61 examples of backwardness in sentences

At that juncture, subsequently, when he was in a state of hesitancy as to entering the holy ministry, and his father had encouraged the idea of delay, his mother said, "The sooner you are a deacon the better"and broke the spell of what might have been a fatal backwardness.

Nor do I think the time now limited sufficient; many sailors who are now in the service of the merchants, may not return soon enough to lay claim to the bounty, who would gladly accept it, and who will either not serve the crown without it, or will serve with disgust and complaints; as the loss of it cannot be imputed to their backwardness, but to an accident against which they could not provide.

Jane knew, both by her own feelings and by all the legends of love from its earliest days, that the moment of parting was generally a crisis in affairs of the heart, and, with a backwardness occasioned by her modesty, had rather avoided than sought an opportunity to favor the colonel's wishes.

Under Dr Glennie he had made but little progress; and it was chiefly in consequence of his backwardness that he was removed from his academy.

Why this backwardness, since exposure is necessary, to ensure the avoidance of the evil?

This backwardness of the clergy is perhaps a symptom, that the enthusiastic ardour which had at first seized the people for crusades, was now by time and ill success considerably abated; and that the frenzy was chiefly supported by the military genius and love of glory in the monarchs.

But I knew that if I showed any sign of want of spirit or of backwardness, I should be ruined at once.

His backwardness in the university hath set him thus forward; for had he not truanted there, he had not been so hasty a divine.

Bills for each of these objects had been introduced as far back as 1649; but, after some progress, both were suffered to sleep in the several committees; and this backwardness of the "statesmen" was attributed to their wish to enrich themselves by forfeitures, and to perpetuate their power by perpetuating the parliament.

That the opportunity might not be forfeited by his own backwardness, he announced[a] to the leaders of the royalists his intention of coming to England, and of hazarding his life in the company of his faithful subjects.

The decrease in the black population in those communities where the Negroes outnumber the whites will remove the fear of Negro domination, one of the causes of the backwardness of the South and its peculiar civilization.

The one from a Special Justice clearly developes the principal causes of the backwardness of the laborers.

In March of the succeeding year, the Dey showed so much ill-temper at the backwardness of our payments, that Joel Barlow, the American Commissioner, thought it necessary to soothe his Highness by the promise of a frigate to be built and equipped in the United States.

Beginning with an exposition of the South's comparative backwardness in economic development, he showed a twofold working of the institution of slavery as the cause.

The statistical theme of the South's backwardness was used by many other essayists in the period for indicting the slaveholding régime.

As this was declining beforehand all subordinate office, an excessive modesty could hardly have been the cause of his backwardness at this juncture.

If, in the latter stages of the Emancipation effort, the backwardness of the Administration was an evil omen, making final success a difficult achievement, this was balanced by reform in Parliament.

There is a real sense in which one can call such backwardness barbaric, by comparison with the Kaiserstrasse; and in that sense it is true of Russia.

She shot little twinkling glances across at him all the time, and it seemed to me that she was amused at his backwardness, and that she tried by what she said to give him heart.

No less significant is the circumstance that when the coy backwardness happens to be on the side of a female, she is usually a woman of masculine habits, devoted to Diana and the chase.

Girlish shyness and modest backwardness are altogether foreign to her nature....

The prudent hesitation and backwardness of Holland had at last yielded to the pressure of England.

yet superficialCause of the backwardness of Native Education.

He had the prudence, but not the backwardness, of a man of large knowledge, and considerable experience of the world.

She took the witness-stand with evidences of backwardness and proverbial Bourbon verdancy.

61 examples of  backwardness  in sentences