1107 examples of bald in sentences

His bald head and white cravat, the ruffling of his shirt, his flowing brown coat, the manner in which he took his snuff, his whole person, in fact, produced in her the kind of awe which we feel when we see extraordinary persons.

It's no wonder we are bald.

You'd be bald yourself.

It's trouble and worry that keep us bald until we can begin to take care of ourselves; I had more hair than this at first, but it fell off, as well it might.

She held her small bald head very high indeed, as she trotted on before them.

" S.C. rubbed the bald part of his head and gave a little sigh.

Folly Erasmus sets a flourish on: For baldness a bald ass I have forgot Patch'd up a pamphletary periwig.

He passed a hand over his shiny bald head as if to stimulate thought and exorcise bewilderment.

Somehow he attracted the attention of Charles the Bald, A.D. 843, and became his guest and chosen companion.

Fair, of ruddy complexion, with snub nose and the beginning of a bald place on the top of his head, he, too, looked the embodiment of a prosperous, stodgy 'City gent.'

Allowing for the over-emphasis which is necessary to drive home the central point, it is a bald account of the aims and methods of the actual man of business.

" The old lawyer grimaced and shook his head from side to side, in sign of discontent, while he rubbed his hand over his bald pate and said in a tone of condescending pity: "Ahem!

Let them do as you have done, let them singe their eyebrows studying and come to be bald like myself, stuffing whole paragraphs into their memories!

But that it is a valuable contribution to the literature of its country cannot be doubted, especially in the earlier portions, before Mahomet's love of harangue and the necessity of some vehicle by which to make his political dictates known had transformed its style into the bald reiterative medley of its later pages.

The bald head on the right door is a portrait of Ghiberti; that of the old man on the left is his father, who helped him to polish the original competition plaque.

Is it because I am not so bald, crooked, old, rotten, as thou art?

How many decrepit, hoary, harsh, writhen, bursten-bellied, crooked, toothless, bald, blear-eyed, impotent, rotten, old men shall you see flickering still in every place?

and he planned it together, walking round the rank flower-beds, and bald wastes scratched up by the hens.

A passing shower drenched the bald knobs of a range of granite hills and the slant morning sun set the wet rocks aflame with light.

Here they were met by a tall man of grave appearance, about thirty years of age, with a pale face and bald forehead, wearing a white cravat, with corners about ten inches long, stretching out on either side towards the shoulders.

My statements are so bald, somehow.

(His name is Ferris, and he is tall and bald, and about forty, and so shy that when he blushes his eyes water.)

I think that long, thin, bald, gentle bachelor spends all his spare momentsand he must have many in lonely Misanporethinking about his next leave and the feasts he will then enjoy.

By just shutting one's eyes and "making believe" a little, how easy it would be to conjure up our dear old grandmothers in their great scoop bonnets, and grandfathers with their high coat collars coming nearly to their bald crowns!

If it be correct to express human thought by writing whole pages of vague and bald abstract metaphysic, and then trying to explain them by concrete concetti, which bear an entirely accidental and mystical likeness to the notion which they are to illustrate, then let the metaphysic be as abstract as possible, the concetti as fanciful and far-fetched as possible.

1107 examples of  bald  in sentences