8065 examples of balls in sentences

He shall be an economist of the larger sort, providing for the spiritual necessities of men and their moral conduct, rather than for their balls, card-parties, and social side-shows, including church entertainments and philanthropic dances and bazaars.

A crack is heard, there is a puff of smoke,and two musket-balls pass each other in the carriage, yet without inflicting injury on its occupants.

In the north aisle is a curious collection of Bibles and cannon balls, and here, too, is a small window with glass by Burne Jones.


Beat the yolks of the other 2 eggs; add them, with a little flour and salt, to those pounded; mix all well together, and roll into balls.

Sufficient, 2 dozen balls for 1 tureen of soup.


Make into balls of about an inch in diameter, and fry of a nice pale brown.

Sufficient, from 18 to 20 balls for 1 tureen of soup.

When it is made into balls, fry of a nice brown, in boiling lard, or put them on a tin and bake for 1/2 hour in a moderate oven.

Chop the meat, and pound it in a mortar till reduced to a paste; then roll it into a ball; make another of panada (No. 420), the same size, and another of udder (No. 421), taking care that these three balls be of the same size.

Now moisten with the eggs, whites and yolks, and continue pounding, adding a seasoning of pepper, spices, &c. When the whole is well blended together, mould it into balls, or whatever shape is intended, roll them in flour, and poach in boiling water, to which a little salt should have been added.

The turkey should not be stuffed too full: if there should be too much forcemeat, roll it into balls, fry them, and use them as a garnish.

Roll the potatoes into small balls, cover them with egg and bread crumbs, and fry in hot lard for about 10 minutes; let them drain before the fire, dish them on a napkin, and serve.

When they are formed into round balls, put them on a tin, and bake them for about 1/2 hour, or longer should the apples be very large; arrange them pyramidically on a dish, and sift over them some pounded white sugar.

Mary asked me to put moth balls in it.

A work in which are drawn to the Life and Deportments of the most Accomplisht Persons; the Mode of their Courtly Entertainments, Treatment of their Ladies at Balls, their accustomed Sports, Drolls & Fancies; the witchcrafts of their perswasive language, in their approaches, or other more secret dispatches, &c. by E.P. 91.

"What has become of him?" demanded Roswell, endeavouring to pierce the air by straining his eye-balls.

It kept him sufficiently on the alert to stand tapping the balls of his fingers against the glass and looking steadily toward the Arkwright house.

Gifts, likewise, he brought about by means of balls both in the theatres and in the hippodrome, one lot for the men and one lot for the women.

If I had not entered into conversation with the Ataman, we should have been riddled with balls at the first movement.

The governess who taught in this school had but few friends in situations to enable them to do her much service, and her sole dependence was on her small stipend from the school: hence she was unable to make a sufficiently reputable appearance in apparel at their accustomed little balls.

'Tis like holdin' back from the Fifteen Balls: you feel sure in your own mind you'll be better wi'out the drink, but for your life you durstn't risk the disapp'intment.

"I heard of her havin' married, down at the Fifteen Balls, at Troy.

These may well have been the balls which evil spirits cast at one another on the Walpurgis night, when the witches come riding hither on brooms and pitchforks, when the mad, unhallowed revelry begins, as our credulous nurses have told us, and as we may see it represented in the beautiful Faust pictures of Master Retsch.

8065 examples of  balls  in sentences