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981 examples of  ball.  in sentences

981 examples of ball. in sentences

Orleans family, members of, at official reception given by the Waddingtons; members of, at Lord Lyons's ball.

Add some sifted flour; mix well, and form into a large ball.

"Nothing has been seen or heard of him here since he left last night for the ball.

So here, like a visitation from heaven, three attractive young ladies descend upon us, traveling through our domain, and having discovered their presence we instantly decided to take advantage of the opportunity and invite them to an impromptu ball.

"But an oldbuffer, shall I say?hardly expects to be taken much notice of by young ladies at a ball.

Football was the favorite game; and the boys of the schools, and the various guilds of craftsmen, had each their ball.

I want you to have a good time at your first ball.

"And I have been the ball.

Johnson said, "It appears to me, that Huggins has ball without powder, and Warton powder without ball.

Just as the captain's guests were on the point of retiring, Lord Kildee, by a gentle hint, suggested that if he had an invitation he would be glad to meet them at the ball.

Terrence explained that, while the Captain was really the injured party, it was a matter of courtesy that his officer lower in rank should take the quarrel upon himself, more especially as Fernando had been his successful rival at the ball.

The surface of the ground in the line of fire, soon became covered with smoke, which every few moments was rent by a whistling ball.

He had had the rare good fortune of being scratched by a ball.

About half a dozen peaches Melba would have appealed to him now; he looked, instead, with the eyes of longing at a codfish ball.

Shine on, &c. THE LIBERTY BALL.

On the 1st of this month, a French General will be killed by a random shot of a cannon ball.

In the meantime I wanted something to go on with, and in my extremity I suddenly remembered a place in Wardour Street where four or five years before I had once hired a costume for a Covent Garden ball.

I hope you may be moved to appreciate the interest and spirit which they displayed while you were playing ball.

"Well, anyway," I said, "coming down to hard facts and cutting out all this visionary stuff about vibrating tails and what not, the salient point that emerges is that you are booked to appear at a fancy-dress ball.

Lorraine, Princess of, at the State ball.

It weighs ten thousand pounds, and it rebounds like a child's ball.

General Longstreet, who had ridden in front of his advancing line, turned to ride back, when he was mistaken by his own men for a Federal cavalryman, fired upon, and disabled by a musket-ball.

He had been sorely puzzled why she had not at the last moment come to the ball.

She had, however, promised to come to the ball.

The innkeeper pressed him to take a pair of holster pistols; saying, "he might find them handy;" and after a great deal of persuasion, he agreed to take one, the publican first loading and charging it with ball.

The world, I say, would vanish, did not heads grow like mushrooms, and were there not always plenty of them ready to snatch it up as it is sinking down into nothing, and keep it going like a ball.

The first struck the copper Libulan and melted him into a ball.

Then both cubs scurried after him, and, nimbly scaling the cliff, they caught up with him and tossed him down on the moss, like a ball.

These all had themselves sewn up in close-fitting linen garments covered with resin on which a quantity of tow was glued, and in this guise they appeared in the middle of the ball.

Well, to tell you about the ball.

And I also will say good-night to you, Mamma, or I shall look ugly to-morrow for the ball.

In overhead work it is most important to remember the oft-repeated maxim: "Keep your eye on the ball."

Beyond them, Maria and Elena were kicking a soccer ball.

That English Earl was very attentive last night to Sophronia at Mrs. Jessap's ball.

Blair has the ball.

The big Yates center took the ball.

Van Degen's cheque helped to calm her, and the weeks whirled on toward the Driscoll ball.

The Future American (1900) The Disfranchisement of the Negro (1903) The Wife of His Youth I Mr. Ryder was going to give a ball.

The Fire-ball.

He had arranged for her to receive the diamonds all reset and glittering at the hour she would be dressing for the ball.

" Merriwell seemed to be examining the pitcher's plate, then he looked up like a flash, his eyes seeming to sparkle, and with wonderful quickness delivered the ball.

Coulter sent one over the inside corner, using a straight ball.

At the same time he signaled the batter to make a swing to bother the catcher, but not to touch the ball.

Captain Bentalou was likewise wounded by a musket-ball.

Well, Peetie Bow Wow made one run, and then Bully and Billie got put out, and it was Buddy's turn to bat the ball.

"Well, I couldn't help it; could I?" asked Sammie, and he threw the bat up, trying to knock down the ball.

The best time for a stranger to visit Calcutta is during holiday week, for then the social season is inaugurated by a levee given by the viceroy, a "drawing-room" by the vice-queen and a grand state ball.

"Ranaway, Mary, a black woman, has a scar on her back and right arm near the shoulder, caused by a rifle ball.

Day by day her conversation turned more and more on tennis-parties, and she even spoke about a ball.

Then came the County Ball.

And he one day accompanied Mrs. Brinley to a quiet golf links, and, when he had teed up, that good lady observed one of Ellen's doughnuts upon the little mound of sand before him instead of his favorite ball.

It would have been a good plan if Jarley had expended some of his inventive genius upon some such game as football solitaire, and instructed Jack therein beforehand; but this he had not done, and the result was that at three o'clock Jarley found himself in the attic involved in a furious game, in which he represented variously Harvard, the goal, the goal-posts, the referee, and acting with too great frequency as understudy for the ball.

And hushed is the roar and the din, When Evening is cooling the sweltering town, 'Tis then that the frolics begin; And up in dim "Finnegan's Court," on the pavement, Shut in by the loom of the tenement's wall, 'Neath the swinging arc-light, on a warm summer's night, They gather to dance at the hand-organ ball.

This instrument, Des Cartes and others, have made use of, to account for the natural cause and generation of wind; and hence its name, Aeolipile, pila Aeoli, Aeolus's ball.

I can almost hear the applause and the booming of the cannon that followed General Vallejo's glowing tribute to Washington, and see the graceful Spanish dancers as they assembled for the evening ball.

[Illustration: SIR ROBERT BALL.

I've longed when my troubles were over, Unhurt by the bay'net or ball.

It was a plan that would have taken time, and which I had hoped to put in the way of gradual accomplishment at this ball.

You don't know how interested Antony was in you that night after the Tilchester Yeomanry ball.

From where they stood the player seemed to be inventing a new kind of golf, to be played without a ball.

You people are all gesture; you can get up on a platform and take perfect practice swings at a government, but you can't hit the ball.

* Miss MARGARET PETERSON's Fate and the Watcher (HURST AND BLACKETT) was already reminding me strongly of The Broken Road when I found that one of her characters had been struck by this same idea: "Lady Daring was not easy in mind, remembering the look in Prince Channa's eyes the evening of the ball.

Reaching the clay-bank she stooped and gathered from it, with the aid of a convenient stick, a quantity of the clay which she pressed together in the form of a ball.

How 'bout marrying us a couple?" "Yea!" Jumbo despite his protestations was seized by four brawny clowns, stripped of his apron and escorted to a raised dais at the head of the ball.

The purple ball.


SEE Ripley, Katharine Ball.

Each alone, by Harriet Ball.

by Robert Ball.

My crystal ball.

A collection of beautiful ballads; music by Ernest R. Ball.

The count's ball.

Pen decorations by Robert Ball.

Pen decorations by Robert Ball.

17Oct66; R395472. WHITAKER, NELLIE BALL.

Illustrated by Robert Ball.

SEE Davis, Lavinia R. Puff ball.

I suppose they get drunk sometimes, and probably there are riotous scenes here, but I can only tell you of what we saw, and that was people happy, and behaving as decorously as at a court ball.

A solid, set in free motion, can follow only a lineas is the case of a thrown ball.

He shewed me a little thing, the quantity of an hazel-nut, in the palm of my hand; and it was as round as a ball.

He don't mind being hit in the head more than you do getting hit by a spit-ball.

Among her most characteristic works are: "The Memories of the Oise," 1864; "Ros-Bras," "Finistรจre," 1868; "A Young Girl at a Window," 1870; a pastel, "Blanche," 1873; "The Toilet," and "A Young Woman at the Ball." *<b>NEY, ELIZABETH.</b>

Jim never did a blame thing in his life except to inherit a million dollars from a better man, who happened to come over on the Cunard Line instead of the Mayflower, but he'd swell around in our best society, with that ribbon on his shirt-front, thinking that he looked like Prince Rupert by Louis the Fourteenth and Lady Clara Vere de Vere, instead of the fourth assistant to the floor manager at the Plumbers' ball.

The different orders quarrelled until one March morning in 1615, when, on going to their hall, they were barred out and told that the workmen were fitting the place for a Court ball.

Jack chose a deep crimson and flung the loop over his head as if he were arraying himself for a ball.

For example, an ivory ball.

She became a round, yellow, rapidly moving ball.

He had a wonderful head, huge, round, solid, like a cannon-ball.

" He lay a little while motionless, and then drew from under his pillow a wallet, and from the wallet a pistol-ball.

I shall therefore distinguish this ball by the stile and title of the Bread & Butter Ball.

In general they addressed each other merely by the Christian name, but just before John rose to take leave, Dorothea dropped her ball.

PETARD, a cone-shaped explosive machine for bursting open gates, barriers, &c., made of iron and filled with powder and ball.

The last word was audible, but that was all, and, deeply pained, Ellen retired to her own room, which she did not quit, even to see her favourite cousin decked for the ball.

From thatquicker than I can write ithis thoughts traveled backward to that night when he had danced with Nera at the Orsetti ball.

Light and inexpensive materials are fittest for morning wear; dark silk dresses for the promenade or carriage; and low dresses of rich or transparent stuffs for the dinner and ball.

Monsieur Tourterelle was a tall, gaunt, swarthy personage, who appeared to have cultivated his beard at the expense of his head, since the former reached nearly to his waist, while the latter was as bare as a billiard-ball.

Miss Anna had written the following note: "A. Hardage, Esq., presents the compliments of the season to Miss Crane and begs the pleasure of her company to the ball.

In the plain upper room of the plain brick house, on her hard white bed with her hard white thoughts, lay Pansysleepless throughout the night of Marguerite's ball.

" "Do you mean that you are anxious about that fever in Water Lane?" "There was an oppressive sickly air about everything, strongest at the ball.

Thence too had come water for the tea and iced beverages used at the bazaar and ball.