981 examples of ball. in sentences

"Nothing has been seen or heard of him here since he left last night for the ball.

So here, like a visitation from heaven, three attractive young ladies descend upon us, traveling through our domain, and having discovered their presence we instantly decided to take advantage of the opportunity and invite them to an impromptu ball.

"But an oldbuffer, shall I say?hardly expects to be taken much notice of by young ladies at a ball.

Football was the favorite game; and the boys of the schools, and the various guilds of craftsmen, had each their ball.

Shine on, &c. THE LIBERTY BALL.

Lorraine, Princess of, at the State ball.

The world, I say, would vanish, did not heads grow like mushrooms, and were there not always plenty of them ready to snatch it up as it is sinking down into nothing, and keep it going like a ball.

Then both cubs scurried after him, and, nimbly scaling the cliff, they caught up with him and tossed him down on the moss, like a ball.

Well, to tell you about the ball.

Beyond them, Maria and Elena were kicking a soccer ball.

The big Yates center took the ball.

The Fire-ball.

He had arranged for her to receive the diamonds all reset and glittering at the hour she would be dressing for the ball.

Well, Peetie Bow Wow made one run, and then Bully and Billie got put out, and it was Buddy's turn to bat the ball.

[Illustration: SIR ROBERT BALL.

I've longed when my troubles were over, Unhurt by the bay'net or ball.

You don't know how interested Antony was in you that night after the Tilchester Yeomanry ball.

From where they stood the player seemed to be inventing a new kind of golf, to be played without a ball.

SEE Ripley, Katharine Ball.

The count's ball.

Pen decorations by Robert Ball.

Among her most characteristic works are: "The Memories of the Oise," 1864; "Ros-Bras," "Finistère," 1868; "A Young Girl at a Window," 1870; a pastel, "Blanche," 1873; "The Toilet," and "A Young Woman at the Ball." *<b>NEY, ELIZABETH.</b>

He had a wonderful head, huge, round, solid, like a cannon-ball.

" He lay a little while motionless, and then drew from under his pillow a wallet, and from the wallet a pistol-ball.

Miss Anna had written the following note: "A. Hardage, Esq., presents the compliments of the season to Miss Crane and begs the pleasure of her company to the ball.

981 examples of  ball.  in sentences