19 examples of bachelorhood in sentences

Some marry at their own social level, some above them, some beneath; some go down in childless bachelorhood or leave an unkempt and illegitimate progeny.

They say a married man will not attend strictly to business; see what a premium is paid to bachelorhood.

Let F.H. lay down his garrulous uncle; and Honorius dismiss his vapid wife, and superfluous establishment of six boysthings between boy and manhoodtoo ripe for play, too raw for conversationthat come in, impudently staring their father's old friend out of countenance; and will neither aid, nor let alone, the conference: that we may once more meet upon equal terms, as we were wont to do in the disengaged state of bachelorhood.

Celibacy N. celibacy, singleness, single blessedness; bachelorhood, bachelorship^; misogamy^, misogyny.

In almost every other respect the careers of these two men were unlike, particularly in the obscure and prolific married life of the one and in the almost royal prominence of the other's bachelorhood.

Nor could a life of bachelorhood or a life with some woman married for money conceivably have made him produce greater compositionsfor no greater compositions than those he produced during his married life have ever been produced by any composer under any circumstances.

He did not regret this period of solitary bachelorhood, for not having very much money, he required a good deal of time to do what was to be done.

While Jeneka and Kalora were being presented to the consul's wife, these same young men, the very flower of bachelorhood, stood back at a respectful distance and regarded the young women with half-concealed curiosity.

There are all sorts of bachelorhoods, and there is a wide distinction between the womanless splendour of Händel's life at court, and the unilluminated garret of Schubert's obscurity.

His thoughts turned once or twice to marriage, but a profound diffidence withheld him from the initial step; in the end, he knew himself born for bachelorhood, and with that estate was content.

But straitened circumstances, and the unsettled times of the Revolution, in which he had taken an earnest and zealous part, had delayed to a late bachelorhood the fulfilment of this resolution.

" If he had had the courage, Joseph Sedley's bachelorhood would have been at an end.

Her only salvation was matrimony, and the good señora had focused her glances upon a certain relative a little over forty who needed this young girl to enliven his life of mature bachelorhood.

He did not care very much for field-sports, and hunted and shot in a jog-trot safe kind of way, with a view to the benefit of his health, which savoured of old bachelorhood.

"If those three overgrown babes find that treasure," he said, impressively, "I'll doom myself to perpetual bachelorhood.

I hope by this time your term of bachelorhood is at an end, and that Mrs. Wakeman and the children are with you.

His self-imposed term of bachelorhood lasted just three months, at the end of which time he made up his mind to enact the part of the generous husband and forgive his wife everything.

Marcus Wilkeson was happy in his contented bachelorhood, in the happiness of his niece and of all around him, and in the clearing up of the "Minford enigma.

But it is far better to consider the difference rather as a special merit, in that he stood for all those clean and bracing shocks of incident which are untouched by passion or weakness, for a certain breezy bachelorhood, which is almost essential to the literature of adventure.

19 examples of  bachelorhood  in sentences