2239 examples of axed in sentences

At the critical instant, a servant knocked, to say, that there was a gentleman below, "with a face as long me arrum, sir, who axed me was there a man here av the name

"I never found you when I went up to the house," explained Mandy nervously, "and so I stopped Shade on the street and axed him would he come along with me.

I put in my word that you was a-doin' well in the mills; an' I axed him what proof he had that the mill folks sold dead bodies.

I never axed ye, Grayhow did they treat ye?" "Dawson was the best friend I had," Stoddard returned promptly.

"I cannot say that I ever axed her, for I do not see what that has to do with the matter.

Whaley went down and out of consciousness like an ox that has been pole-axed.

He fell as if pole-axed and the blade missed my stomach by six inches, but the combined force of thrust and blow was great enough to drive the weapon into the wooden partition, where it stayed until I pulled it out to keep as a souvenir.

He couldn't tell one kind from another, an' he niver axed questions.

'I got my old left-right in, and he went over as if he had been pole-axed.

He stroked and patted him, and then, turning to the simple-minded man who had found him, he said: "Well, Sam, how came you to find the horse, when no one else could do it?" "Wal, you see," said Sam, "I just 'quired whar the horse was seen last; and then I went thar, and sat on a rock; and just axed mysel', if I was a horse, whar would I go, and what would I do?

De oberseah come up en axed w'at 'uz de matter; en w'en dey tole 'im Henry be'n eatin' er de scuppernon's, en got de goopher on 'im, he gin Henry a big drink er w'iskey, en 'low dat de nex' rainy day he take 'im ober ter Aun' Peggy's, en see

I axed 'im one day, mighty perlite en civil, en he call' me a' ole fool, en got so mad he ain' spoke ter me sence.

De fus' question he axed me

De Governor axed me how does I lac' dis life?

They never axed for nothin' and they never got nothin'.

And then there was the chambermaid hussy and waiter loon axed me to remember them, and wanted more siller; but I told them, as I told the guard and coachman, that I had none for them.

I'd drink the Queen's 'ealth again if you axed me.

Says I to Mary when she axed me to shift wi' her, 'I'll not coom,' says I, 'wi'out I bring th' clock an' chest, an' all they bits o' things as I'm used to.'

When my sister Susannah was laid up wi' her ninth, which was a twin, my dear, an' her husband out of work, and the other eight scarce able to do a hand's turn for themselves, she wrote to me an' axed me to come an' look after things a bit till she got about again.

But why" "Haven't I worked early and late, and toiled and moiled, and never took a bit o' pleasure, and never axed 'ee to lay out no money for I?

If anybody axed her for one she'd al'ays say she was a-savin' on 'em up for daddydidn't 'ee, Tilly?" Tilly Ann, overcome with coyness, buried her face in her father's shoulder, and giggled, wriggling her little fat body the while, and drumming on his side with her lace-up boots.

I axed him arter a bit, when he'd a-told me everythink else he could call to mind.

"Larry said he'd have axed Father Taylor to choose us the best, an' I b'lieve his reverence has very good taste.

" "Did he say anythin'?" "No; he only axed for a light.

" "Wid my ear to de key-hole, in de study, war dey axed de ossifer.

2239 examples of  axed  in sentences