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615 example sentences with  automate

615 example sentences with automate

Attempts to automate machines in the 19th century, for example copying-lathes, used cams.

Autoloaders and tape libraries are frequently used to automate cartridge handling.

These programs can automate routine tasks.

Better yet, a smart lighting system allows you to automate when your lights turn on and off so theyโ€™re only on when needed.

By contrast, the Project Bonsai solution is designed to automate the machine calibration in seconds or minutes.

Complex tasks like analysis, customer interaction, and negotiations require acute judgment and empathy, which are job functions that RPA technology is incapable of replicating and will never be able to automate.

Computer vision algorithms can help automate tasks such as detecting cancerous moles in skin images or finding symptoms in x-ray and MRI scans.

AI and other technologies can be used to automate trust and help consumers gauge the accuracy of information, a capability that is especially important during times like the current pandemic.

Airbus has signed a contract with Bengaluru-based startup Traxof Technologies to automate the talent acquisition process for Airbus information management (IM) organisations in India and Europe.

โ€œFintech is a portmanteau of the terms โ€œfinanceโ€ and โ€œtechnologyโ€ and refers to any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes.

For example, intelligent machines are now deployed in production to automate production.

From a CIO/CISOโ€™s perspective, therefore, it is impossible to overstate the importance of being able to automate security policy management across the entire estate โ€“ physical, virtual and cloud.

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to Veritasโ€™ high availability solutions to maintain 24/7 access to data for both doctors and patients, and to automate their data management.

He leveraged technologies such as Powershell and SQL Agent Master Server to centralize and automate common daily operations, reporting and maintenance.

An digital embroidery equipment will automate much of the standard features noted above, have an easily read LED display, deal features that are not readily available on a mechanical machine and reduce the concern of tedious sewing job.

An digital stitching device will automate a number of the standard functions provided above, have an easily read LED display screen, offer functions that are not available on a mechanical equipment as well as ease the burden of tiresome sewing work.

Many such projects use AI to automate detecting drones, pinpointing locations, and predicting likely flight paths of drones.

Many use AI to automate classification of approaching drones by model, operator, and threat profile, taking care to minimize false positive and false negatives.

An electronic embroidery device will certainly automate a lot of the fundamental features provided above, have an easily read LED display, offer features that are not offered on a mechanical maker and also relieve the burden of tiresome sewing work.

An electronic sewing machine will automate most of the basic features listed above, have an easily read LED display, deal attributes that are not offered on a mechanical device as well as alleviate the concern of laborious stitching job.

Once you automate the port, you willsee that a lot of things will happen.

People who work for companies promising to automate industries previously carried out by humans often make the argument about how dangerous a job is as a reason to justify automation.

That means maybe changing our incident response processes workflows, maybe looking for opportunities to integrate and automate some of the workflows that happen after detecting, after I've done my investigations.

A soda vending machine can be considered a cobot as the process is fully automated.

The company has now allowed businesses to automate (make and schedule) single or bulk vendor payments using commercial cards and extending the days payable outstanding to save cash for other crucial payments.

The former lets you automate a small number of tasks, such as opening apps, holding and dragging items or quickly launching Spotlight search.

The Fortinet Security Fabric brings an affordable, broad, integrated and automated approach to security across the entire attack footprint to protect your organization from ransomware.

The major reason why forex traders prefer strategic automated trading solutions over other options is the fact that it excludes most of the emotional factors like greed, fear and excitement that goes with the trading process.

Then, break down the services you want to deliver each touchpoint, and see where there are opportunities either to automate or to provide human interactions.

Then, in 2017, for automated clothing manufacturing designed to quickly fill online orders for suits, dresses and other garments.

As the heroes investigate, the Hallโ€™s automated defenses come online, attacking each Leaguer in tailor-made ways to neutralize some of their most dangerous foes, many of whom use similar abilities to those of their counterparts in the Justice League.

โ€œThe shortcuts menu is also a home for built-in Slack features such as reminders, calls and beginning custom workflows with Workflow Builder, a visual tool that allows any Slack user to automate routine processes,โ€ Slack said.

They serve any number of purposes, but their main allure is to automate common Discord server tasks.

This is a useful way to safely power up and automate your printer(s) and other work-related equipment.

This is where EHS software comes in to its own in its ability to automate a large number of health and safety tasks accurately, enabling health and safety professionals to focus on supporting staff.

Through people, process and technology, Conduent solutions and services automate workflows, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and enable revenue growth.

โ€œAt ZEP-RE, we have used our workflow system to automate notification as claims progress through the payment process.

Automate the system and save money.

What devops engineers do: DevOps engineers automate and streamline existing systems and processes, as well as build and maintain tools for deployment, operations, and monitoring systems.

"While we understand this does take time, our customers should be encouraged to know we are working with FEMA IPAWS to automate this process in the future."

With EnHelix oil and gas AI solution, companies can now automate their trading, logistics, and accounting processes with machine learning capability with much-improved speed and efficiency.

Af Khan, Virtual Voice, requested to speak to the Board regarding the Automated Golf Tee-Time Reservation System.

But for me it was just really the user experience and understanding what theyโ€™re doing and then from there we could realistically launch the service through email, through automated journeys and stuff like that.

Collaborate with data engineers to develop automated orchestration of data pipelines to โ€ฆ Able to program and understand data science and data engineering ideas in โ€ฆ

Concordia University has opened a new facility to automate labour intensive synthetic biology lab work.

For added convenience, four easy buttons - Copy, Scan, PDF, and E-Mail - automate the scanning process, so your projects can get done more quickly.

Fraudsters will even go so far as to automate their login attempts until they manage to find one or more winning combinations.

From VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and professional metering, to the unrivaled ability to automate practically every element in your mix, Pro Tools makes the art of mixing music and soundtracks fast and easy.

Hereโ€™s our list of 9 clever and creative ways to use IFTTT to automate tasks for your small business.

And even that one can often be avoided with the judicious use of destructors to automate cleanup.

I'm using Goldwave 5 on 32-bit Windows 7. I want to use hotkeys to automate changing Goldwave's balance setting to hard left, center, or hard right.

Instagram's success has fueled the development of apps that help businesses automate and schedule Instagram content for growth hacking.

Instead of opening the Shopify dashboard and manually scrolling through each of Interlineโ€™s 1,500 SKUs per site to identify which items are no longer in stock, Giannotti uses Flow to automate the process and track inventory in real time.

In this talk we will consider some of the manual decisions which are made in the course of optimizing advertising campaigns, and discuss what can be done to automate them.

It really helped Tribbute to automate daily management and reporting tasks.

Itโ€™s not that they couldnโ€™t help automate critical processes, only that the cost is prohibitive for many smaller firms.

KU Leuven (10/23/13) KU Leuven researchers have used artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of huge amounts of genetic data, and they say their breakthrough should benefit millions of people seeking treatment for hereditary diseases.

Learn how we helped a telecommunications company with 20,000+ vehicles automate its vehicle status and vehicle assignment process.

LiquidOffice Process Automation is simply the fastest way for organizations to put all their corporate forms on-line to automate the mission and business critical processes they drive.

Modern businesses are to drive sales, replace call centres, and automate some HR tasks.

Applied Epic 7 runs on a modern, flexible and secure architecture that provides agents and brokers with one scalable platform to automate workflows, mitigate risk and drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Applied Epic will provide Groupe Lepelco Insurance a flexible application to automate operations and scale growth.

Occasionally manages various product implementation projects: Hoppecke Batteries, Automate Rocla, etc.

Of these companies, 56% said they planned to automate parts of their operations within the next year.

Once the app is started the new Flow Builder feature helps to automate processes within the app, for example managing insurance claims and the new Flow Actions feature offers pre-built options for creating automated, repeated processes.

One of the biggest changes, said McGeachin, is that it will allow Hub to automate parts of the data collection process when dealing with insurance carriers such as Manulife.

On the back end I wouldnโ€™t say we have too many things that automate.

On the one hand, we are sufficiently large that you don't want to do things by hand and it makes sense to automate at least some things.

Or in short: right now, the lack of standard tools and good integration means that it takes a bunch of work to automate, enough that it's hard to justify if you're not running enough systems.

Redirection can be used to automate the input process by testing specific test cases.

Should you visit an online form thatโ€™s new to the Sxipper database, you can choose to โ€œmapโ€ the information, making it possible to automate other Sxipper usersโ€™ entries to that page.

Software developed by 4Deep inwater imaging can automate phytoplankton identification using convolutional neural networks.

Some rules are identified and used to automate class model generation from use-case specifications.

Spammers are using an automated method to create bogus pages on Googleโ€™s Blogger service, again highlighting the diminishing effectiveness of a security system intended to stop mass account registrations, according to security vendor Websense.

Suggestions are given to automate these procedures.

Telework is dependent upon the employeeโ€™s role within the company and how automated that role already is, said Fox.

Thatโ€™s because its Research & Innovation team has discovered a way to automate the process of cracking delicious heartnuts without breaking their heart-shaped shells or kernels!

The difficulty arises from the compounding nature of mistakes (see Suhm, Myers, & Waibel, 1999), and the desire to automate as much of the data measurement and analysis as possible.

Their expansive suite of management and productivity tools range from marketing CRMs to human resource apps, and target small-to-medium businesses looking to automate repetitive processes.

The new drive to mechanise and automate is a response by corporations to try and increase profits in the capitalist crisis.

The principal tracks of the conference will be: * Track: Calculemus (chair: Matthew England) All topics in the intersection of computer algebra systems and automated reasoning systems including: - Automated theorem proving in computer algebra systems.

The principal tracks of the conference will be: * Track: Calculemus (chair: Matthew England) All topics in the intersection of computer algebra systems and automated reasoning systems including: - Automated theorem proving in computer algebra systems.

The problem is that it cannot be automated in a simple way, so you are still required to manually issue commands.

The process of building partial replicas and reading the lengths can be automated.

The researchers also want to find a way to better understand the turnover of such sites, and to use automated methods to analyze that content to find hidden relationships that would be useful to law enforcement, the military, and the private sector.

The result: an automated and comprehensive view of a programโ€™s overall security.

The ROI can be quick; Yildirim said companies that automate their lead generation usually see a 10 per cent revenue bump within six to nine months.

These stations complement the automated weather stations of Environment Canada and other networks.

These systems allow one to automate monitoring of estrus-related activities and to reduce time required for observation.

These systems may be designed to automate and track access and privacy, manage retention, preserve and audit the integrity and authenticity of records throughout their life cycle.

Automate distribution and reception of responses.

The software enables road agencies to automate their safety management programs.

This paper proposes a variation on existing screen-reading technology to help sighted users automate common operations.

This Production Engineer role is centred more specifically on application support of a specific solution and requires a wide range of technical skills (due to underlying products automate with this solution) running on windows servers/workstation.

Because of of these regular, automated updates, itโ€™s easier to stay on top of a competitive marketplace.

Various tools have been created to automate portions of the process of interviewing or interacting with an expert.

We are problem solvers who automate and improve manufacturi.

We helped a 20,000+ vehicle fleet automate its vehicle status and assignment process, driving efficiencies and tremendous savings.

We use specialized collections management software to integrate and automate collections documentation for the various disciplines at the museum.

W. H. Wang, X. Y. Liu, and Y. Sun, High-throughput automated injection of individual biological cells, Special Issue on Drug Delivery Automation, IEEE Trans. Automation Science and Engineering, to appear in 2008.