8 examples of averseness in sentences

I do not think, Sir, that the reason of this averseness in the dissenting churches from all that looks like absolute government is so much to be sought in their religious tenets, as in their history.

They had but one drawback, the continued averseness of lord Thomas Villiers.

Even the union of that noble person, who had been considered as his majesty's favourite minister, did not appear to be enough to subdue the averseness.

To this taste he had been heard to impute his unsettled disposition, and his averseness from the choice of any profession.

scrupulousness, scrupulosity; qualms of conscience, twinge of conscience; delicacy, demur, scruple, qualm, shrinking, recoil; hesitation &c (irresolution) 605; fastidiousness &c 868. averseness &c (dislike) 867

Christ wrought many wonderful works, implying admirable power, and directed to the most merciful and beneficent ends; and these acts were such signs of his divine mission, as rendered inattention or obstinate averseness to the truths and doctrines which he promulgated, inexcusable, and indeed on any hypothesis but that of immoral dispositions and prejudices, utterly inconceivable.

Now, whence proceeds such an invincible averseness to that opinion in so many men of sense?

He also taketh away our natural averseness, unwillingness, wickedness, and hatred of his ways, making his people "willing in the day of his power," Psal. cx.

8 examples of  averseness  in sentences