35 examples of bandana in sentences

he called, as he halted to wipe his red face with a huge bandana.

After an exhausting speech he sat down and buried his head in his bandana, as his habit was.

Joe looked up, saw nothing, and retired again into his bandana.

He removed the ramrod from his rifle, and tied to one end of it an old-fashioned, red bandana handkerchief.

At any rate, she shall be of some service;" and he seized old Nep by the ear, and making fast his dogship to the little ark, he carefully seated the Sea-flower at the helm, and with Vingo's rainbow bandana flying from the mast-head, they were soon under full headway.

The time came when the Sea-flower should leave her home, to learn what 't is the world is made of, and taking an affectionate farewell of the family, (the red bandana of Vingo being counted among the Articles of utility,)

A thin, handsome face with large brown eyes and black hair, a body tall but rather slenderly madehe might have been a descendant of some ancient family of Norman nobility; but could such proud gentry be found riding the desert in a tall-crowned sombrero with chaps on his legs and a red bandana handkerchief knotted around his throat?

Terry Jordan found a mysterious business with his bandana.

" He pulled out a violently coloured bandana and wiped his forehead.

About his sombrero ran a heavy width of gold-braid; his shirt was blue silk; his bandana was red; his boots were shop-made beauties, soft and flexible; and on his heels glitteredgilded spurs!

The fight with him of the moustaches had produced rents invisible at a distance but distinct at close hand and the dust and the sweat had faded the blue of his shirt and the red of his bandana.

An old black woman, dressed in a gingham frock, with a red bandana handkerchief coiled around her head by way of turban, was seated by an open window.

Absently, unconsciously, the rancher produced a red bandana handkerchief and wiped his face; then thrust it back into his pocket.

As a mark of gratitude for the attentions, which at different times I have extended to her, she has sent me a pair of handsome gloves, and a bandana handkerchief.

All candidates were dressed in white gowns, stockings and towels would about their heads bandana fashion.

He was dressed in his Sunday suit, and wore an orange bandana handkerchief loosely tied round his neck.

"Flapping away the blue-tailed fly, with a big red-and-yellow bandana, probably.

Into this he thrust the diamonds, large and small, wrapped it up in a bandana handkerchief, and stowed it away under his pillow.

" As Jim listened, unconsciously his gaze left Matt's face and roved to the pillow, beneath which was the bundle wrapped in the bandana handkerchief.

He remembered the jewels, and hastened to the bed, feeling under the pillow for the bandana bundle.

" He assured himself that the door was locked and bolted, while Matt brought out the bundle in the bandana and opened it on the table.

"Yes, my lads," the good-natured guardian of the peace explained to them, after he had noted their red-bandana wrapped bundles and that their suits were somewhat the worse for their three days riding in the box car, "you of course do not wish to stop at the Windsor, the highest classed hotel in Minneapolis, but I think that I know the proper place for you, it's the 'Golden Rule Hotel', the best place in our city for lads like you."

I didn't think of that; I thought I was savin' Dan from anotherwell, what a damn fool I been!" He unknotted his bandana and with it mopped his face to a semblance of cleanliness.

CHAPTER XXV WERE-WOLF Doctor Byrne, pacing the front veranda with his thoughtful head bowed, saw Buck Daniels step out with his quirt dangling in his hand, his cartridge belt buckled about his waist, and a great red silk bandana knotted at his throat.

And a blast of wind leaped down the street and lifted the brim of Barry's hat and set the bandana at his throat fluttering.

35 examples of  bandana  in sentences