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641 example sentences with  bankrupted

641 example sentences with bankrupted

A Sauvallier bankrupt?

A couturier's model gone hippy; a specialty-shop gone bankrupt; a cashier's books gone over.

The loss of my faithful pony nearly broke my heart and bankrupted me in business, as I had nothing to ride.

Of course, even in default of finding millions, something stirring might have happened, something heroic, rewarding to the spirit, if no other how; but (his own special revelation blurred, swamped for the moment in the common wreck) he said to himself that nothing of the sort had befallen the Big Chimney men any more than to the whipped and bankrupt crew struggling down there on the wharf.

Some fellow who was near bankrupt from dice and cock-fighting would offer me five hundred hogsheads, when I knew that his ill-guided estate could scarce produce half.

<Rupt> (break): (1 and 2 combined) rupture, abrupt, interrupt, disrupt, eruption, incorruptible, irruption, bankrupt, rout, route, routine.

"A bankrupt, a prodigal, ... that used to come so upon the mart; let him look to his bond."

The bankrupt his property to the receiver to help pay his debts.

Besides, the company is bankrupt."

"You are not bankrupt.

You see, I'm nearly bankrupt."

"What mean you?" "I mean that Denslow is a bankrupt."

The concessions of the South have been like the "With all my worldly goods I thee endow" of a bankrupt bridegroom, who thereby generously bestows all his debts upon his wife, and as a small return for his magnanimity consents to accept all her personal and a life estate in all her real property.


This book contains not only all the latest amendments to the Bankrupt Act, with copious notes covering the latest English and American decisions, but it also has a prefatory chapter of "Hints to Persons contemplating Bankruptcy."

Like Schelling in time to come, he maintained the necessity of a special organ for the apprehension of philosophy, without perceiving that he thereby proclaimed philosophy bankrupt, and placed himself on the level of the Oriental hierophants, with whose sublime quackeries the modest sage could not hope to contend.

Hunted out of the country, bankrupt in purse and heart, he left it, never to return; but he left it to find fresh inspiration by the "rushing of the arrowy Rhone," and under Italian skies to write the works which have immortalized his name.

I tremble even for you with such a bankrupt Co.!

She was wrecked, and the firm became bankrupt.

As a bankrupt thief turns thief-taker in despair, so an unsuccessful author turns critic.

Indeed such was the general collapse here that before the end of the century the Priory was practically bankrupt.

"You must be nearly bankrupt, by this time," said Patsy on Tuesday evening.

The title to Godwin's house in Skinner Street was successfully contested in that year, and Godwin became a bankrupt.

Since the soil was becoming bankrupt, why indeed continue tilling it, when one knew that one would never grow rich by doing so?

The land would soon be bankrupt, and the peasantry no longer believed in it, so old and empty and worn out had it become.

He would not confess that he had made a mistake; he repeated that he knew the truth, and that folks would some day see plainly enough that a peasant's calling was the very worst calling there could be, since the dirty land had gone bankrupt and would yield nothing more.

While we draw upon it, it draws upon the unspent springs, the hill-sides, the clouds, the air, and the sea; and the great source of power must itself suspend and be bankrupt before ours can fail.

Thy husband was an unthrift and a bankrupt.

Ay, marry, I did lend it to the false drab To fetch some money for that bankrupt knave, Her husband, that lies prisoner in the Fleet.

LADY F. My husband bankrupt?

However, with a reduced population and a bankrupt treasury, she will need many years to recuperate before she can hope to upset the new arrangement.

They were the standing morals, emblems, mementos, dial-mottos, the spital sermons, the books for children, the salutary checks and pauses to the high and rushing tide of greasy citizenry Look Upon that poor and broken bankrupt there.

He left the theatre, a bankrupt, in 1826.

To be a bankrupt at home, or to be so infamously vitious, that he cannot be decently protected in his own country, seldom recommends any man to the government of a French colony.

They say he has left his business bankrupt in England and brought a fortune out here.

It seems that the business was bankrupt."

That undid me, I found myself bankrupt.

Coming here," he continued, after a gloomy pause, and still pacing slowly towards the house, "to collect amusing materials for next season's gossipstories about the married Benedickthe bankrupt beauthe outcast tenant of a Cheshire wilderness"; and, as he said this, he looked at the neglected prospect before him with an eye almost of hatred.

Such a one had been twice declared bankrupt, but this extenuating circumstance was added, "not under his own name:" Another who belonged to a literary or scientific circle was reputed to have sold his vote.

I was bankrupt, with nothing in my pocket but twopence and a return ticket from Paddington.

And you have never tried to get any of the money back?" "Fortunately, he died bankrupt," said Mr. Heatherbloom calmly.

Athenians could be passably just, or at least not disastrously unjust, to Athenians; Spartans to Spartans; but Sparta must needs oppress the other cities of Laconia, while Athens was at best a fickle ally; and when Grecian liberty could be strong only in Grecian union, the common sentiment was bankrupted by too great a draft upon its resources.

As to the bankrupt acts, of which American creditors have many times complained, nothing can justify them; yet here again the rรดle of pedagogue scarcely becomes us.

the eyes begin to draw straws; bankrupt of life yet prodigal of ease [Dryden]; better 50 years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay [Tennyson]; idly busy rolls their world away

He just thrums on one stringto declare yourself bankrupt.

If I must declare myself bankrupt, I'll do it, and there's an end to it.

You don't know about your papa's affairs, but I know 'em mighty well; your papa's a bankrupt, ma'am.

What do you mean, bankrupt?

They've been bringing me up all these years, and then go bankrupt!

Yet I was the daughter of a bankrupt farmer, and my husband was clerk in a country store.

In this work they are ably assisted by the bankrupt lumber barons of southwest Washington who led the mob that looted and burned the I.W.W. hall a year ago.

The purposes of a bankrupt law are: 1.

Can this state pass a bankrupt law?

Is there any United States bankrupt law?

One of them is this: May a state pass insolvent or bankrupt laws?

But no state can pass a bankrupt law.

Their venture went bankrupt, but the two hung in there and repurchased the mill that they had established in Wales.

Still, I respectfully renew the recommendation in favor of the passage of a uniform bankrupt law applicable to banking institutions.

he asked as he paced the office furiously, "or to be bankrupted through methods that border strongly on insanity?

Planters by thousands were bankrupted, most numerously in the inflated southwest; and thoughtful men everywhere set themselves afresh to study the means of salvation.

In 1839 William Lowndes Yancey, who was then a planter in South Carolina, lost his whole gang through the poisoning of a spring on his place, and was thereby bankrupted.

Many a time have I temporarily bankrupted my stomach on hot blackberry roll, with good, rich sauce.

He lived an unprincipled statesman, a fickle projector, a wavering friend, a steady enemy; and died a bankrupt, an outcast, and a proverb.

Indeed, France's finances were in a hopelessly deplorable state, and Mr. Morris looked on in dismay at the various futile plans suggested as remediesat the proposal to make the bankrupt Caisse d'Escompte a national bank, at the foolish Caisse Patriotique, and at the issue of assignats.

JOHNSON, Michael (Johnson's father), account of him, i. 34-7; accompanies his son to Oxford, i. 59; bankrupt, i. 78-9; iv.

This man was originally a valet to the brother of the Marquise: at the revolution he set up a shop, became a bankrupt, and a furious Jacobin, and, in the end, a member of a Revolutionary Committee.

The loss of property was estimated at 190,000,000 dollars, of which only 30,000,000 dollars were recovered from insurances, and this bankrupted some of the insurance companies.

The Incapacity of an Infant or a Lunatick, is designed for his Provision and Accommodation; but that of a Bankrupt, without any Mitigation in respect of the Accidents by which it arrived, is calculated for his utter Ruin, except there be a Remainder ample enough after the Discharge of his Creditors to bear also the Expence of rewarding those by whose Means the Effect of all his Labours was transferred from him.

'I am,' he says his bankrupt creed: 'I am,' and is again a clod: The sparrow starts, the grasses stir,

They have crowds of recruits, thousands of enormous cannon, they can keep millions of men under arms, with every sort of modern improvement, without becoming bankrupt.

She rejoiced that her strength had come back to her, and she felt a keen satisfaction in putting it forth in service of the man who had taken her into community of interest with him when, as he had once put it, she was bankrupted of all that had made her think herself rich.

I had actually made property while moving, an operation that was so expensive that it bankrupted many people.

The funds of the churches were first requisitioned; then the judicial deposits, the property of people who had died in the Peninsula, and other unclaimed funds were attached; next, donations and private loans were solicited, and when all these expedients were exhausted, the final resort of bankrupt communities, paper money, was adopted (1812).

All belonged to the estate that Jemmy Nichol's father manageda bankrupt property, or next door to that.

And then word came that her father had gone bankrupt and had died soon after.

The walls were hung with embroideries which drove us the next day to the bazaars and nearly bankrupted us.

The moral was obvious: one had only to compare the state of England under a free government with the state of France, disgraced, bankrupt, and incompetent, under autocratic rule.

After that, he became less popular, and he went on to run an advertising company, which became bankrupt in 2001.

In Tour mode, the game ends once one player goes bankrupt, in Custom mode, this can be set to when two players go bankrupt or to have a last-man-standing rule.

In Tour mode, the game ends once one player goes bankrupt, in Custom mode, this can be set to when two players go bankrupt or to have a last-man-standing rule.

Cash grab for the docks because the PLP have bankrupted the country.

COVID-19 has bankrupted live arts and will need careful planning to rebuild, says industry consultant Eric Fuller.

Dominguez refuted her claims and said that the rice program โ€œbankruptedโ€ about 800 rural banks.

I donโ€™t want to leave my sweet granddaughter, Coco, a bankrupt America.

Indeed, welcome to the great Trump economy - brought to you by the business genius that bankrupted a casino.

She had been out of work since a car crash in 2013 bankrupted her in medical debt and left her with random seizures, court records show.

That film cost more than any film to date and despite winning four of the nine Oscars for which it was nominated and being a big hit at the box office, nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox.

The new legal complaint was filed by a Zurich law firm acting on behalf of creditors to Zeromax, a $5.6 billion bankrupted Swiss holding company allegedly controlled by Gulnara Karimova, daughter of Uzbekistanโ€™s former president Islam Karimov.

As such, the policy of extending universal healthcare to immigrants has not bankrupted Spainโ€™s system.

They bankrupted companies and kicked employees off payrolls with the ruthless abandon of ; the list of institutions and businesses they thereby destroyed is too lengthy and notorious to recite here.

They don't care that he lost more money than any other American, bankrupted his businesses six times, is an adulterer, a liar, and that he grabs women by the p*ssy.

We canโ€™t just pay out of our own pockets; weโ€™ll just go bankrupt.โ€

By application, in an unenlightened legislature, criminal acts such as in bankruptcy, making unions owners of a commercial venture they helped to bankrupt prove the quote's accuracy.

Clearly it then was โ€œproperty of the bankruptโ€ described in Section 67 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. B-3, and should have been turned over to the Trustee in accordance with Section 158(a).

Employers would also have to spend more money on premiums, which in some cases could be the difference between a business thriving, surviving or going bankrupt.

Examples he gave were the bankrupt anticipating being unemployed shortly after the discharge period and the bankrupt having serious health problems.

Examples he gave were the bankrupt anticipating being unemployed shortly after the discharge period and the bankrupt having serious health problems.

If jurors knew they could acquit those brought up on possession charges, the jails would be nearly empty -- and the politician-lawyer-cop-prison-guard industry would be bankrupted.

The submersible was built, but Broennle was bankrupted.

We can see where the government has gone with that heritage, thatlegacy, and has basically bankrupted it.