35 examples of bandana in sentences

Once he stopped to breathe on the brass binnacle and to rub it bright with the dirtiest red bandana handkerchief I ever want to see.

The captain reappeared with a pail and brush, scrubbed feverishly at the offending spot, mopped it dry with that same old red bandana handkerchief, glared about him,and abruptly became as serene and placid as a noon calm.

He wore on his head a red bandana handkerchief.

An' I walked a ways out on the ice, a-signalin' with my bandana han'kercher; an' arter a time they seen me.

he called, as he halted to wipe his red face with a huge bandana.

After an exhausting speech he sat down and buried his head in his bandana, as his habit was.

Joe looked up, saw nothing, and retired again into his bandana.

When he had done, he drew a long breath, wiped the perspiration from his face with a bandana handkerchief, and laughed as he said: "I made the screen of your gas-light shake, ma'am.

He removed the ramrod from his rifle, and tied to one end of it an old-fashioned, red bandana handkerchief.

At any rate, she shall be of some service;" and he seized old Nep by the ear, and making fast his dogship to the little ark, he carefully seated the Sea-flower at the helm, and with Vingo's rainbow bandana flying from the mast-head, they were soon under full headway.

The time came when the Sea-flower should leave her home, to learn what 't is the world is made of, and taking an affectionate farewell of the family, (the red bandana of Vingo being counted among the Articles of utility,)

Terry Jordan found a mysterious business with his bandana.

" He pulled out a violently coloured bandana and wiped his forehead.

An old black woman, dressed in a gingham frock, with a red bandana handkerchief coiled around her head by way of turban, was seated by an open window.

As a mark of gratitude for the attentions, which at different times I have extended to her, she has sent me a pair of handsome gloves, and a bandana handkerchief.

A supply of huge bandana kerchiefs for the head was eagerly called for.

I insisted on Jones coming to camp to have the wound properly dressed, and he insisted on having it bound with a bandana; after which he informed us that he was going to climb the tree again.

I tied Foxie securely, removed my coat, kicked off spurs and chaps, and remembering past unnecessary toil, fastened a red bandana to the top of a dead snag to show me where to come up on my way out.

All candidates were dressed in white gowns, stockings and towels would about their heads bandana fashion.

"Flapping away the blue-tailed fly, with a big red-and-yellow bandana, probably.

Into this he thrust the diamonds, large and small, wrapped it up in a bandana handkerchief, and stowed it away under his pillow.

" He assured himself that the door was locked and bolted, while Matt brought out the bundle in the bandana and opened it on the table.

I didn't think of that; I thought I was savin' Dan from anotherwell, what a damn fool I been!" He unknotted his bandana and with it mopped his face to a semblance of cleanliness.

CHAPTER XXV WERE-WOLF Doctor Byrne, pacing the front veranda with his thoughtful head bowed, saw Buck Daniels step out with his quirt dangling in his hand, his cartridge belt buckled about his waist, and a great red silk bandana knotted at his throat.

There was the figure as well known to every Italian from Turin to Syracuse as that of his own fatherthe light grey trousers, the little foraging cap, the red shirt, the bandana handkerchief loosely thrown over his shoulders and round his neck.

35 examples of  bandana  in sentences