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Do we say   babble   or  babel

Do we say babble or babel

babble 161 occurrences

WhatI'm not discreet enough; I'll babble all in my next high Debauch, Boast of your Favours, and describe your Charms To every wishing Fool.

It is at this time they are said to babble out their hearts to one another; and so, beyond doubt, this must have been the real state of the case.

They are purple and fathomless like the ocean, and when a man looks into them too long his sanity grows weak, and sinks and drowns in their cool depths, and the man must babble out his foolish heart to you.

"Why, it's my trunk," said Billie, when she could make herself heard above the babble.

She looketh at me from the flowers and stealeth to me in their fragrance; the very brooks do babble of her beauty; each leaf doth find a little voice to whisper of her, and everywhere is love and love and loveso needs must I away.

Thus, sighing and a-swoon, did Helen fair, a Duchess proud" "Ah!" cried Beltane, clenching sudden fist, "what base and lying babble do ye speak?

Come, list how the waters do woo us with their pretty babble.

May Saint Anthony's fire frizzle and fry theewoe, woe betide thee everlastingly(bate thy babble, Prior, I am not ended yet!)

And the streams are running all night long, and seem to babble louder than in the day time, for the noises of the working world are still, so that we hear them better.

I hardly hear the tuneful babble, Not knowing nor much caring whether The text is praise or exhortation, Prayer or thanksgiving, or damnation.

And soon its whispering would mingle with the babble of the delivered spring as it descended along the trenches to the dry hot lands.

And there is yet the first tooth, forcing its way like a needle-point through rosy gums; and there is also the first stammered word, the "pa-pa," the "mam-ma," which one is quite ready to detect amid the vaguest babble, though it be but the purring of a kitten, the chirping of a bird.

Thus desiring the king of heaven to increase his graces in ye both, granting that your ends may be as honourable as your lives are virtuous, I leave with a vain babble of many needless words to trouble you longer.

Thus men, meeting in public places have learnt to do so in silence; and a table d'hôte is a wordless function unless the inevitable Andalusianhe who takes the place of the Gascon in Franceis present with his babble and his laugh, his fine opinion of himself, and his faculty for making a sacrifice of his own dignity at that over-rated altarthe shrine of sociability.

A fountain splashes in the courtyard below, and a low wall forms a long seat where the devout pass the evening hours in that curt and epigrammatic conversation, which is more peaceful than the quick talk of Frenchmen, and deeper than the babble of Italy.

He had seen Spain humbled to the dust by babble, and the sight had, perhaps, dried up the spring of his speech.

But now they were at the gate of the convent school, having come a short way, and they stood beneath the thick trees until the school came, with its usual accompaniment of eager talk like the running of water beneath a low bridge and its babble round the stones.

He liked to babble of his own cuteness; he liked to sit upon a sugar barrel in the village store and talk of savoury viands, so to speak, and sparkling wines in the presence of fellow-citizens who lacked bread and water, particularly water.

While he lay thus, dismally depressed by so sad a pickle as that into which he found himself plunged, he was strongly and painfully aware of an uproarious babble of loud and drunken voices and a continual clinking of glasses, which appeared to sound as from a tap-room beneath, these commingled now and then with oaths and scraps of discordant song bellowed out above the hubbub.

It was one perpetual babble in praise of their horses, their donkeys, and their capabilities as guides, with the constant repetition of the names of the surrounding peaks, which we already knew perfectly well.

Again he fell into disconnected babble of early days.

Compare the poets that babble of green fields with those who deal in the actions and passions of men, such as Shakspeare, and it must be confessed that it is not those who have looked at external nature who are the true poets, but those who have seen and considered most about the business and bosom of man.

I chatter over stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles.

She was turning again, when a babble of voices answered the orderly's announcement.

8. Item, that she made rhetoric wanton, logic to babble, astronomy to lie.

But, above all, Take care how evil chance or youthful wandering Bring thee upon the house of Idle Babble.

Idle Babble Is always going about, playing the child; And should a dumb man enter in that place, The dumb would babble in his own despite.

Idle Babble Is always going about, playing the child; And should a dumb man enter in that place, The dumb would babble in his own despite.

hoarseness &c adj.; raucity^. V. whisper, breathe, murmur, purl, hum, gurgle, ripple, babble, flow; tinkle; mutter &c (speak imperfectly) 583; susurrate^. steal on the ear; melt in the air, float on the air.

nonsense, utter nonsense, gibberish; jargon, jabber, mere words, hocus-pocus, fustian, rant, bombast, balderdash, palaver, flummery, verbiage, babble, baverdage, baragouin^, platitude, niaiserie^; inanity; flap-doodle; rigmarole, rodomontade; truism; nugae canorae [Lat.]; twaddle, twattle, fudge, trash, garbage, humbug; poppy-cock

Yet praise is overtaken of distaste, wherewith is no justice, but from covetous men it cometh, and is fain to babble against and darken the good man's noble deeds.

But all they heard was the interminable babble of the Khan, as he sat at the table shivering with fear and unable to eat a morsel of his food.

Then we have the stumbling, fumbling entrance of Jack Barthwick, beatifically drunk, his maudlin babble, and his ill-omened hospitality to the haggard loafer who follows at his heels.

THE 'CAYMAN.' Goodwood had come and gone, a brief bright season of loss and gain, fine gowns, flirtation, lobster en mayonaise, champagne, sunshine, dust, glare, babble of many voices, successes, failures, triumphs, humiliations.

As the doors swung to and fro, the stridency of whistles, the throbbing of motor-cars, and the hoarse cries of inhabitants of box seats mingled strangely with the delicate babble of the interior.

As for the English clubs in European towns, he was familiar with their exteriors, and with the amiable babble of their supporters at tables d'hôte, and his desire for further knowledge had not been so hot as to inconvenience him.

Queer business, sir, isn't it?" John Briggs did not reappear till a few minutes before his father's funeral, witnessed the ceremony evidently with great sorrow, bowed off silently all who attempted to speak to him, and returned to London by the next coachleaving matter for much babble among all Whitbury gossips.

" When he entered the main door he paused in a maze, gazing at the acreage of counters manned by clerks and the aisles swarming with shoppers under the glare of the big, electric globes, and listening to the babble of shrill talk, the calls of the elevator boys, the coughing of the pneumatic tubes and the clang of the elevator doors.

The mesmeric spell broke, and Bennington was permitted to babble incoherencies.

Theophil loves you, but some day your home will suddenly be rent from cope to base, unless his poor heart may speak, yea, babble itself, just once in Isabel's ears.

They would have the whole thing cut open in a week once they got into some port with their pockets full of sovereigns and their skins full of rum, and their mouths full of babble in the public houses of their wealth and how smart they be.

Then Hereward lived again at Bourne, and tried to bring forgetfulness by drinkand drink brought boastfulness; for that he had no more the spirit left to do great deeds, he must needs babble of the great deeds which he had done, and hurl insult and defiance at his Norman neighbours.

They shouldn't get good fellows to fight together like that" The next morning, old Lady Ascot, William, Mary, and John Marston were round his bed listening to his half-uttered, delirious babble.

Servien kept nodding his approval and repeating that he quite understood, to stop the old man's babble.

The small enchanter nothing can withstand, no seniority of age, no gravity of character; uncles, aunts, grandsires, grandams, fall an easy prey: he conforms to nobody, all conform to him; all caper and make mouths, and babble, and chirrup to him.

So to the heart that knows Thy love, O Purest! There is a temple, sacred evermore, And all the babble of life's angry voices Dies in hushed stillness at its peaceful door.

They whisper, babble, twirl, and splutter!

Say, was that babble so sweeter than loving? Where was the charm, that you lingered so late?

But at least we journalists don't take ourselves solemnly; we know our stuff is babble to fill a moment.

What idle babble, then, is this theory of a third Confederacy, to be constructed out of the middle Atlantic States and the Northwest!

poor Sir Thomas, who must needs babble the foolish hopes which wiser men reticently keep cloistered in their own bosoms!

" The cackle and babble ceased suddenly as the chairman and lecturer appeared.

Many of the old-style leaders regard the political truths which alone insure the progress of the Nation, and will hereafter completely dominate it, as the mere meaningless babble of political infants.

It is somewhat painful to think that Michelangelo could have lent a willing ear to the malignant babble of a man so much inferior to himself in nobleness of naturehave listened when Sebastiano taunted Raffaello as "Prince of the Synagogue," or boasted that a picture of his own was superior to "the tapestries just come from Flanders."

Catherine's step awoke him; the awaking was painful, and he couldn't collect his thoughts enough to answer Catherine; and feeling that he must appear to her daft, he tried to speak, but his speech was only babble.

Rose-coloured clouds had just begun to appear midway in the pale skya beautiful sky, all gray and roseand all this babble about baptism seemed strangely out of his mind.

I have let others babble, and have done as I saw fit.

And those demolished shops, were they once filled with the babble of the traders?

" "We are not very likely to babble," retorted Penelope.

O, could I share without champagne Or muscadel, your frolic; The glad delirium of your joy, Your fun unapostolic; Your drunken jargon through the fields, Your bobolinkish gabble, Your fine Anacreontic glee, Your tipsy reveller's babble!

The motor shot up the drive into a babble and halted at the steps.

Pat' Keohane had grown intensely Irish and desirous of political argument, whilst Clissold sat with a constant expansive smile and punctuated the babble of conversation with an occasional 'Whoop' of delight or disjointed witticism.

Let them babble it nowif they dare" "Let me go, Philidor," she gasped.

The first babble of congratulations and greetings over, she settled down to the quiet of the room assigned to her, and gave a sigh as of one who at last finds harborage.

The last wheel echoes away. I said to the rose, "The brief night goes In babble and revel and wine.

The spendthrift let them babble, preserving a rather grim silence.

They were in the parlour, a babble of voices coming up to him; excited voices, but not funeral voices.

* TO ASTRONOMERS Of the Nebulæ and planets do not babble so to me; What!

In plenty, honor, splendoryou may safely Laugh at the people's babble.

From far down the staircase a murmur of amazement swept upward; a babble of talk ensued.

'Will reduce us to babble a dialect of France,' iii. 343, n. 3. FRENCH.

Thus I babble to the host Who adore the "Morning Post;" If they care for what I say.

" "There are dreams and dreams, my dear: there's some signifies no more than the babble of the lake down there on the pebbles, and there's others that has a meaning; there's dreams that is but vanity, and there's dreams that is good, and

If an academy should be established for the cultivation of our style; which I, who can never wish to see dependance multiplied, hope the spirit of English liberty will hinder or destroy, let them, instead of compiling grammars and dictionaries, endeavour, with all their influence, to stop the license of translators, whose idleness and ignorance, if it be suffered to proceed, will reduce us to babble a dialect of France.

Silent after the first babble was over.

the Entertainment of it, and making their great Monarch the Fountain of all that's delicate and refined, and his Court the Model for Opinions in Pleasure, as well as the Pattern in Dress; which might prevail so far upon an undiscerning world as (to accomplish it or its approaching Slavery) to make it receive a superfluous Babble for an Universal Language.']

A voice known long ago was calling to hima voice that penetrated high and clear above the babble of the beaters.

That is the swaying noise of the great jet that rises from marble shells and falls into a wide basin, where silvery swans swim round and round in enchanted circles; and the other slenderer sound is the smaller jet that rains down its spray into the violet-borders deep in the shrubbery; and that other, the shallow babble of the waters that go down the marble steps to the lake.

He was still fussing with certain of the petty details that make or mar the smooth running of an establishment like his, when his ear, trained to detect the first note of discord in the babble which filled his big room by night, caught an ominous note in the hum of the street crowd outside.

The moon Diana? CHRYSANTHUS. All mere babble.

The sick man's ghastly face was yet more ghastly; his eyes were more sunken, his skin more livid; "his nose was as sharp as a pen," and if he did not "babble of green fields" it was because he seemed to be beyond even that.

But as the monks calmly chanted, and the solemn responses were given, a stillness stole over the vociferous babble within the great open doors.

"Now perhaps I did not heed this babble as I ought to have done.

Some of them babble like babies, others are evidently austere scholars; some are gravely bent on the best methods of classifying catalogues, economizing space, and sorting borrowers' cards; others, scorning such mechanical details, bid us regard libraries, and consequently librarians, as the primary factors in human evolution.

But since our great authors (with the admirable exception of Stevenson) decline to write of that thrilling mood and moment when the eyes of the great city, like the eyes of a cat, begin to flame in the dark, we must give fair credit to the popular literature which, amid a babble of pedantry and preciosity, declines to regard the present as prosaic or the common as commonplace.

The music ceased; there was naught of sound, but a babble of voice and soft, gay laughter.

"What meaneth this old woman's babble, son of the Prophet?" "It is not that my heart hath turned to water, nor have the fountains of mine eyes been opened to pity," answered Rrisa.

To have heard him babble, one would have given him free entrance into any lunatic asylum.

"And we cannot babble matters of import to these children" "I'm seventeen!"

" "And what will it advance us to learn how matters stand?" he said, still staring, as though I were some persistent fool vexing him with unleavened babble.

I am afraid to tax his courtesy with babble of beast and bird and leaf and flower; and why one man is rich and another poor; and whether it is right that men should hold slaves; and why our Lord permits evil, having the power to end it for all time.

But here the voice wavered and trailed off into babble, meaningless as a year-old infant's.

" This kind of babble Glover kept up for some minutes, with the sole object of amusing and cheering Thurstane, whose extreme depression surprised and alarmed him.

As he sauntered away to find Garcia, he queried whether he had best torment him with this unauthorized babble of Mrs. Stanley.

With the dignity of an elder, he rose to his feet, and waited for silence amid the babble of voices.

For all this talk and disputation about immortality, wherein is regarded only the continuance of consciousness beyond what we call death, it is to me, with whatever splendor of intellectual coruscation it be accompanied, but little better than a foolish babble, the crackling of thorns under a pot.

Somebody or other has known them from the sapling upward; and if they endure long enough, they grow to be traditionally observed and honored, and connected with the fortunes of old families, till, like Tennyson's Talking Oak, they babble with a thousand leafy tongues to ears that can understand them.

In a long skirt, with her hair caught up under a gray toque that matched her coat perfectly, she was not my Olivia of the tam-o’-shanter, who had pursued the rabbit; nor yet the unsophisticated school-girl, who had suffered my idiotic babble; nor, again, the dreamy rapt organist of the chapel.

" "And never told!" cried the babble of voices.

"A great deal of trouble just for a little empty babble.

babel 319 occurrences

From the Pit, came a deep, hoarse Babel of swine-talk.

No longer a road-house on the incandescent road to dawn, there is something hangdog about its very waiters, moving through the easy maze of half-filled tables; an orchestra, sheepish of its accomplishment, can lift even a muted melody above the light babel of light diners.

In the midst of the babel of speculation and excitement, Maudie, still crying and talking incoherently about skunks, opened the door.

And, in a while, Beltane rose and Sir Pertolepe also, and side by side they stepped forth of the leaves out into the road, where, on the outskirts of the village, pikemen and men-at-arms, archer and knight, were halted in a surging throng, while above the jostling confusion rose the hoarse babel of their voices.

Thereafter he turned upon the three, but even as he did so, Walkyn uttered a fierce cry, and whirling about with axe aloft, sprang into the green, whence of a sudden rose a babel of voices, and the sound of fierce blows and, thereafter, the noise of pursuit.

I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without His concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.

They clapped their hands and raised shrill cries of delight in a babel of tongues.

God grant that we, who have just seen the most cunningly organized and daintily bedizened specimen of a world, which ever flaunted on the earth since men began to build their towers of Babel, collapse and crumble at a single blow, may take God's hint, that the fashion of this world passeth away.

About half the bunks seemed to be occupied, the figures of the sleeping men barely discernible, although their heavy breathing evidenced their presence, and added to the babel of sound.

Its roar and its turmoil, its babel of tongues speaking to him always in some alien language, were suddenly hushed!

Out of the generation of Ham Nimrod came, which was a wicked man and cursed in his works, and began to make the tower of Babel which was great and high.

The shops and the landscapethe cosmopolitan crowd with its Babel of many tonguesthe great hotels, built of stucco in the nouveau-riche style so rasping to sensitive nervesthe striped awnings, the low balconies, the gaudy house-frontsall these our heroines looked at and commented on and revelled in with the joy of fresh and unspoiled youth.

They rarely spoke and when they did the edifice of their conversationtheir Tower of Babel, so to speakwas monosyllabic.

The petrifaction will be carried a little farther than usual, and, when the bell rings and the official calls out, "Train made up for Babel, Hinnom, and way stations?"

What was a Vanity Fair, a Babel of jargons, a school for scandals, a mart of lies, an arena of passions, an atmosphere of poisons, such as that city was, in spite of wonders of art and trophies of victory and contributions of genius, to a man who loved the certitudes of heaven, and sought to escape from the entangling influences which were a hindrance to his studies and his friendships?

The tower of the new Babel will rise to the clouds, and be seen in all its glory throughout the earth and sea.

Yet for lack of religion and morals the nations perished, and their Babel-towers were buried in the dust.

"We are far removed," she went on, "from the clamour of diners, that babel of voices, the smell of cooking, the meretricious music.

The second epoch is that, when mankind were dispersed on the building of Babel.

REALLY EXISTING, they must in some degree conform their ideas to the things they would speak of; or else men's language will be like that of Babel; and every man's words, being intelligible only to himself, would no longer serve to conversation and the ordinary affairs of life, if the ideas they stand for be not some way answering the common appearances and agreement of substances as they really exist. 29.

Two weeks in that vast Babel,then, ho! for Paris!

Now he wished to go further south, beyond Nimroud to Kalah Shergat, the yet earlier capital of Assyria; and yet further to Babylon, that he might see and test the multitude of mounds of ancient Chaldea, the real land of Nimrod, the seat of Eden, and the Tower of Babel, far more ancient than any one of the three capitals of Assyria.

dog Latin, macaronics^, gibberish; confusion of tongues, Babel; babu English^, chi-chi. figure of speech &c (metaphor) 521; byword.

[U.S.]; gossip &c (converse) 588; magpie, jay, parrot, poll, Babel; moulin a paroles

It is a heap of stones and men, with a vast confusion of languages; and were the steeple not sanctified, nothing liker Babel.

For the place is a very Babel for tradesmen and workpeople bringing in goods, and knowing not where to set them, servants hurrying this way and that, one charged with a dozen geese, another with silk petticoats, jostling each other, laughing, quarrelling, and no sort of progress, as it seems, anywhere, but all tumult and disorder.

Our rural tractswhere no Babel-chimney scales the heavensare without mighty objects to fill the soul with the sense of an outer world unconquerably aloof from our efforts.

The tower of Babel never yielded such confusion of tongues, as the chaos of melancholy doth variety of symptoms.

781. Turri Babel.

I might mention too, among the Benefits of the Climate, what Historians say of the Earth, that it sweated out a Bitumen or natural kind of Mortar, which is doubtless the same with that mentioned in Holy Writ, as contributing to the Structure of Babel.

I never felt the curse that befell the architects of Babel so sensibly as now, since, as one of the effects of their folly, I am debarred from the gratification and profit which I had promised myself in being known to you.

" A babel of yells, screams, and howlings greeted the appearance of the two first candidates.

Building up in dreams my fortune Babel-high, I built up also ever the fortune of John Meavy and his peerless wife to a point just as near the clouds.

And Babel's men of age Are wise and deep in lore;

It was evident the French recognised us, and the clamour that succeeded must have resembled that of Babel, when the people began first to converse without making themselves understood.

What a Babel-jargon it would make of the Bible to take it for granted that the sense in which words are now used is the inspired sense.

What a Babel-jargon it would make of the Bible to take it for granted that the sense in which words are now used is the inspired sense, David says, "I prevented the dawning of the morning, and cried."

What a Babel-jargon, to take it for granted that the sense in which words are now used, is the inspired sense.

It, therefore, astonishes me, sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does: and I think it will astonish our enemies, who are waiting with confidence to hear that our councils are confounded, like those of the builders of Babel, and that our States are on the point of separation, only to meet hereafter for the purpose of cutting one another's throats.

Oh that we two could flee and leave this Babel!

We all surged after them, but there was a sudden check, followed by a babel worse than when a dozen pi-dogs fight over a rubbish- heap.

A free-lance, a representative of the Northcliffe press, and two movie-men comprised this little group and made an island of English amidst the general babel.

The tribe, at the Confusion of Babel, went and settled on Al-Ahkâf [the Winding Sands], in the province of Hadramant.

The gunners, working in groups, complained bitterly that a babel had arisen through the similarity of the words allotted to their groups.

I remember next a room full of confusion, a babel of conflicting voices, and a whirling glimpse of uniforms.

All in their turns accusers, and accused: Babel was never half so much confused: 470 What one can plead, the rest can plead as well; For amongst equals lies no last appeal, And all confess themselves are fallible.

And yet, for years she had gone down into this street confident of herself, mingling on equal terms with its wayfarers, her ear catching and translating the sounds that, converging, caused this babel.

Despite the sunlight and warmth she was trembling, the familiar noises were a babel to her ears; the peddlers with their carts piled high with fruits and vegetables and colourful merchandise seemed like strangers; the glossy-haired women with baskets seemed to be passing backward out of her life, and the street was suddenly an alien land.

See, for instance, the valuable portraits of the Medicean family with Picino and Poliziano, in the fresco of the "Tower of Babel" at Pisa.

But when or where, since the building of Babel, has this ever happened?

Lord Bacon regarded the multiplication of languages at Babel as a general evil, which had had no parallel but in the curse pronounced after Adam's transgression.

Alighting and throwing the reins to the groom, Beaufort led Calvert under the arcades of the Palais Royal and into the grand courtyard, where were such crowds and such babel of noises as greatly astonished the young American.

And in the orderly-room was much hurried consulting of Captain Ross-Ellison's well-trained subaltern and of drill-books; and a babel of such questions as: "I say, what the devil do I do if I'm commanding Number Two and he says 'Deploy outwards'?

Not of him, however, did Flora and her grandmother softly converse in Spanish amid the surrounding babel of English and French.

And we are the dreamers of dreams.... We in the ages lying In the buried past of the earth Built Nineveh with our sighing, And Babel itself with our mirth.

Janet Ward & Wolcott Gibbs, Jr. (C); 20Jun67; R412166. Torment in Babel.

PRINCE, JOHN D., JR. Fragments from Babel.

PRINCE, JOHN DYNELEY. Fragments from Babel.

Semantography: 100 symbol elements to overcome Babel in reading, writing and thought.

Babel's tower; the dilemma of the modern museum.

By Isaak Babel, translated by Walter Morison, Bernard Guilbert Guerney & Avrahm Yarmolinsky, editor: Avrahm Yarmolinsky.

The nose of the boat grates up against the slimy step of the landing-place, and you plunge forthwith into Babel.

His ear caught a confused babel of voices in the direction of Marlborough; but only the empty house, echoing 'Julia!' answered him.

Here a dozen men were proving something; there another group were controverting it; while twice as many listened, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, or in their turn dashed into the babel.

The moment they were gone, the babel, suppressed while the altercation lasted, rose again, loud as before.

When he had left the great square with its blaze of lanterns and its babel of tongues, and had begun to thread the narrow streets by which he would reach the bridge of the Rialto, a smile played for a moment about his determined mouth, and he drew his capuce still closer over his ears.

Towards the close of 1542, a grievous aggravation of the tax upon salt, called Babel, caused a violent insurrection in the town of Rochelle, which was exempted, it was said, by its traditional privileges from that impost.

In 1549, scarcely a year after the revolt at Bordeaux, Henry II., then at Amiens, granted to deputies from Poitou, Rochelle, the district of Aunis, Limousin, Perigord, and Saintonge, almost complete abolition of the Babel in Guienne, which paid the king, by way of compensation, two hundred thousand crowns of gold for the expenses of war or the redemption of certain alienated domains.

According to De Thou and the majority of historians, it was on the occasion of the insurrection in Guienne against the Babel that Stephen de la Boetie, the young and intimate friend of Montaigne, wrote his celebrated Discours de la Servitude voluntaire, ou le Contre-un, an eloquent declamation against monarchy.

The Narration, however, rises very happily on several Occasions, where the Subject is capable of Poetical Ornaments, as particularly in the Confusion which he describes among the Builders of Babel, and in his short Sketch of the Plagues of Egypt.

I might mention too, among the Benefits of the Climate, what Historians say of the Earth, that it sweated out a Bitumen or natural kind of Mortar, which is doubtless the same with that mentioned in Holy Writ, as contributing to the Structure of Babel.

as, for instance, the story of Babel and the confusion of tongues?

We had been trained also to talk French daily during dinner, so we were not quite "helpless foreigners" when we steamed away from St. Catherine's Docks, and found ourselves on the following day in Antwerp, amid what seemed to us a very Babel of conflicting tongues.

They talked and they talked, but the ghosts of familiar words would not grow any clearer till presently the Smell came down the open streets again, saying that this was the East where nothing matters, and trifles old as the Tower of Babel mattered less than nothing, and that there were old acquaintances waiting at every corner beyond the township.

Les volontés sans loi, les passions sans frein, Toutes les actions de tous les êtres, haines, Amours, vertus, fureurs, hymnes, cris, plaisirs, peines, Avaient laissé, dans l'ombre rien ne remuait, Leur pâle empreinte autour de ce bronze muet; Une obscure Babel y tordait sa spirale.

Leaving, we again spent several days under a close-reefed main-topsail and a reefed fore-sail; but at length reached an anchorage on the eastern shore of Flinders Island within the north-east side of a granitic lump called Babel Islet.

There is a curious dome on the inner side of Babel, which is connected by a sandy spit with the large island.

We were enabled to fix the eastern shore of the island, from Babel Islet and the outer Patriarch, whence the view was commanding.

From Babel Islet we proceeded towards Kent Group, passing, in 11 or 12 fathoms, along the eastern shore of Flinders Island, where we discovered a dangerous sandy spit extending five miles off; from its extreme the eastern part of the outer Sister bore North 64 degrees West, six miles and a half.

The next moment the door itself was thrown open from within; a flood of light burst forth upon the gloomy landing from the room beyond, the babel of many voices became loud and clear, and as the two men stood for a moment beneath the lintel a veritable chorus of many exclamations greeted them from every side.

But in the heyday of their new-driven corner stakes, what wars were waged for the power to draw people into them; and especially, how the county-seat fights raged like prairie fires set out by those Nimrods who sought to make up in the founding of cities for what they lacked as hunters, in comparison with the establisher of Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar.

Instead of proceeding in his voyage, Tew made towards the Cape of Good Hope, doubled that cape, and sailed for the straits of Babel-Mandeb.

Discussion is therefore often a Babel of tongues.

While going back to camp our men kept up a perfect babel of talk concerning their first day's experience in the battalion of sharp-shooters.

[Illustration: Boxer (amidst a babel of advice).

And when they're gone, And hush succeeds to Babel, We'll rest within our home complete Wherever seems to us most sweet,

And, by the way, now I think of it, I may as well open with a sunrise off Cape Guardafui, and a distant view of the Straits of Babel Mandel, give a passing glance at the sources of the Nile, which lie in that undiscovered region, a brief glimpse at the Mountains of the Moon, and wind up with a splendid sunset in the Bight of Benin.

The basement was a restaurant, the first floor a dry goods store, and thence to the roof there was a small Babel of trades and professions known and unknown.

And there the conversation ended: they had reached the plaza, and a babel of voices surrounded them.

Here the ground was white in patches with anemones; and as his feet crushed them, descending, the babel of the birds grew louder and louder.

By the time he arrived, there was a Babel of discussion.

I had excellent opportunities for doing so, but was not aware at that time of its close resemblance to the Turkish, and looked upon it only as an unintelligible jargon which proved nothing but the active participation of the Yakuts in the construction of the Tower of Babel.

When the lights went up, it was some moments before I realised that the Baron was speaking to me, that a babel of chatter, like a sudden rain storm on a glass roof, had burst on every side of us, and that a huge Jewess, all bare back and sham pearls, was trying to pass me on her way to the corridor.

When the Tower of Babel was being built, the workmen all spoke one tongue.

Even in this great Babel of commerce one day in seven is given up to the minister.

A motley throng of women were in the outer roomfat black women with waists two yards around, canary-colored women laced into low-cut European evening dresses, brown women in native dress; a babel of voices, chattering in curious French, Arabic, Turkish, and Greek.

He took me up one row and down another, pointed out all that was curious, had a nod for every grisette, and an answer for every touter, and enjoyed the Babel like one to the manner born.

The descort of Raimbaut de Vaqueiras is written in five dialects, one for each stanza, and the last and sixth stanza of the poem gives two lines to each dialect, which Babel of strange sounds is intended, he says, to show how entirely his lady's heart has changed towards him.

Has she not bedeckt herself, Shines she not in fine apparel Like a Babel in her pride? RACHEL (singing).

Something like an infant's cry was heard through the open door, and before he knew what she was about, Rosamond was on the pavement and had rushed into the house; and while he was signing to a man to take the horse's head, she was out again, the gaslight catching her eyes so that they glared like a tigress's, her child in her arms, and a whole Babel of explaining tongues behind her.