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Do we say   authorise   or  authorize

Do we say authorise or authorize

authorise 70 occurrences

The Holy Scripture doth not indeed use it frequently (it not suiting the Divine simplicity and stately gravity thereof to do so); yet its condescension thereto at any time sufficiently doth authorise a cautious use thereof.

By so doing a man doth authorise others to distrust him; for it can be no wrong to distrust him who doth not pretend to be a credible person, or that his saying alone may safely be taken: who, by suspecting that others are not satisfied with his simple assertion, implieth a reason known to himself for it.

In deference to the firman, Ali confined him in prison, but used him well until a messenger could bring from Constantinople a permission from the Porte to authorise him to do what he pleased with the rebel.

"Your feelings may be the stronger," replied Anne, "but the same spirit of analogy will authorise me to assert that ours are the more tender.

"This is all very well, sir," said he as he handed me back the paper, "but it doesn't authorise you to come spying on the proceedings of the police.

And yet in spite of these appearances, in spite of all the deductions that modesty can authorise, I may boldly affirm that my scheme has something in it that is truly original.

History can authorise suspicions, but has not the right to establish them as fact.

The Government, therefore, appointed a committee representing the Treasury, the Bank of England, the Joint Stock Banks, and the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the United Kingdom to authorise advances in approved cases to British traders carrying on an export business in respect of debts outstanding in foreign countries and colonies, including unpaid foreign and colonial accepted bills which cannot be collected for the time being.

In Cabinet it was decided to authorise and advise the Lord Lieutenant to put into execution the law for suppressing the association against that which O'Connell is now endeavouring to organise, and at the same time to give silk gowns to Shiel and two or three other Roman Catholic barristers, omitting O'Connell.

There are to be three signatures of Ministers, that is, of Privy Councillors, to authorise the stamper, who is to be nominated by the King to affix the royal stamp to instruments in the King's presence.

He hates authority as the tyrant of reason, and you cannot anger him worse than with a father's dixit, and yet that many are not persuaded with reason, shall authorise his doubt.

Tis these suitors of Penelope that make it necessary to authorise a little for gin and mutton and such trifles.

A few hundred men getting drunk in the cabarets(I have perhaps been wrong to lay so much stress here upon the prevalence of this vice among the insurrectionists)a few tipsy brutes, ought not to be sufficient to authorise us to condemn a hundred thousand men, among whom are certainly to be found some right-minded persons who are convinced of the justice of their cause.

"The tribunal shall authorise the generals commanding in Cyprus or in Candia, in the event of its being for the welfare of the Republic, to cause any patrician or other influential person in either of those Venetian provinces to disappear, or to be assassinated secretly, if such a measure should conscientiously appear to them indispensable; but they shall be answerable before God for it.

Neither is he quite consistent with himself; in one place he makes St. Peter 'authorise the Gospel to be read in the churches;' in another he says that the Apostle 'neither forbade nor encouraged it' [Endnote 317:2].

We shall come to Parliament to authorise an increase in the numbers of those Councils, both the Viceroy's Council and the Provincial Councils.

"The Covenant of the State," says Hobbes, "is made in such a manner as if every man should say to every man: 'I authorise and give up my right of governing myself to this man, or to this assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy right to him and authorise all his actions in like manner.'

"The Covenant of the State," says Hobbes, "is made in such a manner as if every man should say to every man: 'I authorise and give up my right of governing myself to this man, or to this assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy right to him and authorise all his actions in like manner.'

Suzanne; that is, if you are pleased to authorise him, Madame la Marquise."

The members of the Florentine Academy addressed a memorial to Leo X., requesting him to authorise the translation of Dante Alighieri's bones from Ravenna to his native city.

Jewish Commentators authorise it.

Jewish Commentators authorise it.

But that does not authorise me lightly to entertain an ill opinion of another.

I honoured and esteemed the respectable Laura like a mother; for, though the difference of our ages was by no means sufficient to authorise the sentiment, it was irresistibly suggested to me by the fact of her always being presented to my observation under the maternal character.

Till some safe crisis authorise their skill.

Our North American colonies afford us a melancholy instance to the contrary; for though the climate in general is so wholesome and temperate, that it will not authorise this plea of necessity for the employment of slaves, any more than our own, yet the pernicious practice of slave-holding is become almost general in those parts.

Yet even these rights of imposing slavery, questionable, nay, refutable as they are, we have not to authorise the bondage of the Africans.

'What I require is a letter from you to your father, asking him to authorise the return of these deeds.

It is a great thing to learn how far our doubts and despondencies are the direct result of physical causes, and another great thing is, when we can not trace any such connexion, to bear patiently and quietly what God permits, if He does not authorise.

"Whereas their Lords Commissioners (the church) Do strictly authorise the right of search: As always practis'dyou're to understand By these what articles are contraband; Guns, mortars, pistols, halberts, swords, pikes, lances, Ball, powder, shot, and the appurtenances.

"Will any able writer authorise other men to revise his works?"Author.

Not proper, because the word "authorise" is here written with s in the last syllable, in stead of z.

We may therefore believe, that Dryden received some compliment from the king and chancellor; and I am afraid the same premises authorise us to conclude that it was but trifling.

The king had so far suppressed his tenderness for Monmouth, as to authorise his arrest at Stafford; and the influence of the Duke of York at court became daily more predominant.

But, according to your own showing there has been much in your life to authorise the statement.

1816, Mr. Boswell thus writes, in a note: "His lordship (Dr. Douglas, then bishop of Salisbury) has been pleased now to authorise me to say, in the strongest manner, that there is no ground whatever for any unfavourable reflection against Dr. Johnson, who expressed the strongest indignation against Lauder.

If, my Lord, it be felt by the rulers of the Church, that a scheme like this will meet sufficiently the necessities of her case, it must be no small additional comfort to them to feel that their demand is every way within the spirit of the Constitution, and short of the terms which the great compact of the Reformation would authorise you to seek.

The Gorham case was held to affect the position of a great party; but the language and theory actually examined and allowed would hardly, in legal strictness, authorise much more than the very peculiar views of Mr. Gorham himself.

Nothing but the necessity of procuring refreshments can authorise vessels, bound to the Cape of Good Hope, or to the south of America, to touch at the Canaries, or at the Cape Verd Islands.

It was a more precious offering than the mother would willingly have sanctioned, but she was too highly bred, and too thoughtful of the feelings of others, to hesitate for a moment to admire it herself, and authorise its acceptance by her daughter.

There is a strange sympathy which whispers convictions that no evidence can authorise, and no arguments dispel.

Yet he declared, although now that it was all over he avowed his joy at the interposition of his destiny, and the opportunity which he at length possessed of pursuing the career for which he was adapted, that he had to his knowledge given his wife no cause of offence which could authorise her conduct.

The War Department has regularised our position; it will authorise yours.

But there was more than that in store for him; it was all very well to authorise two new troops to a regiment, but another matter to recruit them.

As my instructions did not authorise my delaying to examine any part of this coast I could not penetrate into the many numerous and extensive openings that presented themselves in this space; particularly in the neighbourhoods of Cape Gloucester, Upstart, and Cleveland; where the intersected and broken appearances of the hills at the back are matters of interesting enquiry and research.

Could it authorise me to plait a whip of small cords, and flog a preferment-hunter out of the pulpit?

If we assumed any other ground than this, we should be compelled to say, that though the Grand Master might authorise others to make Masons, when he was absent, as in the usual case of lodges under dispensation yet the instant that he attempted to convey the same powers to be exercised in his presence, and under his personal supervision, his authority would cease.

My publique businesse will appeare by this: I have a message to deliver, which If it please you so to authorise, is An embassage from the Armenian state, Unto Arbaces for your libertie: The offer's there set downe, please you to read it.

To-night stirred in sluggish depths by omission of Government in preparing Census Bill to provide for Religious Census; so the Noble Baron moves Amendment designed to authorise Religious Census.

"I authorise you to buy any part of ten million shares of the leading stocks at any price up to fifty points above the present market.

There is my check-book signed in blank, and I authorise you to use it up to a billion dollars, and I agree to have in bank to-morrow sufficient funds to meet any checks you draw.

Proposals had to go before Parliament, and a special Act was needed to authorise the crossing of the northern tip of Epping Forest by the route in tunnel.

Health experts are worried about a new surge after a decline in intensive care bed occupancy to about 70 per cent prompted mayor Bruno Covas to authorise a partial reopening of business this week.

He further said the committee observed that NERC did not authorise decommissioning of meters by the DISCO or payment of outstanding bills as a precondition for acquiring meters under the Meter Asset Provider scheme.

In his second lecture, entitled In Praise of Politics, Lord Sumption argues that although majority rule is a basic principle of democracy, majoritarian decision-making is only enough to authorise state action, it is not enough to make them legitimate.

It was only then that the President decided to authorise the strike on the 62-year-old.

Russia, a close ally of Bashar al Assadโ€™s regime in Syria, immediately circulated a draft Security Council resolution that would authorise the delivery of aid through a single crossing point from Turkey for six months.

The agency said on Tuesday it would decide by Dec 29 whether to provisionally authorise the vaccine from US drugmaker Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech SE.

โ€œThe club could not give it to him because La Liga did not authorise it, but he promptly reported his movements and left with the commitment to return once he solved his personal affairs.โ€

The firm plans to initially authorise a return for only those workers with jobs that require them to be on site, such as working on a client project that needs a physical presence.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is thought to be ready to authorise the vaccines on December 28 or 29 after final data is provided to the regulator on Monday.

The spy agency was forced to apologise after the incident, which took place in relation to a court case about whether fellow agency MI5 can authorise informants to participate in murder, torture or other serious crimes.

This allowed officials to scrutinise data from the studies in real time and authorise the vaccine under an emergency approval.

Trump has still refused to concede an election he lost by more than 7 million votes, and his administration did not authorise official cooperation with the Biden transition team until November 23, weeks after the election.

Trump said Soleimani was "saying bad things about our country" before the strike, which led to his decision to authorise his killing.

But Acres denied any corruption on its own part and said it "did not authorise or have any knowledge of those payments to Mr Sole".

C. THAT Council direct staff to issue a Request For Proposals (RFP), and given the timing constraints for the comprehensive study, authorise the City Manager to approve the selection of the consultant(s).

Itโ€™s questionable whether the Twitter block is legal even under this law, as there was no court order to authorise the ban.

โ€œAustralia should authorise its forces to both sail and fly over the areas of the South China Sea.โ€

`Authorise our holding communion together.'

authorize 535 occurrences

And this was not denied by the Federalists so long as the foreigners behaved themselves; but when they gave vent to extreme liberal sentiments, like the French revolutionists, and became a nuisance, it was deemed right, and a wise precaution, to authorize the President to send them back to their own countries.

In the close he said: He regarded the intervention of Russia in the affairs of Hungary as a palpable violation of the laws of nations, that would authorize the United States to interfere.

"This," thought they, "is the law of the land, 'quam nolumus mutari'; and it must be the King with and by the advice of his Parliament, that can authorize any part of his subjects to take the question of its repeal into consideration.

He has also been instructed to make a further appeal to the justice of Spain, in behalf of our citizens, for indemnity for spoliations upon our commerce committed under her authorityan appeal which the pacific and liberal course observed on our part and a due confidence in the honor of that Government authorize us to expect will not be made in vain.

I have refused to sanction the allowance claimed, because the law does not authorize it, but have refrained from directing any proceedings to compel a reimbursement of the money thus, in my judgment, illegally received until an opportunity should be afforded to Congress to pass upon the equity of the claim.

Gentlemen: I have maturely considered the bill proposing to authorize "a subscription of stock in the Maysville, Washington, Paris, and Lexington Turnpike Road Company," and now return the same to the House of Representatives, in which it originated, with my objections to its passage.

Will not the people demand, as they have a right to do, such a prudent system of expenditure as will pay the debts of the Union and authorize the reduction of every tax to as low a point as the wise observance of the necessity to protect that portion of our manufactures and labor whose prosperity is essential to our national safety and independence will allow?

GENTLEMEN: I have considered the bill proposing "to authorize a subscription of stock in the Washington Turnpike Road Company," and now return the same to the Senate, in which it originated.

I am unable to approve this bill, and would respectfully refer the Senate to my message to the House of Representatives on returning to that House the bill "to authorize a subscription of stock in the Maysville, Washington, Paris and Lexington Turnpike Road Company" for a statement of my objections to the bill herewith returned.

(NOTE.For reasons for the pocket vetoes of "An act for making appropriations for building light-houses, light-boats, beacons, and monuments, placing buoys, and for improving harbors and directing surveys," and "An act to authorize a subscription for stock in the Louisville and Portland Canal Company," see Second Annual Message, dated December 6, 1830, p. 508.)

It is with satisfaction I lay before you an act of the British Parliament anticipating this subject so far as to authorize a mutual abolition of the duties and countervailing duties permitted under the treaty of 1794.

They authorize the inference that it is their intention to advance on our possessions until they shall be repressed by an opposing force.

I did not hesitate, therefore, to authorize engagements for such supplements to our existing stock as would render it adequate to the emergencies threatening us, and I trust that the Legislature, feeling the same anxiety for the safety of our country, so materially advanced by this precaution, will approve, when done, what they would have seen so important to be done if then assembled.

He will repay the whole expense of building and equipping the two vessels, and as he has advanced the price of our peace with Tripoli, and become pledged for that of Tunis, the United States seem to be under peculiar obligations to provide this accommodation, and I trust that Congress will authorize the advance of money necessary for that purpose.

If the force by sea and land which the existing laws authorize should be judged inadequate to the public defense, we will perform the indispensable duty of bringing forward such other acts as will effectually call forth the resources and force of our country.

It will rest with the judgment of Congress to decide how far the change in our external prospects may authorize any modifications of the laws relating to the army and navy establishments.

It will, I think, be expedient to confirm the collections thus made, and direct the avails (after such allowances as Congress may think fit to authorize) to be expended within the Territory or to be paid into the Treasury for the purpose of meeting appropriations for the improvement of its rivers and harbors.

The result is fully set forth in the report of a select committee of the House of Representatives of the 20th of February, 1849, upon a joint resolution of Congress to authorize the survey of certain routes for a canal or railroad between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

He could by no means admit that the first convention justified the second as a matter of course; but still there might be circumstances, not at present known to the House, which would still call for the continued payment to Russia, and authorize the new convention: but what those circumstances were, the House had a right to know before it was called upon to ratify the convention.

He asked not for an indefinite postponement, but as long a one as the duration of the session would authorize.

This and other circumstances seemed to authorize him to come forward as the head and the leader of the Caesar party.

Under any form of government extravagance in expenditure must be the natural consequence when those who authorize the expenditure feel no responsibility in providing the means of payment.

It will not be doubted that under this power Congress could, if they thought proper, authorize the President to employ the force at his command to seize a vessel belonging to an American citizen which had been illegally and unjustly captured in a foreign port and restore it to its owner.

In the progress of a great nation many exigencies must arise imperatively requiring that Congress should authorize the President to act promptly on certain conditions which may or may not afterwards arise.

This can only be accomplished by strictly confining the appropriations within the estimates of the different Departments, without making an allowance for any additional expenditures which Congress may think proper, in their discretion, to authorize, and without providing for the redemption of any portion of the $20,000,000 of Treasury notes which have been already issued.

With this view I would suggest that Congress might authorize the President to enter into a general agreement with the Colonization Society binding them to receive on the coast of Africa, from an agent there, all the captured Africans which may be delivered to him, and to maintain them for a limited period, upon such terms and conditions as may combine humanity toward these unfortunates with a just economy.

The limitations and restrictions to guard against abuses in the execution of a preemption law will necessarily attract the careful attention of Congress, but under no circumstances is it considered expedient to authorize floating claims in any shape.

If the government of New Brunswick will authorize or countenance such trespasses as have been stated by Mr. Coffin on the disputed territory, it can not be expected that the State of Maine will abstain from the adoption of preventive measures or from the performance of similar or other acts of jurisdiction and proprietorship.

By a subsequent resolve, passed March 8, 1832, the authority given to the land agents was enlarged so as to authorize them "to locate and survey the Aroostook road so that it may strike the Aroostook River at any place between the west line of the third range and the east line of the sixth range of townships west of the east line of the State."

"But your husband, of course, knows nothing of the matter?" "Not as yet," replied Mrs. Bloundel; "but I authorize you to tell him all.

The same correspondent adds: "Mr. Calhoun has come to the determination to authorize you to explore the River St. Peter's this season.

Instructed by experience that the love of happiness is the sole principle of all human actions, he found himself in a condition to distinguish the few cases, in which common interest might authorize him to build upon the assistance of his fellows, and those still fewer, in which a competition of interests might justly render it suspected.

While France persists in her refusal to comply with the terms of a treaty the object of which was, by removing all causes of mutual complaint, to renew ancient feelings of friendship and to unite the two nations in the bonds of amity and of a mutually beneficial commerce, she can not justly complain if we adopt such peaceful remedies as the law of nations and the circumstances of the case may authorize and demand.

First, that the Government of the King will use every legal and constitutional effort which its persevering persuasion of the justice and advantages of the treaty authorize the United States to expect from it.

His guide was the requisition on the State, and I can not well imagine how he could suppose that the Department would authorize a greater number of troops to be mustered and paid than he was specially directed to receive.

There is no such provision as would authorize Congress to collect together the property of the country, under the name of revenue, for the purpose of dividing it equally or unequally among the States or the people.

In view of the dangers of such a surplus, and in preference to its application to internal improvements in derogation of the rights and powers of the States, the suggestion of an amendment of the Constitution to authorize its distribution was made.

well understood at the time as intended to authorize the establishment of a national bank, which was to issue a currency of bank notes on a capital to be created to some extent out of Government stocks.

That if he can not find a depository which will so agree, then that the Secretary can not direct or authorize the receipt of any notes except such as the deposit bank primarily entitled to the deposits will agree to receive and deposit as cash.

Congress refused to authorize the preparation of a great plan of waterway development in the general interest, and for ten years has declined to pass the Appalachian and White Mountain National Forest bill, although the people are practically unanimous for both.

Luther Martin, of Maryland, a member of the convention that formed the United States' Constitution, said, "We ought to authorize the General Government to make such regulations as shall be thought most advantageous for the gradual abolition of slavery, and the emancipation of the slaves which are already in the States."

But if the Professor should be so imprudent as to cite us to the slave code for evidence of its merciful provisions, he will, in so doing, authorize us to cite him to that code for evidence of the nature of slavery.

Slaveholders, however, being themselves judges, they are a part of it, or, at least, are necessary to uphold it; else they would not by deliberate, solemn legislation, authorize them.

I cannot refrain, sir, from saying, that you greatly wrong the memory of that blessed Apostle of the Lord Jesus, in construing his writings to authorize such violence upon the persons and rights of men.

If then, neither Noah's curse, nor the special statute in question, authorize you to enslave your fellow men, there is, probably, but one ground on which you will contend for authority to do soand this is the ground of the general morality of the Christian religionof the general principles of right and duty, in the word of God.

God's commandments to the Jews, respecting servants and strangers, show that He not only did not authorize them to set up the claim of property in their fellow men, but that He most carefully guarded against such exercises of power, as might lead to the assumption of a claim so wrongful to Himself.

And how did God authorize his people to make proselytes?

Does God array his infinite authority to protect the free choice of a single servant from the heathen, and yet authorize the same persons, to crush the free choice of thousands of servants from the heathen!

Can Congress, in regulating commerce among the several States, authorize the transportation of articles from one State, and their sale in another, which they have not power so to authorize in any State?

Can Congress, in regulating commerce among the several States, authorize the transportation of articles from one State, and their sale in another, which they have not power so to authorize in any State?

I cannot believe in such doctrine; and I now solemnly protest against the power of Congress to authorize the transportation to, and the sale in, Ohio, of any negro slave whatever, or for any possible purpose under the sun.

That, on the contrary, we ought rather to prohibit expressly in our Constitution, the further importation of slaves, and to authorize the general government, from time to time, to make such regulations as should be thought most advantageous for the gradual abolition of slavery, and the emancipation of the slaves which are already in the States.

By the adding of ize, ise, en, or ate: as, author, authorize; critic, criticise; length, lengthen; origin, originate.

"Will your Eminence authorize me to give the signals?"

The Dred Scott decision declared in terms that Congress could not prohibit slavery in Territories nor authorize a Territorial Legislature to do so.

[Footnote 44: "The Government of India did not, indeed, in express words authorize us to negotiate with the Sultan for a cession to us of the post and harbour: but they desired us to obtain the occupation of the port as a coal depot, and that of the harbour as a place of shelter.

Already the commandant of the province had been obliged to authorize the meeting of the Parliament.

"Does Monsieur Nelson authorize you to make this proposal to me?"

The Land Our Father left to him alone rewards him, For being twelve months elder, let that be Forgotten, and let his Parasites remember One quality of worth or vertue in him That may authorize him, to be a censurer Of me, or my manners, and I will Acknowledge him for a Tutor, till then, never.

WE AUTHORIZE AND INVITE Agents, Newsdealers, Postmasters, Booksellers, Publishers, or any person receiving this list, to remit to us at our WHOLESALE PRICES.

The magnitude of this claim renders it highly desirable that a speedy termination should be put to all contest concerning it, and I therefore recommend that Congress shall authorize such proceedings as may be best calculated to bring it to a close.

The existing laws, as I am advised, are sufficient to authorize and enable the collecting officers, under the directions of the Secretary of the Treasury, to levy the duties imposed by the act of 1833.

To such a tribunal does the Constitution authorize the House of Representatives to carry up its accusations against any chief of the executive department whom it may believe to be guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

I know that it has been objected that the system would be liable to be abused by the Legislature, by whom alone it could be abused, in the party conflicts of the day; that such abuse would manifest itself in a change of the law which would authorize an excessive issue of paper for the purpose of inflating prices and winning popular favor.

Earlier in the week, Pete Buttigieg โ€” the now-former mayor of South Bend, Indiana โ€” criticized Biden for voting to authorize the Iraq War, calling it part of the nationโ€™s โ€œworst foreign policy decisionโ€ of the 37-year-oldโ€™s lifetime.

In his speech โ€” held inside the gilded ballroom on his Mar-a-Lago property โ€” he claimed that Soleimani was โ€œsaying bad things about our countryโ€ before the strike, which led to his decision to authorize his killing.

Members of the Service Employees International Union Local 73 also voted to authorize a strike.

Now, the core of the Trump administrationโ€™s strategy โ€” with bipartisan support in Congress โ€” has been to authorize Treasury funds to be used by the Fed for new programs to lend to businesses.

The government now intends to draw up a licensing system to authorize home cultivation.

ยท Authorize funds necessary to reimburse states for the cost of implementing the Act, such as providing additional absentee ballots and prepaid postage, and purchasing additional ballot scanners and absentee ballot drop boxes.

A warden can authorize an inmate be put in a dry cell to search for and retrieve suspected contraband from bodily waste.

Western Nebraska Regional Airport Manager Raul Aguallo told KNEB News the Department of Transportation did authorize SkyWest to drop back to six flights per week.

"What is very, very sad and very, very scary is because there isn't a legal pathway for veterinarians to be able to authorize, pet parents are sort of taking it in their own hands to do what they think is best," he said.

By-law 28-87: A by-law to authorize the replacement of the watermain on Wilcox Road from Meadows Boulevard northerly, in the City of Mississauga, at a Total Estimated Cost of $89,000.00.

By-law 46-95: To authorize the issue of instalment debentures in the amount of $14,862,000.00 for the purposes of The Peel Board of Education.

By-law 51-79 - To amend By-law Number 224-77 being a by-law to authorize payment to the Crown f or costs related to the purchase of equipment for the Lakeview Thermal Conditioning Units.

By-law 52-86: To authorize the application for approval to expropriate lands.

By-law 92-95: To authorize the issue of callable installment debentures in the amount of $598,328.86 for the purposes of The Regional Municipality of Peel.

By-Law No. 2014-125 to authorize the execution of an Agreement with MacLean Media Systems Inc. for the design and installation of the audio system at Memorial Gardens.

By-Law No. 2015-65 to authorize the execution of an agreement with Battano Construction Limited relating to Curb and Sidewalk Replacement.

By-law Number 49-89: To authorize the issue of Sinking Fund Debentures in the amount of $13,712,338.00 for the purposes of The Regional Municipality of Peel.

By-law Number 66-91: To authorize the funding for an upgrade of the instrumentation and control systems of fifteen water pumping stations and fourteen sewage pumping stations to accommodate the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System.

Economic rights are held by the owner of the copyright and include the right to produce, reproduce, present, communicate, publish, or authorize works depending on the type of work and to benefit financially from the work.

An Act to Amend the Public Service Act (Bill 21) provides for the appointment of Staffing Review Officers who will hear appeals of appointments made by competition, and to authorize the enactment of regulations governing such appeals.

An ACT to authorize the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestry of All Saints' Church in the Parish of Saint Andrews, in the County of Charlotte, to sell and dispose of certain lands in the said Parish.

In reviewing an application, the safety of the public is the paramount consideration in deciding whether to authorize a prisoner's escorted temporary absence.

In these instances, the Vice-President (Administration) may authorize a normal work week in excess of the amounts identified above.

Managers with sub-delegated classification authority can also authorize a number of transactions with classified model work descriptions.

Mรฉtis domestic fishing licences โ€“ these licences authorize fishing for food in a specified water body with one gill net that is not over 100 yards in length and of a minimum mesh size.

Another has managed to authorize and de-authorize an iPhone without iTunes activation.

Another has managed to authorize and de-authorize an iPhone without iTunes activation.

Append a description of the proposed process and criteria by which the HRRC or its equivalent will assess and authorize human research studies.

Application to determine eligibility for the reduced contribution (FO-0601A) Month Day I authorize the Ministรจre la Famille to verify, within the context of โ€ฆ end of daycare (if you know it) Ministรจre la Famille Page 1 of 2 White copy : PERMIT โ€ฆ

Approve and authorize implementation of the IAP.

Now that Obama has turned to Congress to authorize force against Syria, he is under relentless attack in Israel, with a chorus of pundits and politicians hammering him for his act of betrayal and cowardice in the face of evil.

Orders - direct and medical directives - and delegation are preconditions required by legislation, practice convention or circumstances to authorize and permit performance of certain procedures prior to performing them.

Organizations should ask themselves if they need to collect, store, and/or share personal information to authorize transactions.

SCHULZ: When the U.S. government calls upon foreign leaders to bring to justice those who commit or authorize human rights violations in the own countries, why should those foreign leaders listen?

The Board shall authorize the Secretary to submit the Resolution to the membership at least fourteen days prior to a General Meeting in which the Resolution is to be considered.

The defendants asked the court to dismiss the claim, pointing to the waiver of his legal rights and did not authorize his mother to waive any rights on his behalf.