud, surrounding the person for two or three feet on each side of his body, being more dense near the body and gradually becoming less dense as it extends away from the body.

The clairvoyant sees the human aura as composed of all the colors of the spectrum, the combination shifting with the changing mental and emotional states of the person.

I have explained these auric colors, and their meanings, in my little book entitled "The Human Aura.

" The human aura is not always in a state of calm phosphorescence, however.

The clairvoyant vision is also able to discern what is called the "prana aura" of a person.

In fact, many persons of but slight clairvoyant power, who cannot sense the auric colors, are able to perceive this prana-aura without trouble.

It is sometimes called the "health aura," or "physical aura."

It is sometimes called the "health aura," or "physical aura."

To the clairvoyant vision the prana-aura appears like the vibrating heated air arising from a fire, or stove, or from the heated earth in summer.

If the student will close his eyes partially, and will peer through narrowed eyelids, he will in all probability be able to perceive this prana-aura surrounding the body of some healthy, vigorous personparticularly if the person is sitting in a dim light.

In the same way, the student may by practice acquire the faculty to perceiving his own prana-aura.

After a little practice, you will see a fine thin line surrounding your fingers on all sidesa semi-luminous border of prana-aura.

In most cases this border of aura is colorless, but sometimes a very pale yellowish hue is perceived.

The stronger the vital force of the person, the stronger and brighter will this border of prana-aura appear.

The aura surrounding the fingers will appear very much like the semi-luminous radiance surrounding a gas-flame, or the flame of a candle, which is familiar to nearly everyone.

It is generated in the aura of the person, in the first place, but is then thrown off or emitted from the atmosphere of the person, and is sent off into space.

At other times it will appear as a bomb, or series of bombs projected from the aura of the thinker.

Sometimes, as in the case of a vigorous thinker or speaker, these thought-form bombs will be seen to explode when they reach the aura of the person addressed or thought of.

Each thought-form bears the same color that it possessed when generated in the aura of its creator, though the colors seem to fade with time.

But I don't exactly like that shade of red around his bodyand there is too marked an absence of blue in his aura!

Usually the astral form of any object projects somewhat beyond the physical part of it, and thus metals, stones and other things are seen surrounded by an astral aura.

Jusqu'ici je n'ai pas aidé à mes appâts, je les ai laissé faire tout seuls, j'ai ménagé sa tête: si je m'en mêle, je la renverse, il n'y aura plus de remède.

Ah! Madame, quand nous en serons , j'y perdrai beaucoup, il y aura bien à décompter.

je la demande à vous: je veux lui rendre mes grâces de la charité qu'elle aura de vouloir bien entrer dans la mienne, qui en est véritablement indigne.

a de vous à moi, mille objets que vous allez trouver sur votre chemin, l'envie qu'on aura de vous rendre sensible, les amusements d'un homme de votre condition, tout va vous ôter cet amour dont vous m'entretenez impitoyablement.

Mon père me pardonnera dès qu'il vous aura vue: ma fortune nous suffit à tous deux, et le mérite vaut bien la naissance.

Quand nous en serons à l'article des grâces, il n'y aura qu'à parler: elles ne feront pas plus de difficulté que le reste, entendez-vous?

aura obligation et je prétends qu'il le sache, afin qu'il t'en récompense.

Il n'y aura point de dispute -dessus.

Dès que c'est un honnête homme, il aura lieu d'être content.

Il y aura toujours de la mauvaise foi de ma part.

On aura de mauvais procédés avec vous, parce que vous en avez d'estimables: cela seroit plaisant!

Il y aura de la bonté à le renvoyer.

de renvoyer cet intendant assez hardi pour regarder un tableau, il ne restera pas longtemps chez moi; sans quoi, on aura la bonté de trouver bon que je le garde en attendant qu'il me déplaise à moi, Mme.

Il aura pourtant beau faire, je déclare que je renonce à tous[105] procès avec vous, que je ne veux, pour arbitre de notre discussion, que vous et vos gens d'affaires, et que j'aime mieux perdre tout que de rien disputer.

A la bonne heure; mais il y aura un inconvénient s'il en est capable; on me dira de le renvoyer, et il n'est pas encore temps.

II n'y en aura aucune, ne vous embarrassez pas, et écrivez le billet que je vais vous dicter; il y a tout ce qu'il faut sur cette table.