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8065 examples of  balls  in sentences

8065 examples of balls in sentences

He shall be an economist of the larger sort, providing for the spiritual necessities of men and their moral conduct, rather than for their balls, card-parties, and social side-shows, including church entertainments and philanthropic dances and bazaars.

After struggling and clasping his arms for a moment around the great branch of the tree, his hold relaxed, he reeled from side to side, and then fell heavily to the ground, with three balls within an inch of each other, right through his vitals.

The scream of mortal agony which that bear sent up when our three balls went crashing through its body rings in my ears yet.

It was played in the schoolroom and passages with empty ink-pots and balls of paper, in the bedrooms with slippers and sponges, and even in their dreams fellows kicked the bed-clothes off, and woke up with cries of "Goal!" on their lips.

Our bats and balls had lost their interest for us; we did not even ask our tally-man, who cut notches for us on a stick, how the game stood.

A crack is heard, there is a puff of smoke,and two musket-balls pass each other in the carriage, yet without inflicting injury on its occupants.

In the thickest spruce the partridges were humped into round balls of feathers.

It takes three balls to kill him.

It was thick and white as milk; then taking some on her finger tip, she made him hold his eyes wide open while she rubbed it on the eye-balls.

she asked, and taking the phial from her bosom she rubbed the white thick liquid on his eye-balls, and in a little while, when the mistiness passed off, she pointed with her hand and told him to look there.

In the north aisle is a curious collection of Bibles and cannon balls, and here, too, is a small window with glass by Burne Jones.

Now, the balls are usually called men, but he felicitously hit upon a middle term,a term of approximation and imaginative reconciliation; a something where the two ends of the brute matter (ivory) and their human and rather violent personification into men might meet, as I take it,illustrative of that excellent remark in a certain preface about imagination, explaining "Like a sea-beast that had crawled forth to sun himself!"

Take all the meat from the small sole, chop it fine, and mix with it the lemon-peel, parsley, bread, and seasoning; work altogether, with the yolk of an egg and the butter; make this into small balls, and fry them.

Thicken the gravy with a dessert-spoonful of flour, add the port wine, cayenne, and lemon-juice; lay in the 2 soles and balls; let them simmer gently for 6 minutes; serve hot, and garnish with cut lemon.

Garnish with balls of veal forcemeat.


Beat the yolks of the other 2 eggs; add them, with a little flour and salt, to those pounded; mix all well together, and roll into balls.

Sufficient, 2 dozen balls for 1 tureen of soup.


Make into balls of about an inch in diameter, and fry of a nice pale brown.

Sufficient, from 18 to 20 balls for 1 tureen of soup.

When it is made into balls, fry of a nice brown, in boiling lard, or put them on a tin and bake for 1/2 hour in a moderate oven.

Chop the meat, and pound it in a mortar till reduced to a paste; then roll it into a ball; make another of panada (No. 420), the same size, and another of udder (No. 421), taking care that these three balls be of the same size.

Now moisten with the eggs, whites and yolks, and continue pounding, adding a seasoning of pepper, spices, &c. When the whole is well blended together, mould it into balls, or whatever shape is intended, roll them in flour, and poach in boiling water, to which a little salt should have been added.

The turkey should not be stuffed too full: if there should be too much forcemeat, roll it into balls, fry them, and use them as a garnish.

Roll the potatoes into small balls, cover them with egg and bread crumbs, and fry in hot lard for about 10 minutes; let them drain before the fire, dish them on a napkin, and serve.

When they are formed into round balls, put them on a tin, and bake them for about 1/2 hour, or longer should the apples be very large; arrange them pyramidically on a dish, and sift over them some pounded white sugar.

Beat up the eggs, moisten the pudding with these, and put in the brandy; beat well for a few minutes, then form the mixture into round balls or egg-shaped pieces; fry these in hot butter or lard, letting them stew in it until thoroughly done, and turn them two or three times, till of a fine light brown; drain them on a piece of blotting-paper before the fire; dish, and serve with wine sauce.

They may be boiled without a cloth: they should then be made into round balls, and dropped into boiling water, and should be moved about at first, to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the saucepan.

Mary asked me to put moth balls in it.

"You ought to go into vaudeville," we both said spontaneously, with that vicious modern instinct to put private gifts to professional uses, and then Billy, with shy pride, admitted that he did do a little now and again in a professional way at harvest balls (we thought of Sheldon Center) and the like.

If there still linger in the remoter parts of Cromarty or the Balls Pond Road certain unsophisticated persons who believe that the stage is one long glad symposium of wine, woman and song they will be interested to know that Mr. KEBLE HOWARD has written his latest novel, The Gay Life (JOHN LANE), with the express objector so he saysof disillusioning them.

His black hide riddled with balls.

A work in which are drawn to the Life and Deportments of the most Accomplisht Persons; the Mode of their Courtly Entertainments, Treatment of their Ladies at Balls, their accustomed Sports, Drolls & Fancies; the witchcrafts of their perswasive language, in their approaches, or other more secret dispatches, &c. by E.P. 91.

"What has become of him?" demanded Roswell, endeavouring to pierce the air by straining his eye-balls.

No end to balls and parties; and a coat of arms on the coach.

I was dislodged after a while, because a battery opened fire at about fifteen hundred yards from us, and some of the balls fell so near, that we began to think they were perhaps firing at me.

It kept him sufficiently on the alert to stand tapping the balls of his fingers against the glass and looking steadily toward the Arkwright house.

Doth Lucy go to Balls?

Gifts, likewise, he brought about by means of balls both in the theatres and in the hippodrome, one lot for the men and one lot for the women.

The balls of the bourgeoisie of Prague are splendid and well attended.

There they spiked three cannon, threw some cannon balls and powder into the river, destroyed some flour, set fire to the courthouse, and started back toward Boston.

Dry sorrow in his stupid eyes appears, For, wanting nourishment, he wanted tears: His eye-balls in their hollow sockets sink, Bereft of sleep, he loathes his meat and drink.

Opposed to her, on the other side advance 490 The costly feast, the carol, and the dance, Minstrels and Music, Poetry and Play, And balls by night, and tournaments by day.

With Palamon above the rest in place, Lycurgus came, the surly king of Thrace; Black was his beard, and manly was his face; 40 The balls of his broad eyes

He then fainted from exhaustion, and his captors hastened to relieve him of his cuirass and his cape of buff leather, which was pierced all over by musket balls.

By the time the season is over I am tired of dinners, of wine, of the opera, the eternal announcement of visiters at parties and balls, the music, the exotics, the suppers, the rattling of carriages, and the rattling of tongues.

She's forgetting to play with the little balls of thread and doesn't sing, or whistle.

Many a man to the earth it sent, Many a gap by the balls is rent O'er the corpse before springs the hinder-man, That the line may not fail to the fearless van.

For Hampden, the hope of the nation, is fatally shot through the shoulder with two carbine-balls, in the first charge; the whole troop sees it with dismay; Essex comes up, as usual, too late, and the fight at Chalgrove Field is lost.

Rarely did he fail to be at all Council Meetings, informal receptions, and formal balls.

John was better than I, but I was the stronger in yon days, and I'd tak' a great swipe sometimes and pocket a' the balls.

SEE Bouncing fish-balls.

A winding stream, which we subsequently found to be perfectly ubiquitous, and an insatiable devourer of errant golf-balls, ran deviously through the valley, which seemed to be rather over a mile long, and almost equally wide.

I had also taken the precaution to pack up a box or two of balls, but I found my labour all in vain, as "Haskells" and "Kemshall-Arlingtons" were supplied by the club at precisely the same price as in Englandviz., 1 r. 8 an., or two shillings.

The little muddy stream in which so many erring golf-balls lie low is up and out for a ramble over its banks.

Trees were shattered as if their trunks had been shot through by huge cannon balls.

The salad was prunes stuffed with peanuts in hearts of lettuce, served with French dressing and Dutch cheese balls.

July or early in August is the best time to make new beds, but if the ground be not then available runners from the old plants may be planted in peat on a north border and lifted with good balls of earth to their permanent bed in the spring.

And under the throat he had two balls of flesh without a single hair upon them and of an exceedingly beautiful form.

It is a double-barrelled gun, but you must use your eyes for bullets, instead of leaden balls.

It is so late in the year all the balls are finished and lots of people have already gone to Europe.

But all the balls are over now, so we shall not be able to judge.

They were soft, and round, and fluffy, like little yellow balls, and besides being prettier than any other babies in the barnyard, they were so bright, too, and knew as much as any gosling could be expected to know,far more than little Red Hen's chicks, even though she did make such a fuss about them!

A rapid spring to one side on his part made both balls miss.

Such very cautious advice was not of a kind to promote peace; and the goods furnished the savages at the council included not only cattle, corn, and tobacco, but also quantities of powder and balls.

The fire of the English redoubled; but there was laughter in Pondicherry, for the balls did not carry so far; and on the 20th of October, after forty days' siege, Admiral Boscawen put to sea again, driven far away from the coasts by the same tempests which, two years before, had compelled La Bourdonnais to quit Madras.

Almost at the same moment the Dunkerque poured in a broadside, riddling the Alcide with balls."

"I received four balls in my clothes, and I had two horses killed under me; nevertheless I came out of it safe and sound, whilst death was sweeping down my comrades around me."

Simultaneously Pringle's tilted chair came down to its four legs and Pringle sat poised, his weight on the balls of his feet, ready for a spring.

No cannon balls were coming from the enemy to sweep down their defenses.

Some of the boats were sunk, and the soldiers struggled in the water, as cannon balls and bullets beat upon them.

"Why, I seed the balls that hit his head glance off and scoot up in the air, like skipping stones over the water.

If I had not entered into conversation with the Ataman, we should have been riddled with balls at the first movement.

The governess who taught in this school had but few friends in situations to enable them to do her much service, and her sole dependence was on her small stipend from the school: hence she was unable to make a sufficiently reputable appearance in apparel at their accustomed little balls.

'Tis like holdin' back from the Fifteen Balls: you feel sure in your own mind you'll be better wi'out the drink, but for your life you durstn't risk the disapp'intment.

"I heard of her havin' married, down at the Fifteen Balls, at Troy.

Still beautiful, in spite of all her suffering, she played for a time the rรดle of Queen-mother to perfection, holding her Courts, presiding at balls and soirรฉes, taking a prominent part in affairs of State, and gradually acquiring more power than her easy-going son himself enjoyed.

Sand-balls are excellent for removing hardness of the hands.

Egg paste, 105. wine, 183. balls, 36. marmalade, 121. sauce, 18. English, do., 28.

for risoles, fritters, balls, &c., 33, 34. of fish for croquettes, &c., 35.

balls for soup, 9,10.

balls, 91. wall, 91, 92. shavings, 92. soup of, 7. Poultry cold, to warm, 85.

I slipped a fresh cartridge into my rifle and a dozen more into my pocket; Viushin dropped a couple of balls into his double-barrelled fowling-piece, and we crept forward behind the rocks to get a shot at them, if possible, before we should be seen.

And Keesh continued to run away and drop little round balls, and the bear continued to swallow them up.

But the bear gave him no notice, being occupied with the misfortune the little round balls had wrought within him.

ALMACK'S, a suite of assembly rooms, afterwards known as Willis's Rooms, where select balls used to be given, admission to which was a certificate of high social standing.

Dr. Price gave us a lecture on late hours that week, requesting us, if we had any interest in our education, or expected him to have any, to abstain from balls.

Coloured balls and frosted silver and wooden figures of red and blue hung all about the treeit was most beautifully done.

Near to him two Japanese were catching swords in their mouths, and beyond them again a great number of Chinese were tumbling and wrestling, and near to them again some Japanese children did little tricks, catching coloured balls in wooden cups and turning somersaults.

CHEESE BALLS Take mashed cream cheeseadd butter, cream and a little paprika.

Roll into small balls and serve on lettuce leaves.

These may well have been the balls which evil spirits cast at one another on the Walpurgis night, when the witches come riding hither on brooms and pitchforks, when the mad, unhallowed revelry begins, as our credulous nurses have told us, and as we may see it represented in the beautiful Faust pictures of Master Retsch.

We learned afterwards, that her decks were covered with nearly one hundred and fifty dead and wounded men, and the deck itself ripped up from the effects of our balls.

Fortune having thus divided the company into so many couples, the Valentines give balls and treats to their fair mistresses, wear their billets several days upon their bosoms or sleeves, and this little sport often ends in love.

Borne across the brown roofs and red chimneys of the town and exploding in the crystal air above her head like balls of mellow music, came the sounds of the first church bells, the bells of Christ Church.

To my mind, balls stand on the same ground; they are innocent as long as nothing right is given up for them.

"You were so liberal about balls, I did expect one little good word for races; instead of which, you are declaring a poor wretch who goes to them capable of embezzling two thousand pounds, and I dare say Anne agrees with you!"

"That's better," said Julius; "though I never even said it justified the suspicion, any more than I said that balls might not easily be overdone, especially by some people.

Why, when I was set free from my school at Paris, and married Bob three months later, I hadn't three ideas in my head beyond horses and balls and soldiers.