2646 examples of bancrofts in sentences

Bancroft, who is, perhaps, the best authority on all colonial matters, says the commencement of the war was accidental, and that "many of the Indians were in a maze, not knowing what to do, and ready to stand for the English.

At this Banquet, Mr. Bryant, the poet, presided, and numerous speeches were delivered, among which was one by the well-known author, Mr. Bancroft, lately ambassador in England.

In an emergency like the present one she could not wish for two better helpers than the Bancrofts. Jess and Jimsy had been off on a visit and so had not been made aware of the fact that Fanning had returned to Sandy Beach.

"Well, this is a nice fix, isn't it?" murmured Roy, smiling pluckily, as the Bancrofts came toward him with pitying looks, "but where in the world did you come from?

And we have no lack of society, for the Bancrofts, Miss Aspinwall and her sister, as well as the Skinners, are very friendly.


My children were left in the country at first, but they came up and joined me when, in the year following "The Wandering Heir," I went to the Bancrofts at the Prince of Wales's.

It was not only because the Bancrofts were ambitious that they determined on a Shakespearean revival in 1875: they felt that you can give the public too much even of a good thing, and thought that a complete change might bring their theater new popularity as well as new honor.

The Bancrofts had tried the Kendals first, with the idea of making a double engagement; but the negotiations failed.

It made people welcome the Bancrofts' production of "The Merchant of Venice" with an appreciation which took the practical form of an offer to keep the performances going by subscription, as the general public was not supporting them.

Sir Frederick and Lady Pollock, James Spedding, Edwin Arnold, Sir Frederick Leighton and others made the proposal to the Bancrofts, but nothing came of it.

"I have written to the Bancrofts in favor of Forbes-Robertson for Bassanio."

Naturally, the Bancrofts wanted someone of higher standing, but was I wrong about J. Forbes-Robertson?

VI A YEAR WITH THE BANCROFTS My engagement with the Bancrofts lasted a little over a year.

VI A YEAR WITH THE BANCROFTS My engagement with the Bancrofts lasted a little over a year.

I played five parts in all at the Prince of Wales's, and I think I may claim that the Bancrofts found me a useful actressever the dull height of my ambition!

My engagement with the Bancrofts was exchanged at the close of the summer season of 1876 for an even more popular one with Mr. John Hare at the Court Theater, Sloane Square.

A mutual friend, Lady Pollock, had told him that I was the very person for him; that "all London" was talking of my Olivia; that I had acted well in Shakespeare with the Bancrofts; that I should bring to the Lyceum Theater what players call "a personal following."

The Lyceum production of "The Merchant of Venice" was not so strictly archaeological as the Bancrofts' had been, but it was very gravely beautiful and effective.

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; in "New Men and Old Acres," 124, 146, 152; and the Bancrofts, 131; as Mabel Vane, 131; as Blanche Hayes in "Ours," 132; goes to see Irving act, 133, 134, 137; and Irving's Hamlet, 136 et sqq.

We were soon at the Bancrofts', where Helen lived, which was a mile from the Academy, and half a mile from our house.

I asked, after we had greeted the Bancrofts.

I especially associate with the Bancrofts their beautiful outdoor environment.

2646 examples of  bancrofts  in sentences