573 examples of azure in sentences

This circumstance was the appearance of Miss SalliannaMiss Sallianna arrayed in all her beauties and attractions, including a huge breastpin, a dress of enormous pattern, and a scarf around her delicate waist, azure-hued and diaphanous like the sky, veiled with an imperceptible cloud.

The mountain banners of the crimson dogwood, red maple, yellow hickory and chestnut flout the skyas though all the nations of the world had met in one great federation underneath the azure dome not built with hands, and clashed together there the variegated banners which once led them to warnow beckoning in with waving silken folds the thousand years of peace!

Her golden hair was secured by a bow of scarlet ribbon, her dress was azure, the little chip hat, with its floating streamer, just fell over her fine brow, and gave a shadowy softness to her tender smile: she looked like some young shepherdness of Arcady, from out the old romances, fresh, and beautiful, and happy.

The day was done, and the long twilight cametwilight, which mixes the crimson of the darkling west, the yellow moonlight in the azure east, and the red glimmering starlight overhead, into one magic light.

Above, the boundless expanse of blue sky, with fleecy little white clouds passing here and there, looking like islands in a sea of azure; below, an unending sea of tossing waves, with perhaps not even a fishing vessel in sight.

He has not said, as did a poet whom we love: I see her alabaster limbs ardent and pure, Smooth as ebony, like the lily, coral, roses, veins of azure, Such indeed, as in former times thou showedst to me Of nudity embellished and adorned; When nights slipped by, and pillows soft Saw thee from my kisses waking and sleeping oft.

"Instead of attending to mass, she looked at the pious vignettes with their azure borders in her book, and she loved the sick lamb, the sacred heart pierced with sharp arrows, or the poor Jesus sinking beneath the cross he carries.

Then she let her head fall back, fancying she heard in space the music of seraphic harps, and perceived in an azure sky, on a golden throne in the midst of saints holding green palms, God the Father, resplendent with majesty, who with a sign sent to earth angels with wings of fire to carry her away in their arms.

On the tesselated slopes Of the Isle of Tapioca, Where the azure antelopes Haunt the valley of Avoca, Dwelt the maid Opoponax, Only child of Brex Koax, Far renowned in song and saga, Ruler of ten million blacks, Emperor of Larranaga.

" Nick longed to box the' creature's ears; but they were well-shaped and might be the ears of a man born with etiquette flowing with his blue blood, through azure veins.

All the riches of the world were there, houses built of silver and precious jade, of rosy mother of pearl and of azure turquoises.

Meridian sun-beams tempt him to unfold His radiant glories, azure, green, and gold: He treads as if, some solemn music near, His measured step were governed by his ear: And seems to sayYe meaner fowl, give place, I am all splendour, dignity, and grace!

On the whole, if she consulted her taste, she would have preferred a younger hero; she would rather be the Fornarina for a Raffaello; she had fancied her name sweetening the songs of Giraud Riquier, the last of the Troubadours; and she did not believe Beatrice Portinari to be so excellent among women, so different from other girls, that her name should have soared so far aloft with that escutcheon of the golden wing on a field azure.

gay The azure flax-blooms spread!

The azure goddess Nut doth compass thee on every side, and the god Nu floodeth thee with his rays of light.

Thy body is of bright and shining metal, thy head is of azure blue, and the brilliance of the turquoise encircleth thee.

Again it was the Noon of Night, The full orb'd moon her car rolled high, And fringed with gems of silver light The azure curtains of the sky.

In gentlest breath the night-winds sigh, While fleecy clouds like Angel's wings, Light sailing o'er the azure sky, Their shadows cast o'er earthly things.

Come out in the azure.

From his shoulder hung a cloak of azure blue velvet, the colour of the order, richly wrought with gold; and around his neck he wore the magnificent collar and jewel of St. George and the Dragon, that was the personal gift of his Majesty, the king.'

Through one wide gap in these heights came a vision of endless plateaux, their terraces towering one above another until they were thousands of feet in the air, the horizontal azure bands extending hundreds of miles northward, until the deep blue faded into a lighter blue, and that into the sapphire of the heavens.

Her eyes met mine easily; their azure depths puzzled me.

There was neither fear, nor excitement, nor irresolution in that steadfast gazeit was like the clear, straightforward glance of a father checking a wayward childeven the habitual sadness lingered in the deep azure, and the features only changed to be cast in more placid mold.

The pensive girl, her white hand, on which she leaned, buried among the raven tresses, was gazing fixedly into the depths of the clear sky, as if she sought to penetrate that azure veil, and find some hope realized among the mysteries of the space beyond.

She was dressed as Aurora, in exquisite, fleecy gauze draperies of white, azure, and rose color, so artistically arranged as irresistibly to remind the observer of those delicate, transparent tints of morning that greet the rising sun.

573 examples of  azure  in sentences