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Do we say   backward   or  backwards

Do we say backward or backwards

backward 1990 occurrences

Confounded and amazed, the Zveltau broke and fell backward, hurrying Eveena away with them.

The latter allowed him to stagger backward until he leaned against the body of the tree under which the novel man-trap had been arranged.

One day he came upon deck, and, taking his arm as had been my wont, I sauntered with him backward and forward.

When The trembling grove confessed its fright, The wood-nymphs started at the sight; Ilissus backward urg'd his course, And rush'd indignant to his source.

"What's the matter with him?" asked Will, turning his thumb backward over his shoulder.

the sorrowing Father said, "For there, behold my glorious offspring dead!" The hoary Sire shrunk backward with surprise, And tears of blood o'erflowed his aged eyes;

One long leap backward carried him into a corner of the room.

If I go forward, I am stayed; if I go backward, there's a rogue in a red cap, he's run from St John's after me.

Then nine times, like the northern Laplanders, He backward circled the sacred font, And nine times backward said his orisons: As often curs'd the glorious host of heaven, As many times invok'd the fiends of hell,

Then nine times, like the northern Laplanders, He backward circled the sacred font, And nine times backward said his orisons: As often curs'd the glorious host of heaven, As many times invok'd the fiends of hell,

But suddenly old Will threw up his arms and toppled backward, still raving like a demon, but unable to move his body from the waist downward.

" Antonio ceased, for the gondola of the state came with a rushing noise to the side of his own boat, where it was suddenly stopped by a backward sweep of the oars.

The gondola drove upon the spot where the limb had just been visible, and a backward stroke, that caused the ashen blade to bend like a reed, laid the trembling boat motionless.

We see no white-robed angels now; yet men are led away from threatening destruction: a hand is put into theirs, and they are gently guided toward a bright and calm land, so that they look no more backward; and the hand may be that of a little child.

He did not look backward.

The backward movement of the donkey's heels interposes at this moment to knock Mr. Jinks back to his former position.

With a benedictory wave of his hand, an all-welcoming smile, and a backward progress which suggested distinction bordering upon royalty, the chief maître d'hôtel ushered his distinguished patrons to the table which had been reserved for them.

Joined in one The streams flow to the gate; Death is turned backward to the sun, And Life is hailed our Fate. VI.

He must walk backward to the window, carrying the cat, which at any moment might become wild and scramble from his arms, upsetting his balance.

And not until then did Joe begin to step backward.

Step by step Joe walked backward until he heard the low voice of the woman at the open window.

Yet trying all, he nothing knows; But, crab-like, rather backward goes.

[Sidenote: for your selfe sir shall grow old as I am:] your selfe Sir, should be old as I am, if like a Crab you could go backward.

Still fled he forward, looking backward still; Nor stay'd his flight nor fearful agony

Without the rod reversed, And backward mutters of dissevering power, We cannot free the lady that sits here Bound in strong fetters fixed and motionless.

" To reverse the rod, to spell the charm backward, to break the ties which bound a stupefied people to the seat of enchantment, was the noble aim of Milton.

And there came a mighty sound of anguish from the Monster; and the Monster did loosen from the cliff, and to crumple, as it did seem, and sink backward.

And the echoes ceased not for a while, even after that the Monster did be utter quiet; for truly they came presently from far upward and downward of the Gorge, out of all the eternity of the night, and to be as that they came backward very faint out of lonesome miles, and out of the strange deepness of unknown caverns of the world.

And surely, even as we came down, I marvelled how we did ever go upward, even though fear did aid us; but, indeed, I do think it doth be easier to climb safely, than to come backward; for this is how I have found.

But yet I did have a great tenderness in the backward part of mine anger, because that I perceived all the unselfishness and delight of her love that did be about this little matter, as you shall see, if you have gone alway with me.

And, in verity, the monster gave out a mighty squarking, and went backward this way and that, and beat all about upon the stones, and did strike with the great bill at the place where it did be hurt.

And, surely, it did be as that the silence of the olden moonlit world did steal all about me; and sudden, I to know that the Maid did sing an olden love-song of the olden world, and to go halting a little as she sang, because that the words did steal something odd-wise through the far veils of her memory, even as a song doth come backward out of dreams.

It does not mark a backward step in human civilisation.

Now supposea not impossible contingencythat a ring of capitalists gained complete control of some politically backward country like Russia, and suppose a grave crisis arose in the Labour world in England or France, what would be easier than for arrangements to be made at the international conference for the transference of Russian troops to the west, "to preserve the sacred rights of property and the peace of Europe"?

Some were conservative, or backward, or unintellectual compared with others.


Start where you stand and never mind the past, The past won't help you in beginning new, If you have left it all behind at last Why, that's enough, you're done with it, you're through; This is another chapter in the book, This is another race that you have planned, Don't give the vanished days a backward look, Start where you stand.

The worst fault in a hound is to run counterto follow the trail backward, not forward.

Love never goes backward.

The Nest On letter-paper headed "Grand Babylon Hotel, London," he was writing in a disguised backward hand a note to the following effect: "Duncan Farll, Esq.

He was but a pace from the edge of the steep declivity, and in another moment he fell backward, his gun exploding in the air as he went.

The former has reference to the number of churches and religious houses the county used to possess, the latter to the backward state of the crops on the exposed Cotswold Hills.

The rope which tethered him hung slack, and this enabled the stallion to give impetus to his backward leap.

" "My dear, I'm so excited now I'm counting backward.

In this case the fracture of the pyramidal process, and the consequent lengthening of the tendon of the extensor pedis, allows the os coronæ to occupy upon the articulatory surface of the os pedis a more backward position than normally it should.

Dislocation of the left os coronæ from the articulating surface of the os pedis in a backward direction.

She heard her name called from the wharf and turned her face backward, as the light craft began to move jerkily away.

The Savior was not backward in applying his own principles plainly and pointedly to such forms of oppression as appeared among the Jews.

The Savior was not backward in applying his own principles plainly and pointedly to such forms of oppression as appeared among the Jews.

For a few moments, indeed, the result of the struggle seemed doubtful, and Mrs. Wilde at length, by a violent effort, raised herself almost upright, with the infuriated slave still hanging to her throat; but the latter converted this into an advantage, by suddenly throwing her whole weight upon the breast of her mistress, thus casting her violently backward across the head-board of the bed, and dislocating the spine.

The Major went backward and forward, and Mittler came frequently.

In the steam-engine the piston is forced backward and forward by the expansive power of the steam, the vapour being admitted alternately to the forward and rear ends of the cylinder.

Friction clutches are used by which the driving-shaft and the axles can be connected or disconnected at the will of the driver, so that the vehicle can stand while the motor is running; friction clutches are used also to throw in gears of different sizes to increase or decrease the speed of the vehicle, as well as to drive backward.

But to make the vessel go backward another set of turbines was necessary, built to run the other way, and working on the same shaft.

To reverse the direction, the steam was shut off the engines which revolved from right to left and turned on those designed to run backward, or from left to right.

Shall we go forward or be drawn backward?

"Chatter on!" said the Fisher, "he joins you now!" "Togetherit will be together!" said the stranger, as with a last desperate effort he bent his adversary backward from the betling cliff.

Mirage effects are common on the western plains, and if Ormsby had not been familiar with them he might have marveled at the striking example afforded by the backward look.

Those were solemn hours, hours when he looked death in the face, and then backward over the years he had lived.

No man can come to Dr. Conwell to this day with a tale of poverty, suffering, sickness, but what the minister's eyes turn backward to that one little room with its pitiful makeshifts of furniture, its brave, pale wife, the wee girl baby; and his hand goes out to help with an earnest and heartfelt sympathy surprising to the recipient.

The life and the smooth running of the human machine, when considered at all, has been thought of last, and in this respect America is even one of the most backward of the civilized nations.

For our present purpose I will not touch on education as we find it in our most backward states, but rather as it is in the most advanced, since it is from improvement in these that we may expect to produce the best results for the whole nation.

Even in those states which have compulsory attendance up to fourteen, many children who are quite normal are yet very backward at that age.

Theodore's conduct for the past ten days is suddenly illumined with a backward, lurid ray.

This analogy is made still more striking by two long, finlike strings of keys, or islets, which extend backward along the opposite coasts, parallel to the main body of the island."

Mr. Ballou tells the story in somewhat dramatic manner: "It was a dark, cloudy night in Havana, a few months after the announcement of the reward, when two sentinels were pacing backward and forward before the main entrance to the Governor's palace.

I and Sylvio on a day Were upon thy bank reclin'd, When dear Sylvio swore to me, And thus spoke in accents kind: First this flowing tide shall turn Backward to its fountain head, Dearest nymph, ere thou shall mourn, Thy too easy faith betray'd.

Babbling current, backward turn, Hide thee in thy fountain head; For alas, I'm left to mourn My too easy faith betray'd.

He made only the feeblest resistance, before permitting himself to be borne backward to the floor, and then as he lay pinned beneath his opponent he did not even try to guard the blows that rained upon him; as a matter of fact, he continued to laugh as if the experience were highly diverting.

We are displayed a soft, rather backward people.

He turned, and saw Doctor Waram walking quickly away across the plateau without a backward glance.

Comet turned; one more glance backward at a face, strange, exultantand then the puppy in him conquered.

There it had stuck, unable to move either backward or forward, since nine o'clock on Wednesday evening; it was now Thursday morning, the snow was still falling, and still seemed likely to fall, blocking up more and more the passage of the unfortunate train.

I answered, stirred to the deepest that was in me, throwing my arms backward, and standing with an open breast into which she might gaze.

Then she'd rake down the hearth gently, backward and forward, with the poker till she got down to them

"This young generation is going backward.

A Glance backward.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the resurrection of the dead; and with this key in our hand, we stand here at the grave's mouth, and looking backward, interpret the lesson of this closed life; and looking forward, gaze with hope into the future.

It has, it seems, been suggested by some who have examined the construction of the flexible girder tramway for mineral and produce traffic that it would be an additional advantage if arrangements were made for the carriage of small loadshalf a dozen or soof passengers, the primary intention being to carry the workpeople backward and forward between comparatively inaccessible mines, works, or plantations and a neighboring village or town.

Striking the air squarely as it does in its forward and backward movement, it throws almost as much air upward as downward, and of course all the air that is propelled in any other than a downward direction represents just so much power wasted.

Before raising the kite, the string, which hangs from K', is made fast at K in such a way as to cause the bow to curve backward.

I was shy and backward by nature, and slow at making a friend either among masters or boys.

I felt it all in a flush, but shy and backward as I was, I could do nothing but flatten out the sacking for her.

" I do not know that she meant to hurt me, though she was never very backward at that; but whatever her intention, her words seemed to strike straight upon a naked nerve.

" I had been casting about in my mind how I could break it gently to him; but I was always backward in speech, and I could think of nothing better than this.

THE BACKWARD LOOK TALCOTT M. BANKS '90 Once on a bright October day, I took the road whose winding track Leads up among the hills away Across Taconic's shaggy back, Leaving the valley broad and fair For barren heights in upper air.

When the critical moment arrived and she got to thinking how dreadful it would be if she should make a mistake, she went all to pieces, lost her head and marched forward instead of backward, crashing violently into Agony, who was marching with the four ahead.

He saw her still galloping by his side, her face pale in the light of the full August moon, her dusky hair blown backward, the strange, inscrutable expression in her eyes.

Whatever Fate to Man may bring, Whatever weal or woe befall, That metal tongue shall backward ring

Thus post-exilic institutions, as, for example, the temple song service with its guilds of singers, are projected backward even to the days of David, and the events of early Hebrew history are constantly glorified.

It was that fact, more than any other, save one, which lent intrepidity to Flora's perpetual, ever quickening dance on the tight-rope of intrigue; a performance in which her bonny face had begun to betray her discovery that she could neither slow down nor dance backward.

Swiftly, though not with the speed he would have chosen, he sprang toward the call; sped softly through the brush, softly and without voice, lest he draw the enemy's fire; softly and mutely, with futile backward wavings and frowning and imploring whispers to Flora as in a dishevelled glow that doubled her beauty she glided after him.

As he reached the edge of that narrow opening from whose farther side Anna had called he halted, glanced furtively about, and harkened forward, backward, through leafy distances grown ominously still.

He stepped backward now until he felt the edge of the bench touch his calves.

The second boat gave the varsity some sharp brushes while the coxswains barked and the coach shouted staccato objurgation and comment through his megaphone, and the rival oarsmen swung backward and forward in the expenditure of ultimate power and drive.

Seagraves, his eyes running tears, believed it as he swung backward and forward exhorting his men.

It is now golden evening, and on the square, flat roof of the convent, which, high-perched on a crag, overlooks the bay, one might observe a dark figure slowly pacing backward and forward.

Needless to say, Brother Boche is not backward in returning the compliment.

His true heart sighed for Jenny, that fair ass Who backward still and forward paced With panniers and the curate's children graced.

" "Bobby!" cries Tou Tou, in a high key of indignation at this monstrously palpable instance of unveracity, and nearly capsizing, as she speaks, into a rabbit-hole, which, in her backward progresswe are crossing the parkshe has not perceived.

backwards 967 occurrences

This might be well, were it true that civilization is 'progressing backwards,' the science of government retrograding.

"I'm shot if I do!" answered the dux, turning round to face the trio, and walking backwards up the path; "why should I go more than any other fellow?

Two rival factions in the rear of the room were waging war with paper darts; while a small, sandy-haired boy, whose tangled hair and disordered attire gave him the appearance, as the saying goes, of having been dragged through a furze-bush backwards, rapped vigorously with his knuckles upon the master's table, and inquired loudly how many more times he was to say "Silence!"

When I came down he was cryin' and pullin' the trap backwards towards the hole.

The knife slithered harmlessly over my shoulder, and he fell backwards into the heather.

I had strength enough, however (for I cared not for the gold), to fling myself back the other way upon the ground, where I rolled backwards, downwards, I knew not how, turning over and over upon sharp ashes and metallic edges, which tore my hair and beard.and for a moment I knew no more.

I was so wildly alarmed that I struggled among them, pushing backwards with all my force, and clearing a space round me with my arms; but my efforts were vain.

I made a spring backwards in the first moment of surprise and horror, and in doing so came sharply against the same rough masonry and brambles that had struck me before.

Expecting this, and knowing that the gallows lay behind him, the fugitive had adopted every expedient for baffling his pursuers: he had walked long distances upon tiptoe; had scrambled along walls; had walked backwards, crawled, doubled, leaped; but all in vain!

The girl did not reply, but rocked herself backwards and forwards on the chair.

We were sitting around the fire, just as we are siting now, Tommy Collier on my right, and Harry Sibley on my left, when the bottles on the table began to clink and the windows to rattle, and poor Harry, who was leaning back in his chair, crashed over backwards to the floor.

Five days the battle swayed backwards and forwards across this scene, especially following the lines of the little streams flowing eastwards to the Ourcq, the Thérouanne, the Gergogne, the Grivette.

Another, because he had been seen going backwards and forwards to a wood, in which it appeared he had hidden two horses whom he had been trying to feed.

Then he slowly fell backwards out upon the sea, and falling upon the sea caused so mighty a wave that it went high over the black rock and washed the face of the cliff, sweeping Martin back among the rocks.

I saw Mr. Sims fumble under his cloak and take a quick step backwards.

" "Brutus," I called, "if you move again, backwards or forwards, I'll fire," and I backed towards the wall.

" He bowed again, and stepped backwards towards the door.

When thoroughly hot, dish them lightly, and draw the fork backwards over the potatoes to make the surface rough, and serve.

In the first instance, the infant cries out with a quick, short scream, rolls up its eyes, arches its body backwards, its arms become bent and fixed, and the fingers parted; the lips and eyelids assume a dusky leaden colour, while the face remains pale, and the eyes open, glassy, or staring.

" The little interruption caused Don Camillo to look backwards, and for a single moment he paused to scrutinize the group of eyes that crowded the hall of the palace, at a respectful distance.

The oars fell into the water; Don Camillo was repelled by a violent shove backwards into the hall, the gondoliers stepped lightly into their places, and the gondola swept away from the steps, beyond the power of him they left to follow.

Its upper lip is so extremely large, for which reason it is obliged to go backwards when grazing; otherwise by moving onwards, the lip would get doubled up."

The former weary negotiations began again; new envoys hurried backwards and forwards; interminable letters argued the limits of the temporal and spiritual powers in phrases which lost nothing of their arrogance from the fact that neither side had the power to enforce their claims.

Worlds of concentrated bitterness were behind it, and he went over backwards as if he had been struck by a coal-hammer.

Once or twice I got up and crawled a few yards backwards and forwards, but the little additional warmth this performance gave me did not last long.

She lifted up my hand and passed it softly backwards and forwards across her eyes.

The passenger's seat is in front, perched on two wooden bars stretched obliquely upwards and backwards from the front of the vehicle.

We only saved him by dropping an anchor from the stern, and going backwards full speed.

A great business, like a nation, may cherish visions of self-sufficiency, may stretch its tentacles forward to the consumer and backwards to its supplies of raw material; but each fresh extension of its activities serves only to multiply its points of contact with the outside world.

It is not to be expected that a man who drudges on all his life in a laborious trade, should be more knowing in the variety of things done in the world than a packhorse, who is driven constantly forwards and backwards in a narrow lane and dirty road, only to market, should be skilled in the geography of the country.

Instantly on the qui-vive, he first cocked his rifle, and, just as he descried the Indian's head above the embankment he pulled with unerring aim the fatal trigger, when with an agonizing howl, the Indian toppled backwards down the embankment, and all was silent.

Really and upon our honor, it makes one, for the moment, ashamed of one's descent; one would wish to disinherit one's-self backwards, and (as Sheridan says in the Rivals) to "cut the connection.

It is difficult to imagine backwards into the time when self-consciousness was still so fresh from its emergence out of the mere tribal consciousness of savagery, that it must not only accept the fact, but first intensely realize, that man is hôkymorôtatosa thing of swiftest doom.

Within this range the boats or almadias of the country ply backwards and forwards in great safety, in the intervening channel.

Off he went with a smothered roar, that set our elephants hurrying backwards and forwards.

The mahout fairly yelled with pain, and one of the Baboos, smarting from the fiery bites of the furious insects, toppled clean backwards into the undergrowth, showing an undignified pair of heels.

One of his tricks was to teach them a new kind of catechism (Mrs. Coe does not remember it, but we may rest assured, I fear, that it was secular), and he made a great fuss with Lizzie Hunt for her skill in saying the Lord's Prayer backwards, which he had taught her.

Paul made Virginia sit down, while he ran backwards and forwards, half frantic, in search of a path which might lead them out of this thick wood; but all his researches were in vain.

I ran backwards and forwards about the plantation, not knowing where to look for you.

and observing Fidele running backwards and forwards in search of her, he heaved a deep sigh, and cried, 'Ah!

Then he fell backwards, pierced by four balls, but his comrades were saved! LXI.

Thousands run backwards and forwards; the carts are heaped up to overflowing, everything that is not destroyed must be carried away.

He spent his whole day in hurrying backwards and forwards from one Pharisee to another, and making his final agreements with them.

On the night that Jesus was led before the tribunal of Caiphas he was in the outer court among the soldiers, and unceasingly going backwards and forwards.

Increase of steepness of grades acts upon the locomotive in the same manner as increase of actual load; as upon a level the natural tendency of the engine is to stand still, while on an incline the tendency is to roll backwards down-hill.

The unfairness of it maddened her, and the next moment Master Hardy's head was drawn forcibly backwards by the hair.

It was a race for life, and he ran backwards the whole way; he wasn't going to turn his back to the enemy.

' Nancy laughed again, and swung herself violently backwards and forwards.

Looking backwards through the stadium from the seats of the theatre, we had a lovely view of the temple, standing out clear and bright in the midst of the summer plain, with the snow-streaked summits of Murad Dagh in the distance.

All these ridges were covered with forests; and as we looked backwards out of the tremendous gulf up the sides of which we were climbing, the scenery was wholly wild and uncultivated.

The tiger fell backwards off the verandah mortally wounded, but to the amazement of the Sahebs struggled tip and made another attempt to get at B. He was however too badly wounded and fell back dead.

Either the muscles of his neck were too strong, or there was something wrong with the noose which prevented it from acting, for the furious creature dashed and bounded backwards and sideways in its terror for nearly an hour, dragging Dick after it, till he was almost exhausted; and yet, at the end of that time, although flecked with foam and panting with terror, it seemed as strong as ever.

There was some applause from the crowd and afterwards good-humored banter when the dog ran backwards and forwards at a loss.

Not all their troops of trampling horse, Nor might of mailèd men Not all the rebels of the south Had borne us backwards then!

At seven, precisely, Mr. Thornton, the manager, made his entrance backwards, through a little door, into the stage-box, with a plated candlestick in each hand, bowing with all the grace that his gout would permit.

He has done this in the spirit of a true desultor, passing backwards and forwards first to one and then to the other, inventing no middle links, but merely piecing together the two accounts as best he could.

This applies to a date that cannot be in any case later than 180 A.D., and that may extend almost indefinitely backwards.

It is merely the first step in a process that, quite independently of the other external evidence, thrusts the composition of the Gospels backwards and backwards to a date certainly as early as that which is claimed for them.

It is merely the first step in a process that, quite independently of the other external evidence, thrusts the composition of the Gospels backwards and backwards to a date certainly as early as that which is claimed for them.

Except in swifts, which never perch, but cling to rocks and walls, one is turned backwards, and, by a cunning contrivance, the act of bending the leg draws them all automatically together.

It was rough and tough, like gutta-percha, tipped with a fine spike, and armed on each side, for the last inch of its length, with a row of sharp barbs pointing backwards.

Then each man would dig up the ground, starting from his part of the line backwards, throwing forward the earth removed, until it formed a sort of breastwork.

I do believe you are getting old backwards!

In a group by themselves, in an upper corner of the congregation, were four or five very old women, who were able to manifest their pious enthusiasm in no other way than by rocking their bodies backwards and forwards, and singing with their cracked voices a gruesome and monotonous chant.

For this reason, all the doors on the premises should be so secured, that the children cannot swing them backwards and forwards; if they are not, they will get their fingers pinched, or greater accidents may occur.

Sometimes you have to start over, even go backwards, in order to go forward in a different direction.

The man gave a howl of pain, and stumbled backwards over one of the stoops, where he dropped moaning and swearing, with his fingers pressed against his face.

The man threw up his arms and went over backwards, groping blindly with his hands.

Since he had formed the habit of flying backwards and forwards from Paris he had been free from any trouble of that kind.

When they come to one of those flat rocks on the side of the hill where the descent is steep, they take off six or eight pair of horses, and attach them behind the wagon, and lash them up hill, while one or two pair of horses in front have to drag the wagon and its load and six or eight pair of horses behind it, backwards.

Myrtle was listening with an instinctive premonition of what was coming,ten thousand mothers and grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, and so on, had passed through it all in preceding generations, until time readied backwards to the sturdy savage who asked no questions of any kind, but knocked down the primeval great-grandmother of all, and carried her off to his hole in the rock, or into the tree where he had made his nest.

I passed over with the Governor; after which the boat went backwards and forwards till the whole of the troops were transported across the river, when we encamped, the side which we had quitted being occupied by another little army, headed by the Governor of another district.

This accounts for the ages we seem to have lived since the twelfth of April last, and, to state it more generally, for that ex post facto operation of a great calamity, or any very powerful impression, which we once illustrated by the image of a stain spreading backwards from the leaf of life open before us through all those which we have already turned.

" I thrust my hands into the pockets of my dressing-gown, which, by the by, is far the handsomest piece of old brocade I have ever seen,-a large running pattern of gold hollyhocks, with silver stalks and leaves, upon a rich, deep, Pompadour-coloured ground,and, walking slowly backwards and forwards in my room, I continued,"There never was, there never can have been, so happy a fellow as myself!

Literature as it developed in the reign of Elizabeth ran counter to the hopes and desires of the men who began the movement; the common usage which extends the term Elizabethan backwards outside the limits of the reign itself, has nothing but its carelessness to recommend it.

Upon arriving at Buenos Ayres, a part of the harness broke, down went the cart, and out shot Hudson and his bristly companions backwards; but unfortunately falling upon one of the poor animals, he crushed him to death.

Thomas Roch is going to his laboratory, and Ker Karraje and Engineer Serko are tranquilly pacing backwards and forwards by the lake and chatting.

Meanwhile, I really think that this living in the midst of a family without losing her independence is making Lavinia Dorman grow backwards toward youth.

He ran into the horse's stall, rushed forward with a shriek to distract attention, and then I saw him jerk out a snake of some four feet long, and drag it backwards by the tip of the tail as if desperately afraid of it.

"It swims at freedom in the bosom of the sea, moving by sudden and irregular jerks, the body being nearly in a perpendicular position, and the head directed downwards and backwards.

What are commonly called the legs are analogous to the hind legs in quadrupeds, and they terminate, in general, in four toes, three of which are usually directed forwards, and one backwards; but in some birds there are only two toes, in others three.

Its colour is black, with the tail white, crossed by a black bar: the beak is of enormous size, of a lengthened, slightly curved, and pointed shape, and on the upper mandible, towards the base, is an extremely large process, equal in thickness to the bill itself, and turning upwards and backwards in the form of a thick, sharp-pointed horn, somewhat resembling the horn of the rhinoceros.

As he lay, moaning and writhing backwards and forwards, the convulsions of his legs, the twisting of his fingers, and the shiverings that ran through his frame were terrible.

His frame became agitated with one continued movement, swaying backwards and forwards, almost to falling;and his inarticulate complaints became terrific.

I, therefore, had begun, as it were, to read Balzac backwards; instead of beginning with the plain, simple, earthly tragedy of the Père Goriot, I first knelt in a beautiful but distant coigne of the great world of his geniusSeraphita.

64, 385; Odes, iii. 43; read backwards, ib., n. 3; iv.

It was quite lively to rebaptize Rundway Down as Run-away-down, after a royal victory, and to remark how Hazlerig's regiment of "lobsters" turned to crabs, on that occasion, and crawled backwards.

The Duck that flew backwards.

Cover the surface of the earth with hay-bands twisted backwards and forwards and round the plant, and lace it down with tarred string, so as to keep the earth and plant from being washed out.

Thus he must consider what he did for a whole day and night, going backwards over it in reverse order.

Why are you going in backwards?"

They went into the sea backwards, and let the great waves knock them down; they lay down and were buffeted by the surf; they ran about the shore, sang, shouted, yelled, waved their arms; they dived headlong into the waves, swam hand over hand among them, pulled one another by the legs.

Jonas began slowly to turn backwards, keeping his eye on Franco.

"I dessay not," he answered; "but 'twas pretty spry for a van slippin' backwards, and the old mare diggin' her toes in all the way to hold it up.

The ceiling was so far up that Keith had to bend far backwards to see it.

E. The original, or rather the old translation, is most miserably defective and confused in its dates about this period, bandying 1499 and 1500 backwards and forwards most ridiculously.

It was a discouraging problem, and after several unsuccessful attempts to solve it by the double rule of three backwards, I gave it up.

He had been looking out to the sea over whose purple shadows the sky pale green and studded with silver stars seemed to wave magic shuttles of light, to and fro, backwards and forwards.

But the next instant she checked herself with a violent start that nearly threw her backwards.

"She is backwards and forwards," said Nap.