Do we say babble or babel

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"Why, it's my trunk," said Billie, when she could make herself heard above the babble.

Thus, sighing and a-swoon, did Helen fair, a Duchess proud" "Ah!" cried Beltane, clenching sudden fist, "what base and lying babble do ye speak?

Come, list how the waters do woo us with their pretty babble.

May Saint Anthony's fire frizzle and fry theewoe, woe betide thee everlastingly(bate thy babble, Prior, I am not ended yet!)

And the streams are running all night long, and seem to babble louder than in the day time, for the noises of the working world are still, so that we hear them better.

I hardly hear the tuneful babble, Not knowing nor much caring whether The text is praise or exhortation, Prayer or thanksgiving, or damnation.

Thus desiring the king of heaven to increase his graces in ye both, granting that your ends may be as honourable as your lives are virtuous, I leave with a vain babble of many needless words to trouble you longer.

Thus men, meeting in public places have learnt to do so in silence; and a table d'hôte is a wordless function unless the inevitable Andalusianhe who takes the place of the Gascon in Franceis present with his babble and his laugh, his fine opinion of himself, and his faculty for making a sacrifice of his own dignity at that over-rated altarthe shrine of sociability.

A fountain splashes in the courtyard below, and a low wall forms a long seat where the devout pass the evening hours in that curt and epigrammatic conversation, which is more peaceful than the quick talk of Frenchmen, and deeper than the babble of Italy.

He had seen Spain humbled to the dust by babble, and the sight had, perhaps, dried up the spring of his speech.

But now they were at the gate of the convent school, having come a short way, and they stood beneath the thick trees until the school came, with its usual accompaniment of eager talk like the running of water beneath a low bridge and its babble round the stones.

While he lay thus, dismally depressed by so sad a pickle as that into which he found himself plunged, he was strongly and painfully aware of an uproarious babble of loud and drunken voices and a continual clinking of glasses, which appeared to sound as from a tap-room beneath, these commingled now and then with oaths and scraps of discordant song bellowed out above the hubbub.

It was one perpetual babble in praise of their horses, their donkeys, and their capabilities as guides, with the constant repetition of the names of the surrounding peaks, which we already knew perfectly well.

Compare the poets that babble of green fields with those who deal in the actions and passions of men, such as Shakspeare, and it must be confessed that it is not those who have looked at external nature who are the true poets, but those who have seen and considered most about the business and bosom of man.

8. Item, that she made rhetoric wanton, logic to babble, astronomy to lie.

But all they heard was the interminable babble of the Khan, as he sat at the table shivering with fear and unable to eat a morsel of his food.

Then we have the stumbling, fumbling entrance of Jack Barthwick, beatifically drunk, his maudlin babble, and his ill-omened hospitality to the haggard loafer who follows at his heels.

The motor shot up the drive into a babble and halted at the steps.

Silent after the first babble was over.

That is the swaying noise of the great jet that rises from marble shells and falls into a wide basin, where silvery swans swim round and round in enchanted circles; and the other slenderer sound is the smaller jet that rains down its spray into the violet-borders deep in the shrubbery; and that other, the shallow babble of the waters that go down the marble steps to the lake.

"What meaneth this old woman's babble, son of the Prophet?" "It is not that my heart hath turned to water, nor have the fountains of mine eyes been opened to pity," answered Rrisa.

"And we cannot babble matters of import to these children" "I'm seventeen!"

" "And what will it advance us to learn how matters stand?" he said, still staring, as though I were some persistent fool vexing him with unleavened babble.

I am afraid to tax his courtesy with babble of beast and bird and leaf and flower; and why one man is rich and another poor; and whether it is right that men should hold slaves; and why our Lord permits evil, having the power to end it for all time.

" This kind of babble Glover kept up for some minutes, with the sole object of amusing and cheering Thurstane, whose extreme depression surprised and alarmed him.

babel 319 occurrences

No longer a road-house on the incandescent road to dawn, there is something hangdog about its very waiters, moving through the easy maze of half-filled tables; an orchestra, sheepish of its accomplishment, can lift even a muted melody above the light babel of light diners.

In the midst of the babel of speculation and excitement, Maudie, still crying and talking incoherently about skunks, opened the door.

I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without His concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel.

They clapped their hands and raised shrill cries of delight in a babel of tongues.

God grant that we, who have just seen the most cunningly organized and daintily bedizened specimen of a world, which ever flaunted on the earth since men began to build their towers of Babel, collapse and crumble at a single blow, may take God's hint, that the fashion of this world passeth away.

What was a Vanity Fair, a Babel of jargons, a school for scandals, a mart of lies, an arena of passions, an atmosphere of poisons, such as that city was, in spite of wonders of art and trophies of victory and contributions of genius, to a man who loved the certitudes of heaven, and sought to escape from the entangling influences which were a hindrance to his studies and his friendships?

The tower of the new Babel will rise to the clouds, and be seen in all its glory throughout the earth and sea.

Yet for lack of religion and morals the nations perished, and their Babel-towers were buried in the dust.

"We are far removed," she went on, "from the clamour of diners, that babel of voices, the smell of cooking, the meretricious music.

Two weeks in that vast Babel,then, ho! for Paris!

For the place is a very Babel for tradesmen and workpeople bringing in goods, and knowing not where to set them, servants hurrying this way and that, one charged with a dozen geese, another with silk petticoats, jostling each other, laughing, quarrelling, and no sort of progress, as it seems, anywhere, but all tumult and disorder.

See, for instance, the valuable portraits of the Medicean family with Picino and Poliziano, in the fresco of the "Tower of Babel" at Pisa.

Lord Bacon regarded the multiplication of languages at Babel as a general evil, which had had no parallel but in the curse pronounced after Adam's transgression.

PRINCE, JOHN D., JR. Fragments from Babel.

PRINCE, JOHN DYNELEY. Fragments from Babel.

Semantography: 100 symbol elements to overcome Babel in reading, writing and thought.

His ear caught a confused babel of voices in the direction of Marlborough; but only the empty house, echoing 'Julia!' answered him.

Here a dozen men were proving something; there another group were controverting it; while twice as many listened, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, or in their turn dashed into the babel.

The moment they were gone, the babel, suppressed while the altercation lasted, rose again, loud as before.

Towards the close of 1542, a grievous aggravation of the tax upon salt, called Babel, caused a violent insurrection in the town of Rochelle, which was exempted, it was said, by its traditional privileges from that impost.

In 1549, scarcely a year after the revolt at Bordeaux, Henry II., then at Amiens, granted to deputies from Poitou, Rochelle, the district of Aunis, Limousin, Perigord, and Saintonge, almost complete abolition of the Babel in Guienne, which paid the king, by way of compensation, two hundred thousand crowns of gold for the expenses of war or the redemption of certain alienated domains.

According to De Thou and the majority of historians, it was on the occasion of the insurrection in Guienne against the Babel that Stephen de la Boetie, the young and intimate friend of Montaigne, wrote his celebrated Discours de la Servitude voluntaire, ou le Contre-un, an eloquent declamation against monarchy.

Here the ground was white in patches with anemones; and as his feet crushed them, descending, the babel of the birds grew louder and louder.

By the time he arrived, there was a Babel of discussion.

Has she not bedeckt herself, Shines she not in fine apparel Like a Babel in her pride? RACHEL (singing).

Do we say   babble   or  babel