169 examples of baptismal in sentences

Our heroine lived in the most gossiping of all ages, herself its greatest gossip; yet her own name, patronymic or baptismal, never was talked about.

It must have been erected, in the very infancy of British Christianity, for the two or three first converts, yet with all the appurtenances of a church of the first magnitude,its pulpit, its pews, its baptismal font; a cathedral in a nutshell.

This utterance has been called the "Baptismal Speech of the Revolution." Coming as it did directly after the news of the French revolution, it gave a definiteness to the growing demands for freedom; but it did more than this.

He is best known by his baptismal name, Hildebrand, the greatest hero of the Roman Church.

The doctrine of baptismal regeneration pushed to its extreme logical conclusions, as it is by them, leads to rather strange practical consequences.

[Christian ritual for induction into the faith] baptism, christening, chrism; circumcision; baptismal regeneration; font.

ritual, ritualistic; ceremonial; baptismal, eucharistical; paschal.

I presume, therefore, that La Pacelle must have borne the baptismal names of Jeanne Jean; the latter with no reference to so sublime a person as St. John, but simply to some relative.]

A youth could not be admitted unless he could prove his legitimacy of birth by his baptismal register; and, to obtain the freedom, he was bound to bear an irreproachable character.

12 15) and the baptismal formula (Matt. xxviii. 19).

If it's a new bug, or a microscope insect we put it into the hands of a man who knows just what high scientific authority to apply to; if it's the middle name of your next door neighbor we'll give it to you from his baptismal record.

" The Duca rejoiced in the baptismal name of Pompey, like many of his class in the south, whereas the name of Caesar is more common about Rome.

Even to the present day Declan's name is borne as their praenomen by hundreds of Waterford men, and, before introduction of the modern practice of christening with foolish foreign names, its use was far more common, as the ancient baptismal registers of Ardmore, Old Parish, and Clashmore attest.

The forthcoming birth of Mochuda was revealed to St. Comhghall by an angel, announcing"There will be conceived a child in the western part of Erin, and Carthach will be his baptismal name and he will be beloved of God and menin heaven and on earth.

Surely, if ever two fond hearts were, twined In a most holy, mystic knot, so now Are ours; not common are the ties that bind My soul to thine; a dear Apostle thou, I a young Neophyte that yearns to find The sacred truth, and stamp upon his brow The Cross, dread sign of his baptismal vow!

LANGDALE, JOHN W. The baptismal font.

O for the baptismal flame.

"the Mateb, or baptismal cord, is de rigueur, and worn when nothing else is.

He looks on a sudden fit of Laughter as a Breach of his Baptismal Vow.

In time, however, we learned to call her by her baptismal name of Elizabeth, for she, too, was one of Mr. Mazzuchelli's converts.

"He had already immersed one of his royal legs in the baptismal font, when a thought struck him.

REGENERATION, BAPTISMAL, the doctrine that the power of spiritual life, forfeited by the Fall, is restored to the soul in the sacrament of baptism duly administered.

The light fell brightly into the little church, the trees outside were rustling, and now and then a gentle breeze coming in by a broken window-pane stirred the white scarf with which the angel above the baptismal font was decked, or the tinsel of the wreaths which, having been taken from the coffins of the maidens who had died, were used to decorate the surrounding pillars.

Her joy is the greater, because last year, in April, she buried, in less than a week after his birth, her first-born, Ludwig Maria,as the name still stands upon the baptismal records of the parish of St. Remigius, with the names of Kapellmeister Beethoven, and the next-door neighbor, Frau Loher, as sponsors.

The two were named after an uncle; each had received the baptismal sign ere it was known that the other received the name; in after-time the Herbert was added to one.

169 examples of  baptismal  in sentences