73 examples of awareness in sentences

To consider the life of the careerist as an expression of instinct will explain too the success of so many who have no inner awareness of what they want.

Consciousness, or awareness, must be accepted as a fundamental, primal fact, like protoplasm.

Then came the dawning awareness of capital and labor of themselves as classes fiercely opposed forever in the policy of cut-throat versus cut-throat.

It is natural for polka-dot beavers to build dams, and they had no awareness that theirs was blocking off the water supply of any inhabited towns.

Under cover of the veil her eyes were brilliant with awareness of her audacity, her lips were parted with the promise of a smile.

Somewhere in the recesses of the mind, perhaps, but as to immediate awareness of it, there was none.

We shall lay down the proposition at the start, however, that the awareness of fatigue is not the same as the objective fatigue in the organs of the body.

A gamer stepping out onto the internet to find a cheat code certainly reaches this first renaissance's level of awareness and skill.

Coping by retreat into a world view More than any particular map or narrative we might develop, we need to retain the crucial awareness that any and all of these narratives are mere models for behavioural, social, economic or political success.

Although the terrorist attacks on the United States can find their roots, at least partially, in a legacy of misguided American foreign and energy policy decisions, they have also increased our awareness of a great chasm between peoples with seemingly irreconcilable stories about the world and humankind's role within it.

With an open source awareness, they are free to discover that the codes of the software have been arranged by people, sometimes with agendas that hadn't formerly been apparent.

Likewise as public awareness of emergence theory increases, people are beginning to observe their world differently, seeing its principles in evidence, everywhere.

From "Poems of Power." AWARENESS A man must keep a keen sense of the drift and significance of what he is engaged in if he is to make much headway.

Awareness; Submission; The Struggle; Victory.

"I completed the tour of the place, with a constantly growing awareness of its utter chill and unkind desolationan atmosphere of cold dismalness seemed to be everywhere, and the quiet was abominable.

But as he looked down at her from the buckboard, Marianne saw his expression clear to awareness of her.

She was aware of being tired after two nights rendered almost sleepless by her awareness of joy.

She knew she'd want to muss Jo's hair, and sit on his knee, and even quarrel with him, if necessary, without the awareness of three ever-present pairs of maiden eyes and ears.

The greater awareness.

SMITH, ELMER R. Linguistic awareness test.

SEE Knudson, John I. Linguistic awareness test.

The greater awareness.

These alternations constitute the broader and deeper diapason of human life, of which the change from waking to sleeping represents the lesser, and the momentary awareness and unawareness of the sense mechanism to stimulation, the least.

By means of quotations, taken almost at random from the rich literature of mysticism, the author will attempt to show that the consciousness of the mystic involves the awareness of dimensionally higher worlds.

" XI THE GIFT OF FREEDOM CONCEPT AND CONDUCT A surgeon once remarked to the author that among his professional associates he had noticed an increasing awareness of the invisible.

73 examples of  awareness  in sentences