417 examples of bankrupted in sentences

The loss of my faithful pony nearly broke my heart and bankrupted me in business, as I had nothing to ride.

Athenians could be passably just, or at least not disastrously unjust, to Athenians; Spartans to Spartans; but Sparta must needs oppress the other cities of Laconia, while Athens was at best a fickle ally; and when Grecian liberty could be strong only in Grecian union, the common sentiment was bankrupted by too great a draft upon its resources.

are my services Growne to so poore regards, my worth so bankrupt?

His words his bond, and does not break that bond To bankrupt others; he makes you not a library Of large monopolie to cosen all men: Subintelligitur, he hates to deale With such portentious othes as furr his mouth In the deliverance.

Why, looke yee, sir: When after many a storme and dreadfull blow Strooke from fire-belching clouds, bankrupt of life I have home return'd; when all my frends denide Their thresholds to mee, and my creditors Desir'd to sinke mee in a prisoners grave, Hee gave mee dying life, his helpefull hand Sent mee to sea and kept mee safe on land.

he asked as he paced the office furiously, "or to be bankrupted through methods that border strongly on insanity?

Planters by thousands were bankrupted, most numerously in the inflated southwest; and thoughtful men everywhere set themselves afresh to study the means of salvation.

In 1839 William Lowndes Yancey, who was then a planter in South Carolina, lost his whole gang through the poisoning of a spring on his place, and was thereby bankrupted.

Many a time have I temporarily bankrupted my stomach on hot blackberry roll, with good, rich sauce.

Everybody knows the famous diatribes against the Bankrupt Century and all its men and all its works.

Others, again, as they passed him, whispered, with a malicious smile, "Bankrupt!"

"Yes, he is bankrupt!" said Ephraim with scarcely suppressed malice.

"The proud Christian merchant, whose greatest pleasure it was to look down with contempt upon the Jew Ephraim, he is bankrupt.

I take the ring," and looking at Gotzkowsky maliciously, he continued: "With this ring I will buy you a place in the churchyard, that the dishonored bankrupt may, at least, find an honorable grave, and not be shovelled in like De Neufville the suicide!" "What do you sayDe Neufville is dead?" cried Gotzkowsky, hurrying after him as he neared the door, and seizing him violently by the arm.

It will condemn him as if he were a common cheat, and brand him with the disgraceful name of bankrupt."

He had signed the document declaring him a bankrupt, and he had delivered over all his property to his creditors.

there goes Gotzkowsky the bankrupt."

The loss of property was estimated at 190,000,000 dollars, of which only 30,000,000 dollars were recovered from insurances, and this bankrupted some of the insurance companies.

The Incapacity of an Infant or a Lunatick, is designed for his Provision and Accommodation; but that of a Bankrupt, without any Mitigation in respect of the Accidents by which it arrived, is calculated for his utter Ruin, except there be a Remainder ample enough after the Discharge of his Creditors to bear also the Expence of rewarding those by whose Means the Effect of all his Labours was transferred from him.

She rejoiced that her strength had come back to her, and she felt a keen satisfaction in putting it forth in service of the man who had taken her into community of interest with him when, as he had once put it, she was bankrupted of all that had made her think herself rich.

I had actually made property while moving, an operation that was so expensive that it bankrupted many people.

We often secured "louder calls" for influential teachers and clergymen in reciprocation for their votes, bought anything they had to sell at their own prices until many publishers became bankrupt; the big fish swallowing the little ones, and then came the survival of the longest purse.

The purpose of the issue of political money is usually to gain the profit of seigniorage for the public treasury, and often it has been the desperate expedient of nearly bankrupt governments.

And still, would Wolfort were an honest man, Under the Rose, I speak it: but this Merchant Is a brave boy: he lives so, i'the Town here, We know not what to think on him: at some times We fear he will be Bankrupt; he do's stretch Tenter his credit so; embraces all, And to't, the winds have been contrary long.

The walls were hung with embroideries which drove us the next day to the bazaars and nearly bankrupted us.

417 examples of  bankrupted  in sentences