25 examples of axial in sentences

Adj. central, centrical^; middle &c 68; azygous, axial, focal, umbilical, concentric; middlemost; rachidian^; spinal, vertebral.

That is to say, the true surface of the earth is the line of twenty-four-hour axial rotation; the line where gravity and apergy exactly balance; where a moon would have to be placed to revolve once in 86,400 seconds.

The oldest books in existence tell us that this axial revolution of the earth was not only known in the very dawn of time but that it has been known to every race (except our own of European savages) from before the time thought was first transmitted by writing.

"This gives us the line of 24-hour axial rotation, the true surface of the earth, and the sheer-line of prakritic matter.

The proof of this is found in the fact, that they have no axial rotation, Mercury and Venus always presenting the same surface to their father, the sun, and the moon the same surface to its daughter, the earth.

He would as soon credit a statement that the earth has no axial rotation as that Mercury or Venus has none; and if he continues his study of Eastern physics it is with no confidence in its accuracy, and as a matter of curiosity.

Axial rotation is necessary in evolution, the ancient physics teaches, which must cease with it.

There will not be a work on astronomy published in Europe or the United States this year, or hereafter, that will not state that "Mercury and Venus revolve on their axes in the same time that they revolve around the sun," which is another way of saying that "they have no axial rotation, always presenting the same face to the sun," and an inaccurate way of presenting the truth.

It has no axis and no axial rotation.

This "discovery," of no axial rotation by the interior planets, made by Schiaparelli and confirmed by Flammarion in 1894, has since been fully verified by our Western astronomers.

The point is that along this axial line connecting the laya centers play all the seven solar forceslight, heat, electricity, etc.that affect the earth, and on every side of this line is the "electric field" of these forces.

Mars presents such a figure, being flattened out to correspond to its axial rotation.

With its grimy stucco front, its cellar kitchen, its hundred stairs and steps, its perfect inconvenience, and its conscience heavy with the doing to death of sundry general servants, it uplifted tin chimney-cowls to heaven and gloomily awaited the day of judgment for London houses, sublimely ignoring the axial and orbital velocities of the earth and even the reckless flight of the whole solar system through space.

There is a preponderance of repulsive action, tending to force the two conductors apart in an axial line.

It will be evident that the repulsive actions will not be mechanically manifested by axial movement or effort when the electrical middles of the coils or circuits are coincident.

In silicious sponges the spicules are composed of silica, and are generally deposited around axial rods in concentric layers.

Centrifugal and axial flow pumps: theory, design and application.

Centrifugal and axial flow pumps: theory, design and application.

This is exemplified in the human body, wherein the parts are symmetrical with relation to the axial plane.

With the symmetry of solids, or symmetry with relation to an axial plane, no such simple movement as the foregoing suffices to produce or explain it, because symmetry about a plane implies four-dimensional movement.

Now though the well-springs of these states of consciousness remain obscure, there is nothing unreasonable in believing that they are recrudescences of far-off, forgotten moods and moments; neither is it absurd to suppose that they may be related to the movements and positions of the planets, as night and winter are related to the axial and orbital movements of the earth.

The elements along the neutral plane experience no tension or compression in an axial direction.

In addition to this there is a shearing stress, tending to move the fibres past one another in an axial direction, which is called ~longitudinal shear~ (or in the case of beams, ~horizontal shear~).

The axial compression of the plug is noted.

The energy used in static tests to produce this axial compression under stress in a like piece of metal is determined.

25 examples of  axial  in sentences